Hey there, I'm Sean Lindsay.

I'm a technologist, entrepreneur, advisor, creator, connector.
I bring together great people and help them do amazing things.

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I'm involved in some incredible projects with great people.


I lead more than 60 talented engineers in the development and delivery of one of the world's largest Ruby platforms, serving more than 500M active users.

Founder Mentors

I've organized more than 30 experienced founders who have mentored and helped more than 150 entrepreneurs move their businesses forward.


I'm on the advisory board of a number of startups including HelpScout, Boundless, Draft, Dunwello, and Weft.io, and I'm a helping hand to many more.

Don't just take my word for it...

Brian Balfour

"There is not a better startup CTO on the east coast. Sean has the unique combination of being able to be hands on with the technology, hire, grow, and motivate a best of breed technology team, and contribute extremely valuable business insight. In addition he has the ability to take the chaos of a startup, organize and communicate it with perfect clarity."


Alan Peters

"There are leaders, and then there are people you would follow into a burning building. Sean Lindsay is the latter. I've been around the block more than once, and I can count fewer than five people I would describe this way. If you've never had an opportunity to work with somebody like that, do yourself a favor and call Sean."


Paul Longhenry

"Sean is the most effective engineering and technology leader I've ever had the pleasure of working with - either as a colleague or as a venture investor. Sean is among a very small handful of folks I've encountered in my career - ranging across org functions - for whom I could not give a stronger possible recommendation. "

Nick Francis

"Our team hit it off with Sean from moment one. Since then, he's had an unbelievable impact on our business and we're very lucky to have him as an advisor. We've asked Sean for advice on nearly every aspect of running a startup (fundraising, hiring, pitch, product) and his perspective is always spot on. In addition, his experience and presence in the Boston tech community gives us access to meet just about anyone we want. Bottom line: Sean knows startups. He also knows what it means to be a great mentor and I'm thrilled to have a relationship with him."

Aaron Pfeifer

"Sean's job title may be more appropriately named "sensei" given his role and presence...He is not only an effective leader, but a mentor for many including myself, repeatedly asking the right questions, offering insightful feedback, and bringing out the full potential of others. As a manager and entrepreneur, Sean is always thinking about problems that no one else is, losing sleep over things like scale or metrics. He is able to identify, analyze, and work out complex business and technology challenges with a higher level of aptitude than most anyone I've met. It is a privilege for me to be able to work with Sean and I look forward to continue doing so."

Bob Cramer

"I feel very fortunate to have Sean as a technical advisor. I've had the pleasure of working with outstanding technologists in my 8 start-ups, and Sean is in that "top 1%" category of great CTOs/technical mentors. Whenever we have a question about technology direction, Sean is able to bring tremendous knowledge, and insightful thinking and consideration to the discussion and decision making. He has a great way of communicating, is a pleasure to work with, and always makes himself available (even with his busy schedule.) Without hesitation, I'd strongly recommend Sean as a major complement and addition to any technology company"

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