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1613 [trunk] Add in a service directory for mogstored.
1602 Merge in [683c11c7e44b813081f1164c9f6ae044e9e85acf].
1705 Merge in from a private perltidy branch.
1585 updated dependencies
1581 Merge "nrr-broken-test-playground" into trunk.
1408 [nrr-broken-test-playground] Merge in pi-broken-test-playground.
1550 [pi-broken-test-playground] Try to make the debugging log more for exceptional conditions instead of ordinary ones.
1548 [pi-align-testsuite] Switch some random controller over to T::W::M::Catalyst.
1547 Brighten the test suite's day a little bit.
1544 This initialization thinger is totally irrelevant at this point.
1543 Create new branch named "pi-align-testsuite"
1540 I ran the test suite on a whim and it caught this. I'm about to branch to pi-align-testsuite and give that some lovin'.
1538 Forward to /submission/file in /submission/thumbnail instead of detaching. This avoids what is essentially a C::E->throw.
1537 Pick some nits that need to be picked before I go any further.
1529 De-cruft these variables.
1526 amend 4f4453ed85 to actually use ARTPLZ_HOST instead of localhost.
1523 Comment up while factoring out authenticate_by_search.
1521 Make this script suck less. I grabbed the pgJDBC jar from the Application Stack Builder thing that came with the OS X postgres install, fwiw.
1520 Take out some debugging cruft.
1513 In the midst of splitting out the collected cruft in into two different Utility hierarchies, I decided to get all license-nazi. I didn't appear to break anything important bashing around like this.
1505 Instead of checking the session properties all the goddamn time, just do it in /auto.
1504 Merge with nrr's branch.
1503 We really don't need these any more, and if I'm wrong, well, they're versioned.
1500 Oh, look at that, replies work.
1497 Throw these in here as examples.
1495 Bushwhack this into submission. Next time, it gets turned into a FormFu whether or not it wants to be. Now it posts threads.
1491 Don't expose user's email addresses by default. We can make postfix deliver to this kind of thing, right?
1273 [zygen-broken-test-playground] Merging from Pi's branch
1493 [centos-5.5-kickstart] Enforce text mode. Skip X11 configuration. Make sure that %end is really %post. Be a gigantic derpface everywhere.
1481 Add the architecture onto the end of the CentOS distribution URL.
1485 Find a place to throw in the session propcheck. Factor out paginate_resultset from /user/sketchbook/foo and use it on /user/list for PoC. Make /user//* work, following friendly_username lookup. So long as user's friendly names remain lowercase, a capitalized crockford encoding of the uid should always work.
1484 --amend to use the PATH's perl interpreter, not /usr/bin
1478 Piping moglistkeys into this is less cheesy than calling mogdelete in a shell loop.
1444 Eradicate the MBR upon install. Explicitly install base and consequently make --nobase redundant.
1475 [db-triggers] Make this apply cleanly, for real now.
1474 Some miscellaneous cleanup. Also chuck the thumbnails into the userpages.
1448 This totally fugly workaround just occured to me. It appears to apply cleanly, too.
1470 Refactor some of /mogilefs. Make a /submission/thumbnail. Have the add form do the heavy lifting for creating the damnable things. Thanks, Imager!
1464 Prepare for thumbnailing and verifying images. Redirect to a sane place after uploads. MogileFS thumbnails are variants from the primary file. Again, likely to be somewhat broken.
1452 Throw in some Authorization::ACLs. Deny guest access to some places. Move /submission/list to /user/sketchbook/list_all_images. Make /user/edit do some things, kinda. Make the pages less barebones.
1453 Use C::P::Authorization::ACL sooner rather than later.
1445 This doesn't seem to quite work with migraine because of how it splits SQL statements in the migrations. Throwing it in a topic branch for consideration.
1432 Create new branch named "db-triggers"
1442 Fix the faux pas with the physical volume. Tell the installer to use the recommended size for the swap partition.
1438 Start of a CentOS 5.5 Kickstart file.
1439 Create new branch named "centos-5.5-kickstart"
1423 Probably-broken before-bed commit. Throw back in the friendly name bit to part out to the /user/ chain. Eventually, migrate /submission/list to under /user/smth. Split out all of the other FormFu controllers. Try and get some other FormFu stuff going, like validations. Perhaps more; I'll re-review in the morning.
1411 Set up reproxying for mogilefs. Note that this requires Perlbal, unless some other reverse proxy understands X-Reproxy-Url. Get something in place for deletes. Move /submission/add into its own namespace, AP::S::C::SubmissionForms, which is configured to mount under /submission. This is necessary because Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu and Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole don't play well together. This means that *Forms controllers need to be extra-careful about authentication and authorization, among other things. Perhaps this means we should investigate Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL... Chain some friends off of /submission/: /submission/list and /submission/show. They need some styling, badly.
1403 Throw together a testing perlbal.conf, so that I can do X-Reproxy-Url at home.
1406 Add in the name of the schema employed in the database.
1390 Add in a rudimentary SchemaSpy invocation script.
1401 Make that flash actually flash by not redirecting to something that would just redirect again.
1396 Throw up some more cruft. We can now actually roundtrip, but there's no UI for it. Crockfordize your own submission URL, and it should work. Got rid of the schema for that table I nuked. Fix up the load order of components in some schema.
1393 Throw some SQL in for the submissions table. Render the add form.
1385 Merge with nrr's branch [ed7773345]
1374 Make things a tad more general, add in support for tuning the number of workers.
1380 Milestone: I can now round-trip between the app, mogilefs, and mogfetch. Set up namespace_override in the config. Actually take out the DBIC FormFu configuration stuff... since I don't think that'll quite work on the submission upload page.
1377 Install H::FF::M::DBIC, and resolve that 'not a hash' blowup on /submission/add.
1344 Move as much as is reasonable of the .conf file into Now all that's left in the former are the real tweakables.
1371 Add in a daemontools service directory for perlbal.
1369 Make the BIND_HOST for Starman a little more generic.
1364 Set the runtime environment as well.
1362 Make sure a sane default for USER is in place as well.
1325 Add in a daemontools service directory for plackup/Starman.
1332 Split out the Property stuff into the AP::D::Tags component. Apply this to CatalystSession and Submission. Both it and SubmissionProperty are just the autogenerated dbicdump shit with some on-banging applied. Throw up a /submission controller and get some preliminary FormFu thing for /submission/add.
1327 Stick magic true values to shut up perlcritic and also settle my neuroses.
1288 Merge with nrr [0256754595cdda416dad5b47345cc00009a04b30]. After reapplying migrations, shit works.
1324 Un-fuck migrations.
1322 Continuing with the whole breaking migrations thing.
1316 Merge in from pi-broken-test-playground. [afe0a855148]
1312 Move the sites table into the artplease schema as well.
1310 Address [fa1d85b28b]. Quit derping so hard.
1305 Change the table in the Result classes to reflect the new schema.
1196 Create a new schema in the PostgreSQL database and move over the application's tables.
1272 Make session properties "soft". Assigning undef to a property deletes it from the database, and querying a nonexistent property returns undef. Get HTML::FormFu working for /session/edit. The form populates defaults, CRUDs some stuff xor U to an object, CSRF-tokens, and ensures POST. In the process, I've come up with some stuff to ensure that our session properties hold. I haven't found where to call it yet, and so I think this is probably a good candidate for splitting out into a subclass of C::P::Session...
1119 Merging from Pi's branch
1261 Broken, before-bed commit in the midst of cleaning some of the cruft off around crockfordized URL bits. Notable event: actually delete the session when we /session/destroy. _sessionid renamed to _session_num, because i do not wish to conflate the session number with the session id. Non-notable event: clean up some commentary and boilerplate.
1256 Throw this thing in here.
1251 Throwing together some stuff for FormFu on the "session properties" page. Converted bits of /session/*/act to chained dispatch and flopped the URL scheme accordingly. Added a numeric ID back to session, but we intend to use it only where you already *have* the session...
1237 Kick out a PERL5LIB in ap-env
1235 Throw in a cute "you successfully logged in" message.
1233 Looks like we have to do this when we're screwing with the user schema, because the session stores user objects that then get grouchy...
1231 Switch around the sed and the sort such that the listing actually comes out properly.
1226 Some more helpery scripts.
1223 I totally rethought this in a way that isn't completely boneheaded. Backing this thing out.
1221 Reveal the source IP of the request in all of those templated emails.
1214 We now have acceptably functional login support. Enforce POST on do_login. Store _return in the flash. Make sure to flash errors/successes when we redirect. Fix up the data types of and _properties.session_id in the schema. (Also, it's starting to become tedious to declare that every single action needs to be HTTPVerb, Templates and Stateful...)
1210 Step 1 for centralizing emails and authentication action generation. Kinda got some cruft and brokenness; doesn't quite redirect back properly in do_login, and also the tuid shows up but not the id. Weirdly, signups still work. Nonetheless, I think it's a good start.
1201 Make emails work a bit more nicely and sanely. Shuffle the login action around in preparation for making that suck less, too.
1199 This and the previous commit restore most of the sanity to the basic authentication steps. Moving on.
1194 Scrap the redefinition of 'sub auto' to an empty routine. How'd you creep in there, huh?
1190 Simplify this.
1191 Followup from [1a0b47c9e0], which makes $c->user_is_guest work properly. We can now remove the wonky thing from the Templates helper and use the method on the context object instead.
1178 Merge with nrr's branch.
1183 Merge in pi-broken-test-playground.
1182 Don't use 'return undef'.
1179 Add in the Catalyst context method user_is_guest.
1126 Reorganize.
1172 Prep some for logins. Add in a guest check function to the template helper (i'd rather have this on $c-> so it's consistent everywhere). Currently it only seems to *actually* work on /discussion. I'M WORKING ON IT
1167 Fix roles by setting the right name in the damned table. This commit cleans up around that, and removes an instance where we were relying on ->model("DB::User") searches instead of authentication.
1152 Toss up a preliminary ERD in OmniGraffle format, as well as a generated PNG of the user-related schema for those of us without the software. Note that the ERD isn't *entirely* complete:
  • A lot of the tables have created_at and updated_at timestamps. Those are elided for clarity.
  • This does not document some tables (furaffinity_imported_object, sites) yet.
  • invite_codes has multiple relationships to users in the *_id columns.
  • The messageboard stuff is on a second canvas page and hasn't had any properties attached yet.
  • TODO: I just noticed that I didn't put the cardinality between catalyst_sessions and catalyst_session_properties. It should be one-to-many.
I think the constraints should be ON DELETE CASCADE. Any opinions?
1150 Try to put the new Stateful role through its paces. Turns out that roles don't quite work. Just wanted to commit this before bed.
1140 Breathed some life into the Stateful role again. Complete converting /authorization/verify to chained dispatch. Corrected templates to match. Logins and logouts now give the ever-important user-facing appearance of working. Further work on [468c729db5].
1111 Prepare for role stuff. Configure a realm for logging in users without passwords. Intended to be used solely with anonymous and perhaps authorization_tuids. Seed the users and roles table simultaneously. Make the site root kill off the listener if it detects no users. Clean some debugging out of AP::S::C::Account. Make AP::S::C::Root force an Anonymous login if it doesn't see a session. Add relationships to roles, and enforce in the schema. Also add a prikey to users_roles.
1125 Pull from zygen-broken-test-playground.
1076 Pull from pi-broken-test-playground.
1096 rework somewhat for C::P::Session and C::P::Authentication I am not quite happy with the authenticate() method sticking us with what is presumably an AuthorizationAction, instead of a User. I'd ultimately want to just express the join I want (to get the user for which this AuthorizationAction's tuid belongs) with that call. Ultimately I should convert the whole /authorization/verify shit into chained dispatch. That being said, what I did here is:
  • Corrected the order in which the Catalyst plugins are loaded; ConfigLoader needs to always come first otherwise plugins don't get their configuration. :P
  • Shot AP::S::Session::Manager in the head.
    • This involved essentially castrating the Stateful role. I think that should be converted to work against roles, and put our logic for ensuring that there is always a session (even an anonymous one) shunted somewhere else.
    • Cleaned it out of AP::S::Controller:Account::*. AP::S::C::A::initialize is acting up, but the user login does succeed.
    • Likewise for AP::S::C::Authorization. Also I commented the JSON actions for now.
    • Changed AP::S::C::Session::destroy to take no arguments and call logout()
  • C::P::Session required schema changes
    • The catalyst_session table changed significantly enough that I felt it clearer to drop and recreate
    • catalyst_session_properties contains a foreign key to the aforementioned. This was altered.
The template, configuration, and debug-statement changes are merely for support of the above.
1115 Adding Email::Valid to requirements and my database config
1112 Merging with pi's trunk
1013 Create new branch named "zygen-broken-test-playground"
1094 Throw some useful babble into this template.
1089 Fixup Makefile.PL
1085 Ubuntu's env doesn't like the -w flag to perl.
1071 Rename these to be more consistent with the documentation.
1075 Merging from trunk.
1019 Merging from pi-broken-test-playground.
1067 Make declining the TaCoS and accepting the TaCoS do something.
1064 Fix up seed-users, duplicate detection, and also kicking back to /create.
1061 Made it so we can get through the sign-in process, at least. Disabling prefetch for the user attribute inside AP::S:Session:Manager seems to work around [1132caecd2]. Trimmed down on some retarded structure.
1058 Try and narrow down the cause of [1132caecd2b07fc]
1055 This commit amends the previous commit to include the authorization_tuid in the HTML variant of the "account created" email.
1039 Get this thing using C::V::Email::Template. The templates kick out an email containing the requisite parameters to /authorization/verify. Also set up some infrastructure for email debugging.
1036 Cute little env script, while i'm at it.
1034 Make debug logging actually work, and respect the -d flag/env.
1026 And throw this shit over to a wrapper file that obeys the layout configuration option. I think.
1023 Fix this up to take DSN, user, pass from environment
1021 Move this over to a Postgres development playground.
1000 Merge in changes from trunk.
975 Pull in changes from trunk.
1011 Defer to the method we defined in the model class to check the password.
1009 Add in a perltidyrc.
1002 Remove the DEFAULT 0 declaration in the DDL for furaffinity_imported_object because PostgreSQL DDL doesn't work this way.
1003 Check the remote IP in AP::S::C::Authorization.
998 Clean out an import that I ended up not using.
996 Enforce HTTP verbs wrt my yak-shaving.
994 Properly default to the GET verb if no other RequireVerb is specified.
992 Cherry-pick nrr's d760abda92 and fix up merge conflict.
987 Shave the yak in re HTTP verb enforcement. ActionRole::HTTPVerb takes an __PACKAGE__->config() argument, defaulting to GET. HEAD requests are allowed if the required verb is GET, and otherwise it detaches to /method_not_allowed.
985 Rudimentary configuration for C::P::Authentication.
981 Add in some more tables for things like sites owned by users and roles for C::P::Authorization.
979 The crypted_password column was way too short.
977 Really backporting configuration changes from nrr-broken-test-playground branch.
963 Backporting configuration changes from nrr-broken-test-playground branch.
972 No more SQLite for now.
970 Add in an action for HTTP 405.
968 Enforce HTTP verbs as required.
965 Enforce GET for real in /discussion/list_boards.
961 Make sure we're enforcing GET for /discussion/list_boards.
951 Add Readonly to the
959 We don't have a test plan.
957 Add an action to return a 410 HTTP status. Add logging into the error handler.
955 Make the /not_found action the default action for requests that don't match any patterns.
856 Rudimentary error handling.
949 Protect against undefined values in debug. Whoops.
946 Use current user's ID in debug instead of nobody.
947 Make the default_value for integer/serial columns actually 0 instead of just "". AuthorizationAction needed the remote_ip column in the ::Schema class. Validate that the email address at least LOOKS like an email address. MessageBoardBan's id column needs to be auto_increment, too.
932 [pi-sqlite-deployment] Make bin/ work with sqlite
931 [pi-sqlite-deployment] Create new branch named "pi-sqlite-deployment"
928 Configuration.
926 Add in a skeleton auto method.
917 Required modules for authentication and authorization.
916 Modify this a bit to include META.yml and friends.
911 Do the Migraine stuff for the FA imported object thing.
898 Update the SQL to work on PostgreSQL.
896 Myself, I want to use sqlite.
870 Proper database migrations.
868 Add a couple of comments to give examples of calling
865 Start ignoring the files we want to ignore.
860 Modify the schema to support the concept of a user who owns objects migrated from FurAffinity.
861 Rename Helped to Templates.
851 Flesh out more tests, still broken. Fix a typo.
852 Flesh out some tests, albeit somewhat broken.
847 [nrr-broken-test-playground] Create new branch named "nrr-broken-test-playground"
823 Add the CPAN modules necessary on OS X 10.6 with ActiveState Perl 5.12
819 Add these.
817 Frame out more of the test plan for
812 Stub out these methods.
810 Skeleton test plan. Let's get this stuff going.
808 Support changing the site layout.
806 Add the ~Stateful and ~Helped roles to reply_to_thread.
804 Switch over to using bbcode() for this for the time being.
802 Add URI helpers for showing postings and destroying postings as well as Text::Xatena and Parse::BBCode.
800 Add dependencies for Text::Xatena and Parse::BBCode.
798 Refactor the UI a bit, gear up for adding the reply form right into the thread display.
796 Make the index action redirect back /. Bind the authorization action to the remote client's IP.
792 Add these.
790 Error handling.
787 Rip out any direct use of ArtPlz::Site::Session::Manager and rely on the ~Stateful role. Implement accessors for properties in the CatalystSession entity class.
785 These columns are actually in the database schema, so use them.
783 Prepare to yank out direct uses of ArtPlz::Site::Session::Manager in favor of using the ~Stateful role.
781 Make the cookie name configurable... at least to a marginal extent.
778 Common HTTP 404 and 403 actions, more error handling.
775 Use uri_for_action instead of uri_for lest we want URLs for resources that don't exist.
773 Fix indenting and spacing.
771 Error handling.
769 Do what I fuckin' mean!
768 Rename these to get rid of the 'My' naming scheme. That would've been UI fail from the outset; this is much wiser.
766 Add titles to things. Move the call to $c->email someplace a little more sane. Fleshing out more error handling.
764 Catch exceptions that arise from trying to store $session->user as $self->user when $session->user doesn't exist.
762 Move documentation to very end of file. Fix minor problems with pagination in l_p_f_t_a_p_o.
760 Minor reformatting.
758 Prefetch the author of the original posting as well.
753 Remove all ad-hoc sub references to crockfordize in and shove all of that logic into Edit the template as necessary.
750 Factoring out discussion/ into BLOCKs, gearing up for UI tweaks.
748 Get rid of the recurse parameter, reformat the query, add a 'user' instance member.
746 Tuning a query, re-enabling a role for the l_p_f_t_a_p_o method.
744 M-x cperl-set-style RET BSD RET C-x h M-x indent-region RET
741 Adjusting indents, more changes to this soon to follow.
738 Layout stuff. Adding some things to the CSS, fixing a layout faux pas, commenting out the footer for now.
736 Some reformatting, add default values for when exceptions are hit, make sure __set_remote doesn't cause everything to die in a fiery blaze.
734 Let's start fleshing some of this functionality out.
732 Quickly debugging some attribute things.
730 Not yet, maybe later.
728 Attributes for things, rudimentary support for anonymous users.
726 Left this one out, whoops.
724 C-x h M-x untabify RET
722 XXX This structure is fucking retarded.
719 We may not want to consider a session valid all the time...
715 Preliminary fixture stuff. This won't stay, but it's a good start for now.
713 We now support anonymous users!
711 We now have some semblance of error handling.
709 We don't need the -Debug pragma in This can be set by way of an environment variable if it's really necessary.
708 Certificate file and certificate key file generalizing. Replace these later by a script.
704 Yeah, no, those port numbers shouldn't be there.
703 It'd also be nice if we, you know, used variables that actually existed.
701 Formatting.
699 Reflect our true purpose more clearly.
696 Shell script for initial production environment setup and subsequent upgrades.
694 artplz1 -> artplz2
693 Default DocumentRoot setups for the production httpd.
692 Second production httpd.conf.
689 First production httpd.conf.
684 Whoops, forgot to add this.
681 URL changes, moving views around.
679 Add page offset to thread listings, subsequent URL changes.
676 Add the Stateful role to various actions, URL changes.
674 Sort the boards alphabetically by name.
672 Add the session to the stash. That might prove to be useful later.
670 These methods all get the Stateful role now. Sessions management is now effectively abstracted.
668 Documentation.
666 This probably isn't a good idea to keep though.
662 The session management stuff is now abstracted, hooray.
656 C-x h M-x indent-region RET C-x h M-x untabify RET
654 Update the session's remote whenever it's validated. This resolves ticket [ddb975dd21].
652 C-x h M-x indent-region RET C-x h M-x untabify RET
649 Let's begin to abstract some of the session management details away.
645 Largely uninteresting changes to the l_p_f_t_a_p_o action's view in
643 Keep from making hundreds of queries just to get post counts.
641 Deal with some long lines to help readability.
639 Get rid of the link for the page we're viewing.
636 Pagination for thread views.
634 More pinned thread stuff.
631 Pinned threads.
629 We don't need this anymore.
627 use Try::Tiny;
625 I don't see us ever supporting this functionality.
622 Fix up some URLs for things. Link to tails and heads and entires and the whole nine yards as applicable.
620 Instead of redirecting to the first 100 posts, redirect to the last 50.
618 Post counts display properly now.
608 Templates and HTML::FormFu form stuff.
606 Query tuning. Thread bumping now works.
604 Move all of this where it was intended to be in the first place, place a redirect as appropriate.
602 Let's tune this query just a bit as well.
600 Let's refine and tune this query a bit so we aren't bashing the database 150 times per request.
598 This was fucking busted. Why was I even doing this?
596 Some small changes for replying to threads to gear up for more Kareha-like features.
594 Changes for's views.
592 Add a couple of columns to the message_board_threads table.
590 Rudimentary thread replying functionality.
588 Add the ability to visit a thread.
585 Make sure that DBIx::Class knows about the subject column in the message_board_postings table.
581 Yeah, we won't be needing this anymore.
551 FormFu stuff, redirection fix, configurable site layout, adding a requirement to Makefile.PL for C::C::H::F.
542 Change the names of some columns.
540 Documentation stuff.
535 tests now tear down and rebuild a new database before running
530 C-x h M-x indent-region RET C-x C-s
527 Message board functionality.
524 tests don't outright crash on windows anymore
521 C-x h M-x untabify RET
506 Thread listing, fixing some things in the schema.
494 Alright, now time to get the message board stuff working.
488 We should keep track of when and whether a user accepts the TaCoS.
484 I can do everything I need to, for the moment at least, with sessions.
481 Attaching properties to a session now works!
473 Start of being able to store key=>value pairs attached to sessions.
471 Sign of good things to come.
468 Session validation!
458 Flesh out AP::S::Session::Manager a bit more, change the CatalystSession model around a bit, C-x h M-x indent-region RET on the User model for no discernable reason. Sessions at least halfway work now!
454 Home-grown sessions management, M-x untabify RET in because I am a dumbass.
451 Require C::P::Authentication and friends in Makefile.PL (even though we are not yet using them), M-x tabify RET in
449 Adding the PSGI frontend.
437 Add the CatalystSession result class, add the DDL generated from that, make use of C::P::Session and C::P::S::State::Cookie and C::P::S::Store::DBIC.
431 Turn Account::initialize into a Local method, remove the arrayref in the call to $c->uri_for in Authorization::verify.
430 removed more stuff that should not be versioned
428 added some missing dependencies and fixed a typo
427 Seriously, go away, stuff that should not be versioned.
426 No, go away, stuff that should not be versioned.
422 Instead of using $c->go, use $c->response->redirect. Make referent actions responsible for their own object retrieval. Remove blib/ from the repository.
415 Couple of layout changes, removing POD from, more account registration tweaks.
408 Layout changes, account registration stuff.
402 More templates, formatting.
396 Fix some exception handling, layout things, flesh out account registration more.
389 DDL changes.
387 Increment the schema version.
380 DDL changes.
378 Add a relationship.
376 Increment the schema version.
367 Hacking on account creation.
309 Minimal create and do_create in, lots of layout stuff.
307 use Moose;
305 Seriously.
303 Sometimes, I really cannot help but realize exactly how much of a moron I really am.
283 Add StackTrace component for development, test out some things in, more schema changes.
280 Make email another primary key for users, and add some DBIx::Class components to
265 More schema changes, adding dependencies to Makefile.PL, more DDL.
250 Removing the posting_id column from message_board_attachments, generating new DDL.
243 More DDL.
240 Bridging the gap between postings and attachments.
237 More relationships.
235 Damnit, I am a fucking retard.
233 Oops...
205 Working out relationships now, threads to posts, etc.
193 More schema changes.
181 More DDL, make sure to add the view class!
142 Database schema stuff!
139 Flesh out with management actions, make User::index detach to User::Portfolio::list_collections.
138 Add the for_sale actions.
135 Renaming methods in a not-suck way.
133 Fleshing out some more.
131 Moving to chained actions.
129 Fleshing out
127 Trashing commented code.
123 Moved stuff from to User::Portfolio.
121 Fleshed out User::Store a bit.
118 Fleshed out User::Sketchbook some more, formatting in
115 Playing with chained actions, added an action to User::Portfolio, fleshed out User::Sketchbook
56 Added controllers, fleshed out User::Portfolio.
54 We shouldn't have committed these.
55 Initial commit of Catalyst skeleton.
1 initial empty check-in