Wouldn't it be great? But the roads are too sandy, so... Try again!
Awesome! Once the technique is acquired, in a specialized school or through an association, it is perfectly feasible to follow a standard course. Teachers only have to talk out loud when writing on the board.
See the story of Muzna
Well done! Adapted mobility equipment and a tailored rehabilitation course, or a proper medical care will give a person his or her independence.
Absolutely! All public buildings must meet universal accessibility standards. It does not stop at the ramp at the entrance. People must be able to move inside the building.
Our little characters have to go on their daily path, but they will encounter numerous obstacles… Help them find the good solution to overcome the barriers, and turn the service INCLUSIVE ! (and colorful...)
Try again… If participation matters, then he should participate to the dance class, not clean it. Self-discrimination is often one of the biggest barriers.
See the story of Ansha
Fantastic! It is important that service providers, especially in medical structures, are trained to attend to different types of deficiencies.
See the story of Ester
Bam! But try again…
Although it is helpful, a "translator" might isolate the child, interpret his feelings or divert the attention from the child. Try again!
See the story of Filomena
If it helps on the moment, it will not help to gain independence. An accessible building will benefit everyone: pregnant women, the elderly, you if you hurt your ankle… Try again!
Congratulations! You won!
Violence is never a good solution. But some sports might help release the frustration! Try again!
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Well done! Once again knowledge and exemplary attitudes from role models will change behaviors. Children are particularly sensitive to the message, especially when coming from close people, like their coach.
Now all services are accessible and inclusive for all, and you know why and how.
Specialized school is not always the right option. Each case is different and some children can directly fit in an ordinary course. Try gain!
Welcome to a world
Scolding from a parent can help sometimes. But screaming is not the answer. Try again!
A personal care attendant is always helpful, but not everybody can afford one. It is a temporary solution and will not change the attitude problem… Try again!
Facial hair power! But more seriously, boys and girls must be taught they are equally capable, and entitled to the same rights. So try again…
Although it is absolutely possible to dance without prosthesis, a headspin can not be the only power move! Try again!
If music soothes the soul, it won't cover all her education... Try again!
Try again… Often, children with intellectual disabilities are considered unable to learn and reduced to domestic chores or field work.
Yes! Depending on the level of independence, the specialized school can be either a transition phase or a full education option.
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A lot of people stay hidden at home, perpetuating the disability-poverty cycle. But school will allow a child to develop and progress towards autonomy. Try again!
Don't play with food! Try again…
Well done ! In Mozambique vulnerable people, including people with disabilities and the elderly, have the right to a free pass for public transportation. They just need to apply in a local administrative office. But very few people know…
Try again!
Way to go! Attitude can be changed with knowledge. People are scared of what they don't know, of wrongdoing. Examples of good behavior hold by respected figures can be a game-changer.
Try again… Although it is absolutely possible to dance without prosthesis, a headspin can not be the only power move used!