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Welcome to Willow! Thanks for sharing your visit with us.  Here are some basics, and please be sure to let us know if you need anything at all.
Bob Woehrle owner, call/text for anything mobile 502-419-3996
The address for both house and carriage house are:  1267 Willow Avenue Louisville, KY 40204
Janetemergencies, house organizer extraodinaire  mobile: 502-445-5444
Respect the Neighborhood
While you’re steps from all the action of Bardstown Road and “The Highlands,” the Willow Block is a residential neighborhood. It’s the kind of place where neighbors still visit on front porches and keep their windows open at night. Our number of single family homes is much great than rental properties on this block, so please keep that in mind when using outdoor spaces, including the front porch and back deck. 
Leave it the Way You Found It
If you booked the Main House:Faces Willow Avenue, the main street. Front door is right up the stairs.
This is actually a big one in the rental/vacation world … and a lot of folks don’t realize how important it is to do a few things prior to their departure. In fact, they’re tied to the security deposit with all the major services … meaning, if additional time/work is required to “turn-over” a home after guests leave, then the additional cleaning fees required can be deducted from the deposit.  So, when it’s time to end your stay, use the cleaning supplies you’ll find under the kitchen sink and in the 2nd floor laundry room to tidy up. Please strip the beds and start at least one load of laundry. And, please brush off, load and start the dishwasher(s). It’s a shared community thing (I’ll definitely do the same when I come to your place) … and your help is appreciated!
Why Are You Asking?
So, the crazy thing is that I've always had a great rental-owner experience and never asked to get more details of a guest's plans for the house before. Sadly, I had an experience recently with a group that had come for a long weekend. They enjoyed distillery tours by day and the awesome walkable restaurants and bars/dancing/nightlife by night. Then, the house (inside and out) became the big-party spot through the late night into the morning.  Bottom line: the noise level and revelry in the streets was not something that went well with our section of the neighborhood.  Don’t get me wrong, for a totally wild time, Bardstown Road (or Downtown followed by Bardstown Road) is the place to be. And, there’s noise, bad karaoke, surprise tattoo/piercing opportunitites, and all kinds of street fun. But, back at the house, I’ve gotta keep the neighboars happy - and the house and its things safe.  SO, please don’t agree to rent without reading and agreeing to these basics (these are in addition, of course, to the agreeements provided via the rental source/site you use) - and the bigger idea/picture I’m sure you get: 1. The main house will never have more than 12 guests, unless you’re also renting the Carriage House (a separate property connected by the back yard - and great if you’re organizing a really big group, reunion, retreat, etc). Even if they’re not staying the night, max peeps in the house is 12 unless specific permission is discussed prior. Same deal if you’re renting the Carriage House - max guests there 8. 2.  Number of overnight guests, on any of the nights you’re here, will never exceed the number provided via the rental source/site you used to book the place.  3.  Use of the front porch is for conversations, rocking-chair kind of thing. Front yard space is tight, so maximum of 6 folks in the front. The large dining room in the house opens via double patio doors onto a great deck with lots of seating and a large sectional. There’s also a pergola with a gas grill, etc. So, back yard is the place to be for eating (if you’re doing the eating outside thing), socializing, etc. (observing limits and noise stuff, of course) 4.  You won’t use the house as an official “party location” … meaning, it’s perfect for dining, beginning an evening out, ending an evening out - but not as the only place where drinking occurs.  5.  Noise levels outside have to be kept low (which means conversations, laughter, nice time stuff). But, no yelling, “bad-drunk” kind of behavior, etc. Take that inside, and jump in the dry sauna or steam sauna (if you’re renting those main house areas).  :)  Outside curfew time is 9pm S-Thurs; 10pm F-Sat nights.  Meaning, be inside past those hours. And, if you’re returning from other places, please remember to keep it quiet in the streets, porch, etc. In the house, enjoy music throughout the house by zone using Sonos, dance, play naked Twister, have a blast. But, please keep the volumes reasonable and be sure the windows are all closed. Our 100+ year old homes are fairly sound-proof, BUT they’re close together.  6.  So we’re cool and on the same page, after I realized there was the possibility of me being too easy-going, I’ve adopted the deal many vacation owners are using … that you agree to be responsible for maintaining the noise level, strict curfew of outside time and people limits for the whole time you’re here. If any of those things don’t happen, you’ll lose the security deposit placed on the rental.  Any questions or concerns on ANYTHING, please let me know. And, thanks for understanding.  . 
What else? I love helping suggest things to help make the most memorable experience. So, if questions, please call/text 502-419-3996 or email me,
If you booked the Carriage House:The front door is on the alley which is directly behind the main house. Drive around to one of the alley entrances and you’ll find it. Two story structure with dark green garage doors and a front door facing the alley.