Résumé - Claudio Luiz Curotto (http://www.curotto.com)   image   image

Italian and Brazilian citizenships, born in 1953;
Post-Doc in Engineering Educational Systems, OU/AME (08/2011 to 02/2012);
Post-Doc in Data Mining, KUL/DTAI (01 to 08/2006);
Post-Doc in Engineering Computational Systems, UFRJ/COPPE/CIVIL (12/2005 to 03/2007);
D.Sc. in Engineering Computational Systems, GPA 4.0, UFRJ/COPPE/CIVIL (07/1999 to 06/2003);
M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, GPA 3.6, UFRJ/COPPE/CIVIL (01/1978 to 03/1981);
Degree in Civil Engineering, GPA 3.4, UEL (03/1972 to 12/1976);
Degree in Mathematics, GPA 3.2, UEL (03/1973 to 12/1975).


Full Professor, UFPR - Curitiba - PR - Brazil (01/1992 to 09/2015). Retired on 09/21/2015.
Visiting Professor, OU/AME - Norman - Oklahoma - USA (08/2011 to 02/2012).
Visiting Professor, KUL/DTAI - Leuven - Belgium (01 to 08/2006).
Assistant Professor, UFV - Viçosa - MG - Brazil (06/1980 to 12/1991).
Research Fellow, UFRJ/COPPE/CIVIL - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil (01/1978 to 03/1981).
Structural Civil Engineer, ESTEC - Londrina - PR - Brazil (01 to 12/1977).


Computational Methods for Engineering;
Computer Aided StructuralDesign;
Problem Based Learning

Developed 11 computer programs for professional and educational engineering activities.
Wrote the book Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft® SQL Server™.
Wrote 6 papers published in electronic journals and 28 papers presented at international conferences.
Developed methodology and multimedia content for undergraduate Civil Engineering basic courses (Construction Drafting, Statics I, Statics II, Dynamics & Mechanics of Materials) (1997 to 2015).
Developed a system for selection and analysis control of telecommunication steel towers (FUNPAR/BRASILSAT HARALD) (08/1994 to 09/1998).
Developed an automatic structural data generation CAD/CAE system for offshore platforms (UFRJ/CENPES-PETROBRÁS) (03/1984 to 12/1987).
Implemented and maintained a language oriented structural analysis system (06/1980 to 12/1991).
Taught 13 undergraduate and 3 graduate courses for a total of 2260 students.
Taught 5 Computer Aided Drafting training courses for users and company staff members.
Supervised 173 undergraduate and 1 graduate students on research and teaching assistantship activities.
Attended to 25 conferences and seminars as well as presented 15 invited lectures.
Served on VECPAR 2012 and 2014; and Data Mining 2006 to 2009 international scientific advisory committees.
Carried out administrative tasks, served on academic evaluation commitees and served as ad-hoc consultant evaluating research funding projects.


Portuguese: Native proficiency; English: Full professional proficiency; Italian: Limited working proficiency; French: Elementary proficiency; Spanish: Elementary proficiency.


Application (Debugging, Maintenance & Support, Development); Software Development; Data Analyst; Database Design; Data Mining; Data Processing; Teacher - Professor;

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Visual Studio (C, C++, Basic); Intel Parallel Studio XE (C++); HTML5; JavaScript; Microsoft SQL Server; FORTRAN; Microsoft Office VBA (Access, Excel, Word); AutoCAD VBA, MicroStation VBA; SAP; Working Model 2D.


Kurt Gramoll (gramollarrobaou.edu)
Professor at The University of Oklahoma
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
865 Asp Avenue - Felgar Hall, 237
Norman, OK 73019-1052, USA

Osni Marques (oamarquesarrobalbl.gov)
Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road - MS 50F-1650
Berkeley, CA 94720-8139, USA

Sergio Scheer (sergioscheerarrobagmail.com)
Professor at Federal University of Parana
Curitiba - PR - Brazil
Nelson Ebecken (nelsonarrobantt.ufrj.br)
Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil