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Tech For Teaching is a project run by the Geek Squad at Brent. The aim of the project is to collect computers that people are no longer using, refurbish them, install educational applications on them and put them in a local classroom.

To do this we use Edubuntu, a free open source Linux operating system, preinstalled with educational software.

Check out this video to learn more about Tech for Teaching and how it started.

What we do
How we do it

Our aim is to help out local elementry schools in the Philippines by puting a computer in each of their classrooms. Many of these kids have never touched a computer before, so this project aims to both educate them using a computer, and educate them on how to use a computer.

On our first visit to install computers in classrooms, out of curiosity I asked a class of over 20 third grade kids "Does anybody know what this is?" After a couple seconds of silence somebody said "A samsung?" It was really an eye opener for me. Thinking back to when I was in grade 3, I had been using a computer for at least 4 years already and could easily operate one on my own. I want to give more kids that same oppertunity.

Currently we have put a comptuer in every classroom at Mamplasan Elementary (20 classrooms), Zapote Elementary (10 classrooms), Ganado Elementary (10 classrooms) and are 10 computers in to Platero Elementary with 20 classrooms left.

What We Do
We gather old computers that people don't want anymore and put them in local elementary classrooms. These computers could be extras after an upgrade, old ones lying around, or even broken ones that we can then fix up.

How We Do It
Once we get a computer, the first thing we do is reformat the hard drive, meaning any personal data that was on it will be erased. Or, if asked to, we can attempt data recovery first.
Next, we fix up the computer including cleaning it out, replacing malfunctioning parts, and making sure that it can function properly.
Then we install the edubuntu Operating System on it. This is a flavor of Ubuntu that is specifically made for education, preinstalled with 150 educational applications.
Lastly we make a few adjustments so that the computer is eaiser to use. At this point, the computer is ready to go into a classroom!

Tech for Teaching survives off of donations. If we don't get any computers, we can't put them in classrooms. Even if you don't have a computer, there are a variety of items you can still donate, as we often get computers without certian parts. We can use pretty much anything electronic, but some specific parts include:
  • Monitors
  • Speakers
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Headphones
  • Cables
Even if it's not on this list, we can probably use it. If you have any questions, head over to our Contact Us page. Do you have something you can donate? Look at our Donate page.