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The laboratories of Eric Brey at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Hines VA Hospital are focused on understanding the process of neovascularization in regenerative medicine and using this information to guide the development of new methods for promoting tissue regeneration and blood vessel formation. Our multidisciplinary research involves collaborations with scientists, engineers, and clinicians both domestically and abroad.

The current areas of focus are:

  • Development and evaluation of novel approaches to promote sustained neovascularization for applications in regenerative medicine
  • Developing techniques for the design and optimization of new tissue-derived hydrogels for use in the design of microenvironments for study of cell-matrix interactions on cell differentiation
  • Studying neovascularization in diseased states (primarily diabetes) and develop technologies that can enhance vessel assembly
  • Investigating and evaluating novel imaging technologies for evaluation of engineered tissues
In addition, we are focused on providing educational opportunities in engineering and medicine that encourage careers in research, increase STEM retention and matriculation, and promote tiered mentoring in educational programs. These opportunities are available at all educational levels, including K-12 students, community college students, undergraduates, graduates, visiting faculty and K-12 teachers.