Follow steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 and adjust the blue "-Please Select-" dropdown with the desired information 
Services Pricing Startup Monthly
Step 1:   Pick your Website Package (one time fee)
  Includes website, IDX setup & Domain (if applicable) etc.
Step 2:   Pick your Internet Marketing Package (monthly fee)
  Includes SEO, PPC, IDX, CRM, Guaranteed Leads
Step 3:   Deduct Advertising Subsidies (if Applicable)
 $             -  
Total Cost  
Description Low Medium High
  Leads Per month (10, 25 or 40 based on package)
  Closing Ratio (assuming low of 2% and high of 8%)                      2% 5% 8%
  Some of our top clients are experiencing a 10%+ closing ratio when utilizing our FREE monthly lead coaching!!!
  Total Annual Leads
  Total Estimated transactions
Step 4: Choose your Average Commission per property
  Total Commission from website leads
  Total year 1 costs
RESULTS:   Est. ROI $ Year 1 
 Est. ROI % Year 1
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