Digital Ecological Modeling for Educators and Students
Digital Ecological Modeling for Educators and Students 
NYU Professors Robert Wallace, Mary Leou and graduate student Mubina Khan-Schroeder continue to develop a digital ecological model for integration into science curriculum, partially funded by a Stiefel Foundation Grant.  
The model is being developed to help middle school /high school teachers and students use and share Black Rock Forest data with the goal of understanding the impact of environmental factors on forest ecology. 
This work ties Black Rock Forest studies to the New York City forest projects that Dr Wallace and Dr. Leou have been developing with teachers and their students in some of the NYU partner schools. This web-based material was piloted with an NYU class of 12 science education pre-service teachers in July 2010 and again with the NYU science education non-formal class in October.  Another group of teachers were trained in January of 2011.  This training will be followed by a field trip to Black Rock Forest in early spring of 2011.