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For many faiths that make Canada home, holidays have begun. We may celebrate the return of the light, a festival of lights, a birth, the birth of wisdom or just the pleasures of winter in a country with the blessing of snow. However you enjoy this time with your family and friends we hope you’ll make this Harrowsmith calendar a small part of it. Each day between now and Christmas we'll offer you a little something to enjoy when you find a pause in excitement of the holiday season.                                                   Our very best to you. Enjoy the blessings of the season.  
P.S. We’ve hidden some surprises. Learn more.
Yolanda Thornton Publisher, Harrowsmith
An achingly beautiful ballad of love and winter by Sara Bareilles and Ingid Michaelson. 
40 pictures of foxes in the snow. Just because, foxes. From the wonderful
The Piano Guys with a Carol of the Bells for twelve cellos. 
Make your own snowflakes. None will be identical. Just like snowflakes should be.
Hashed Brussels Sprouts With Lemon  from The New York Times Novel way of serving an old standard.
A firey interpretation of both Vivaldi and Winter.
The Pogues and Christmas go together like whiskey and, well, more whiskey. Lovely song, hang in there. A shamelessly sentimental masterpiece.
Nutmeg from Jacob Wild on Vimeo.
Nutmeg, the most romantic, and festive spice on the rack. Oh, and the sexiest too. Definitely the sexiest.
On Dec 6, 1917 two ships collided in Halifax Harbour. The Halifax Explosion that resulted killed 2,000 and injured hundreds more. Boston authorities rushed to help. As a thank you Nova Scotia continues to give Boston a gift of a huge Christmas tree. It is now the official Christmas Tree of Boston and decorates the Boston Common. Learn more about this remarkable Christmas story.
Read about the tree at the Halifax Herald
Everything you ever wanted to know about Silent Night. And, this morning at 11 a.m. EST, watch a celebration and singing of the carol  live from Oberndorf. .
Blue Ice
a flickr  collection
The wonderful Roche Carrier’s “The Sweater”. So Canadien, so l’hiver. 
Sarah McLachlan singing a great song by Gordon Lightfoot. Written when words and music wove together like a taut braid.
Beard Glitter Yeah, it’s a thing now.
We have proof
It’s Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. And to kick it off, The Maccbeats serve up latkes. Oh, and here’s a real recipe for those wonderful potato pancakes.
Yes, that’s an American flag at the beginning of this clip, but the “triple dog dare” scene of the Canadian classic, “A Christmas Story” was shot in the 80s in the schoolyard of the Victoria Public School in St. Catherines, Ontario.
Enjoy the day Enjoy the season Enjoy the country
Christmas treats from around the world You’re welcome.  
Enjoy the day Enjoy the season
Learn more here.
Christmas Tree Farmland by Province
Wish you were in Algonquin Park? This live robot webcam is the next best thing.  
Because, really, you put tractors, Santa, Christmas lights and farmers in the same event and you have our attention. Coming up in two days. Be there.
Easter Eggs at Christmas These five birds overwinter in Canada. And, we’ve also given them invisible nesting places on the pages of this calendar. Be the first to email us screenshots of all five hiding places and you’ll win a year’s subscription to the wonderful Harrowsmith Almanac. Happy birdwatching! Please email your five screenshots to
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