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Carbon Offsets for flights 2010
CO2: 10.80 + 2 + 4 tons 190.24$
July 2010 May April February 2010
Carbon Offsets for flights 2009 H1
CO2: 16.41 tons
July 2009 August 2009
Carbon Offsets for flights 2009 H1
May 2009 March 2009 January 2009 Oooh this is SOOO YESTERDAY !!

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Note: ALL personal AND business flights were offset using Gold Standard carbon credits from atmosfair.de since 2011 inclusively. ALL personal AND business flights were offset using jpmorganclimatecare.com or nativeenergy.com since 2008 inclusively. Since avoidance is better than compensation, in line with 10:10:10 objective of 10% reduction per year starting 2010. 2010: 16.80 tons. 2009: 22.83 tons. 2008: 16.39 tons.