Willhelm Coonradt was born in the Bavarian Palatinate, Germany. He came via Holland, arriving in Rensselaerswack (Rensselaer County, N.Y.) in 1727. In 1733 he organized a Sunday school and parocial school, and in 1747 led in the organization of the Gilead Lutheran Church. Willhelm was father of six children, as follows;

B.1. William Coonradt, b.1731 Rensselaerswack (Further history is incomplete.)

B.2. Mary Coonradt, b.1734 (No history)

B.3. Henry Coonradt I, b.1736 Rensselaerswack, Bapt.1769 in Gilead Ch., d.1779 burried in Troy, Served in 15th militia and in 129th Colonial Army under Schyler, Sharp and Malcom
C.1. Henry Coonradt II, b.1755 Rensselaerswack, Bapt.with father in 1769, w.Emma, Served under Vanrensselaer, Granted 200 acres in Grafton.
D.1. Henry Coonradt III, b.1776 Grafton, N.Y., Was grandson of Henry I, and great-grandson of Willhelm the Elder. Grew up in the village of Grafton Center. He was father of eight children, and was at one time, postmaster of the village post office. His immediate descendants were;
E.1.a. Adam Coonradt, b.1797 Grafton, N.Y., Adam was four times married. As a young man he settled on an ancestral farm in Brunswick. There were six children born to this marriage.
F.1.a. Henry Coonradt, b.1816 Brunswick, In 1858 he took his wive & four children to Stoughton, Wisconsin, w.Elizabeth Gibbs, Their four children were:
G.1. Isaiah Coonradt, b.1840 near Troy, N.Y. (Brunswick Township), d.1910 Charles City, Iowa. 1858 to Stoughton Wis., 1875 to Osage, Iowa. Farmer. C.WAR
H.1. Lester
H.2. David
G.2. Salthiel Coonradt (2), b.1843 near Troy N.Y., d.1910 in Osage, Iowa. 1858 to Stoughton, Wis., 1875 to Mitchell Co., Iowa
H.1. Rev. Bert H. Coonradt, b.2 Feb 1873 Stoughton, Wis., d.3 Jan 1944 in Bayard, Iowa. In 1875 went to Mitchell Co., Gospel Minister in the Christian Church in Iowa, Nebraska & Minnisota.
H.2. Lloyd Coonradt, b.1875 Stoughton, Wis., to Iowa as infant. r.Osage, Iowa - Bapt. Deacon. (1954 r.Boys' Training Sc., Eldora, Iowa.
G.3. Naoh Coonradt, b.1851 near Troy N.Y., w.Sophia, o.Farmer
H.1. Adolphus Coonradt, r.Minneapolis
H.2. Charles Coonradt, r.(1941) Panama City, Fa.
H.3. Bert Coonradt, r.Portland, Oregon
G.4. Lester Coonradt, b.7 Mar 1853 near Troy N.Y., 1858 to Stoughton, 1875 to Osage, Iowa., Farmer - Weather Recorder, w.Lavia Daggart
H.1. Kate (Mrs. Ben) Champson, r.Charles City, Iowa
H.2. Ward Coonradt (8), w.Martha, r.Osage & Charles City
H.3. Martha (Mrs. Harry) Hendricks, r.Osage, Iowa
F.1.b. Henry Coonradt, b.1816 Brunswick, Henry's wife Elizabeth died soon after the birth of Lester. He was remarried (w.Lavina Daggart) and to this union four children were born, as follows;
G.1. Emma Andrews (Lillie)
G.2. Deliah (Lillie) Smith
G.3. Frank Coonradt, b.1860, d.10 Sep 1943 - Osage
H.1. Ernest Coonradt, w.Ruth, r.Waverly, Iowa
G.4. Fred Coonradt, d.Osage, Iowa., w.Lelia
F.2. John A. Coonrad, b.1818 Brunswick, N.Y., (No full History)
G.1. Charles Gilbert Coonradt (8), b.1853 Brunswick, d.1932, w.Martha Ann Goyer (cousin of Darius), o.Farmer on Adam Coonradt homestead - part of Henry III's land allotment.
H.1. Bertha (Mrs. Fr.) Fergeson, b.1816, r.Troy N.Y.
H.2. Irving Coonrad, b.1878 Brunswick, w.Mary
H.3. Lester Coonrad, b.1880 Brunswick Tw., Troy, w.Grace, o.Merchant in Troy
H.4. Howard Coonrad, b.1882 Brunswick Twn., d.1950 Edenburg, Texas, w.Susan
H.5. Freeman Coonrad, b.1886 Brunswick
H.6. Audna Coonrad, b.1890, r.Troy N.Y., o.Business
H.7. Charles Grant Coonrad, b.1892
H.8. Raymond Coonrad, b.1894
F.3. Jacob Coonradt, b.1820 Brunswick, N.Y., Jacob was a school teacher, father of three children, w.Sarah Haynor.
G.1. Eugene Conrad, b.Brunswick N.Y.
G.2. Sherman Coonradt, (No history)
G.3. Emma' C. (Deitz)
F.4. William Coonradt, b.1822 (History incomplete)
F.5. Philipp Coonradt, b.1826 Brunswick, N.Y., w.Mary (History incomplete)
F.6. Elizabeth Coonradt, b.1827 Brunswick (No history)
E.1.b. Adam Coonradt, b.1797 Grafton, N.Y., Adam was four times married. There were born to Adam by his later wife, the following seven children. In 1840 he brought his family to Michigan & later to Wausau, Wisconsin, where he died in 1876.
F.1. Simon Coonradt (Conrad), b.1836, In 1840 came to Three Oaks, Mich. & New Troy, C.WAR, 1864 returned to Mich. married & had 5 children.
G.1. Edward Coonradt (Conrad), b.Three Oaks, later went to Wisconsin, (No further history)
G.2. Albert Conrad, b.1865 (History incomplete)
G.3. Ned Conrad, b.1866 Three Oaks
G.4. Nellie Coonradt, b.1868, Later to Wausau
G.5. Orin Conrad, b.1870, r.Milwaukee, Wisc.
F.2. Nathan Coonradt, b.1837 Brunswick, N.Y., As a young man Nathan lived & became prosperous in business in St.Joseph, Mo. From there he moved to New York City. He was father of four children
G.1. Charles Coonradt, b.1865
H.1. Willard Coonradt, b.1890 Troy N.Y.
G.2. Catherina Kilmer
G.3. Sally Mool
G.4. Dexter Coonradt
F.3. John Conrad, b.1852, Lived in Ohio, (History incomplete)
F.4. Eunice McKibbon, b.1854 Three Oaks, Mich.
G.1. Emma McKibbon-Shoup, Goshen, Ind.
G.2. Jn. McKibbon, Goshen, Ind.
F.5. Charles Conrad, b.1856 Three Oaks, d.Middlebury, Ind.
G.1. John H. Conrad, d.1935 Elkhart, Ind.
G.2. Mary Wesp?be??a
F.6. Jane McKibbon, b.1858 Michigan, d.Goshen, Ind.
G.1. Clara Morse
F.7. Henry Conrad, b.1861 Michigan, d.Goshen, Ind. (Farmer)
G.1. Frank Conrad, r.Goshen, Ind. (Single)
G.2. Charles Conrad (7), r.Goshen, Ind. (Painter), w.Jesse Blake (d.)
H.1. Marie C. VanEss, b.1911
H.2. Olive, b.1913
H.3. Arthur H. Conrad, b.18 Nov 1914, W.WAR II
H.4. Allen Conrad, b.3 Jun 1920 Goshen Ind., W.WAR II New Guinea
H.5. Bernice G. (Berger), b.1921
H.6. Josie, b.1925
H.7. Grover Conrad, b.21 Apr 1927 Goshen, U.S. Mail Clerk
E.2. Philipp P. Coonradt (8), b.1806 Grafton, N.Y., (Never came west)
F.1. Joseph Coonradt, b.1825 Grafton N.Y., CIVIL WAR.
F.2. John Coonradt, b.1827 Grafton N.Y., w.Caroline Diamond
G.1. Aaron Coonradt, b.2 Feb 1849 Grafton, w.Cynthia File - d.1940
H.1. Rufus Coonradt, b.1870 Grafton
H.2. Joseph Coonradt
H.3. John Coonradt, Troy N.Y.
H.4. Agnes (David) Bloomhover
H.5. Mrs. David Harrington
H.6. Birtha Owens
G.2. Hazel Coonradt, (No history)
G.3. Paul Coonradt, b.1852 Grafton N.Y. (Melrose N.Y.)
G.4. Alexander Coonradt, b.1853 Grafton N.Y.
G.5. John Coonradt, b.1855 Grafton
H.1. Elizabeth Hoose, b.1900 Troy N.Y.
H.2. Mildred, b.1904
H.3. John Coonradt (0)
F.3. Daniel Coonradt, b.1830 Grafton N.Y., CIVIL WAR.
G.1. Edgar Coonradt, Moved to Iowa where he raised a large family. (History incomplete)
G.2. Harry Coonradt, (No history)
G.3. Clarence Coonradt, Harkimer, N.Y.
E.3. Jacob Coonradt (10), b.1808 Grafton Cent.
F.1. Jacob Coonradt, b.1827 Grafton N.Y., CIVIL WAR (wounded).
G.1. Wm. Coonradt, b.1844 Postenkill, C.WAR, (History incomplete
G.2. John Coonradt, b.1847 Grafton N.Y.
H.1. Henry Coonradt, r.Grafton N.Y.
H.2. Loveland (Loveman) Sr., r.Avrill Pk. N.Y.
H.3. Alfred Coonradt, r.Utica N.Y.
F.2. David Coonradt, b.1828 Grafton N.Y., (No history)
F.3. Jeremiah Coonradt, b.1830 Grafton N.Y., CIVIL WAR (Died in prison)
F.4. George Coonradt, b.1832 Grafton N.Y.
G.1. Henry Coonradt, b.1852 Grafton
G.2. Nelson Coonradt, b.Grafton
G.3. Michael Coonradt
G.4. Philipp Coonradt
F.5.a. John Peter Coonradt, b.1834 Grafton N.Y., r.Postenkill, 1st w.Mary Crandell m.1854, 3rd w.Rhoda Moeden
G.1. Mary C. Fisher, b.23 Mar 1853, Postenkill, 1882 came to Sterling Ill., d.1930 Dixon Ill.
F.5.b. John Peter Coonradt, b.1834 Grafton N.Y., r.Postenkill, 4th w.Anna Dingham, 1882 came to Sterling Ill.
G.1. Reed Coonrad, b.1880 Postenkill, 1882 came to Sterling Ill., w.Girtrude Graber, b.24 Dec 1882, m.16 Oct 1900, (Members - Ch. of Brethren), was Foreman-Machinest
G.2. Leona
F.6. Eliza C. Coons
F.7. Rebecca Simons
F.8. Kate Wagner
F.9. Sarah
F.10. Mary
E.4. William Coonradt (Twin), The fourth and fifth sons of Henry Coonradt III, were twins. William was accidently killed in his youth.
E.5. Henry Coonradt (Twin), There is no history on the life of Henry.
E.6. George Henry Coonradt, The sixth son of Henry Coonradt III was George Henry Coonradt, called "Jady". His wife was Eunice Poole, and they resided on a 48 acre farm in Grafton Township. George was born in 1832 near the small homestead which he inherited. Eunice was born in 1814 in Grafton Center. She was a lovable character, a good mother and a very hard worker. She died while hir two sons were in the army, in 1864. "Jady lived to visit his children in Illinois in 1866-67, returning to Grafton where he died in 1871. There were nine children born to Jady and Eunice, six of whom each lived to past their half century mark. They were as follows;
F.1. Julia (Mrs. Jn. Obrion) Brock, b.Grafton farm, She never had the privilege of schooling - was strong in body and character. She came to McHenry County, Ill. with her family, and moved to Woodstock, where she spent her last days. She was a joy and blessing to all who knew her, affectionately known as "Grandma Brock." She was almost a life-long member of the Free Methodist church. She died in 1922.
G.1. Ella (Knapp) Andrews
H.1. John Andrews
H.2. Estella Andrews
H.3. Charles Andrews
G.2. Mary Kiltz (Mrs. Jn.)
H.1. Matie Pierce
H.2. Edward Kiltz
H.3. Ernest Kiltz
H.4. Minnie Sharp
H.5. Willie Kiltz
F.2. Adam Conrad, b.1833 Grafton N.Y., CIVIL.W - Teamster in Commisary - Met with Darius at Gettysburg.
G.1. Mary Smith, r.Calif. & Cherry Plain N.Y.
G.2. Edward Conrad, b.Binghamton N.Y., w.Susan
H.1. Eva Taft, r.Binghamton N.Y.
H.2. Maude Kline, r.Binghamton N.Y.
H.3. Lena Bly, r.Binghamton N.Y.
G.3. Issac Coonrad (0)
G.4. Emegene Race
H.1. Eugene Race, Lawyer
F.3. Mary Bassett-Brock, b.1840 Grafton N.Y., r.Seneca Twn & Belvidere, Ill.
G.1. Darius Bassett, b.1864, d.California
H.1. 3 Girls
G.2. Ida Oberhauser (Mrs.Jn.), r.Belvidere, Members of Baptist Ch., (Grand Person)
G.3. Minnie Richie, r.Belvidere & Texas
H.1. Raymond Rockwood, r.Texas
G.4. Arthur Bassett, b.Seneca Tw. Ill., d.Belvidere, Ill., Railroad Man
H.1. Harry Bassett, b.Belvidere
H.2. Chas. Bassett, b.Belvidere
H.3. Hazel B., b.Belvidere
H.4. Mildred B., b.Belvidere
G.5. Clarence Bassett, b.Seneca Ill., d.Calif
H.1. Elmer Bassett, r.Elmira N.Y.
G.6. Lillian Marshall, h.Myron M., r.Belvidere & Pasadena Cal., s.Reginold M., Eagle Rock Cal.
G.7. Clara Card
H.1. Benj. Card, Texas
H.2. Harold Card, Texas
F.4. Rosanna Brock (Mrs. Andrew), b.1845 Grafton N.Y., r.Illinois & Nyack N.Y., d.1845
G.1. Eugene Brock, Lawyer, d.1928 Nyack, N.Y.
F.5. Hannah Coonradt
F.6. Darius Coonradt, b.7 May 1843 N. Grafton N.Y., r.with Libby & Becky Hydorn - Maiden cousins - Educated in little block sc. on corner of the Coonradt farm. Civil War - 163-65 Co.H. - 125th New York Volunteers. Fought at Gettysburgh - His brother William found him & said "you'll soon be in the thick of it" "That's what I enlisted for", answered Darius; and he soon was. His sons have recently visited the battle field and found the marker where Darius' commanding officer fell. Darius was in the parade in Washington after the surrender of Lee, then returned to his home near Grafton, where he was discharged, as was his brother William also. Sixteen children were born to Darius & Elatta Coonradt, 13 of whom grew to manhood & womanhood in the little farmstead home in Seneca Township, Illinois. Their names are as follows:
G.1. Carrie Emelia (Mrs.O.H.)Pilon (2), b.18 Feb 1869, d.Evanston, Ill. 194_, Baptist
H.1. Wayland O. Pilon, b.1890 Belvidere, Ill., d.1902 California
H.2. Marjorie (Mrs.Lester) Jaycox (3), b.30 Apr 1892 ?, r.Huntington Pk. Cal.
G.2. Frank George Coonrad, b.1870, d.Elizabeth, Colo. 19__, w.Lillian Morgan, r.Elizabeth Colo., Machinist (4), Meth.
H.1. Leo F. Coonrad (2), b.1897 Belvidere, Ill., d.1941 Elizabeth Col.
H.2. Mildred (Mrs.Wm.) Woodard (2), b.1899 Belvidere
G.3. Wm. Everett Coonrad, b.15 Mar 1872, d.Denver Colo., Merchant, Gideon-Mason-Presbyterian Elder. (1) w.Ada Belle Becket, r.Kansas & Denver Col.
H.1. Paul William Coonrad, w.Marceline, o.Oil Man many years in Venezuela
G.4. Wesley Darius Coonrad, b.8 Jun 1875, d.Apr 1951 Zephyrhills, Fla., w.Maude Still, Weslley was PHILIP-PINE W., Machinist by trade. (2)
H.1. John Wesley Coonrad, b.Woodstock, Ill., Pharmacist, w.Barbara Schelenberger
H.2. Gladis (Mrs.Leslie) Kiddo (2), b.Woodstock, Ill.
G.5. Clarence Abraham Coonrad, (Great Singer) b.4 Oct 1876, d.195_ Dallas, Texas (1), w.Jenny Bright - Marango, Ill. Aug., r.Woodstock, Illinois, Clarence was a salesman, a steward in the Methodist Church and great church worker.
H.1. Clifton Clarence Conrad, Mining Engineer, w.Pauline Hosack, r.Dallas, Texas
G.6. James Leroy Coonradt (4), b.12 Aug 1878 Rancher, r.Colorado Springs, Col., w.Mildred Brown, Member M.E. & Presbyterian., Great Sunday School organizer and worker.
H.1. Kenneth Coonrad, b.Illinois, w.Jean, r.?bensburg, Wash.
H.2. Arlene Coonradt, b. & d. Woodstock, Ill.
H.3. Florence (Mrs.Wm.) Westerbrook, (Registered Nurse), o.Ranchers
H.4. Vivian Coonradt (Mrs.Edward J), b.Woodstock, Ill., r.Crystol Lake Ill.
G.7. Charles LeMonte Coonrad (2), b.4 Dec 1879, d.1948 Riverside Cal., Potato Merchant, w.Myrtle Greene, r.Marengo, Ill. & Kittitas, Wash. & Riverside, Calif. & Twin Falls, Idaho, Members and workers in Riverside Baptist Church & Christian Churches.
H.1. Charles F. Coonrad, b.Denver, Col., w.Phyllis, r.Riverside, Cal., o.Machinist
H.2. Robert Coonrad, b.Twin Falls, Idaho, 2nd WORLD WAR, w.Mary Lou, r.Redwood, Cal.
G.8. Ralph Garfield Coonradt (3), b.30 Jun 1881, Graduate Beloit College, McCormick Seminary, Missionaries in China 1912-1950, Presbyterian U.S.A., w.Mary Woodward - b.18 Nov 1885 in Indiana, Pa., r.Greenwood Village, Butler, Pa.
H.1. Gracie Jane Chapman R.N., (Mrs.Jn.A.Chapman, Ph.D.), b.25 Sep 1917 Ichofu, China, r.Victoria, VanCouver Island, H.S. Shanghai, China, o.Govt. Entomologist (J.A.C), H.S. Pyengyang, Korea
H.2. Raphael W. Coonrad M.D., b.10 Oct 1923 Tsingtao, China, w.Evelyn A. Vail M.D. - b.North Carolina
H.3. Homer W. Coonrad (Con), b.29 Dec 1925 Tsingtao, China, H.S. Pyengyang, Korea, w.Betty Widney - Pasadena, Cal.
G.9. Ernest Victor Coonrad (Single), b.4 Dec 1882, r.Marengo, Ill., Farmer - humorist - like his grandfather Jady.
G.10. Jerome Blain Coonrad (2), b.18 Apr 1884, Realtor - r.Sargent, Neb., d.2 Oct 1950 - Riverside, Cal., w.Ina J Gillette, Humorist - politician, Member Baptist & ME. Church.
H.1. Edward Jerome Coonrad, b.14 May 1910, w.Vivian Coonradt (vs.J.L.C. above), o.Merchant - Accountant, Members & Workers - C.L. Methodist Ch.
H.2. Rollin Coonrad, b.1 May 1911 Marengo, Ill., w.Dorothy Spooner, r.Sargent, Neb., o.Merchant, (R.Catholic Ch.)
G.11. Arthur Vivian Coonradt (5), b.13 May 1886, d.1931 Elizabeth Col., w.Mamie Evans - E.Col., Vet.1st WORLD W., Member Colorado Legislature, School teacher - lawyer - rancher, Member Presbyterian Ch. - Elder.
H.1. Darius Coonradt, b.1911 Elizabeth, U.S. Navy Commander, w.Hettie, r.San Diego
H.2. Leonard Evan Coonradt, b.3 Sep 1913 Elizabeth, Col., w.Mary Hamilton, r.Rancher - Ft.Bridger, Wyoming
H.3. Nellie (Ray M) Adams (3), b.24 Mar 1915
H.4. Gladys (Mrs. Harold) Jones, b.29 Jun 1916, r.Greely, Col.
H.5. Jane (Mrs. Jn.) Wheeler, b.4 Mar 1921, r.Greely, Col., o.Realestate
G.12. Alice May (Mrs.H.Rev Fred Schuster) (1), b.22 Oct 1887, r.Chicago & Wisc., d.1929 Cambridge, Wis., Stenographer, Member Baptist Church & Presbyterian.
H.1. Theodore Schuster (Ted), World W.II veteran, w.Wilma Erickson, Madison, Wis., Lawyer - Chicago.
G.13. Harry Wayne Coonradt & (Herbert Milton Coonradt - d.), b.3 Feb 1889, w.Ruth, Harry - educator - graduate Colorado U., 1913-1931 School Supervisor in Philippine islands, 1932-1943 U.S. Indian Agency official, r.SanDiego, Cal.
H.1. Betty (Mrs.Jn.) Tucker (Stepdaughter), Naval Officer, r.San Diego, Cal.
D.2. Peter Coonradt, b.1778 Grafton, (No history)
D.3. George Coonradt, b.1780 Grafton, (No history)

B.4. Adam Coonradt, b.1739 Rensselaerswack, Member Gilead Ch., R.WAR under VanRensselaer, Granted 100 acres.
C.1. Henry Coonradt, b.1760 Brunswick Rd., (History incomplete)
C.2. Jacob Coonradt, b.1763 Brunswick
D.1. Jacob Coonradt II, b.1785 Brunswick Rd.

B.5. Jacob P. Coonradt, b.1741 Brunswick, In 1770 had 100 acres at Eagle Mills.
C.1. Adam Coonradt, b.1764 Brunswick
D.1. Adam Coonradt (3), b.1785 Brunswick, (History incomplete)
D.2. George Coonradt (2), b.1790 Grafton
E.1. John Coonradt (3), b.1817 Grafton, N.Y., w.Eliza Tinkle
F.1. Elmer Coonradt, b.1922 Grafton
F.2. John Coonradt, b.1824
F.3. Chas. Coonradt, b.1824, r.Troy
E.2. Mary C.Roier (3)

B.6. John P. Coonradt, b.1744 Brunswick, In 1770 had 61 acres land.
C.1. Peter Coonradt, b.1765 Brunswick
D.1. Philipp Coonradt, b.1785 Brunswick, (History uncertain)
D.2. Abriham Coonradt, b.1788 Brunswick, (Store keeper in Brunswick Center.)



This Willhelm COONRADT family tree was originally created (1954-55) by Henry Jacob COONRADT / Ralph Garfield COONRADT. I have transcribed it here, from a copy of the original that was in the posession of my grandfather, Arville Dean COONRADT. I have tried to enter the data just as it was on the original copy, including all punctuation, marks, spelling errors, etc. The one thing I did change was the date format, which conforms with todays genealogy standards. I will not correct this page unless an updated copy is found. If you have any comments or information pertaining to the COONRADT families, please e-mail me at the above link.