Practical Information for CLUE and WebRTC/RTCWeb Interim meetings

Meeting Venue

The meeting location will be in Kista at Nordic Forum Konferens & Restaurang, located at Torshamnsgatan 35, 16440 Kista.

Google Map for location:

Walking direction

Description: C:\Users\eramswd\Documents\RTC-WEB\Interim Kista\Nordic Forum.jpg

The above image provides the recommended way to walk from Kista Sub-way station. The walking directions are the following:

So when arriving at the subway station, take the exit towards the rear of the train if arriving from downtown. From the station you come down the stairs and end up in the Galleria, turn left and go straight through the galleria. You exit the galleria onto the end of a square. In front of you are a street "Kistagången" going uphill. At the far end of the street there is a high rise sticking up. Go towards it.

You will cross a bridge over a car street. In the next block after the bridge there is KTH/Electrum on the left. After that building you will have a walkway /bicycle path "Gröndlandsgången" to the left. Take that and then right after just 30-40 meters, up some stairs. Then you arrive on a parking lot, turn left and you get to the entrance. The meeting is in on the entrance floor.

If you get lost, please call me +46 73 0949079 and I will try to sort you out.

Food and break snacks

Each meeting day there will be coffee breaks both in the morning session and in the afternoon sessions. Ericsson will also provide free lunch. We will not provide any morning coffee or breakfast. If you have any food restrictions please send a notice to Magnus Westerlund ( .

Kista Information

Kista is a suburb to Stockholm approximately 10 km from downtown. In Kista there is reasonably sized mall. Kista Galleria ( has a food court and has many choices for fast food. Otherwise the shops are mostly focused on clothing with most of the larger chains being present. There also exist a number of cafés that sell take-away coffee.  


In Kista there are some hotels within easy walking distance from the meeting venue:

·         Scandic Victoria Tower

·         Mr Chip Hotel

·         Memory Hotel

·         Stayat Hotel Apartments

A Google map displaying these hotels: I would note that these are the descent hotels that exist in Kista. If you are staying at Scandic Victoria Tower you are approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the subway station. The Scandic Victoria Tower is a new hotel, it opened last year.

Downtown close to the Blue Subway line (Nr. 11) there are some other hotels which would be convenient.

·         First Hotel Amaranten

·         Nordic Sea and Nordic Light Hotel

·         Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel

·         Freys Hotel

Note: I have not checked availability on these hotels. I would recommend that you book as soon as possible. Stockholm during summer is popular and especially for the CLUE WG interim meeting on the 7-8th there might be extra difficult to find a room due the national holiday on the 6thof June.

These hotels are selected based on their location and ease to travel to the meeting. They are all a short walk no more than 5 minutes to a subway station. Several have the subway station entrance in the same building. They are also close to the Central train station where Arlanda Express has its station. Thus getting from your downtown hotel to the meeting venue should take 30-40 minutes using the subway.


Commuter Travel

Kista is a suburb to Stockholm approximately 10 km from downtown. There is a subway line to downtown that runs all days at least between 5.30 AM to 1.00 AM with frequent departures. Going from Downtown to Kista take line 11 towards “Akalla”. Getting back downtown you take the train towards “Kungsträdgården”.

Around regular business hours from around 7-19 every day the trains depart at least every 10 minutes. The travel time from downtown (T-centralen) to Kista is 17 minutes. There exist multiple types of tickets. For anyone staying more than two days I would recommend them to consider Visitor tickets that exist for 24 hours, 72 hours and 7 days. For more information about tickets and local commuter travel:

There is also a regional train station “Helenelund” which is an alternative to go downtown. The regional train does not run as late as the subway and also less often with 15 or 30 minute departures intervals. This option is primarily an option for people staying at Scandic Victoria Hotel.

To and From the Airport

To get to and from the airport if you would stay in Kista you take a Taxi for approximately 400 sek. If one goes downtown and have a hotel in the vicinity of the central station then taking Arlanda Express

( is a good option. 260 sek for single or 490 for a return ticket. This is an express train that takes 20 min from Arlanda to Centralen. Taking a taxi from Arlanda to central Stockholm is available for a fixed price from most Taxi companies at around 520 sek.



Important about Taxi in Stockholm. This is a de-regulated market. The driver or their companies can basically set the fares in the meters freely. The only requirement is that they have a yellow sticker visible that gives you a comparison price for a trip. They also need to display the drivers Taxi license. I strongly recommend that you use one of the three big companies:


- Taxi 020                             

- Taxi Stockholm               

- Taxi Kurir                           


The highest comparison price for a regular sized car shouldn't be more than around 310 Sek. If it is more than 400 you are definitely getting ripped off.


Taxi is quite expensive in Sweden. A plus side is that all the big companies do take credit cards.