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This page contains various various items that are outside the mainstream of peer reviewed publication but that may nevertheless be of some value or interest to someone.

Book chapter
Probabilistic Voting in the Spatial Model of Elections: The Theory of Office-Motivated Candidates” (2006) in Social Choice and Strategic Decisions: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey S. Banks, David Austen-Smith and John Duggan, eds., New York: Springer.

Edited volume
Social Choice and Strategic Decisions: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey S. Banks, David Austen-Smith and John Duggan, eds., New York: Springer. Here is a review by Maggie Penn.

Unpublished notes
"A Graphical Perspective on Kolmogorov's Inequality" (2010)

Lemmas on Minimal (Positively) Dependent Sets" (2008)

"Making Determinants Less Weird" (2010) Just some notes I wrote giving some intuition behind determinants, including a geometric proof of Cramer's rule. Sorry the notes are so terse.

"A Note on Backward Induction, Iterative Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies, and Voting in Binary Agendas" (2003) This note was written in 2003 but did not include figures, which were at that time done by hand. Since that writing, the open questions I raised were closed by Patrick Hummel, ``Iterative Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies in Binary Voting Agendas with Sequential Voting,'' Social Choice and Welfare, 31: 257--269. This note is in the original form except that I have included figures (omitting two that were redundant) and added margin comments reflecting Hummel's findings. No other modifications (typo corrections or otherwise) were made.

"A Note on Harsanyi's Social Aggregation Theorem" (1996)

"A Note on Lebesgue's Dominated Convergence Theorem for Multi-Indexed Sequences of Functions" (2007)

"A Note on Sensitivity Analysis for Local Solutions of Non-Linear Programs" (2007) with Tasos Kalandrakis

"Pseudo-rationalizability and Tournament Solutions" (1997)

A Simple Example of a Finite Stochastic Game with Sequential Moves and No Pure-strategy Stationary Markov Perfect Equilibrium” (2016)

"A Slight Variation on Glicksberg's Theorem" (2002)

Random stuff
Remarks for John Ledyard’s 75th Birthday Celebration” (2015)   Some remarks I wanted to make at a conference to celebrate John Ledyard’s 75th birthday. I was unfortunately not able to attend, but the sentiments still apply.

"Acceptance Speech for 2006 Social Choice and Welfare Prize"   I thought it would be appropriate to post these comments for posterity. My wife and two-year old daughter were present for the ceremony; my daughter lost her patience and started crying right at the end of the speech. Perfect timing.

Advice on Writing Papers in Political Science (2013) A short seminar for Rochester grad students.

BibTeX style file that approximates the requirements for Social Choice and Welfare. Here is a link to the BibTeX style file I usually prefer.

"Biography of Jeffrey S. Banks" (2009) This is a short biography of Jeff Banks with proper citations of his work.

"Dynamic Social Choice" (2006) Slides from a plenary lecture at the 2006 Meetings of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare. This talk is based on joint work with Tasos Kalandrakis.

"Formal Political Theory" (2006) Slides from a graduate recruiting seminar.

The Formal Political Theory Field at Rochester” (2013) Slides from a graduate recruiting seminar.

"How to Maximize Probability of Success in Political Science: Some Tips'' (2005) A short seminar for graduate students.

Bayesian Implementation
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Bayesian Implementability in Arbitrary Environments
  • Chapter 3: A Full Characterization of Bayesian Implementability in Very General Environments
  • Chapter 4: A Full Characterization of Virtual Bayesian Implementability in Quite General Environments