BBC Maida Vale Studios
35 Portland Place, Marleybone, W1 Status: Closed Confirmed Whorecording dates: 196512th-14th April 12th-14th October 196612th-14th January 30th July-1st August 30th-31st August Week of 3rd October 3rd October 11th October 14th October Early November 196711th February 5th April 11th-12th October 20th October
Caroline House, 6 Chesterfield Gardens, Mayfair, W1 Occupied: 1966-68 (moved to 70 Old Compton Street, Soho, in mid-1968)
Abbey Road Studios (EMI)
Regent Sounds Studio
120-129 Delaware Road, Maida Vale, W9 Status: Active Confirmed Who recording dates: 1965 25th May 22nd November
CBS Studios
IBC Studios
3 Abbey Road, St. John’s Wood, NW8 Status: Active Confirmed Whorecording date: 1964 22 October
Fontana Studios (Phillips)
4 Denmark Street, Soho, W1  Status: Active Confirmed Whorecording dates: 1966 Early November8th-10th November
BBC Aeolian Hall
104 New Bond Street, Mayfair, W1 Status: Closed Confirmed Who recording dates: 1967 28th-29th May
2-4 Stanhope Place, Marble Arch, W2  Status: Closed Confirmed Whorecording date: 1964 June
1960s London Recording Studios Map
135-137 New Bond Street, Mayfair, W1 Status: Closed Confirmed Who recording dates: 196524th May 196615th March
Pye Recording Studios
New Action/Track Records offices
BBC Playhouse Theatre
Bag o’ Nails Club
40 Bryanston Street, Marble Arch, W1 Status: Closed
9 Kingly Street, Soho, W1 Status: Closed/re-opened Notes: Famous '60s music club known mostly as the location where Paul McCartney met Linda Eastman in 1967. Also hosten dozens of famous acts, notaby The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966. Club was closed in the 1970s but has recently reopened as a private members-only club.
Northumberland Avenue, St. James’s, SW1
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De Lane Lea Studios (Kingsway)
Confirmed Who recording dates: 1964 Mid-November 1966 30th-31st August30th September4th OctoberEarly November 1967 5th April
Status: Closed Confirmed Who recording dates: 1966 13th September 1967 17th January
129 Kingsway, Holborn, WC2 Status: Closed Confirmed Who recording dates: 1967 28th June5th July10th October24th October
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197019th-20th January10th February13th April
196819th September 196912th February 7th March
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Caroline House, 6 Chesterfield Gardens, Mayfair, W1 First occupied:1966; moved  to 70 Old Compton Street, Soho, in mid-1968.
Chris Stamp (left) and Kit Lambert stand outside their offices at New Action on 8 September 1966.
Marquee Club (second location)
Status: Closed/re-opened elsewhere Notes: This venue was known mostly for hosting jazz and blues acts, including The Yardbirds, until the unheralded Who debuted Nov. 24, 1964. The band quickly gained a reputation that led to broken club attendance marks, and instruments. Early versions of “My Generation” were recorded at Marquee Sound Studios, just behind the club, in late August/September 1965. The band last played the Marquee in 1968. 
90 Wardour Street, Soho, W1
In mid-1966, Pete Townshend rented a nearby top-floor flat, at No. 87 Wardour. He built it into his first real “home” recording studio, but says he rarely slept there.
115 Thessaly Road, South Lambeth, SW8   Status: Closed   Confirmed Who recording dates:   1973
25th June 27th-29th June 2nd-6th July 9th-13th July
Eel Pie Studios
Olympic Studios
Eel Pie
Confirmed Who recording dates:   1966   12th February   1971 9th-12th April 11th May 5th June 7th June 18th-19th June   1972   22nd May 26th May 5th-6th June 7th August
Ranelagh Drive, Twickenham, TW1   Status: Closed   Confirmed Who recording dates:   1970   March, May
117 Church Road, Barnes, SW13
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Status: Closed
(city center in orange)
16th-18th July 24th-27th July 30th & 31st July 1st August
Ramport Studios (The Kitchen)
21st May 1st June 8th June 22nd June