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Competition Winners

Prize Winners

The winners of this competition are chosen at random from all
the clan members that gain over 5m xp in a week

1st place - xxShockwavex - 3000k

2nd place - Moon Fever - 2000k

3rd place - Rob Allen - 1000k

Thanks to Belnok: 10m, Rylia Elven: 3m, Dan O_o: 2m
Week: 1
Next week's prizes are:
| 1st: 3000k | 2nd: 2000K | 3rd: 1000K |

To see the current xp gains of this week click Here

Skiller of the week

The #1 xp earner of each week will get a spot here!
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Soulfire rankings and XP tracking

Hello there, and welcome to the Runescape Clan Soulfire's Tracker!
If you've found this then you're probably from Soulfire and wanting to view your xp gains.
Mr Wyrm designed, created and used to host the tracking system, but I'm looking after the soulfire rankings (Tim o_o)
Most of the code is now written by me, and I am constantly updating the code to keep it running smoothly
Over time, I will add extra features to this tracking system and I'll keep you posted below.

On to the tracker!

You have two options below, one which will take you to a table that has links to each skill tracked by; Day, Week, Month and Since Join, on the left.
The other option will take you directly to the Soulfire member's page, on the right.

The tracker updates once an hour, and the daily/weekly/monthly actually run on a 24/168/720 running window, similar to runetrack.

To see the ranking pages,
and how you're doing against other clan mates (in all skills) Click here

To find your personal page, enter your Runescape name below


Live updating (21th May 2013)


Records! (17th May 2013)


System changes (6rd May 2013)


Weekly skills races! (3rd March 2013)


Hourly Updates are now live! (24th Feb 2013)


Hourly Updates (18th Feb 2013)


Skills race! (10th Feb 2013)


Opening the tracker to the Soulfire clan! + new features (9th Feb 2013)