Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert stand by as the band prepare to depart for Felixstowe.
John Entwistle gets lost in the London crowd, standing outside the New Action offices in Mayfair, London.
Chris Stamp waits outside the New Action offices at Caroline House in London.
New Action bosses Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp chat outside their offices at 6 Chesterfield Gardens.
John Entwistle waits outside Caroline House for the trip to get under way.
Keith Moon leaves New Action offices, packed and ready for a trip to the North Sea coast.
Yes, Keith was definitely prepared for anything on this trip. 
With Wiggy driving Roger, John and Keith in the Bentley, The Who head to Felixstowe.
Daltrey is safely in Felixstowe. Let the fun begin.
Roger takes a break. Check out those shoes.
And so the fun begins. Someone decided that the safest car for Keith was one that was magnetized to a track.
John Entwistle is the only one brave enough to go to the amusement park with Keith. 
Jon and Keith take a spin on a ride at an oceanside amusement park in Felixstowe.
One minute John seems to be having quite a lot of fun...
…and the next minute, not so much fun, at least not until the dodgems start moving.
Nope. Not much fun for John in the dodgems.
Still not much happening in the dodgems, but it makes a good portrait. Maybe John is starting to wonder if it was such a good idea to let Moon get behind the wheel of a car, even on an enclosed track...
Finally, the dodgems are charged up and John takes off.
Keith is zipping around in a dodgem, too. Look out, old man, you have no idea what Moon can do with a car.
Keith and John race around the dodgems track in Felixstowe, looking for someone to careen intp.
Keith seems to be plotting his next move. Where’s that old man hiding?
Keith speeds off to ram his dodgem into someone. Perhaps he has the old man in his sights again.
Keith looks for a target on the dodgems track in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK.
This ride seems about over. Maybe it’s about time to find Roger and Pete and get to the show, at the Pier Pavillion.
At the Pier Pavillion in Felixstowe for a Friday night show being filmed for French TV, Keith sets up his drum kit. 
A member of the French TV crew filming the band during its show can be seen at right.
John and Roger wait on Pete during the show.
The French TV show gives us an idea of at least some of the songs on the set list at Felixstowe: “Heatwave,” “So Sad About Us,” “Substitute,” “I’m A Boy,” and, of course, the closer, “My Generation."
Pete is just getting warmed up. You all know what’s going to happen later, during “My Generation."
Pete sings during the show. Note the holes in the speaker cabinets behind him.
“I’m A Boy” was released just two weeks before the Felixstowe show but was already heading up the charts.
Doesn’t look like there’s any tape on Pete’s fingers. Must be the day off on the 8th gave him a chance to recover.
Pete sings onstage at the Pier Pavillion in Felixstowe on 9th September 1966.
Now he’s got that look in his eye. There’s going to be trouble, and the audience had better plug its ears.
OK, it’s time to make those holes bigger. The Rickenbacker is the right tool for the job.
Pete continues cementing his legend as the “birdman” with a windmill.
The bottom of the Rickenbacker is just as effective at bashing the cabinet as the head.