I might put a background image here later on but for right now I have no idea what I’d use for the image, so I decided a good placeholder would be to put a ridiculous amount of text here and lower the opacity so that it kinda looks like a texture of some kind. That might look cool... I’m going to do that! Oh by the way, did you know that I didn’t use a website creator or template or any of that crap? No sir! I coded all this lovely stuff myself. No drag-and-drop used for this site! That means only what the site needs is loaded, so it’s lighter weight than a template site. If you doubt my questionable abilities, just look at the source code. You’ll find that I wrote comments in the code. “That means absolutely nothing” you might say. Well, you’d be correct! Even those template sites have loads of comments. So really, unless you know what hand coded things look like, then you’re just going to have to trust me. Or not. That’s your choice. But don’t you think that it’s just a bit strange that I took the time to type all of this trash? “He has way too much time on his hands” you might say to yourself in an angry fit. You might be annoyed that I’m just wasting my time while you might have many important adult things to attend to. If this is the case, please calm down. Getting all flustered won’t help you. Remember what your doctor said about your blood pressure! Just relax and try to appreciate the unnessisary and useless details in life. You may never reach the end of this super large block of text. But you also can't even read it. Unless of course you are looking at the page source. One might ask themselves, "why would you put a good chunk of time into something that the average user won't even be able to read?" That is a very good question! A question as such should be acknowledged and addressed. Unfortunately, I won't. I'm sorry, but if all of the world's mysteries were reveiled, all of the wonder and delight which comes with discovery would be drained out. While you're here I might as well tell you a story. Once there was a enthused internet browser boy. This boy was all about that bass (by this I mean he was fat) and he loved to be as cynical as possible all of the time. One day, he ran into a person who was equally as cynical as himself, only all of this man's cynicality was focused on people who were cynical. The two became best of friends and paired up to spread their mild disgust and irrational preferences with the world. I don't like cynicality, and neither should you! I just realized that I'm going to have to write a lot more text. The monitor I'm currently using to preview the text sizes only has a 1050p vertical resolution... if someone with 4K monitor looks at this, that means I'll have to make it more than twice the height, since 4K res is 4096p X 2160p and I'm viewing in 1680p X 1050p. If I was lazy, I would coppy-paste the text I already have written, or just use a Lorem Ipsum generator or something, but that's cheating and way lame. I just had another though; would I ever be able to write soo much text that it would be a larger file than if I were to just make an image with the same text that's smaller in file size? That's a REALLY stupid question though. Nevermind that last comment. I wonder what I might have for dinner tonight... could it be spaghetti? The internet seems to like that word alot. On the other hand, me is not a huge fan of the word, neither is it me's favorite food. Me still like spaghetti, but me likes other foods more. Actually, right now I'm not very hungry. I wonder if anyone is ever going to find this blob of text. If so, I wonder if they'll find it in the page source; and if so, I wonder if they'll actually read it all the way through; and if so, I wonder if I'll ever know; and if so, I wonder how I'll find out... would they send me an e-mail saying something like "Greetings, Mr. Tosmatobeef Sir., I was browsing your fabulouse website and decided that I would look at your source code because I saw something fishy in the background. What I saw blew me away! I read all of that incredibly interesting text you wrote with such care! I would donate $1,000,000 in a heart-beat if I could. Since I am unable to do that, please accept my congradulations as a substitutional gift. Yours truely, Mr. Internet peruser" That would be cool. I'd give that man cudos for being so thorough. I should win some kind of award for doing things in the least efficient way possible! I think I've certianly earned it... I mean, if this isn't proof enough, I don't know what is. The irony here is that I'm going to have to refrain from telling anyone about this unprecedented feat of web design. I wonder how large this file is now with all this text. It looks like I've made this whole site almost 6.21KB larger with this blerb of text here. That wouldn't make it load TOO much slower... would it? I guess maybe if you're using a dial-up connection... but why on earth would you be using dial-up? And even if you were, why would you be doing anything other than checking your e-mail or MSN messages? Silly boy... you can't use dial-up for anything useful! I think I've sucessfully blown upwords of 4 hours on this random detail... huh... that makes me think. I should draw some pictures and hide them around the site. That would actually cause the site performace to drop significantly though, so nevermind... maybe one or two though... I don't know. I guess if you've found this, it wouldn't be terribly hard to find anything else that'd be hidden in the site. I'd have to get really creative to hide that junk. And all that would do is ruin site perfomance. What WOULD be cool though, isonce I have a reply system made, I could make my own emojis for it, then I could hide a bunch of them too, kinda like in Skype. That's something to worry about later, we'll see. That brings up an interesting topic though. I always found it fun to look through game or website content and try to find anything I didn't know about. Normally you never really find anything cool, but I always hope to find easter eggs. I wish more devs would make easter eggs. You can't change the world though, even if you could... you still can't. Congradulations on finding this not-very-well-hidden easter egg! There might be more, but there's also a good chance that there isn't anymore... who knows?


The hottest news from celeberty gossip, to the happenings at the local arcade/pizza place.
Ok, look, You've got to read this.
8:57PM 9/13/15
I just added a filter option on the "Media" page. It's pretty almost usefull! Go ahead and try it out, yo! I also put in a "extras" page for downloads and such to replace the unused "store" link.
9:25PM 8/25/15