The jays don't say anything.\n\nWell, not [[much|much]].\n\nLess than my [[daughter|daughter]].\n
I'm watching you, I [[said|said3]].
I'll catch you if you fall, I [[said|said4]].
\nThe moon says: Move to [[Corvidia|Corvidia]]!
\nMy lineage dies with her [[death|death]].
Please stop crying, I [[said|said2]].
\n\nFor a long time these [[presidents|presidents1]] have had their eyes on the earth.\n\nThey have designs and [[plans|plans]].\n\n
She got [[scared|eleven]].
\nShe [[wants|wants]] me to go to church with her and her husband. \n\nThe dog stays at [[home|home]]. \n\n
\nFeathers are ruffled, but sleep is [[undisturbed|undisturbed]].
The [[pine tree|pine tree]] in front of my house collects gray-blue [[jays|jays]]. \n\n\n
Only in [[moonlight|moonlight]] do they reveal their [[worth|worth]].
\nWhich ones were poisonous, and which ones could elicit certain properties in the [[eater|eater]].
\n[[Clouds sail|sail]].
My daughter grew up in this house, but she has forgotten many [[things|said3]].
I can feel that [[lunar air|moon1]].\n\nEven in summer it's a little on the cold side for me, [[here|home]].
\nThe jays keep going [[higher|disappear]].
I don't think nests ever come into play. \n\nI also [[rake|rake]], when I can.
\nActually I'm not sure if they ever [[leave|disappear]].
\n\nThey disappear with the snow and are [[born again|nests]].
\n\nThe [[postal workers|postal workers]] wear jay masks, of gray and blue.\n\n
\nI'm sure our ancestors would be [[upset|church]].
\n\n\nThe intaglio engraving machines hum as they dispense their stamps. \n\nThe jays gather the [[letters|letters1]].
There were probably other [[pine trees|pine1]] in my lawn but the previous owner must have cut them down in a fit of [[rage|rage]]. \n\n\n
\nI want to sleep [[there|climb]].
\nFor one thought to begin, another has to [[finish|finish]].
Dad, are you [[listening|listening]]? my daughter says.
\nI can't help what the moon [[says|says]] to me.
She was [[eleven|mother]].
These stamps are black in [[daylight|daylight]].\n\n\n\n
They tell me to write [[Corvidia|cold]] to receive a brochure.
\nWhen I was a child I used to make pine needle tea.\n\nIt didn't taste any good but it was [[fortifying|visit]].
\nShe lives [[far away|far away]] so she doesn't do this often.
I could see how my affairs could be manipulated if I had a weaker [[mind|sail]].
The [[lowest branches|branches]] keep on dying so I cut them off with a long saw.
\nI get campaign promises from the [[moon|moon3]]. \n\nI mostly ignore the pleas for campaign contributions.\n\nI'm not made out of coin and anyway I'm not sure of the rate of [[exchange|exchange]]. \n
\nI once [[taught|taught]] her the meaning of several types of [[berries|berries]].
\nI return to rough bark, to the [[needles|her]].
One day the municipality is going to try to [[cut down|cut down]] the pine.
\n\nI'm sure she's forgotten [[everything|listening1]].
At twilight the [[moon|moon]] rakes the top of the tree.\n\nPrunes the [[crown|crown]]. \n
\nI wonder whether I should tell [[her|her]].
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Your mother went climbing once and never came back, I [[said|said1]].
\nShe [[grooms|grooms]] me in front of the mirror like a tree's [[crown|crown1]].
\nSometimes my daughter [[visits|visit]] me. \n\nShe has a nice [[family|family]] meaning a husband and a dog. \n
I mean, I don't even know where [[Corvidia|Corvidia1]] is.\n\nIt's probably very [[cold|cold]] there.\n
\nI'm sure the [[jays|berries]] will have something to say about that.
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\n\nIn winter the jays form a convoy as they leave the [[atmosphere|letters1]].
\nAre they colluding with the [[moon|moon1]]?
It's like the tree has hands.\n\nI sit and watch the tree quite a bit. \n\nEspecially during the spring when the [[birds|birds]] come back.
\nHer mother's arms pockmarked with morse code as she climbed the tree and then flew [[away|said4]].
Dad, are you listening? my daughter [[says|church]].
It's not worth getting angry at [[trees|municipality]] or lightning.
\nI squint into the [[mirror|mirror]].
\n\nIt's easier to transfer [[bodies|branches1]] than it is to transfer money.
That is to say, how much it costs to buy them on the [[moon|moon2]].
Light shines down into the [[branches|branches1]].\n\nI mean, really into them, so that the branches glow from the inside. \n
\nThe wings wave and I dream of where the jays [[come from|come from]].
During the lunar summer, the jays are honored guests in the underground [[estate|estate]] of the president.
She really is up here, the moon says.\n\nTHE END\n
\nI have a stampbook full of lunar [[stamps|stamps]].
\n\nAnd also the names and profiles of moon [[presidents|presidents]] and other moon dignitaries.
Your mother's up there, I [[said|said]].
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Climb to the top, I told my [[daughter|scared]].
Jays only hunt for berries and maybe grubs.\n\nI'm not sure how far their [[hunting range|range]] is.\n\n
\nOne day I want to climb to the [[top|top]] of the tree.
\nThey teach me how to read [[pine|pine3]].\n\nThey teach me how to [[reawaken|listening1]].\n\n