Back in My Day Cloze Exercise - Missing words. Click on the dropdown box and click on the word that best fits the sentence.

My dad's always telling us how easy we've got these days. When we beg him for five more in bed, he always says, "Back in my day, never slept in. We were up before the sun do our chores. We had to milk the cows, the animals, collect eggs from the chickens, and cut for the fire. We had to do all that we even got ready for school."

When we ask to hurry up in the bathroom, he always says, in my day, we didn't have a toilet like one you've got today. My dad built us a outside our house. It had a really big hole the middle, and there was no button to flush away. When I was six, one of the families our town installed a flushing toilet, and we'd go their house all the time just to see it