UMass Workshop on South Asian Syntax and Semantics

All talks will be at held in The French Lounge, Herter 301 on March 19 and 20. There is no registration fee. All are welcome.

Day 1: Saturday, March the 19th

9.00-9.30 Coffee & Welcome

Session 1: 9.30-11.00
Chair: Peggy Speas

1. Against Copy Control in Telugu - Madelyn Kissock
2. On the Optionality Puzzle of Hindi Long-Distance Agreement - Stefan Keine
3. Control and non-control - Alice Davison
11.00-11.15: Break

Session 2: 11.15-12.45
Chair: David Smith

1. Recent Advances in the Hindi/Urdu LFG Grammar - Miriam Butt, Tina Bögel, Annette Hautli, Tafseer Ahmed, Ghulam Raza and Sebastian Sulger
2. A classification of dependencies in the Hindi/Urdu treebank - Ashwini Vaidya and Samar Husain
Lunch: 12.45-2.00 [+ Demos]

Session 3: 2.00-4.00
Chair: Alice Harris

1. Focus in Bangla - Arunima Chowdhury
2. Bangla and company: The Distribution of Associative Plurals in Bangla, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese - Dustin Alfonso Chacon
3. Classification of the light verbs in Bangla - Sourav Syed
4. Incorporation and the nominal structure of Bangla - Priyanka Biswas
4.00-4.15: Coffee Break

Session 4: 4.15-5.15
Chair: Lisa Green

1. Closest Conjunct Agreement in Hindi-Urdu and Serbo-Croatian: Different solutions for the same problem - Rajesh Bhatt and Martin Walkow
2. Disagree to Agree - Pritty Patel
5.15-5.30: Break

Invited Talk: 5.30-7.00

The Particular-Generic Copular Contrast in Indo-Aryan - Ashwini Deo
Party at 9 Myrtle: 8.00 ---

Day 2: Sunday, March the 20th

9.15-9.30 Coffee

Session 5: 9.30-10.30
Chair: Seth Cable

1. Two ways of arriving at the same meaning: nominal comparatives in Malayalam - Mythili Menon
2. Height-Relative Determination of (Non-root) Modal Flavor: Evidence from Hindi - Dave Kush
10.30-10.45: Break

Session 6: 10.45-11.45
Chair: Lyn Frazier

1. Event completion requirements of Hindi and English perfectives - Sudha Arunachalam
2. Clefting and left-dislocation facilitate accessibility at the discourse-level - Rukshin Shaher, Shravan Vasishth, and Narayanan Srinivasan
11.45-12.00: Break

Session 7: 12.00-1.30
Chair: Ellen Woolford

1. Possessive Enclitics in Vedic - Mark Wenthe
2. Well-formedness Requirements on Tamil stems - Bhavani Saravanan
3. Degenerate Nouns in Hindi-Urdu - Peter Hook
1.30-- Lunch and Farewell

Any questions about the workshop can be directed to

Department of Linguistics, 150 Hicks Way, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts 01003-9274, USA