The Visual Guide to Alchemy

This page contains a visual guide on how to create new elements in Alchemy, an Android game. This was compiled from the Alchemy site, processed using Lua language and the graphs were generated using Graphviz.

If you like this list, and would like to keep it updated (and maybe make it fully interactive), please consider creating a Dropbox account using my referral link.

Before opening each element, try to think about it yourself, do not overuse this guide, it will spoil the fun. Just use it when you are really stuck ;)

The list of elements

1up airplane air alcoholic alcohol algae aluminium arable arms ash ash_tray assasin assassin australia avian_flu bacon bacteria barbecue bar batman bat beach bear beast beatle beaver beer beetle berry bicycle bird bitumen blood boat boiler book bow bread brick_house brick butterfly cactus cancer caramel carbon_dioxide carmine car cart cat caviar cement cemetery ceramics champagne chariot cheese chicken china chrismas_tree christmas_tree cigarettes city clay clock clothing cloth cloud coal coca_cola cochineal coffin combustion_engine concrete continent corpse country dam desert diamond diet dinosaur dog dough dragon dust earth ectoplasm egg egypt electric_eel electricity electric_ray energy explosion faberge_egg farmer fat feather fern finland firearms fire_elemental firefighter firefly fire fisherman fish flour flower flu flying_dinosaur fondue forest fossil france frankenstein frog fruit fugu gasoline genie germany geyser ghostbusters ghost glass golem grape grass grave grove gunpowder hen_coop hero hospital hourglass hunter hut hydrogen iceland ice idea india iodine italy japan jedi juice kama_sutra kangaroo kerogen kilt knife lamp lance_armstrong lava_golem lava_lamp lava lawnmower leech library lichen life light_bulb lightbulb lighthouse lightning_rod light light_saber lightsaber lime limestone livestock lizard locomotive man manure mario mcdonald_s meat mentos metal_golem metal mexico milk mirror mite mold molotov_cocktail moon moss motorboat motorcycle mouse mud mummy museum mushroom obesity old_man omelette oxygen oxyhydrogen ozone panda paper pearl peat penicillin perfume petri_dish petroleum phoenix piesiosauria pig pillow pinocchio pizza planet plankton poisoned_weapons poison pressure prisoner quark_cheese_ quetzalcoatl reed robin_hood romania russia rust sailboat sailing_ship sailor salamander salo saltpeter sand sandstorm sandwich santa_claus saudi_arabia sauna scarab scientist scissors scorpion scotch_whiskey scotch_whisky scotland seed sex_in_the_city sex shells sick silicon silver sith sky skyscraper smoke snail snake sniper soap soda_water soldier soured_milk spinning_wheel stake star starwars steam_engine steamer steam stone storm sugar sulfur sunflower sun sushi swamp sweater swine_flu swiss_army_knife switzerland team tequila the_beatles the_beetles thunderbird thunderstorm time toast tobacco tool totora totoro tractor transylvania tree turtle twilight_saga typhoon ukraine uncut_diamond undead united_kingdom usa vampire venice vinegar vodka volcano vulture vw_beetle walking_tree warrior water weevil werewolf whale wheat wheel whey wind wine wolf wooden_ship wood wool worm yarn yoghurt yogurt yoshi zombie zoo