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How to Use Dropbox to Host a Static Website For Free

Stole the article but left a link to the original, spent too much time telling where to get a template, etc.  I put it on Frog's dropbox for the host, works fine.  Noticed I didn't use an image so put one at the bottom for the test.  It's great to use a folder on your machine and just let it put it up or update it as you go.
Full Article on my test page

Click Here - My Notes September 4, 2010 Hosted in Dropbox.

center>MagicJack Plus and magicJack standard
A more pleasant and more understandable magicJack site edited by me.   Links to the 30 day free trial of magicJack Plus (personal and credit card info required for free trial, no Paypal) and links to outright buy both products.

MagicJack standard works from a USB port on a running machine and magicJack Plus runs from a ethernet port on a router, no running computer required.

My preferred MagicJack Page Click Here

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Setting up the new Dell:

Just Some Links

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