1: to lift and reset (a plant) in another soil or situation
2: to remove from one place or context and settle or introduce elsewhere: relocate
3: to transfer (an organ or tissue) from one part or individual to another
1: the act or process of transplanting

The global economy, media and the Internet have reshaped our perception of the world -- from the shifting scales of local to global and the acceleration of life and exchange. We see this phenomenon as an act of transplantation. Cultures, knowledge, ideas, matters and even human beings themselves are constantly being relocated and transferred from one place to another. Everything seems to merge into a collective entity while the multi-transplantation of things and ideas also gestate more and more hybrids that we didn’t foresee in the past. If so, is the world going to be more diverse or homogeneous in the future?

We cannot avoid the phenomenon of convergence and divergence that is so ubiquitous in our generation. As architectural designers in the globalized era, we ourselves are in the process of transplantation. We are not only dealing with the fast changing environment around us, but we are also in search of our identity in the chaos.

Echoing to World Design Capital Taipei 2016, TRANSPLANT: Young Taiwanese Architectural Designer Exhibition will show the works of a group of architectural designers who have been educated in Taiwan and New York City. This series of projects scaling from global to local, from macro to micro, from material to master planning will create a platform to examine the reflection of globalization on architectural thinking in our generation.






Young Taiwanese Architectural Designer Exhibition

Sunday, October 20- Saturday, November 15, 2014

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York
1 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

Opening Event
Sunday, October 19, 2014
1:00 pm– 7:30 pm
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

Exhibition on View
Sunday, October 19 1:00 PM- 7:30 PM
Monday- Saturday, 10:30 AM- 7:00 PM
Sunday, 10:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Event Schedule

Opening Event on Sunday, October 19, 2013

Opening Address by Director-General
Opening Address by the Honorable Guest
Introduction by Student Representative
Keynote presentation by Kris Yao
Keynote presentation by Michael Speaks
Panel Discussion by Jimenez Lai, Jennifer W. Leung, Rosalyne Shieh, Michael A. Speak, and Jenny Wu


Active Porosity

汪里晴/ Iris Wang

Alice’s Occupying

魏國倫/ Buzz Wei
李重緯/ Chung-Wei Lee
林彧祥/ Yu-Hsiang Lin

Disaster as Opportunity

曾令理/ Ling-Li Tseng

Grand Central Canyon

劉舜平/ Shun-Ping Liu

Manhattan Project

魏國倫/ Buzz Wei
李重緯/ Chung-Wei Lee
林彧祥/ Yu-Hsiang Lin

Natural Plug-In_Termial Market

林哲仲/ Che-Chung Lin

Script for the scenographic spectacle

林品霖/ Daniel Lin


蘇業森/ Yeh-Sen Su

Vertical Typologies

李堉涵/ Yu-Han Lee

Very Fast Airport Typology

張寶逸/ Pao-Yi Chang
沈奇/ Qi Shen


Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York

Curatorial Team

Chief Organizer: Chih-Wei Hsu
Vice Organizer: Yeh-Sen Su, Yu-Hsiang Lin
Director of Media Relation and Publicity: Buzz Wei, Chung-Wei Lee
Director of Installation: Che-Chung Lin, Yung-Fu Lin
Activities Director: Chi-Feng Wu
Public Relations Director: Shun-Ping Liu
Exhibition Design and Prototype Installation: Yeh-Sen Su, Che-Chung Lin, Yung-Fu Lin, Chi-Feng Wu, Iris Wang, Li-Ling Lin, Yu-Han Lee
Poster Design: Chung-Wei Lee
Official Document: Buzz Wei, Chung-Wei Lee, Yu-Hsuan Lin
Translation of Official Document: Chia-Yu Liu, Hsiang-Wei Chen
Press Release: Shun-Ping Liu
Media Contacting: Han-Cheng Chen, Chia-Yu Liu, Shun-Ping Liu, Yu-Hsuan Lin
Project Description: Sao-Wei Lu
Facebook Event, Promotion: Ling-Li Tseng
Translation and Edit of Project Introduction: Hsiang-Yi Ho, Joann Feng, Emily Hwang, I-Hsuan Wang
Finance & Administrative: Chih-I Lai
Fund Raising: Kuan-Yi Ho, Chih-Wei Hsu
Exhibition Activity Staff: Hsiang-Yi Ho, Joann Feng, Emily Hwang, I-Hsuan Wang, Che-Wei Yeh

Special Thanks

Activation Record: Dooll Chao
Web Design: Jen-Po Cheng