2017 Romney Cycles Motorcycle Camp-and-Ride Route Sheets

Click HERE to download all the route sheets and GPX files in one ZIP file (recommended). Each GPX file will contain (at least) one track, and some may have hand-edited routes as well. By the way, this year we've eliminated BaseCamp's auto-generated routes because every GPS and route planning program created their own interpretations based on internal preferences and algorithms. Feel free to generate your own routes, add waypoints or alter them for fuel, food, shortcuts, etc. Another tip is to import the tracks into your GPS even if you're using routes, and overlay them as backup verification in case routing goes awry (if your GPS supports it). Some ride leaders find it helpful to use another rider via intercom with the track loaded up as a double-check.

Or browse the individual route sheet PDFs and GPX files below. Note that you may need to right-click "Save As" GPX (GPS) files before transferring them to your GPS, BaseCamp, Fukot, Tyre, etc. Again please see the note above about routes vs. tracks.

Route Name Route Sheet PDF GPS File Miles Riding Hours Bike Suitability Intensity
Romney Actual (2012 DCStrom) Route PDF GPX 212 5.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium Intensity Ride - Mostly asphalt, some gravel, short optional dirt section
Romney Blackwater Falls Rd to Dolly Sods PDF GPX 206 6.0 DS/Enduro High Intensity ride – Probably best suited for thumpers
Romney Breezewood Loop PDF GPX 205 5.0 ADV/DS/Enduro Easy-to-Moderate intensity ride – all paved
Romney Dirt Experiment Wardensville to Stroudsburg PDF GPX 268 7.5 DS/Enduro TBD – Ride Reports Welcome!
Romney Dolly Sods and Rt 72 PDF GPX 152 4.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Easy-to-Moderate intensity ride with tarmac, gravel and easy dirt sections
Romney Eastern Panhandle - No Dirt PDF GPX 149 4.0 ADV/DS/Enduro Easy-to-Moderate intensity ride – all pavement
Romney Easy Dirt PDF GPX 194 5.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium intensity mixed asphalt and dirt ride; suitable for thumpers through big ADV bikes
Romney From Ohio PDF GPX 256 5.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Easy ride into WV, then Medium intensity - all paved
Romney Fun Dirt PDF GPX 171-260 4.5-7+ ADV/DS/Enduro Medium intensity ride with mild-to-moderate level dirt segments
Romney Green Ridge and Eastern Panhandle Mtns PDF GPX 184 5.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium intensity ride suitable for all ADV bikes and confident riders, unless exploring Green Ridge trails
Romney Mountains and Mud PDF GPX 225 6.5 ADV/DS/Enduro High intensity ride best suited for mid-sized ADV bikes with 70/30 tires, thumpers and experienced big-ADV
Romney Ride Loop by Swingset PDF GPX 237 6.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Light to medium intensity ride suited for most any ADV bike and confident rider
Romney Rough Road Ahead PDF GPX 221 7.0 DS/Enduro High intensity ride, best suited for DS and mid-sized ADVs with reasonable tires; challenging for big bikes.
Romney Ruppster #1 PDF GPX 194 5.5 DS/Enduro High intensity ride with rutted areas best suited to DS and high-ground-clearance ADV bikes
Romney Sport Touring Green Bank Telescope PDF GPX 270 6.0 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium intensity ride, all asphalt
Romney Sunday Dirt PDF GPX 145 4.5 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium intensity ride with mild-to-moderate dirt roads
Romney Three-State Tour PDF GPX 172 5.0 ADV/DS/Enduro Medium Intensity Ride - Mostly asphalt, some gravel and hard-packed dirt

Important! GPS routes can have inaccuracies. They should only be used as a guide. These maps attempt to show routes that have been pre-ridden by amateur riders whose ability may differ from yours. The maps/routes may contain errorsthe possibility of passage, legality, hazards, or any other information on any given day are unknown. These maps/routes should not be used as rationale to violate personal property rights. By participating in any Romney Camp-and-Ride ride, event or activity you assume all liability for yourself, anyone that may accompany you or any property you might bring as defined by West Virginia lawthe West Virginia Vehicle Code or the state or country wherein the ride, event or activity takes place. The same laws that govern you as you share the road with other drivers in the locality wherein the ride, event or activity will take place, pertain to you when you share the road with any Romney Camp-and-Ride ride participant or guest. Romney Cyclesits Camp-and-Ride volunteers assume no liability. Please remember that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activityby its nature involves risks (both foreseeableunforeseeable) of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.