Indonesia GPS 1991-1997

RPI: Rob McCaffrey, Colleen Stevens, Peter Zwick
Scripps: Yehuda Bock, Jeff Genrich, Linette Prawirodirdjo
BAKOSURTANAL: Jakub Rais, Cecep Subarya, Toto Puntodewo

Since 1989 we have been monitoring crustal motion throughout Indonesia with Scripps Inst. of Oceanography and BAKOSURTANAL using the Global Positioning System.

Some results

Among the important discoveries to date are as follow:

  1. The Banda arc in the vicinity of Timor is now moving with Australia - it has been accreted to the Australian margin (see map).
  2. A large part of the Bird's Head of New Guinea is moving with the Pacific plate while SE Irian Jaya moves with Australia (see map) - hence, there must be a large rapid (80 mm/yr) shear zone separating the Bird's Head from Irian Jaya.
  3. Slip and strain partitioning in Sumatra is clear in the GPS results and consistent with inferences drawn from slip vector orientations.


Link to UNAVCO for descriptions of other GPS projects.

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation.