Tony Marrison
Maria Joao Branco > dusky-voiced Portugese chanteuse < One of my collaborators in Kamel Nitrate, I produced, programmed and mixed tracks from her forthcoming album "Labyrinth of Visions". Also played bass, keys, guitar and percussion and did backing vocals.
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Ali Slimani > Algerian Rai singer < Transferred sessions from Pro-Tools to Logic and prepared backing tracks for the 2004 European tour promoting his album "Espoir". Played keys on the tour.
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Personal Work > singer/songwriter < My own songs in singer-songwriter mode, plus collaborations.
Xylophone Masters > marimbalafon music < A series of 10 records celebrating the best balafon players in the world, I recorded and mixed the album featuring Kebba Maneh and mastered the entire series.
I am a producer, mixer, programmer and multi-instrumentalist, and have worked in many styles of music - mainly 'world' music, singer-songwriter stuff and electronica. Logic is my primary instrument and I play acoustic/electric bass, hand percussion, guitar and keyboard. I teach and occasionally present at the Apple Store in Regent Street and am an ACT (Apple Certified Trainer) in Logic, Final Cut X, Motion, Compressor and Soundtrack Pro.
Angus Ford-Robertson > singer/songwriter < Co-produced and mixed Angus’ debut album, “Nothing That I Want”. Played bass and guitar on a number of tracks.
Tony Marrison
Wishpoosh > personal work < My first solo music project, cinematic, electric and eccentric, this is what came out when i bought my very first sampler...
Shiva Nova > indian/world music < After doing a remix for them, including appearing in an educational music program for BBC1, I was asked to program and mix their 2002 double album "Moonlighting/Flying To The Sun". I then edited and mixed their 2003 live album "Seventh Heaven", and mixed, programmed and co-produced the 2009 album "Secret Chants". Credits: "Moonlighting/Flying To The Sun" - co-production, programming, mixing. "Seventh Heaven" - co-production, programming, mixing, acoustic bass. "Secret Chants" - co-production, programming, mixing, acoustic bass.
Dhol Foundation > bhangra drum ensemble < Full-on bhangra-style good vibe merchants, I deputized on bass for a number of their European gigs in 2005.
Kamel Nitrate > global psychadelic breakbeat funk < I co-founded Kamel Nitrate in 2000 with international DJ Nelson Dilation. We did a series of remixes for artists including The Baghdaddies, The Bollywood Brass Band, Transglobal Underground, James Asher, Bushmen of the Kalahari, Shiva Nova and Oojami. We realized we had a sound, and decided to record an album then form a band to perform it. The album was called "Lost in Spice" and was well received by the global music community, being hailed as "the future of world music" by Radio 1 dj Andy Kershaw. We toured and performed all over the UK and Europe between 2002 and 2004. Currently working on the follow-up album “Lebanon Elevator”. Credits: Co-produced, mixed, programmed, played bass, keys, guitar and percussion.
Tom McRae > singer/songwriter < After playing in different band incarnations with Tom for years, I worked with him again when he got his first record deal. I produced, programmed and played on a number of tracks from his first, eponymously titled album (nominated for the Mercury Best Album Award, 2001) and toured both the first and second album all over Europe. Some personal highlights of that time included playing the Other stage at Glastonbury and the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Credits: "Tom McRae" - bass, keys, production, programming. Touring (bass, keys, percussion). "Just Like Blood" - touring (bass, keys, percussion).
Oojami > turkish club/funk dance music < After remixing some of their tracks I joined the band and began playing bass with them. I played on a couple of tracks on their second and third album, and toured both albums all over Europe and Turkey. Highlights included performing to 10,000 + people headlining the Colours of Ostrava festival, and supporting Sezen Aksu at the Royal Albert Hall in 2007. Credits: "Urban Dervish" - bass, touring. "Boom Shing A Ling" - bass, touring.
Natacha Atlas > Arabic/North African/Western electronic < Played keys on the European tour she shared with Ali Slimani.
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Natacha Atlas > Arabic/North African/electronic fusion < Played keys on the European tour she shared with Ali Slimani.