I write every day for work, but there was a time when I wrote a different kind of thing: mostly history articles. Here's the list. I used to do a lot of teaching and research. Since then, I've been doing some more public stuff, which you can find elsewhere.

Internet-wise, I'm on the Twitter thing,, and spotify. Lots of other places. I posted a handful of historical pictures at Pinterest, and I post pictures on Instagram (mostly older buildings and some things from the State Fair and a few other things), but mostly, I watch the world via RSS instead of bouncing around with my browser. I really like Metafilter, 3QuarksDaily, and Arts & Letters Daily.

If you want to reach me, email: phil [underscore] giltner [at] mac [dot] com and I’ll probably write back.

Some places you might have run across me:

Norwich, Slingerlands, Stratton, Esbjerg, Tufts, U Copenhagen, SUNYA, USMC, Albany, Willsboro, Salem, MIT, U Toronto, Mainz, Århus, Croton, Silver Lake, USMA, Alb Academy, Kinderhook, the Catskills and the Adirondacks, Hudson, Ag & Markets.