Welcome to #Furplay!

This is the largest roleplaying channel on irc.anthrochat.net! It stays that way because nice furries like you come on to roleplay through adventures and other fun things. Below are the channel rules, as well as other notes.


1) Respect all users.

2) No yiffing just to yiff. If it comes up during a legitimate roleplay it is permissible.

3) Do not spam or flood the channel.

4) Use common sense.

Bannable Offences

1) Trolling - Drama is not fun for anyfur, causing it is a good way to no longer be invited.

2) Harassment - Similar to trolling; play nice.

3) Excessive mature content - This isn't a whore house, nor a sex dungeon.

Additional Notes

1) Performing a bannable offense doesn't always mean you'll be banned right away.

2) Even minor offenses, with enough repetition, will result in higher penalties, including banning.

3) If you have any concerns, please don't hesitant to ask any of the OPs, Admins, or even Ravinia.