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Spacefaring - adj.
    1. Pursuing a life in space: spacefaring peoples of the world; spacefaring nations.
    2. Fit for travel in space: spacefaring vessels.
Mach 30 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of humanity into a spacefaring civilization.  We believe the best path to that goal is through sustainable leadership, open design, and the use of mature technology. 

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Apollo 6 Liftoff - credit NASA

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Is This You?

  • Do you LOVE (and I mean love) to code?
  • Do you believe closed source software might constitute a violation of your first amendment rights?
  • Do you like to tinker with hardware almost as much as you like writing software?
  • Are you working a "regular" software job that doesn't scratch your itch to create truly beautiful, useful and generally awesome code?
  • Are you a fan of Ruby on Rails?
  • Do you want to do your part to make it possible for people like you to go to outer space?
  flicker user leg0fenris
photo credit: flicker user leg0fenris

If so, Mach 30 wants you to help develop The Open Design Engine (ODE).

ODE will be a place for engineers and hobbyists to design and share Open Source Hardware (think Sourceforge.net for hardware.)

If you want to be among the first to get an account and help build the site, let us know by sending me a message.

Software not your thing?

It's cool.  If you know someone who fits the profile, please forward this e-mail and encourage them to get an ODE account.  There will be lots of other ways to get involved  in the upcoming months, so make sure you are on the cool people list* so you'll be the first to know when your perfect gig is ready for you.

All the best,

P.S.  J. Simmons, our president, also known as Jedibfa wants me to assure you we are not now, nor will we ever be, anything remotely like the empire. Rebels Unite. #thatisall

*others might call this our "mailing list" but it's all the same.


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NASA Explores Open Source Space

(So this is actually the March/April Newsletter. I just didn't get it posted here until May 4th. My Bad.--MEC)

At Mach 30, we dream of a world where people live and work on other worlds and in space stations.  When we say people, we don’t mean six at a time, we mean hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands. One of the keys to making this dream a reality is to share the technology of space as widely as possible, and so we are doing all of our engineering work as open source hardware, and we are not alone.

When we founded Mach 30, there was only one other group thinking along similar lines, now there are at least ten groups working to design open source spaceflight hardware (see the front page of our website for a list of similar organizations). If companies like SpaceX, XCOR, and Scaled Composites are members of the New Space movement, then these ten organizations and those that follow should be called the Open Source Space movement.

The Open Source Space movement is very young. All of the organizations in the movement are well under five years old, and many are still in the process of incorporating (not that that stops them from designing and building spaceflight hardware).

In very exciting news, now we newcomers have old-school company in our explorations of open source space ideas: NASA. 

Open NASA is a collaborative blog written by NASA employees across the agency, and occasional invited guests. The authors come from a perspective within NASA of transparency, accessibility, risk, honesty, merit, and participation. They have insight into what is and could be happening inside the U.S. space program– but know there are also important voices outside NASA, and so they are creating a space where those ideas can be shared and discussed.

This is a huge step for an organization with a history of working behind closed doors--let’s congratulate them for the effort!

Visit OpenNASA.com and show your support by leaving a comment and sharing the site with your friends. Let’s show NASA how well open space can work! 

Mach 30 Newsletter

Did you receive the Mach 30 newsletter? If not you can catch up here. Use the sign-up form in the left column to get future updates delivered straight to your inbox.