Philipp Coonradt was born in the Bavarian Palatinate, Germany. As a youth he came via Holland, arriving in Rensselaerswack (Rensselaer County, New York) in 1727. With his brother, Willhelm, and other German immigrants, he was granted timber land holdings, which he proceeded to clear and plant, and he shared in the colonial life of the early settlement of Hoosick. He was married, and with his wife, Emma, was among the first members of the Gilead Lutheran Church, organized in 1742. On his 82 acre farmstead he raised a family of five children, as follows;

B.1. Mary Coonradt, b.1739, Rensselaerswack (no history)

B.2. Philipp Coonradt II, b.1741, Rensselaerswack, d.1811, buried in Troy Cemetery, R.WAR veteran, 200 acre land grant in Brunswick, (no known children)

B.3. Adam Coonradt, b.1744, Rensselaerswack, r.on 61 acres land in Brunswick
C.1. Philipp A. Coonradt (12), b.23 Mar 1769, Brunswick, w.Hannah Hydorn, 26 Oct 1773, 1807 was known as a respected and influential citizen in Brunswick, d.10 Jun 1843
D.1. Adam Coonradt (8), b.18 Oct 1793, Brunswick
E.1. Mary Ann (Nelson) Hunt, b.18 Oct 1817
F.1. Ashley Hunt, b.1850
F.2. Adam Hunt, b.1851
F.3. Elizabeth, b.1854
F.4. Mary Hunt, b.1856
E.2. Catherine (S.A.Lockwood), b.1820 Brunswick
F.1. O.A. Lockwood, Billings, Mont.
E.3. Elizabeth (Mrs.Geo.) Raymond, b.1823
E.4. Hannah (Mrs.G.G.Bush (2), b.20 Nov 1824
E.5. Leonard Coonradt (3), w.Eliza Greenman, visited Michigan
F.1. SON, Grand Traverse Co., Mich in 1905
E.6. Eliza (Mrs.David) Mann (5), b.14 Jul 1833, Brunswick
E.7. Belinda (Mrs.Oscar) Hayes (10), b.17 Jun 1827
E.8. Elma (Mrs.Jerome) Hand, b.13 Jun 1835
D.2. Hannah Coonradt, b.1794, h.Geo Coonradt
D.3. Henry Coonradt, b.1796, Brunswick, d.1864, St.Lawerance Co. N.Y., w.Elizabeth Simmons
E.1. Hannah (Mrs.Duncan) Ferguson (4), b.5 Jun 1820
E.2. Mary (Mrs.Wm.) Rogers, b.7 Feb 1822 (6)
E.3. Philipp M. Coonradt (3), b.12 Nov 1823, w.Mary Green, went to St.Lawrence Co.
E.4. Wm. W. Coonradt (2), b.24 Aug 1825 Brunswick
E.5. Albert B. Coonradt, b 25 Jul 1826, w.Catherine Ayer
E.6. Eliza
E.7. Sophia
E.8. Emely
E.9. George Coonradt, b.1836, d.before 1876 (no history)
E.10. Allworthy Coonradt, b.1842, d.before 1876
F.1. Marcus C. Coonradt, r.(1876) St.Lawrence Co. N.Y.
F.2. Wm. C. Coonradt, r.(1876) St.Lawrence Co. N.Y.
D.4. Philipp P. Coonradt, b.1798, Brunswick, w.Catherine Coonradt
E.1. Edward Coonradt (1), b.1820 Brunswick, w. Mary Coonradt(d.of Jn.)
F.1. Adesta (Dell) Witner
E.2. John Coonradt (3), b.1822, w.Anna H. Bartholomew
F.1. Albert Coonradt
F.2. Mary
F.3. George Coonradt
E.3. Philipp Coonradt (3), b.1824 (mute), w.Hannah Coonradt b.1830, r.Troy
F.1. Libbie
F.2. Olive
F.3. Janette
F.4. Wm. Coonradt, b.1846
E.4. Sally Ann Coonradt, b.1827 Brunswick (0), (h.Jn. P.)
E.5. Hannah Coonradt (6), b.1830, (Adam Coonradt)
E.6. Daniel Coonradt (0)
E.7. George Coonradt (0), b.10 Jul 1834
E.8. Mary (Mrs. M.) Murry (2), b.1843
F.1. Frank Murry
D.5. Peter Coonradt, b.12 Jun 1801, Brunswick, d.1849 in Mich., w.Margaret Smith
E.1. Jn. M. Coonradt, b.1819
E.2. Philipp E. Coonradt (Little Phil), b.1822 Brunswick, w.Sarah Coonradt : As a young man, Philipp E. Coonradt was a school teacher near Albany. He married Sarah Coonradt, grand-daughter of Fredrick, of the Heinrich Coonradt line, went to settle near Utica, and there became a merchant and Justice of the Peace. They were highly respected and influential citizens, and became the parents of three children, and many grand-children, following after their high example. They, and their families are as follows;
F.1. Arthur Rochelle Coonradt, b.1849 Utica, N.Y., w.Carrie Chapin, r.Rocford, Ill., o.Merchant - Educator
G.1. Arthur Chapin Coonradt, b.1887 Utica, N.Y. Educator, w.Anna Rock, r.Rockford & r.N.Y. City, o.Head of Mechanical Engineering - University of N.Y. City
H.1. Fredric C. Coonradt - Ph.D., b.18 Apr 1912, r.Los Angeles, w.Sarah Boynoff-s.H.1.Peter F., o.Professor - U.C.L.A. (One-time editor, Douglas Aircraft Co. Magazine)
F.2. Leon Coonradt, b.1851 Utica, N.Y., w.Grace Talbot, r.New Hartford, N.Y., (members-Episcopal Ch.)
G.1. Paul T. Coonradt, b.1894 Utica, N.Y.- Writer, r.New Hartford--Great Y.M.C.A. worker.
G.2. Alfred Coonradt, b.1898 Utica, N.Y., w.Barbara Menger
H.1. David Coonradt, b.1834 Utica, N.Y.
H.2. Fredrick Coonradt, b.1838 Utica, N.Y.
F.3. Alfred Burton Coonradt, b.1855 Utica, N.Y.
G.1. Frank A. Coonradt, b.1879 Utica, N.Y., Farmer
H.1. Doris (Mrs. Robt.) Burt, b.1898 Cold Brook, N.Y.
H.2. Marion (Mrs. Frank) Moon, b.1900 Cold Brook, N.Y.
H.3. Eleon F. Coonradt, b.1902 Cold Brook, N.Y.
E.3. Jeremiah Coonradt, b.1827 Brunswick, d.1835 (1855) (accidental death)
E.4. Martha A. (Henry W.) Tuttle (1), b.1831
E.5. Philena E. (Mrs.Levi C.), b.1834
E.6. Henry Coonradt, b.1837 Brunswick, (no hist.)
E.7. Daniel S. Coonradt, 7 Mar 1841 Brunswick, w.Effie Patrio, to Rockford Ill. 1860, Merchant
F.1. Clarence C. Coonradt, r.Elgin, Ill.
F.2. SON, r.Rockford, Ill.
D.6. John.P. Coonradt, b.1803 Brunswick, w.Helen Smith, to Albion, Mich. 1840, d.Albion, Mich.
E.1. Helen (Mrs. Fr) ??????, b.1823
E.2. Ann (Mrs. Chas.) Hall (1), b.1826
E.3. Mary Coonradt, b.1829 Brunswick, h.Edward C.
E.4. Anson Coonradt (0)
E.5. Benjamen Coonradt, b.1833 Brunswick, w.Helen Foster, r.1873-81 in Ann Arbor, Mich.
F.1. Ernest Conrad, r.N.Y.
F.2. (boy)
E.6. Viola (Mrs. Chas.) Dutton (2)
E.7. Cecelia (Collins) Baker, b.1838 Brunswick (5)
E.8. Jn. S. Coonradt, 1842 Mich.
D.7. Elizabeth Gibbs, b.1806, h.Spenser G., r.Wisc. (8)
E.1. Ira Gibbs, b.1831 Wis.
E.2. Wm. Gibbs, b.1833, r.Wis.
E.3. Philipp Gibbs, b.1835, C-WAR
E.4. Zebulun Gibbs, b.1838, C-WAR
E.5. David Gibbs, b.1845, w.Emma Bruce
D.8. Wm.P. Coonradt (10), b.1808 Brunswick, w.Elizabeth File, came to Rockford, Ill. in 1846
E.1. Hannah Coonradt, b.1830, h.Philipp H.C.
E.2. Lovi Coonradt, b.1832 Brunswick, w.Philona E. Coonradt (1)
E.3. Wm. N. Coonradt, b.1834 Brunswick, w.Ruth Carter
F.1. Geo. W. Coonradt
F.2. Stephen Coonradt
E.4. Jacob Morgan Coonradt (4), b.1836 Brunswick, w.Agnes Haynor, d.Rockford CIVIL WAR Veteran : Was a wagon-maker. Came to Rockford to ply his trade. He was father of four children, as follows;
F.1. Albert Coonradt, b.1866 Rockford, o.Farmer-Davis Junction, Ill.
F.2. Alvin Coonradt, b.1870 Rockford, o.Carpenter-Mechanic, r.Rockford, Ill.
G.1. Willis R. Coonradt, b.Rockford, r.Beloit, Wis., o.Store Keeper
H.1. Morgan Coonradt, b.1917
H.2. Margaret (Mrs. A.M.) Timberlake, (R.N.)
F.3. Nathan Coonradt, b.1877 Rockford, Ill., w.Anna, r.Madison, S.D.
G.1. Ina (Mrs. ) Sullivan, r.Madison, S.D.
H.1. Berton Coonradt, b.1928 Rockford, o.Student - Beadler College
H.2. Lyale Coonradt, b.1933 Madison, S.D., o.H.S. Student
H.3. Mary Ann Coonradt, b.1938 Madison, o.Madison H.S., S. Dakota
H.4. Raymond Coonradt, b.1941 Madison
G.2. George Morgan Coonradt, b.Rockford, Ill.
G.3. Robt. Coonradt, o.U.S. Army
H.1. Robert Coonradt Jr., b.1942 Madison, S.D.
H.2. girl
H.3. girl
G.4. Margaret McGillway
G.5. Julia Arke
F.4. Carrie Coonradt, b.1879 Rockford, Ill.
E.5. Philipp S. Coonradt (3), b.1838 Brunswick, w.Anna Vandenburg
E.6. Abraham D. Coonradt, b.1840, d.C-WAR, wounded - ate grass all about him before he died
E.7. Mary Jane (Mrs. Wm.) File (2), b.1842 Brunswick
E.8. Sarah E. Coonradt (No History)
D.9. Margaret (Mrs.Jn.) File (12), b.1811, h.Jn. File
D.10. Mary Ann (Mrs.Jo.) File, b.1813, h.Joshua File
E.1. M.N. File
D.11. David Coonradt, b.6 Sep 1815, Brunswick, d.1900 Paola, Kans., 1st w.Catherine File, came to Albion, Mich. 1850, Also r.Vandalia, Ill.
E.1. Mary E. (Mrs. Nelson) Chipperly (2)
E.2. Hannah E. (Mrs. Wm. Brayman) (5)
E.3. Lucy (Mrs. ) Wren, b.1841 (0)
E.4. Sarah Coonradt, b.1843 (0)
E.5. Amelia (Mrs. Geo.) Higgins, b.1845 (1)
E.6. Jacob Henry Coonradt, b.24 Oct 1847, Brunswick, N.Y. (3), w.Frances E. Robinson, Came to Albion, Mich. at age of 9, became educator-to DeCatur Ill. 1881, For many years U.S. Weather Bureau Observation man.
F.1. Lewis E. Coonradt, b.23 Oct 1872 Nepolian, Mich., 1881 to Decatur, Ill. r., o.Dentist-U.S. Weather Bureau, w.Amelia Burke
G.1. Harry Lynn Coonradt, b.1 Oct 1913 Decatur, Ill., WORLD W. II *Capt., r.Woodbury, N.J., o.Electronics, w.Pascoline, d.Janet Coonradt
G.2. W. Burke Coonradt, b.30 Jan 1915 Decatur, Ill.
F.2. William H. Coonradt, b.29 May 1876 Nepolian, Mich., w.Lottie E. Hawes, o.Managing Editor-Compton Cal. News, d.1942 Compton
G.1. Paul Lewis Coonradt, b.23 Nov 1911 Decatur, Ill., o.Press manager-Compton News, Compton, California
G.2. Elenor T. Peeler, b.29 Jun 1917, r.Compton
F.3. Lillian May, b.1880, d.1885
E.7. Hettie C. Dillian, b.1849 Brunswick, d.1863
E.8. Emma (Mrs. Jn.) Walton (3), b.1851 Brunswick, r.Piola, Kans.
E.9. Philo D. Coonradt (0), b.2 Aug 1852 Brunswick, d.2 Jul 1918 LaCygne, Kans., w.Alice Nickell, Was a Grand Lady, d.1950 Glendale, Cal., Philo was a miller by trade, but later became a traveling salesman.
E.10. Charles E. Coonradt, b.12 Feb 1854, r.d. Kansas City, Mo., w.Ora T. Cook, Charles was for many years a conductor for the Kans. and St Louis R.R., r.St.Louis
E.11. Lorinda (Mrs. Jn.) Eckert (4),
F.1. John C. Eckert, Paole Kans.
F.2. Roy Eckert
F.3. Edith O'Connor
G.1. Ed. O'Connor, b.1913
G.2. Robt. O'Connor, b.1915, r.Marksville, Kans.
E.12. Cassius E. Coonradt, b.27 Oct 1860, Albion, Mich., 1900 to Peola, Kans., o.Miller, to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 1947-to Seattle, Wash.
F.1. Ashton F. Coonradt, b.10 Oct 1894 Oakdale, w.Ora Fentzel, r.Pullman, Wash., o.Inter-State Telephone Co.
G.1. Robt. Harry Coonradt, b.14 May 1919, WORLD WAR II Capt.
H.1. Ann Coonradt, b.1944 Pullman
H.2. Bruce Coonradt, b.1946 Pullman
F.2. Addison B. Coonradt, b.15 Jul 1904 Couer d'Alene, W.WAR II, Wash State College Ph.D., o.Writer, r.Seattle Wash.
F.3. Everett C. Coonradt, b.5 Sep 1910 Couer d'Alene, Wash, r.Seattle, Wash, o.Mechanical Engineer
G.1. Peter Coonradt, b.1939 Seattle, Wash.
G.2. Paul Coonradt, b.1943 Seattle, Wash.
D.12. Jacob Coonradt, b.15 Jan 1819 Brunswick, w.Jane M. Finkell, C.WAR
E.1. Fannie (Mrs. B.B.) Fink (5), b.1841 Troy, N.Y.
E.2. Daniel F. Coonradt, b.1845 Brunswick
E.3. Samuel S. Coonradt, b.1848 Brunswick
E.4. Joseph W. Coonradt, b.1854 Brunswick, (1938 Living in C. Brunswick)
F.1. Nettie Govey, b.1880, d.1933
F.2. Mildred Gunner, b.1893 Troy

B.4. David Coonradt, b.1748, Brunswick, In 1700 had 62 acres land in Brunswick, (Further information not clear)

B.5. William Coonradt, b.1751, Brunswick, r.Nassau, had 100 acres land
C.1. Stoey Coonradt, b.1801, (record not clear)
D.1. John Coonradt, b.1835, Nassau, owned 165 acres land
E.1. Stephen Coonradt, b.1850, Nassau Farmer
F.1. George Coonradt, b.1873 Nassau
G.1. Albert Coonradt, b.12 Mar 1894 Nassau,w.Marion Goodenota, r.Lebanon, Truck driver
H.1. Richard Coonradt, b.4 Oct 1915, r.Nassau N.Y.
H.2. Vernon Coonradt, b.3 Mar 1917, r.Nassau N.Y.
H.3. Floyd Coonradt, b.10 Apr 1922, r.Nassau N.Y.