<html> <img src="toilet.png" /> </html>\n\nyou peer into the bowl and it calms you. you don't need to piss right now, but if you did, you can bet it would be a great piss.\n\nthis toilet is special to you. you spend a lot of time here. sometimes you come here to sit and think when things get too much. right now though, all you can think about is the [[videotape]].
the people look dark and menacing. they purchase things aggressively. they have no respect for each other at the mall.\n\nthe voice commands people to buy Power Tools, and people immediately flock to the [[Hardware Stores]].
you're back into the dream. or so you tell yourself. this time, everything seems much more physical. and also different.\n\n<html> <img src="mll2.png" /></html>\n\nlooking around, everything seems darker. the Pristine Malls in your dream was much brighter and cleaner. everything here is dingy. the people here are all pale. they remind you of the you from the dream. \n\nif this is real, maybe that person is from this place. or so you surmise. \n\neverything seems more fucked up here. you see the [[people]] around you. they don't look like they are having a wonderful shopping experience.\n\nthe skipping muzak turns to an incredibly deep and slow voice demanding people to purchase goods. \n\nyou dont like this place.
<html> <img src="room.png" /> </html>\n\nits like 3am and you cant sleep. tossing and turning, trying to cop some z's but you are terrified of cops. \n\nyou sit up and wonder if youll ever sleep again.\nyou wonder about the festering [[mound]] next to your bed.\nyou wonder about the red blotches on the base of your legs.\nyou wonder about the [[toilet]].\nyou wonder about a lot of things, but mostly about the [[videotape]]. \n\n\n
another brown envelope with no writing on it. another tape with no label. this time though, the tape is green.\n\nwithout even thinking you drive to your uncles. you go up to his apartment and knock on his door. you flash the tape and he lets you in. the sound of soft E Pianos, Bells and Gentle Synthesizers fill the room, and bright warm colours fill a giant hi-def TV screen. \n\nyou burst into the tape room and cram the tape into the machine and hit play..\n\n.\n\n.\n\n.\n\n.\n\n<html> <img src="toiletgif.gif" /></html>\n\n..............[[wow]]
<html> <img src="no.png" /> </html>\n\n[[back|videotape]]
your uncles apartment reeks of a Better Tomorrow. you breathe through your mouth as he directs you to his tape machine\n\n"youre a terrible niece/nephew. jeez. wow. youre the worst."\n\nhe moves you to a tiny room. the walls are stacked with tapes. all of them have labels scrawled on them. titles like "Pristine Future" and "The Mall Of Tomorrow" and "Utopia Shopping Experience"\n\n<html> <img src="tvroom.png" /> </html>\n\nin the middle of the room is a chair and a tv. the tv is showing static right now.\n\n"just put it in and press play. dont break it."\n\nhe sneers at you and walks out, slamming the door. the sound of a soft womans voice gets louder. she's talking about Green Trees / Perfect City.\n\nyou fumble with the machine, put the tape in, and press [[play]]
you get home. you feel dizzy.\n\nyou decide the best thing would be to get nude and get into bed. \n\nas you undress, you find yourself staring into the space of the room. you stare with suspicion, letting your eyes drift naturally with no real focus.\n\nthe whole room just feels weird.\n\nyou get into bed. \n\n<html> <img src="room2.png" /></html>\n\nbut something doesnt feel [[right|emptymound]].\n\n
you don't know what it is, but the skin of the festering mound seems warm and welcoming to you. \n\nyou pull out the video tapes and gently climb in, wrapping the skin around you. darkness surrounds you, but its a nice darkness.\n\nyou wait comfortably for a while, you're not sure how long. you hear the muzak still, but it slows down. it feels strange. it skips, and you remember the track from your dream. the darkness fades, and the image of [[Pristine Malls]] slowly fades in.
<html> <img src="room.png" /></html>\n\nyou wake up Tomorrow, feeling like junk. \n\nyou dont even think about the tape at first but then you do and your bladder sinks.\n\nyou must need to take your mind off. you can sit on the [[toilet|toilet2]]. you still feel like [[buying something|tape2]].
you put on your coat and your mind is filled with Clean Electical Goods and Multi-Purpose Power Tools and Convenience.\n\nyou head out the door\n\n<html> <img src="tape2.png" /></html>\n\n\nit;s [[aonther tape|second]] oh god
you found it at your door last night. it might have been there for days, weeks, but no one sends you mail so why would you even check. \n\n<html> <img src="tape.png" /> </html>\n\na single tape in a brown envelope. no writing on it, no label. \n\nyou hadnt seen one since stealing porn tapes from your uncle, only to find theyd been taped over with hours of the Brighter Future channel. that was years ago.\n\nyou have no way of seeing whats on this tape. the only person you know with a tape machine is your uncle. youre not even sure if youll be able to watch something that isnt high definition. \n\ni mean you could drive there i guess but are you that desperate to see this tape??\n\n* [[yeah i gotta see|drive]]\n* [[lets see whats going on with the toilet|toilet]]\n* [[i think i'll just try sleeping again|sleep]]
someone broke into your house and filmed your toilet. this surprises you. \n\nthis is an invasion of privacy. that toilet is private. special to you. you spend a lot of time there, and seeing someone looking at your toilet makes you feel uncomfortable. \n\nyou hold back your urges to purchase, and decide to check on your [[toilet|toiletcheck]]
weird tape in the mail
the you from your dream is standing by the toilet. he's peering into it. it is you, but a different you. you feel uneasy around this you, even with the pleasant muzak filling the room.\n\n<html> <img src="you.png" /></html>\n\nthe you from your dream notices you, and turns. still pale, still smiling.\n\n"heh"\n\nthe muzak changes to a mysterious jazz track.\n\nso we finally meet, you say\n\n"but we've met before. at the mall. don't you remember?"\n\nthat was a dream.\n\nhis smile widens.\n\n"was it? why do i remember it then?"\n\nhe starts moving in time with the music.\n\n"i've been watching you. from the festering mound next to your bed."\n\nbut arent you me?\n\n"kind of. i'm you, but different. separate. but still joined. you wouldn't understand."\n\nhe does a slight jig. you almost want to join him.\n\n"the mound leads you somewhere, you know. well, i guess you wouldn't know. it leads to a place like this, but different."\n\nthe music starts to slow down. he slows his pace to keep in time. he bops his head.\n\n"but i don't like it there. so i came here. but you are here. so i cannot be."\n\nyou dances his way to the toilet.\n\n"so, i'm afraid, it's come down to [[this]]".\n\n\n
<html> <img src="pickup.gif" /> </html>\n\n[[next|after]]\n\n
coat. yes.\nkeys. ok. good.\ndoor. open. yes. good.\nbuy. purchase.\ndoor. lock.\nmall.\nthat.\nthat. that.\nwhat.\nenvelope.\ntape.\n<html> <img src="tape3.png" /></html>\ntape. tape.\nred. \nred tape.red tape.red tape.\nred tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.red tape.\n[[uncle|redtape]].
<html> <img src="mound2.png" /></html>\n\nthe festering mound, a single entity of who even knows what, something that has been a staple feature of your room since you moved in, seems... empty. flat and deflated. like an empty skin; the insides gutted out.\n\nyou look closer, and see that someone has been living in here. next to your bed. all this time.\n\nyou hear the sound of muzak coming from the toilet, in the next room. however, you are overcome with the desire to climb into the mound. you're not sure why.\n\n* [[climb in]]\n* [[check out the toilet|toiletyou]]\n\n
the video showed... you. picking up the very tape in the machine. how is that possible? freaky shit.\n\nyou leave your uncles place quietly. the sound of a confident man detailing ways to Improve Your Life follow you as you close the door. \n\nyou get back to your car and sit for a while. resisting the urge to buy consumerist goods, you decide the best thing to do is to go to sleep and deal with this [[tomorrow]].
<html> <img src="room.png" /></html>\n\nyawn.\nawake. only just.\nroom still the same.\nurge to buy stronger.\nbuy. buy. purchase. goods. electronics. consume. Tomorrow. clean. safe. development. future. new and improved. buy. buy. [[buy]].
the people are furious. they demand the goods because the voice told them they must have it. the goods this time are dangerous tools. who knows what the goods will be next time.\n\nyou wander over to examine the crowd.\n\nyou notice the blood on the ground. you see the crowd fighting. people pushing each other.\n\npeople flock from behind you. you are pushed into the middle of the crowd. \n\nyou lose your footing and fall down. \n\nthe crowd stamps on you in their thirst for consumer goods. \n\nyou die on the black and white checkered floor.
you make it to your apartment with time to spare. however, for someone unemployed, this doesnt mean much. you could have been gone for days, weeks, and still made back with time to spare. still, you made it home in 30 minutes, which is pretty good going.\n\nyou immediately rush to your toilet. it looks exactly the same as it did earlier. no sign of usage. you peer at it from the same angle seen in the videotape. it makes you feel uncomfortable.\n\n<html> <img src="room.png" /></html>\n\nyou check your apartment for any signs of a break-in. there's no tampering with the locks, and no sign of any disturbance. even the festering mound looks normal.\n\nyou wonder about a lot of things, and after all that wondering you fall [[asleep|dream]]
by adam dickinson\n<html> <a href="http://twitter.com/angrygeometry"> @angrygeometry </a> </html>
<html> <img src="mound.png" /> </html>\n\nits been here for as long as you can remember. a giant, disgusting, festering mound of who knows what next to your bed. sometimes you think you can hear noises from the mound, but you convince yourself its all in your head.\n\nyou often trip over it when heading toward the [[toilet]].
<html> <img src="toilet.png" /></html>\n\nyou sit down on the toilet and feel at ease. \n\nyou really wish you had some muzak to calm you more.\n\nthe thought of muzak makes you want to [[buy something|tape2]].
you take a grimy elevator to the fifth floor. you hear some chipper muzak as you wait. you feel calmed by it. you feel patient.\n\nyou reach your uncles door and knock. you hear the sound of a soft womans voice talking about a new, pristine housing developlment.\n\nthe door slowly opens.\n\n<html> <img src="uncledoor.png" /> </html>\n\nyour uncles face appears from the crack. he looks you up and down with a face of contempt. your uncle is not cool.\n\nhe sees the video tape in your hand, and his eye widens.\n\n"come [[in]]"\n\n
while rocking his hips, you pull a knife from behind the toilet.\n\n<html> <img src="knife.png" /></html>\n\n"when you die, i can live here. it's that simple."\n\nhe stabs you in the chest. you try to tell him that your lungs are there, but it's too late. blood fills your lungs and when you try to talk, it pours into your throat, and you gargle on it. \n\nyou sink to the floor. you watches over you, as your consciousness fades. \n\nyou die clutching your beloved toilet.
its really dark and dangerous outside.\n\nyou get in your shitty car and move the junk food wrappers from the dashboard. \n\n<html> <img src="drive.png" /> </html> \n\nyou start up the engine and at first it makes a stuttering noise like //ptuh-ptuh-ptuh// but then mellows out into a slow //brooooom-oom-oom//.\n\nits a 40 minute drive to your uncles. there's a cd in the player already. you're not sure where it came from\n\n*[[hit elevator muzak from american malls|uncle]] \n\n
you arrive outside your uncles apartment with the strong urge to buy something... anything... you must consume...\n\n<html> <img src="uncle.png" /> </html>\n\nlooking up at your uncles room, you see the light [[on]]
<html> <img src="uncledoor.png" /> </html>\n\n"again? look niece/nephew, it is good that you have come to appreciate tapes, but i do not like you, so stop coming so often. please."\n\nyou follow him to the room and shut the door. you put the tape in.\n\n<html> <img src="tvroom.gif" /></html>\n\nholy [[shit|home]]
you dream of Pristine Malls and a wonderful shopping experience. you walk down the black and white checkered floor. you are surrounded by clean glass windows with clean, white electrical goods. soft muzak plays in the background, but the muzak seems different somehow. it warps, and slows down, and skips. its different from any other muzak you've heard before. oddly, it calms you.\n\n<html> <img src="mll.png" /></html>\n\nyou sit down by a beautiful fountain with a delicious coffee. the sound of flowing water makes you feel clean, pure. you sit and watch the other people at the mall. you wonder if they're having a wonderful shopping experience. you're sure of it.\n\na man sits next to you. you don't look at him in respect of his separate, different but still wonderful shopping experience. it is important to respect each other at the mall. \n\nyou glance at him and smile, and notice he is staring directly at you, his body turned. he looks pale, but he's smiling. \n\nin fact.\n\nhe looks an awful lot like you.\n\nhe feels like you too. but different. you can't quite describe it.\n\nhe stares at you and you stare at you. \n\nhe points down at the floor. his smile widens. you look down and a black [[void|awake]] consumes you.
you gently make your way to the toilet. the sound of muzak grows louder as you approach. this is unusual. \n\nyou peer round the corner of the toilet\n\nand see [[you]]