In 1712, Heinrich Coonradt came, as a youth from the German Palatinate, via England to Livingstone Manor, on the Hudson. In 1734 he removed to Rensselaerswack to join the settlers there. He was the father of four sons; as follows;

B.1. Joseph Coonradt, b.1746. R.WAR - Alloted lands near Canajoharie, Montgomery Co. w.Catherine
C.1. Peter Coonradt (12), b.1765, Mohawk, N.Y.
D.1. Adam Coonradt, b.1785, Mohawk, N.Y. (further history incomplete)
D.2. Jacob Coonradt, b.1786, Mohawk, N.Y.
D.3. Philipp Coonradt, b.1788, Mohawk, N.Y. (Elon, Frank, Leo & Oscar & founders of Coonrad, N.Y.)

B.2. Fredrick (Fredric) Coonradt, b. 1748, Rensselaerswack, R.WAR--7th Regulars under Van Rensselaer & Fisher & Capt. Ouslander-(108th militia (1) (Riley's Rangers (2) & Maj. Gen. Whitlock. Land grant - Rens. Co. N.Y.
C.1. Adam Coonradt, b.1786
C.2. Abraham Coonradt, b.1788, M.E. Ch Steward
C.3. George Coonradt, b.1792, w.Hannah Coonradt (d.of Phillip C. line vs. Pg19 D.2)
D.1. Sarah Coonradt, b.2 Aug 1824, h.Philipp Coonradt (Little Phil), g.son of Philipp A. (Pg.20 D.5 E.2)
D.2. John Henry Coonradt, b.1825, Brunswick, d.Minneapolis - 1900, w.Amelia Young - d.1901, 1840 to Erie, 1856-58 to Hebron, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin
E.1. Wm. Warren Coonradt, b.1850, Brunswick, 1858-59 to Hebron, Wis. and later to Spokane, Wash.
E.2. Benjamin Franklin Coonradt, b.1852, Brunswick, N.Y., w.Mary E. Thompson, d.of Capt. Jn. H. Thompson of Ft.Wayne, Ind., r.1858 to Hebron, Wis., r.1888 to Lewisburg, Tenn.
F.1. Wm. Warren Coonradt, b.1872, Hebron, Wis., r.1888 to Lewisburg, Tenn., r.1892 to Athens, Alabama (present home)
F.2. Bertha C. Nash, b.Hebron, Wis., r.1888 to Lewisburg, Tenn., r.Winchester, Tenn.
G.1. Benj. F. Nash, r.Winchester, Tenn.
F.3. Amelia Coonradt
E.3. Elmer Coonradt, b.1855, Brunswick, N.Y., 1858 to Hebron, Wis., 1880 to Spokane, Wash. (No further history.)
E.5. Belle Johnson (No history)
E.6. Sybil Johnson
D.3. Philipp Coonradt (Big Phil), b.1827, Brunswick N.Y, w.Mary A., 1848 to Erie, C.WAR-, 1865 to Rockford, Ill.
E.1. Irving Coonradt, b.1853, Erie, Pa., 1865 to Rockford, w.N. Milford, r.Oakland, Cal., o.Barber (Grand citizen, father and neighbor), d.1938, Oakland
F.1. Pearl Jared (2), b.1878 Berkeley, Cal. r.Berkeley,
F.2. Lester, b.1880 Oakland, d.1946
F.3. Ruby Green, b.1882 Oakland, d.1946
F.4. Geo. Conrad, b.1885, r.Oakland
F.5. Francis Coonradt, b.1888, r.Oakland
F.6. Ralph Conrad I, b.1890, w.Minnie, r.San.F.Cal, o.Electric Engineer
F.7. Ernest E. Coonradt, b.1893 Berkeley, Cal., w.Eunice, r.LasGatos, Cal., o.Rancher
G.1. Charlotte (#)
G.2. Bernice (#)
F.8. Helen Meyer, b.1898, h.Jack Meyer
G.1. Girl
G.2. Girl
G.3. Robt. Meyer, Berkeley, Cal.
F.9. Herbert Conrad, b.1898, d.1945
E.2. Lucy Ward, b.1855, Rockford, Ill., d.1919
F.1. Mary McDermot, Rockford, Ill.
F.2. Blanch Gracia, Oakland, Cal.
E.3. Elsworth Coonradt, b.1857, Rockford, Ill.
F.1. Vernen Coonradt, r.Chicago, Ill., w.Effie, o.Standard Oil
F.2. Cecil Coonradt, Rockford
F.3. Hazel
F.4. Eva
E.4. Jesse Coonradt (No History)
E.5. Lilly Hyman (No History)
E.6. Howard Conrad
F.1. Lester Conrad (Electrician), W.WAR I d.Hospital, Honolulu
D.4. Elizabeth Griffeth, b.1829, Brunswick, N.Y.
D.5. Israel Coonradt, was born 26 Apr 1831, Brunswick Twn., About 1850 he received from his father, George Coonradt, lower half of the homestead. He soon sold his farm to his brother David and moved to Rockford, Ill., In 1870 he moved to Montreal, Canada, and in 1878 he returned to the States, settling in Marysville, Kansas. He was father of the following five children;
E.1. Etta Belle, b.19 Oct 1861, (no history)
E.2. Frank LeDuc Coonradt, b.22 Nov 1866
E.3. Danforth Joy Coonradt, b.24 Mar 1877, d.4 May 1912 - Honolulu, o.Printer, 1st w.Emma Marie Nelson - Rockford
F.1. Madeline Coonradt, b.20 May 1900, Honolulu
F.2. Arville Dean Coonradt, b.9 Jun 1902, Honolulu, o.RR Engineer, w.Ora, r.Kaysville, Utah
G.1. Beverly Estella Young
G.2. Jack Dean Coonradt, b.26 Mar 1931, d.17 Aug 1943 (Drowned)
G.3. Orville Lee Coonradt
G.4. Maury James Coonradt
F.3. Estella M. (Mrs.H.C.)Truman, r.W.Virginia
F.4. Emma, b.5 Jan 1906, Honolulu
F.5. Danforth Joy Coonradt Jr.
G.1. Danforth Joy Coonradt III
G.2. Barbara Jean Coonradt
G.3. Robert Eugene Coonradt
G.4. George Martin Coonradt
G.5. Leo Jay Coonradt
F.6. Olive Marie, b.3 Dec 1909, Honolulu (no history)
E.4. Averille Bliss Coonradt, b.1908, Marysville, Kan., 1st w.Emma Nelson - Rockford, 2nd w.Iva Mederis, o.Printer, d.1909, Honolulu
F.1. Arville B. Coonradt II, b.Honolulu, r.Honolulu, (May be called Arville Ward)
E.5. Mary Delight Coonradt, b.29 Feb 1910, Marysville, Kan.
D.7. David Coonradt, b.26 Jan 1833, w.Frances Wendover, r.Home farm near Cropsyville, N.Y.
E.1. Elmer Coonradt, r.Poland, N.Y.
E.2. Vernon Coonradt
E.3. Effie C. Harris, r.New Hartford, N.Y.
D.8. Martha (Mrs. Allen) Castle, b.1833, 1840 to Erie
D.10. Elnathan, d. , (Further history not clear).

B.3. John A. Coonradt, b.1750, Rensselaerswack. Owner 100 acres land
C.1. Michael Coonradt, b.1768, Brunswick, Merchant in Brunswick
C.2. Adam Coonradt, b.1765, Brunswick, Farmer

B.4. Henry H. Coonradt, b.1753, Brunswick. Owner 50 acres land. No further history.