What larger companies use Perl for their underlying architecture?


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Christian Walde
Jeremy Zawodny, craigslist engineer: perl, mysql, sph... (more)
5 votes by Anon User, Ask Bjørn Hansen, Abdo Mohammed, (more)
We're not "large" if you look at number of employees, but craigslist is about 95% Perl internally.
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CommentEmbedThank18 Nov, 2010
Jeremy Zawodny
Alasdair Allan, Alasdair Allan has ten years of Perl ... (more)
Amazon started out as a Perl shop, and is mostly still Perl. The BBC is almost entirely a Perl shop, as is IMDb.
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CommentEmbedThank6 Jan, 2011
Alasdair Allan
Alex Kapranoff, Perl hacker since 1998
Mail.Ru Group, the biggest russian internet company has a lot of Perl inside its main assets (web mail, social network). MRG is also the biggest publicly traded internet company in Europe. Other big russian companies like Yandex and Rambler also rely on Perl code heavily both for new and old projects.
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CommentEmbedThank15 Jan, 2011
Alex Kapranoff
Blekko is Perl and XS; I believe DuckDuckGo is Perl as well.

I can add (now that I work there) WhiteHat Security to that list (though we're quite promiscuous: I've done stuff in Python, Java and Mono there as well), and an awful lot of infrastructure is done in Perl at Yahoo!.
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CommentEmbedThank5 Jan, 2011
Joe McMahon
Pasha Sadri, Polyvore Co-founder
1 vote by Al Newkirk
A fair chunk of Polyvore's backend is written in Perl.  I have to add that we made a lot of effort to write super clean, modern Perl, not the mythical spaghetti it is sometimes known for.

We also have big chunks of javascript, Java and now Objective C.
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Pasha Sadri
Jeff Yoak, Perl as a primary language since 1995
In Southern California we have Ticketmaster,,, ValueClick, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Rubicon, MediaTemple, and Yahoo (ex-Overture) just that I know of personally.  We have lots of smaller shops too, of course.
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Jeff Yoak
Anon User
2 votes by Andrey Opeykin and Al Newkirk is a Perl shop.
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Anon User
Ulrich Wisser, there is more then one way ... is known to be a Perl shop. Constantly looking for new talent.

And my employer .SE the Swedish ccTLD registry is a Perl shop as well.
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CommentEmbedThank23 May
Ulrich Wisser
Adam J. Foxson, Lead Engineer, Infrastructure and Arc... (more)
Apple, large in terms of market capitalization, has 128 open positions[1] that reference the keyword "Perl" at the time of the writing. The positions are in areas including but not limited to: automation, build engineering, QA, web development, tools, systems administration, infrastructure and integration. Accordingly, it may be reasonable to conclude that Apple, while not using Perl for the underlying architecture of core products and services, does use Perl (amongst a great many other technologies) as part of the underlying architecture of various internal systems and processes which are in support of their core products and services.

Grant Street Group, large in terms of auction volume, recently surpassed 11 trillion USD[2]. Perl is the implementation language of their flagship platform.

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CommentEmbedThank7 Jan, 2011
Adam J. Foxson
I just got hired by Opera Software for a Perl programming position :)
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Zbigniew Lukasiak
Anon User
Riverbed's QA uses Perl
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Anon User
Surat Singh Bhati, developed using mod_perl
Leading B2B portal in India: is using mod_perl
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CommentEmbedThank3 Jan, 2011
Surat Singh Bhati