Mac Easter Egg

Update 2/29/16:

So, I finally figured out the elusive easter egg that was exclusive to the Mac version of Freddy Pharkas.

By using the “Talk” icon in the same spot on the Mine that generates the “Mac programmers deep within the Old Abandoned Mine toil at their shunned lore.” message (by using the "Look" icon), a sequence will begin that ends with a hand raising a Macintosh out of the swamp.

I didn't think about using the Talk icon in that same exact spot until I read this message.

I uploaded a video of the whole easter egg on YouTube.

Original research below:

I did a search on Google Groups and found this post by Keith Nemitz from 7/1/93:!search/Freddy$20Pharkas$20Mac/

In the post, he mention a special Mac easter egg. In a response to my email he said:

"If I remember correctly, at the start of the game, if you travel to an ajacent screen (not sure which direction) there is a pond. If you do something to the pond (can't remember, may require an item or talk to it...), a hand will reach out of the water offering a Macintosh.

good luck!  Let me know if you figure it out.

The pond was used in the game demo, but not for the final game. My team thought it'd be fun to add something."

Should probably clear this up. The demo that was being referred to was the DOS floppy demo. In the DOS floppy demo, the swamp was used as a plot point. This area wasn't important in the final DOS version. There wasn't a Mac demo.

By using rezycle on the "Data1" file, I did find a cursor icon for what looks like a desktop monitor. 

And in the '00270 "270.MSG"' file (from the output of using rezycle) , something about "something awful and fetid is bubbling .....from murky depths" and then "MACINTOSH!" (the output of the  '00270 "270.MSG" file has slightly garbled text).

But, by using ScummVM's debugger console to export the message files, I found out the full message the game shows when the easter egg happens normally in the game. 

In the "message.270" file (which contains the messages regarding the swamp) I found this: "Behold the Lady of the Swamp as she offers her gift; EXCAL... uh, MACINTOSH!"

Also by using ScummVM's debugger console, I found that the room # for the swamp is 680

Using that room #, I found the Animation list for that area of the game.  And one of those items was something called "macView".

In the “heap.270” (also extracted by the ScummVM debugger console) file, if used with File Juicer, it properly displays the text. Two things listed here are important:
“macSound” & “macThing”. These are different from the “macView” animation listed above. “macSound” I thought referred to the Mac startup sound. But, I went through the “snd” folder (from the output of using rezycle on the "Data1" file) and the only thing that stood out was “02541.aiff” which sounds like the old “Droplet” alert sound from the System 7 days.



I’m not sure what “macThing” is though.

ScummVM 1.8.0 or later, new debug console command “script_strings”, allows ScummVM to print all of the strings in a given script. There was nothing new, just the same strings in the Heap file.

So, I know what message the game displays when the easter egg happens, what sound is used (probably); what script, view, palette, position, scale & etc. are used but now how to actually get the easter egg to show up in the game normally :P

I even looked in the “00006.strings” file (output of using rezycle on the "Data1" file). This lists all the items in the game and none of them seem like they have any connection with the lake.