PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: With a picture of Meher Baba behind him, Pete Townshend sits in his home studio in Twickenham, outside of London. Pete moved into the home with his wife, Karen, the year before.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Pete plays the piano, a C. Bechstein upright.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Once moved into his home in Twickenham, Pete was able to expand his previous home studio capabilities. His “Scoop" liner notes state this was Pete's sixth personal studio.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: A better look at the arrangement of Pete's early setup in Twickenham.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: A closer look at some of Pete's equipment, including a professional 3M tape machine.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: A Danelectro Longhorn bass sits among the recording equipment as Pete works.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: At this end of the room, it’s a snug but productive fit.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Everything appears to be right at hand as Pete records.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: You have to wonder where all those tape boxes on the shelves are now,
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Another closeup of the recording equipment in the Twickenham studio.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: The other end of the room had stringed instruments and a drum kit from Keith Moon.
PETE’S HOME STUDIO, 1969: That’s a very nice piece of lumber, Pete.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Note the banjo behind Pete to the right. Is that the banjo we hear on "I’ve Had Enough?"
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1969: Compare this with how the studio looks in the next photos, taken a year later.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1970: Chris Morphet’s now-iconic view of Pete in his studio. Much had changed in a year.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1970: Compare this rrom to how it looked a year earlier. Pete had been very busy.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1970: This looks like a well-used studio. Pete didn’t even have time to shave.
1970: Pete plays an EMS DK1 mono keyboard beside a "Putney" EMS VCS3. They're both atop a Lowrey organ which, when run through the VCS3, would create the synth sounds famous on "Won't Get Fooled Again."
1970: Morphet’s caption says Pete is "playing an EMS DK1 monophonic keyboard. ... Foreground is an EMS VCS3 mk1 synthesizer resting on a Lowrey Berkshire Deluxe TBO-1 organ. In the background is a Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier."
1970: Pete tweaks the “Putney.” Eventually, he would get this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5voNyRmvXs
1970: The drum kit given to Pete by Keith Moon takes on a more typical recording studio look now.
1970: Morphet’s captions are sure to point out the Coral Hornet and Harmony Sovereign 12-string on the wall.
PETE’S HOME STUDIO, 1970: Pete plays the monophonic keyboard run through the EMS VCS3.
1970: Here's a good look at the instruments whose sounds Pete would make famous within the next year.
1970: Pete poses with the EMS DK1, "Putney" EMS VCS3 (note its joystick) and Lowrey organ holding it all up.
1970: Pete has credited his father-in-law, Edwin Astley, with helping him get started with the VCS3.
PETE'S HOME STUDIO, 1970: Eventually, Pete’s personal studio would morph into Eel Pie Studios and Oceanic Studios, which he established nearby in 1975  in his quest to build a Meher Baba film archive.