This is my screen viewer. It works in conjunction with another small tool I made which takes a screenshot every ten seconds as I work. You select a directory full of .pngs and it displays them. You can use the slider or the arrow keys to move along the timeline.
This tool takes the previously mentioned screenshots and counts the number of instances where there is essentially no change between two sequential screenshots. It takes that count divided by the total number of screenshots to arrive at a rough estimate of my daydreaming rate for a given chunk of work. I used pylab to draw the graphs.
This is my find and replace tool. You enter parameters in the dialog on the top left and the results are displayed in the big window in the center. Matches are on the left, replaced results are on the right. It works with regular expressions. The changes will not be written to disk unless the apply button is clicked.
The window on the bottom-right is my output displayer. The lighter-grey lines can be clicked in order to jump to the corresponding line in the text editor. I usually hit F5 in my text editor to run the file through this thing, then F4 in the output displayer to jump back to the line at which the error occured. This program also detects simple import errors, automatically imports the needed files, and then re-runs the program.
Next we have a tool for viewing tree-structured notes. I use it for ranking projects by importance, keeping a work log, and other things. This tool has mostly been obsoleted by Task Ranger, my most recent web-app.