London Olympic Park Race Track

A proposal to have a Formula 1 street race in London and provide the perfect stepping stone to attracting American viewers to F1


Olympic Park Race Track

F1 Road Race - brings long term footfall and media attention to the Olympic Park, and will be a brand new, world class F1 facility for the UK.

Night race, with heavy marketing to the American audience, and scheduled before flyaway races to the US and Canada.

Utilise places like the O2 Arena for live audiences - huge screens, displaying the ultimate Level of data for hardcore F1 fans to digest, along with an entertaining atmosphere ala US live sports.

Race through large indoor locations, over the Thames, through unique locations and where fans can view easily from above.

Broadcast 3D images live to cinemas around the world. Help pioneer 3D tv - get Sony, LG, etc to pay for the cameras and sponsorship costs.

Full track requiring road closures during event weekends - short version configurable for non Grand Prix motorsport exhibition events.