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Acid Value of an  Oil or Fuel - Titrimetric Method  
Determination of Required Sample and Chemical Volumes  
Normality of Potasium Hydroxide Titration Solution: N (mol/L)  
Select expected acid value range
mg KOH/g  
Note: Sellecting a higher expected titration range will use less chemicals but will be less accurate.  
Expected Acid Value Recommended Sample Size Solvent (mL) Indicator (mL)  
User Input Section  
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Enter Exact Sample Mass: grams (measure to 0.01g or better for high FFA samples)  
Volume of titrant required to affect a color change. mL  
Acid Value mg KOH/g  
As Oleic Acid FFA  
As Lauric Acid FFA  
As Palmitic Acid FFA