Welcome! Since starting study here last year, I have focused on digital preservation and curation, as well as database and digital records management.

I contribute to the Preserving Video Games research project, which aims to propose more meaningful models for the preservation of video games through an investigation of their creation process. We have interviewed game developers of all stripes and are currently overseeing studies investigating the communicative value of surrogate game media such as video, image and text. Check out the blog!

I volunteered at the Austin Goodwill Computer Museum where I've designed and implemented a database and interface for tracking the museum's holdings and accessions which includes vintage hardware, software and engineer notes and manuals.

I recently finished an independent study for the museum. The goal is to write a final recommendation for the museum regarding it's metadata scheme, repository tools and software, encoding standards and element sets. I kept a blog of my notes and research. Last semester I built the repository; all records have been migrated to this more robust system.

Please have a look around the site. You can find my resume, coursework and annotations. Thanks!

A falling duck, from an illustration by Charles Robinson for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Last modified January 29, 2010