Duke Nukem 3D

Multiplayer Guide

You must have DUKE3D.GRP from Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition
Download YANG


  1. copy DUKE3D.GRP to xduke and eduke32 folders
  2. run YANG
  3. click Duke Nukem 3D, add these paths:
    • eduke32 - eduke32\eduke32.exe
    • xduke - xduke\duke3d_w32.exe
  4. join a server (maybe GOG Dukematch if it's up!)


The config files use minimal keybinds

Keyboard Mouse
Action Key Action Button
Move WASD Fire left
Jump Space Open right
Crouch CTRL Use (inventory) middle
Quick Kick Q Cycle inventory wheel


There are two options for playing multiplayer games

Source Port Connection Type Difficulty Requires
EDuke32 Master/Slave Easy Host to open ports
xDuke Peer-2-Peer Hard Everyone to open ports

Port Forwarding

Program Name Port Number Protocol
Duke3D 23513 UDP

Access your router's hub, information should be on your router.
You need the ip address (i.e and login account.

Go to the address and login.

Once you're logged in, look for 'port forwarding'
(in my case, it's under advanced settings > security)

Type in the port number, your local IP address and select (UDP or TCP).
Make sure to apply the changes you make.

Finding Your Local IP Address

Click here and follow the instructions