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As the train from Kilburn High Road lazily pulls it's way across North London, you stare out of the window into the fading light of a cold March evening. The carriage is empty except for a few other bored looking passengers. You lazily flick through the 3 day old Evening Standard which barks nonsense at you about a new restaurant that has opened or a new celeb caught vomiting in the gutter. The train pulls up to Platform 9 and you get off a train and head out onto the concourse of [[Euston Station]].
You walk into the darkness of the alleyway, the hum of the air conditioning units the only noise. Bins overflowing with rubbish line the street. Broken glass and the strong smell of urine are the only things you find. A dead end is all you find round the corner and so you [[turn back.|Euston Street Return]]
You head along Euston Street past the various hotels. A few cars drive past as you walk further along the road. A pair of blokes are arguing over a taxi fare. Neither admitting they might be wrong. You walk past the entrance to [[Stephenson Way|Stephenson Way 1]] and look at the building work happening down there. A building on the corner is covered in white boards covering all the windows. A group of blokes sit sharing stories and pints on the corner of [[Coburg Street & Euston Street|Euston Street 3]].
You reach the end of Drummond Street and can see the art work in the window of CPT. Paintings and poems of deers fill the windows. You read the poetry as you head round the corner. You pull the door of CPT open and head into the [[foyer|CPT]].
Walking into the foyer of CPT, you enjoy the newly decorated foyer and bar. You grab a drink and chat to friends. At 7pm, the doors open and you go in to see what the evening offers you. At some point in the evening you read this text and then you realise this is the end of your journey tonight.
You walk past the pub and past the smokers huddled round the tables outside. They sit shivering in the cold of a March evening. Their ice cold pints doing nothing to stop the cold, they should move on to Whisky to get some fire in their bellies. You cross over the end of [[Coburg Street|Coburg Street 2]] and take a look up the road. The dark entrance to [[Regnart Buildings|Regent Buildings]] is over the way from you.
You walk out into the main hall of Euston Station which is unusually busy, despite it being a Sunday evening. The hall is full of people milling back and forth killing time before their train, running for the tube, paying too much for a shit sandwich and checking they've still got their young person's railcard. You push through the crowd and head towards the side exit, passing past the lost luggage hall and the waiting room. You pass a series of doors that shout PRIVATE NO ENTRY at you and you exit Euston into the shivering cold of a March evening. You find yourself standing on [[Melton Street|Melton Street 1]].\n\n
You carry on up Euston Street, passing more blank, lifeless hotels. You see a couple of kids cycling in circles on North Gower Street as you walk towards the end of the road. A bloke comes out of his house with bags of shopping and heads towards the Euston Road letting his door slam behind him. You reach the end of the road and turn onto North Gower Street and head up the [[road|Drummond Street 2]].
You walk further up Drummond Street, walking past curry house after curry house. The night air thick with the smell of spice. You walk past huge curry houses with huge ranges of dishes on offer and stroll past tiny places full of happy faces and teenage boys sharing one can of coke, just trying to escape the cold night air. You walk past alleyways that lead into dark housing blocks and public squares. A pricey looking but actually quite resonable pub (with no lower card spending limit - always a bonus) passes you on the right. Meandering up Drummond Street and past some more shops you reach [[the corner|Drummond Street 1]] where Drummond Street meets Hampstead Road.
You emerge onto Hampstead Road by the old Temperance Hospital, empty for as long as you can remeber. One of those building which everyone has a theory about what it's going to become. You turn right and head down Hampstead Road and towards Camden People's Theatre. Walking past various road works that are tearing up the pavement, all of them still and silent now that the high-vis workmen have headed home for the day. A mess of wires, pipes and piles of rubble sit in their cages locked away from the passer-bys. You walk the final few steps towards CPT and make your way into the [[foyer|CPT]].
You make you way down Hampstead Road and towards Camden People's Theatre. Walking past various road works that are tearing up the pavement, all of them still and silent now that the high-vis workmen have headed home for the day. A mess of wires, pipes and piles of rubble sit in their cages locked away from the passer-bys. You walk the final few steps towards CPT and make your way into the [[foyer|CPT]].
You reach where North Gower St meets Drummond St and turn the corner, the air is thick with the smell of curry. It's rich and intoxicating. You regret not leaving earlier and giving yourself enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before the show. You pop into a shop and grab a Twix which you eat as you walk along the street towards Hampstead Road. You walk past the entrance of [[Foundry Mews]]. The end of [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 1]] is only a few paces away now though, why bother with a detour?
You decide to head straight towards CPT and walk along Drummond Street, walking past the brightly lit curry houses and the pubs full of people having a few cheeky drinks before the week of work that stretches out ahead of everyone. You walk past the thick fumes of curry and feel a hunger pang. Maybe you should've left a bit earlier really and grabbed a bit to eat. Ignoring your stomach, you pace towards the end of the [[road|Drummond Street 1]].
You make you way up Hampstead Road and towards Camden People's Theatre. Walking past various road works that are tearing up the pavement, all of them still and silent now that the high-vis workmen have headed home for the day. A mess of wires, pipes and piles of rubble sit in their cages locked away from the passer-bys. You walk the final few steps towards CPT and make your way into the [[foyer|CPT]].
Coming off Starcross Street and onto the top of North Gower Street, you turn south and start you walk down the road towards CPT which is just at the end of Drummond Street. You pass a strange moving image of a woman drinking coffee displayed in a window. You walk past a few empty shops and carry on south. You can already smell the curry houses of [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 1]].
Passing out of Stephenson Way you head out onto North Gower Street which is empty apart from a couple of kids on a bike riding in circles and laughing in the fading sun and growing night. You cross onto the other side of the road and head up the road. You spot the entrance to [[Tolmer's Square]] and try to decide if you should cut through or just carry on up towards [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 2]] and head round the corner to CPT from there.
North Gower Street seems serene and calm after the noise and choking fumes of Euston Road, the street is empty save for a few kids on bikes reading around and around while shouting at each other. You see someone tearing up the sex worker adverts in a phone booth. Carrying on up the road, you spot the cut through into [[Tolmer's Square]] but if you head up to [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 2]] you can pop into a shop and grab a Twix before heading round the corner to CPT. You could do with a sugar hit after all.
A Walk From Euston to CPT - 3rd March 2013.
You walk into Tolmer's Square and it's eerily quiet tonight. No one is out and there are almost no lights on in any of the windows. You can hear the faint bass thump of someone's music as you walk past the big tree in the centre of the Square. THe Square Tavern is closed and looking sad in that way pubs always do when dark and empty. You pass through the underpass to the right of the Square Tavern and turn left onto [[Hampstead Road|Hampstead Road 4]] and towards CPT.
As you stand by the exit hidden in the side of Euston Station and stare up and down the road. People push past you, wheeling luggage away. Up [[Cardington Street|Cardington Street 3]] you can see some big white vans and trailers and along [[Euston Street|Euston Street 4]] you see people sitting outside the pub enjoying a pint in the dying light of the sun. The old tube station stands at the corner of [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 7]]. Further down [[Melton Street|Melton Street 2]] you can hear the buzz of traffic speeding down the Euston Road.\n\nYou survey the scene and starting walking towards your destination, the Camden People's Theatre for an evening at Sprint in the company of the Playful Documentary Unit.
You walk further down Melton Street, passing Euston Square which is full of smokers, pigeons and dropped food. The black marble of Euston glistens in the fading sunlight. The street lamps on Euston Road begin to flicker to life and the strange perma-glow of Central London starts it's grasp and dispels the darkness of the night. The growl of cars, buses and motorbikes grows louder as you turn the corner and head along [[Euston Road|Euston Road 1]] towards your destination.
Walking past the grey, depressing visage of the Thistle hotel and round the corner you walk along the edge of the old Temperance Hospital. All boarded up and covered now, a few posters are here and there, shouting about the need to use empty buildings as housing rather than leaving them to rot like so many empty buildings. A taxi turns in the road and a man carries several heavy bags the other way, heading towards Euston Station. You carry on your way and head out to the busy, noisy [[Hampstead Road|Hampstead Road 1]].
Turning onto Starcross Street, you walk along the right hand side pavement and look down into the wasteland to your right. Bits of rubbish blow about next to plants pushing up into the sky. Growing on their own, ignored by the men employed by the council to grow plants and make this grey city a bit less grey. You see an alleyway to your right that cuts back onto Drummond Street, you carry on along the road and head onto [[North Gower Street|North Gower Street 4]].
You start to make your way up Cardington Street and walk past the rows of white vans and trailers lined up alone one side of the street. You pass a truck declaring itself as the Male & Female Toilets and then on the next a sign hangs for DCI Ronnie Brooks. They are filming for the new series of Law & Order: UK near by and Bradley Walsh is sat in his trailer waiting for his scenes to come up. The blokes in the catering van are tidying up, a pile of used rubbish bags sits next to their van as you [[walk past.|Cardington Street 2]]
You cross over the road behind the catering van and dash in front of an upcoming taxi. The noise and chaos of Euston can still be heard in the background. The sunlight has nearly faded now and night is unfurling. You walk past the gates of [[St. James Gardens]], which is becoming dark and menacing. A few people sit in the far corner of the park.\n\nThe road curves ahead of you further up [[Cardington St|Cardington Street 1]] past the Thistle hotel and the spiked wall of Euston Station.
You decide to just carry on along Euston Road, it's getting a bit quieter anyway now that we are heading into the evening time. You head towards Hampstead Road and as you do, you enjoy the gleaming majesty of the University College Hospital. The building version of a sleek spaceship beamed straight from the future. As you come towards the corner of Euston Road and Hampstead Road you see a couple of tourists trapped in the maze of road works and paths that now make up the way from Tottenham Court Road to where you stand now. You try and shout directions at them but a bus drowns you out. They make their way slowly through the rat maze and get to Warren St tube.\n\nYou turn and walk towards [[CPT|Hampstead Road 4]].
A huge gleaming building rises up to the right of you and you see yourself staring back at you. A woman comes out of a phonebox and eyes you suspiciously. Some people don't trust anyone. You walk past the entrance to [[North Gower Street|North Gower Street 1]] and wonder if carrying along the [[Euston Road|Euston Road 3]] is the quickest route to get to CPT or if you should cut through the back streets instead. Escape the noise or a bit.
You walk along the Euston Road and glance across at the Wellcome Trust building and think back about the last exhibition you went to there. Maybe you should go back there soon, it's free after all. A motorbike roars past and pierces the bubble of thought you were lost in. You quicken your pace and check your watch for the time. Don't want to be late, you think as you pace along the [[road|Euston Road 2]]
Stephenson Way is quiet and still, a lone security guard sits in a big metal box watching trash TV on ITV. He glances up as you pass by. He wonders what you are doing walking down and along here this time of night. You walk round the corner and head up the road towards North Gower Street. You walk past various back doors, all locked up and closed. The entrance to the Magic Circle sits next to the Japan Society For The Promotion Of Science. A strange pairing any day of the week. You carry on past more locked doors and empty rooms behind barred windows and head out onto [[North Gower Street|North Gower Street 2]].
Heading past the pub, you walk up Coburg Street and past the big faceless building that line each side of the road. You hear the laughter of the smokers and drinkers echo down the road behind you. Passing past the end of [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 3]], you stand on the corner and look down [[Coburg Street|Coburg Street 1]] and see another pub further up, this one covered in flowers.
Leaving Drummond Street, you walk through the gates into Foundry Mews. You walk along the back of people's houses and past the backs of restaurants. Bags of dirty chefs clothes are bagged up in the alley, ready to be washed before another week in the kitchen. You can hear the faint sound of Channel 4's Sunday night telly output as you pass by and head into [[Tolmer's Square]].
You head up the last bit of Coburg Street and see an old lady going into her flat, located behind a think green metal door. A car slowly rolls past, thick bass pumping out of the windows. As you walk up the road, you spot someone you think you know outside the pub covered in flowers. You shake your head and decide it can't be him anyway. You turn right and head along [[Starcross Street]].
You walk up Drummond Street and past the empty parking lot of the stationary shop on your left. You pass the end of [[Coburg St|Coburg Street 2]]. In the quiet of the night you hear the laughter of the smokers and drinkers echo down the road from a red pub at the other end of the street. Standing at this crossroad you look up [[the road|Coburg Street 1]] and see another pub further up, this one covered in flowers. At the other end of [[Drummond Street|Drummond Street 6]] lies CPT and the performance you've paid to see.
Pat Ashe
You walk back out of the alley and the blokes outside the pub look you up and down with suspicion. To be fair, you are walking around Euston Street fairly randomly, heading into pointless empty alleyways.\n\nStanding back on Euston Street you take a look at your watch and realise you need to speed up a bit and actually get to CPT soon. Doors at 7pm sharp! Starting your walk again you try and decide if you should head along [[Euston Street and onto North Gower Street|Euston Street 1]] or head up [[Coburg Street|Coburg Street 2]].
Throwing caution to the wind, you walk through the gates and start walking across the park. You walk along the path, passing by the empty football pitch. A couple sit drinking strong lager and sharing a cigarette on the park bench. Passing the children's playground, locked up for the day and empty but for a few cans of Red Bull thrown over the fence. You walk through the alleyway and out onto [[Hampstead Road|Hampstead Road 2]].