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Spoilers for Stellar Transformations, book 10-18 (End).

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General Information

Name: Stellar Transformations (星辰变 -- Xingchenbian)

Author: I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿) -- one of the hotshots of the fantasy genre in China.

Web fanta-xia, i.e. stories about fantastical and chivalrous events which are written and distributed via the Internet. (The actual Chinese term for the genre is Xianxia 仙侠, which has no equivalent in English and literally means chivalrous stories about people who practice to become immortal beings.)

In a galaxy far away, there is a kid with an innate inability to practice internal techniques. In order to gain the respect of his father, he resolutely chooses to follow the more difficult and painful path of practicing external techniques. As the years go by, he grows up, but what really changes his life is a mysterious meteoric crystal stone -- the Meteoric Tear. This stone fuses with the young man’s body unnoticed, and he seems to undergo drastic transformations as a result. After that, everything is changed. Eventually his father knows that the son for whom he hasn’t really shown a lot of consideration possesses astonishing abilities. And there’s a lot more to come.

Book 10 Chapter 45-48

Wu Kongxue, Reverend Ming Liang and Lian Yue return to Teng Long continent. The casualties of the fight in Qian Long continent is 95% of the Qin royal family and about 10 million people outside of the family. Qin Zheng survives as well as 6 of the children. Qin Yu gets this info and decides to depart to the Teng Long continent with Hei Yu, Hou Fei and his 4 holy beast

Book 11 Chapter 01-41

Qin Yu proceeds to first burn down a small sect of the devil side. The immortal side is blamed. Qin Yu then proceeds to burn down Yinyue Palace as well as the practitioners in it with heavenly flame. Qin Yu doesn’t get caught because he hides in the immortal palace which evades devil and holy sense. Qin Yu proceeds to burn down Qingxu mountain but fails to break the 10 illusion formation. Ling Liang and Wu Kongxue were about to fight a war over the stealing of the heavenly diagram but decides to work together to catch the perpetrator. They fail and Qin Yu threatened to involve other parties into this conflict.

Qin Yu contacts Zong Jue and tells him about the diagrams/Ni Yang Realm. Zong Yue mobilizes the top islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean to meet in the Demonic Peng Island. Zong Jue does not inform them about the Ni Yang Realm but just tells them about the fighting for the diagrams. Fang Tian (Dragon clan head/12th tribulation super divine beast loose demon) comes to privately speak with Zong Jue and they decide to work together to go to Teng Long continent and break down the 10 illusion formation.

Some fighting happens at Qingxu from appearance of Zong Jue and Fang Tian and breakdown of the formation. Qin Yu uses his sword puppet to steal the diagram, giving it a fake background story of relating to Senior Lan and the name Lan Feng. Very rich herald of the lose immortal Hua Yang descends and gives the loose immortal side top and high grade immortal items. Zong Jue and Fang Tian stand their ground against the herald. The herald attacks Fang Tian with some lightning talismans and seriously injures him.

Lan Feng fights with Hua Yang and Hua Yang is shocked it somehow knows the lost Heaven Sundering Sword techniques and finds Lan Feng peculiar because it’s a Level 1 Golden Immortal but no immortal below Mystic Immortal can descend the immortal world. After some rationale talking that the diagram belongs to Qin Yu, everyone leaves. Devil herald Devil Lord Du Zhong descends to the devil side and gives some top grade devil items. Du Zhong is Level 1 Devil King some Hua Yan remarks on it a bit. Qin Yu tells Zong Jue to set up an auction with a certain day for the diagram, telling him he can get him into the Ni Yang realm without it.

Qin Yu return to Qian Long continent and goes drinking and after a long drinking sessions, meets up with a person named Man Gan who somehow knows the true forms and levels of the divine beast surrounding Qin Yu. He remarks on how he has never seen a divine beast of Hei Yu’s type. Qin Yu leaves Inky with his family to protect them and leaves to an island. Qin Yu discussions the the 9-9 tribulation with his brothers and holy beast. He undergoes his 9-9 and it is unusually strong containing heavenly flames, demonic heart seduction (test the heart with hallucinations) and a special dark colored tornado. Hei Yu and Hou Feis tribulation didn’t hand that black covered wind Qin Yu had to endure.

The auction happens in Snowfish Island. The top 3 from Demonic Peng Island and the son come to help with the auction. Qin Yu creates a cover story for Uncle Lan not coming. Man Gan (another super divine beast) is revealed to be the demon clan herald by wilderness clan.  He brings Yu Liang too who seems to serve no purpose up to this point. Dragon clan herald Ao Feng also came. Auction proceeds, Man Gan eventually leads with 12 stones but Hua Yan purchases 3 top grade elemental holy rock from Ao Feng severely overpriced (10-12x the normal price for each stone) and wins the auction with 13 holy rocks. Divine items are revealed, the quantity is limited and is noticeably stronger than Immortal items. Qin Yu goes to murder Wu Kongxue with his puppet, Hua Yan is primary suspect. The layout of the immortal world is described to have the territories split to 20% devil, 20% immortal, 50% demon (largest but most internal conflict so very chaotic) and 10% secret. Ni Yang collection of treasures is estimated to be worth 1 million top grade holy rocks. Ming Liang is murdered next by Qin Yu’s puppet. Hua Yan suspects Du Zhong. Hua Yan and Du Zhong temporarily agree to believe each side is innocent because trip to Ni Yang Realm in a day.

The herald group proceeds to go to Ni Yang Realm (excluding Man Gan since his side doesn’t have a diagram). Feng Tian tells Zong Jue, who tells Qin Yu about the group going to Ni Yang Realm. Qin Yu invites Man Gan to go. The travel party will consist of Qin Yu + 2 (Hei Yu and Hou Fei), Zong Jue + 2 (Shi Hua and Shi Bian, 2 divine beast of Chaotic Astral Ocean 3 islands), and Man Gan +2 (Kong Cao and Yu Liang) The 3 Lion brothers are sent to protect Qin Yu’s family and farewells are set since Hou Fei and Hei Yu already have an ascension date to demon world in a few years and they don’t know how long they will be in the Ni Yang Realm. The Ni Yang Realm is revealed to be in the Death Abyss, a special lifeless region in the planet where legend has it, entering means death. They first teleport a set distance with the help of Zong Jue and Man Gan, then proceed to fly for a couple of months due to the cold region making teleportation difficult.

Yu Liang = Trans-Heaven Rat

Kong Cao = Hydra

Shi Hua and Shi Bian = Fossil Demons

Man Gan = Some kind of purple bull?

The group proceeds to struggle in the toughest part of the region, the region where Zong Jue and Feng Tian previously gave on passing through even though they went through 95% of the polar regions (The 2 regions surround the death abyss). They encounter the heralds party also struggling. Herald part wonders how they have a map to Ni Yang Realm and Qin Yu lies saying that he has a map from his school. Man Gan and Du Zhong fight a bit but stop. Qin Yu lies that he can enter the Ni Yang Realm cause they meet Ni Yang.

Book 11 Chapter 42-68

Qin Yu has a breakthrough while traversing to the death abyss (they are still in the polar cold region) into the Star stage. 3 brothers console each other since Hei Yu and Hou Fei will soon ascend anytime from half a year to a few years and will be separated upon ascension (Hou Fei and Hei Yu will go to the demon world while Qin Yu will go to unknown since he is neither demon, immortal or devil path). After reaching the death abyss, Qin Yu’s group and the herald group find out both their sides map leads to different locations. Qin Yu’s group enter the Ni Yang Realm. The 2 groups meet up again and they see that the difference between the 2 directions to the Ni Yang Realm is one is dangerous (heralds path) and one is safe (Qin Yu’s path). They all enter the internal Ni Yang Realm with Heaven Sundering Sword energy.

Ni Yang does his automated message introduction in the Clear Mind Realm and also mentions some Top grade treasures on upper realm and many High grade + special treasure on bottom realm. They go bottom, find some treasure which the Man Gans group grabs quickly when it appears. A reverend in the herald party dies from a trap. Those who grabbed treasures quickly let go of it since 5 people died from the restrictive spell traps on the treasures (Trap triggers when using blood personalization). Zong Jue snatches some top-grade immortal items after trap, keeps a armor for himself, gives some the Shi Bian and Qin Yu. Zong Jue also gives an armor to Qin Yu out of owing a favor who passes it on to Hou Fei. Zong Jue reveals the weapon he got from Uncle Lan which is a black colored sword made from the same material as the Hou Fei’s stick and Hei Yu’s Cloud Spear. The heralds help themselves to the high grade immortal items, 30 each.

Suddenly Hou Fei and Hei Yu tell Qin Yu that both their ascension day is in 3 days, both almost the same time. The next area they go to is the Blue Clouds Road, a location in the 9th-heaven tower. Here contains a test which needs top grade elemental holy stone as energy to enter and only one person is permitted to enter at a time. Qin Yu decides to be the last one to challenge it since his brothers ascend in 1 day and the others don’t care since he is weak and don’t see him as competition. The challenge order is Reverend Ming Shan [Immortal side](Dead) > Wu Hei [Devil side](Dead) > Yanshan [Dragon side](Dead) > Kong Cao [Wilderness/Demon side](Dead) > Shi Hua [Zong Jue’s side](Dead) > Yu Liang [Wilderness side](Passed) > Ao Xu[Dragon side](Dead) > Xue Yuyang [Immortal side](Dead) > Hua Yan [Immortal herald](Passed) > Du Zhong [Devil herald](Passed) > Feng Tian [Dragon side](Passed) > Man Gan [Wilderness herald](Passed) > Zong Jue […Qin Yu’s group](Passed) > Ao Fang [Dragon herald](Passed) > Qin Yu [Duh](Duh)

Hou Fei and Hei Yu ascended during Yu Liang’s challenge. Qin Yu notices a statue with a ring after Hua Yan’s challenge. Qin Yu takes the ring after everyone goes to take the challenge. The rings fuse and he gets a automated message from Ni Yang calling him lucky for finding both the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring and Lord of White Mysterious Ring. The abilities from both rings included now are Heavenly Flame Field, Blue Smoke Field and Double Gravitational Field (Both rings had the ability so it doubles). Qin Yu enters the challenge and has to fight someone who limits his strength to Dacheng stage to match Qin Yu. Qin Yu wins. Meanwhile, Ao Feng and Man Gan fight at the 9th-heaven tower. A golden scroll named the ten thousand beast chart sudden descends at the center of the hall in the tower. It is a low grade divine item and the 4 heralds are injured trying to get it by a restrictive spell on it. It is revealed to be a top treasure in the immortal, demon and devil world and more valuable than a middle grade divine item and is extremely powerful.

Everyone on the 9th-Heaven tower now have to wait for Qin Yu because apparently the restrictive spell is in place until everyone on the opposite side at the Blue Clouds Road test site is either on the 9th-tower side or dead. Qin Yu finally comes in angry, no one really cares but pays attention to the scroll. Everyone fights for the scroll, except for Qin Yu. Lan Feng suddenly shows up, takes out Feng Tian (not killed) and snatches scroll. Makes up some story of how he was hiding his true strength, came to the Ni Yang Realm earlier than both these groups by a day, passed the Blue Cloud Road first so the scroll belongs to him. The other simply had to accept it because Lan Feng appeared to be too strong for them to fight while Qin Yu is secretly laughing and happy. Ni Yang reveals there is more treasure going down floors, down to the 7th floor. Lan Feng won’t take anymore.

Ni Yang reveals final test, to survive. At the 3rd floor there at 17 rooms with sword energy ranging in power from Golden Immortal 1 to Mystic Immortal 8. They have to survive to leave. Qin Yu personalizes the scroll and gets a message from Ni Yang about holy beast accessible to him based on his power. Qin Yu decides to enter the 1st world, suitable for his level in his mind and meets the holy beast Shou Yan. Qin Yu learns about these hundreds of holy beast, lowest of which is level 7 standard demon because Ni Yang died so long ago and they’ve been practicing to achieve demon king level. The 2nd of the 3 worlds has about a thousand golden demon level? holy beast.

Qin Yu and his puppet go to the 3rd floor of the tower for the test. Meets a man who lets everyone choose their rooms.  The test is made so that the 3 people selecting the 3 highest energy rooms will get to access the 3 treasure floors 7th, 8th and 9th. The man, when everyone is gone, talks to Qin Yu and reveals name to be Wu Lan. He has been here for 1,000-100,000 years he isn’t certain but is glad to see Qin Yu because he knows that Lan Feng is a puppet (probably hinting his origins is also the same place Uncle Lan is from). The top 3 are Qin Yu, Man Gan and Zong Jue(with the help of Senior Lan’s weapon) in order so 9th > 7th floor order. When Qin Yu enters the 9th floor, he gets an automated message from Ni Yang saying that he and Wu Lan worked it out so that the person who got the scroll will also go to the 9th floor.

Qin Yu is told by Ni Yang about the purpose of the test in both the Ni Yang Realm and Immortal Palace to select someone who is has the potential to take revenge for him. He also says how he died was he was unlucky enough to step and kill a divine poisonous insect which managed to consume his spirit over time. The herald group are in Golden Tree Island planning on taking out Qin Yu for the treasures. Qin Yu in the 9th floor receives about a thousand high grade immortal items and 3 special treasures that are the mid-divine grade Skybreaker sword which also grants him Heaven Sundering Sword Techniques when he personalized it, low-grade divine armor Black Dense Snow, and lastly, a divine scroll Yu Mao Shenshou, which has a restrictive spell he can’t remove till mystic immortal level. He meets a clone left behind by Uncle Lan. Uncle Lan hands him a divine item he crafted named Jiang Lan World which is a test, when he can use it fully, he can see Li’er. It is a space divine item that he currently can access 3 spaces. The spaces correspond with 1:10, 1:100 and 1:1,000 time outside to time inside space ratio. He needs to be at least level 5-6 golden immortal strength to use the 1st space of 1:10 so other spaces need more strength.

Qin Yu transfers his treasures to the Immortal Mansion using Lan Feng as a medium in front of Zong Jue and Man Gan to see their reactions to the divine scroll. The heralds group talk Qin Yu’s family as hostages while his 4 holy beast were hiding in the palace somewhere. Qin Yu and the immortals leave the planet. Qin Zheng sets a new plan after the threat to have some people sent to Stellar Tower to have the bloodline kept alive.  At Yellowstone Star (a planet Qin Yu is currently in), Qin Yu gets Lan Feng to appear along with hundreds of the holy beast from the ten thousand beast scroll. He takes the Yueying of these 3 heralds (Ao Fang, Du Zhong and Hua Yan). Qin Yu decides to do closed door training (but there are no doors =/) on the confusion formation he is on set by Ao Fang before the fight. 10 years pass, back in Dark Purple Star (aka Earth), Zong Jue and Yu Liang (forced) visits Qin family to say good bye to Qin Yu since he is ascending soon. Zong Jue kills Yu Liang in front of them.

The planet Qin Yu is on after a hundred years is about to explode, they wake up Qin Yu and have a discussion about the star explosion process etc. Qin Yu suddenly has a lightbulb moment and takes out a 9th tribulation loose immortal Yueying he took and swallowed it and uses the energy to form the Dark Star stage in his Dantain (Attack up x100, energy down 50%). Qin Yu’s spirit is now Level 7 Standard immortal, up for just reached standard immortal before he entered Ni Yang Realm. He also devises his next stage, the Black Hole stage for when he enters Golden Immortal. He spent 150 years in close door training state. His mind gets the information of ascension soon. The Meteoric Tear fuses with his spirit. Qin Yu test his strength while on the star. He is currently in intermediate Dark Star stage which is equivalent to a level 4-6 Standard Immortal but attack equivalent to a level 7-9 Standard Immortal.

Qin Yu uses teleport to go back to Dark Purple Star (Yup, he can teleport now). It is revealed he actually used Grand Teleportation Technique instead of normal teleport due to the Meteoric Tear. Shi Xin is happy he also now can finally ascend soon since his 2 brothers already ascended but he is stuck here with Qin Yu. Qin Yu finds his family, his father and uncle had reached Dongxu stage. Qin Yu passes on the techniques slip of Stellar Transformations to his father to give it to someone who is external practice like him. Qin Yu’s family gathers to watch him ascend and says their last good byes.

Book 12 Chapter 01-33

The difference in the mortal and immortal world is described. Because of the elemental holy air, children born in the immortal world are at least Xiantian state and can reach immortal state in hundreds of years versus thousands of years in the mortal world. Liu Hanshu is introduced, member of the Liu clan, one of 3 big clans in the Maple Star, an unusually underdeveloped individual in terms of strength, and is only middle-Jindan stage at the age of 25 while others typically reach Yuanying stage by the age of 10 and Dongxu stage at his age. Qin Yu arrives and is startled when he learns about this from Liu Hanshu. He is currently in Maple Star, part of the Blue Bay Star Domain which connects the devil and immortal world. Liu Hanshu guides him through the area. He fixes Hanshu’s circulation problem and learns about how traveling works here. He then learns stuff regarding interspace merchants, the power levels and the currency of the world.

There is some conflict between Liu Hanshu and the other juniors his age. Qin Yu shows off his power a bit with his holy beast from the scroll and looks after Liu Hanshu. Liu meets some elders of the Liu household, receives some treasures, one of which is a communication bead he needs here and also inquires about an interspace map to go to demon world. Liu Han, the big elder comes to visit Qin Yu 10 days later and gives him an interspace map but in return, he wants Qin Yu to help them in the battle for control rights happening once a century. Other assignment is to murder Yan Gao, a Level 6 Golden Immortal of the Yan house, the number 1 clan of Maple Star. He says he will do it if he can obtain many top grade elemental holy stones for his teacher’s younger brother. Liu Han of the Liu household goes to trade for top grade stones and returns Qin Yu. Qin Yu does his faking messaging and is offered 40 top grade stones.

Lan Feng comes and receives the 42 top grade stones (2 from Qin Yu). Liu Han reveals Yan Guo belongs to the Jade Sword Sect, a fraction ruled by a Level 1 Mystic Immortal who is one of 36 lords ruled by Emperor Yu. He learns about the immortal worlds 3 big superpowers, Emperor Qing, Emperor Xuan and Emperor Yu. He learns about how Ni Yang was defeated by Emperor Yin and not many people know he is dead. Also gets some information of an Emperor Yin Star planet. The ratio of mystic immortals, to golden to standard in existence is also 1:1,000+:10,000+. Qin Yu transfer his soul to the sword immortal puppet and goes out to drink tea and learn about Yan Guo. He finds out Yan Guo entered close door training at a school and is strictly guarded by other Golden Immortals.

Qin Yu assassinates Yan Xulan, head of household of the Yan house and takes his yuanying. He refines the yuanying with Yan Guo achieved Level 7 Golden Immortal. Qin Yu in the puppet murders Yan Guo in front of everyone in the new Yan household head election. Some talk happens about Qin Yu’s disciple getting lazy after gaining respect. Qin Yu goes to closed door training. There are some events happening in the Jade Sword Sect regarding Yu Dian, Yan Gao’s teacher getting a promotion. Yu Dian plans to get revenge for the murder of his disciple. Lu Dian brings 4 disciples to the Yan household who are Heng Yu, Feng Lian, Heng Feng and Lu Cao. They suspect the Liu household cause of the new mystery person with standard demon guards.

They attack Bamboo Garden (Liu household location). Qin Yu wakes up from closed door training for 10 years and goes outside in his sword puppet. He currently has reached level 1 Golden Immortal spirit state. Qin Yu kills 4/5 instantly with the 8th Heaven Sundering Sword technique and Heng Yu does Yuanying explosion to try and kill the puppet but fails. The clans witnessed the fight and feared Qin Yu, not daring to make an enemy out of him. Qin Yu goes back to refine Hua Yan, Du Zhong and Ao Feng’s yuanyings and achieves Late Dark Star stage. He now opens the 2nd floor of the beast chart containing 29 Level 9, 100~ Level 8 and 300+ Level 7 Demon king level holy beast (Equivalent to golden immortal. Golden demon just feels weird. ). Almost 20 of them are divine beast, one of which is middle class and rest low class. Ni Yang has apparently been dead for 100,000 years based on how long these holy beast have practiced. He finds out there is actually a difference in immortal vs demon strength. Kong Lan (The Level 9 Demon King middle-class divine beast) can’t beat a Level 1 Demon Emperor but can 50/50 based on equipment win against an Immortal Emperor. Qin Yu gives the 3 leaders (Kong Lan, Dan Meng and Tu Gang) top class immortal weapons and armor (armor only to Kong Lan).

Qin Yu does some chatting with his disciple and Lui Han. He then goes to check the storage rings he took from those 5 immortals that attacked him last time. He finds an immortal world interspace map in Yu Dian’s storage ring which he wants as well as lots of money (money would be elemental holy stones in this world) in the rings. Yu Qingzi (The Jade Sword Sect leader and 1/36 Emperor Yu lord’s guy) finds out Yu Dian is killed and learns of the fight. Emperor Yu receives some news and suspects if this Qin Yu is the same Qin Yu as the one in the mortal world that took most of Ni Yang’s treasures. Emperor Yu orders Yu Qingzi to either capture someone from Qin Yu’s school to perform soul examination on or kill the elder or retrieve his valuables. A lot of experts prepare to go the Maple Star for Emperor Yu’s order.

Qin Yu in the meantime is more worried about his disciple’s strength, making it so he can’t leave. Liu Hanshu also has a crush on a girl. Next day Qin Yu goes to watch the control rights battle and tells Hanshu of his departure tomorrow for demon world. Liu Han try to stall Qin Yu to stay since some people are here to try and destroy the Liu House. Wu Bo puts a restrictive spell on Hanshu so that if Qin Yu is messaged about this, Hanshu would die but he does it anyways and dies. Qin Yu kills and uses soul examination on Liu Han and finds out situation. Qin Yu kills Wu Bo with the Skybreaker and proceeds to enter sword puppet. He can feel the opposition force is 70 Level 9 and 200 Level 8 golden immortals, as well as 3 immortal emperors.

After some talk about Emperor Yu and asking Qin Yu to give up or fight, Qin Yu gets into action. Qin Yu summons all demon kings from the 2nd floor of the scroll. During the hellish fighting scene, the demon kings are losing so they retreat to the scroll. Yu Qingzi demonstrates a ranged sword energy skill mystic immortals can use. Qin Yu kills the 1st immortal emperor Hua Xia and showers in his blood in front of everyone. Qing Qi immortal emperor spams Mountain tremor seal technique on Qin Yu. The immortal emperor side retreat after some fighting. Casualties are 200~ golden immortals and 1 immortal emperor. Yu Qingzi learns of Qin Yu’s plans from Liu Yun (Liu head of household). Emperor Yu is informed of this information and understand Qin Yu’s plans. He is also happen that the divine lost diagram returned to the immortal world (The 3rd treasure scroll that had a restrictive spell Qin Yu got at the 9th floor of the 9th-heaven tower).

Scene switches to some dialogue between Qing Yan and Xi Shuang’s son in a restaurant sharing a table. Xi Shaung is revealed to be Qin Yu in disguise and Wan’er, his maidservant is a level 6 demon king from the beast chart. Qin Yu is currently in Blue Fire Star after using grand teleportation for 3 days to go from planet to planet so no one recognizes him. He is here currently trying to exchange high grade elemental stones for top grade since he got a ton from that war as well as more than 200 top grades. Qin Yu leaves and goes back to training. Half a month later they meet again to give the high grade stones to exchange.

Scene switch to introduce Xue Yileng (Level 7 devil emperor) and Zhi Bai (Level 7 mystic immortal) protecting Xu Huang’s cargo containing a divine item. Qin Yu goes into the puppet and heads to Blue Fire Cloud building with Ruba to trade. He can feel many immortal emperor and devil emperor ranks around him as well as the 2 super experts previously introduced. Qin Yu meets Jiang Yan and Luo Yu, 2 immortal experts and talk. There is some weird love dispute talk. There is suddenly a big fight happening for the divine item cargo. Subordinates of Emperor Qing, Emperor Xuan, Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor are all fighting. Luo Yu joins the fight. The puppet got injured so Qin Yu retreats. Zhi Bai is surprised that someone blocked his sword technique and survived, that person being Qin Yu in the puppet who was used by Blue Sabre kid (one of the people fighting) as a shield. As Qin Yu is retreating, he later saves someone named “Bai Yu” (Emperor Xuan’s side) being chased by Zhi Bai. Luo Yu (supposedly a genius cause of his practice speed) is fighting Emperor Yu’s immortal emperors. Zhi Bai has the immortal emperors retreat and goes to confront Luo Yu.

Luo Yu has a divine item “Space manipulator” so he can’t be killed by Xue Yilang (who retreated first cause he gave up) and Zhi Bai lent to him by Jiang Yan. Its abilities are self-explanatory. Shift to Qin Yu who is being chased by Xue Yilang and gets away in the immortal mansion. Jiang Yan goes to request someone named Wuming to save Luo Yu. Qin Yu repairs the puppet with his elemental life force. Xue Yilang is pounding on the defensive restrictive spell on the mansion. Ao Wuming calls out to Qin and Luo Yu to meet up. Ao Wuming is revealed to be of the dragon clan emperor, one of the two. Demon world is revealed to be divided into 3 powers, the running beast, dragon and flying clan. Dragon is weakest in aiblities but biggest in terms of influence. The flying and running beast clan has a lot of internal conflict but dragon is united so they are currently the strongest.

Qin Yu is introduced to the power structure of the dragon clan. He learns Ao Wuming a super divine beast 5 clawed dragon has a brother originally thought to be a low divine beast red dragon but turned out to be a even rarer super divine beast Blood Dragon Ao Wuxu. Ao Wuxu would have made the clan into triple emperor but he left and didn’t return. Wuming, Xue Yilang and Zhi Bai are fighting. Yilang and Bao retreat after losing when Wuming turns to a dragon. Wuming gives the order to drink for 3 days and nights and Qin Yu + Luo Yu has no choice but the comply.

Book 12 Chapter 34-70

Emperor Yu is sitting in lamenting over the fact that he doesn’t have a trail of Lan Feng. He suddenly receives a message from Zhi Bai that the plan has failed (Plan of the cargo protection was to lure famous immortal emperor figures to kill with the divine item in cargo). He suspects that the mystery person hindering the plan was Lan Feng. Emperor Yu gather his men to Blue Bay Star Domain. Scene shift Qin Yu and Luo Yu drinking with Ao Wumeng. They discuss about the building they are in made of elemental holy ore. The 3 are drunk and they end up comparing immortal mansions, Qin Yu lending them into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion which Wumeng hears as Qin Yu Immortal Mansion. The next day after sobering up, Ao Wuming inquires to Qin Yu about the immortal mansion and how he escaped Xue Yilang given his strength level.

Qin Yu learns that Jiang Yan’s grandmother is extremely strong, barely anyone is her level. Qin Yu learns of Jiang Yan’s 2 divine items. Space manipulator/shifter (I prefer manipulator since shift sounds limited) allows teleportation despite spatial shock that prevents teleportation normally and Heaven’s Mirage which can surround the person and gives an incredible increase to defense and some attack power. Ao Wumeng invites them to go the Emperor Yin Star. Qin Yu and Luo Yu go, under the pretense of needing the get stronger so going for closed-door training. Wuming’s wife, Lian Zhu stays. Emperor Yin Star is divided into 3 regions: East Star City, West Star City and 潜领 (not sure I’ll refer to it as Hidden Cape). There are also people referred to as Wei Cheng which are similar to bodyguards. They explore Hidden Cape first but don’t proceed too far since not permitted to go.

Qin Yu learns that Emperor Yin has 2 subordinates, one called “White” and other “Black” Immortal Emperors that are both of Mystic Immortal Level 8. They talk a bit about status in the immortal world then proceed to the main city, East Star City. They see a fight happening in broad daylight over a theft. Lou Yu saves the thief. They meet Meng Hong who Wuming came to see, a demon emperor belonging to the running beast clan. He inquires to Meng Hong if someone named Hou Fei ascended there in the past 200 years. He sees that he is indeed there and is regarded quite highly because he is the only one of his type and the running beast clan is currently strong with him there. The continue talking about how this Hou Fei is abnormal in that he reached Level 1 Demon King level in 100 years and visits the flying clan domain.

He then inquires about Hei Yu but gets no information about him (No one has heard of someone of his description). Qin Yu proceeds to spend 3 months touring the East Star City under Meng Hong’s guidance. They go to the immortal palace paradise, partially owned by the dragon clan and Wuming lets them do their closed door training in the Wuming Long Residence cause Wuming feels it to be safer. Wuming was bored and also went into closed door training. After 50 years, Qin Yu feels ready to go to Black Hole stage so goes into immortal mansion and refines Yan Gao’s yuanying. He creates the black hole but it isn’t stable so he engulfs a total of 30 Level 8 and 10 Level 9 Golden Immortal Yuanyings to stabilize it. Qin Yu goes to observe this black hole. A burst of energy originating that causes the worlds energy to shake from Emperor Yin Star attracts the attention of the immortal/demon/devil world and causes an uproar. Qin Yu is currently early Black Hole stage.

The emperors suspect this is energy from the divine world, the world that after ascending the immortal/demon/devil world. Qin Yu and his current group gather to look up. A message is left saying “Little friend, we are waiting for you”. The emperors all gather at Emperor Yin Star and discuss this event, wondering who this “Little friend” is. Suddenly a voice passed to everyone “Little friend, practice faster, we are waiting for you, haha…..” Nobody knows that message was left for Qin Yu but there is discussion amongst the emperors. The names of the emperors are revealed

Emperor Yu = Feng Yu

Emperor Qing = Chi Qing

Black Devil Emperor = Gong Pang

Devil Emperor of Asura = Ziru Xue? 自如雪

Emperor Xuan = Xuan Xi

Emperor Yi = Lin Yin

It is revealed Emperor Yu has sent Yuan Lan, a Level 6 Immortal Emperor to spy on and relay information about Qin Yu. Qin Yu takes out the Jiang Lan World and successfully opens the 1st floor and gets an automated congratulations message from Uncle Lan. He visits it and feels the thick elemental air density in it.  Qin Yu goes shopping with Jiang Yan and sees the girl Hanshu used to like and recalls Hanshu’s death. Qin Yu sees Lin Lin (The girl Hanshu liked) getting picked on by some red haired level 8 devil king Guo Nu so Qin Yu steps in and stops them. Qin Yu kills him, displaying his gravitational and double gravitational field. He gives Lin Lin his Communication Holy Bead contact. All information regarding Qin Yu, Liu Hanshu and the slaughter fest was erased in Maple Star apparently.

Devil Emperor Xie Yi, Guo Nu’s teacher came and saw Guo Nu’s corpse lying on the streets. Qin Yu encounters and fights this Xie Yi. Qin Yu uses both his divine sword and divine armor. This devil emperor also has a divine armor. He is too strong for Qin Yu, almost killing him. He can’t handle too many attacks from him since it causes destabilization of the Black Hole. Luo Yu comes and sees Xie Yi. Luo Yu fights Xie Yi since they also have bad history together (Xie Yi killed Ajiao, who was Luo Yu’s wife). Xie Yi uses a cloning technique and splits into 4. Xie Yi uses a very strong attack “Boundless Bloodshed” which should have killed both of them both Qin Yu somehow survives and also used a cloning technique to divide into 2 which was revealed to actually just be his sword puppet.

After yet another failed attempt to kill Qin Yu, Xie Yi stops cause he notices Jiang Yan. He calls Jiang Yan and Qin Yu lucky because both of them have elders/teachers that granted them multiple divine items that give a significant boost to defense making it so they can’t be killed but they lack the attack power to fight. Jiang Yan feels insulted being called lucky little girl so she fights back, using cloning technique to split into 8. She is displaying the true power of her 2 divine items. Xie Yi attempts to kill Luo Yu and Qin Yu with a sneak attack but fails. Wuming saves them. Xue Tianya, who is Xie Yi’s father, arrives to the fight. They take about Ajiao, who is Xue Tianya’s adopted daughter. The whole situation is revealed as: Xue Tianya has an adopted daughter Ajiao who fell in love with Luo Yu without Tianya’s knowledge and Tianya granted her over to Xie Yi who killed her after he found Ajiao and Luo Yu meeting up (Really? Wtf.). So Luo Yu and Ajiao were never married.

Xue Tianya decides to be reasonable and have Lin Lin come out from the immortal mansion and talk about the situation. It escalates rather quickly when Qin Yu is given the death sentence by Tianya. Emperor Yin, black and white immortal emperors come who are revealed to be Lin Lin’s grandfather and elders. Tianya and Yi are a bit angry at this moment but don’t act cause they offended 3 important people (Wuming, Jiang Yan’s grandmother and Lin Lin’s grandfather). A dominance act is concluded with Xie Yi being banned from the Blue Bar Star Domain (enter = death), Xie Yi gets palm attacked by Lin Yin (which contains a restrictive spell into Xie Yi’s yuanying causes him to require 50% of his energy to suppress it constantly or it will destroy his yuanying) and Qin Yu is given the opportunity to severely would Xie Yi (which he doesn’t do sadly).

Xue Yi and Tianya retreat and have a father and son talk. Since Tianya was the one who sent Du Zhong as the devil world herald, he knows Qin Yu’s divine items. Tianya says to Yi that he plans on personally killing Qin Yu (Way to go Qin Yu. Making enemies left and right wherever you go.). Tianya sends men to monitor Qin Yu. Qin Yu leaves Wuming palace to do closed door training in Jiang Lan World. Jiang Lan World is absorbing elemental holy air from the environment. Inside, elemental energy is absorbed at a much faster rate than normal too. He practices 150 years inside Jiang Lan World, which is 15 years outside. He is currently Middle Black Hole Stage, equivalent to Level 8-9 Golden Immortal. Qin Yu teleports to Ao Wuming and Meng Hong and tells them he is leaving to depart to demon world. The men spying on him report to their respected leaders. The leaders are all ready to go kill him. Tianya personally and Emperor Yu ambushing at “Blue Snow Planet”.

Qin Yu heads to Blue Snow Star. Qin Yu senses a Level 8 devil emperor but doesn’t know who it is. It is Xue Tianya, planning to take out Qin Yu in 1 move. He doesn’t suspect Qin Yu can sense him because he is stronger than him but the meteoric tear allows him to be sense, just not his identity known. As the 2 get closer, Qin Yu senses this person wants to kill him. Emperor Yu at this moment steps in the try and kill also. He and Xue Tianya are talking in sense transmission because he doesn’t want to let Qin Yu know their identities. They both compete to kill Qin Yu. Qin Yu is on the retreat. Qin Yu is seriously injured. Tianya and Huang start fighting cause chance to obtain beast scroll and divine lost diagram. Qin Yu takes this moment to escape. The 2 don’t know where he went. They suspect he went into his immortal mansion and search. Qin Yu actually went into Jiang Lan World and blended with magma rocks on the outside.

Qin Yu spends time in the Jiang Lan World trying to develop a ranged technique like the one used against him by Yu Qingzi. In the outside, 5 years pass by. Emperor Yu and Tianya finally decide to leave and just leave a few immortal and devil emperors here to keep a watch for Qin Yu coming out. After 100 years pass inside Jiang Lan World, Qin Yu finishes created his finger aura technique Meteor Fingers, which emits a piercing energy from his fingers (So 5 years outside after Emperor Yu leaves). Qin Yu leaves Jiang Yan World and discovers the people monitoring him. He decides to spend a month monitoring them so find a loophole. Qin Yu finds one month those guards take a break and uses that to leave in the interspace transmission formation. He goes to the Sulfer Bright Star planet temporarily to eat then leaves again.

He currently stopped at Warm Wood Star in a city to rest. He overhears a conversation of a congratulatory celebration and 2 immortal emperors to be attending. One is Yu Fan, one of 18 emperors of Emperor Yu but the other Qin Yu takes note is Yu Qingzi, the person who was involved in the killing of his disciple which Qin Yu has set out now to kill. Qin Yu inquires to the people conversing which school they belong to and their elder. He gets the information of it being in the Floating Moon Star system, the Icy Wind sect and emperor Bing Lian. He sets out to that location with an interspace map he got from Wuming. He sets Baizhi Star (White Chih Star?) as his backup escape place belonging to Emperor Qing.

Qin Yu tried to assassinate Yu Qingzi but fails, has Meteor Finger blocked by Yu Fan. After some fighting, Qin Yu successfully kills Yu Qingzi and tells him through sense communication who he is before he dies. Qin Yu escapes the scene. He is chased by Yu Fan. While Yu Fan messages Emperor Yu, Qin Yu escapes with grand teleportation. Yu Fan somehow finds Qin Yu, causing Qin Yu to be startled because his breathing technique along with the meteoric tear should have left him undetectable. After a bit of pursuing, Qin Yu decides to meet him head on and use gravitational field on him and escapes. Yu Fan suspects Qin Yu to belong to the Dark Star Clan, which can use gravitational field. It hints that this Dark Star Clan is the other 10% of this world that was previously a secret. Dark Star is revealed to be a mystery place where people aren’t allowed to go to, and people in it don’t usually leave. Qin Yu escapes to the Baizhi Star.

Qin Yu is currently assessing himself after being hit with Yu Fan’s “Fan’s heavenly signing technique” which left a golden energy spot on him that he can’t remove. Yu Fan is still currently watching him but he doesn’t take action because he doesn’t want to offend the Dark Star Clan and cause a ruckus in Emperor Qing’s territory. After some failed negotiations with Yu Fan, Qin Yu runs again, this time Yu Fan not being able to track. Yu Fan is forced to leave by Emperor Qing. It is revealed that Yu Fan’s technique was also a tracking technique. Emperor Yu gets all this info. Qin Yu gets a message from Emperor Qing saying an old friend from Crescent Bay wants to meet him. Qin Yu meets Emperor Qing’s 4th disciple Song Shi.

Emperor Qing comes and speaks with Qin Yu. He knows about Qin Yu from when the Feng Yu and Xue Tianya hunted him but he escaped. Emperor Qing that talks about Ni Yang and how unlucky he is. A banquet is prepared because apparently this old friend of Qin Yu is also a senior or Emperor Qing. The person turned out to be Yin Hua (Jiang Yan’s grandmother). Yun Hua speaks with Qin Yu about several things like his practice speed, his divine items, Luo Yu and Jiang Yan’s current situation and his current strength.

Qin Yu follows Yan Hua somewhere (which Emperor Qing is highly against because he doesn’t see Qin Yu as qualified). It turned out to be meeting Ao Fang, the dragon clan head and Ao Wuming’s father. He refers to Wuming as the non-loyal son because he married an arctic fox. He also meets Ni Huang, Level 9 demon emperor of the flying clan, a super divine beast Phoenix. They talk about Jin Xingjun who is revealed to be one of 3 monarchs of the Dark Star clan. The 3 monarchs are Lord of Black Flame, Lord of White Mysterious and Jin Xingjun. Jin Xingjun used to be part of the group of 4 with Ao Fang, Ni Huang and Yin Hua but Jin Xingjun ascended to the divine world already. This seemed to be a meeting to congratulate Chi Qing (Emperor Qing) on getting the information of his divine tribulation.

Emperor Yu speaks with Chi Qing and finds out he is protecting Qin Yu. Emperor Yu is not allowed to harm Qin Yu as long as he is in his territory. Because Chi Qing owes a favor to Emperor Yu, Chi Qing will tell Emperor Yu of Qin Yu’s departure and won’t hinder his murder. In seems that Emperor Yu has immortal emperors coming so that Qin Yu can’t escape, this time 48 immortal emperors (the battalion has arrived!) Qin Yu after a few days is leaving, Emperor Yu is notified and is goes to strike. All the interspace transmission formations are destroyed. Qin Yu sees Emperor Yu. He feels that the whole planet is surrounded.

There is a long cat and mouse game between Qin Yu and Emperor Yu’s group. Qin Yu stops by a small town which Emperor Yu comes and kills everyone in it except one small Xiuzhen Qin Yu saved. Emperor Yu doesn’t waste any time and takes out his middle grade divine weapon “King Emperor Sword” (Not sure what 景 is). Qin Yu escapes and hides again. Emperor Yu decides to have his immortals burn down the planet and use the “锁元炼火阵” (Basic Lock Up Refining Fire Formation?). Qin Yu in Jiang Lan World feels the blue heavenly flames and hears the hysteria that is going on outside. Emperor Yu eventually discovers Qin Yu to have probably turned his immortal mansion to the form of a water drop so he can blend in with the water. Emperor Yu is attacking with his emperor sword but is failing. Qin Yu decides to practice inside Jiang Lan World.

The boy is being trained by the 3 heads of the 2nd floor beast chart as well as Wan’er. Emperor Xuan is revealed to be Emperor Yu’s wife. Xuan Xi joins in on beating on the supposed immortal mansion with her divine weapon “Flow King Sword?” (Jang showed up again). They fuse the 2 divine swords to make the High grade divine sword “Peerless King Sword”. They attack but still fail. Qin Yu has practiced for 200 years inside Jiang Lan World. His spirit has achieved Level 4 emperor state. He starts to absorb elemental holy air with his black hole. He achieves Late Black Hole Stage. His current strength is Level 3 immortal emperor. He opens the 3rd floor of the beast chart. There are 7 Demon Emperors. 4 of them are Ming Zheng Level 1, Dong Xue Level 4, Ding Jue Level 3, and Yun Ming Level 5 demon emperor who are all divine beast, Yue Ming of which is high class divine beast. The other 3 demon emperors are revealed to be Wu Lan, Ye Qu Level 7 demon emperor(The person who defended the blue cloud road at Ni Yang Realm who is revealed to be a tyrannosaurus whose clan doesn’t exist in the same space/dimension as the current space/dimension they are in), Ao Wuxu Level 8 demon emperor, the blood dragon (…Lmao he became a holy beast? No wonder he went missing).

Wuxu is revealed to become a holy beast because he lost a bet. Wuxu after some persuasion agrees to help Qin Yu (more of a request from Wu Lan). They talk about who can match Wuxu in battle which is very few. Qin Yu tells them they are in Jiang Lan World. Wu Lan decides to help Qin Yu after hearing that his senior uncle gave him this divine item. Qin Yu request Wuxu to teach Emperor Yu a harsh lesson. Wuxu goes out alone first to teach them a lesson. Wuxu demonstrates his special techniques, including a splitting technique where he creates 16 blood dragons each with 30% of his power. He kills 24 immortal emperors. He does more of his splitting attacks, eventually causing Emperor Yu to flee. Emperor Yu consults his general subordinate Mu Yan. Zhi Bai is dead. Total lost was 26 immortal emperors. Wuxu comes back to Jiang Lan World and says it wasn’t difficult.

Book 13 Chapter 01-30

Wuxu reminds Qin Yu of their agreement of letting him stay in Jiang Lan World instead of the beast chart. Wu Lan tells Qin Yu of Ni Yang’s story. Ni Yang, Emperor Yu and Emperor Xuan went to a ‘confusion temple’ but luck would have it that Ni Yang steps on a divine insect who even tho died, pricked him in the foot so he was poisoned. Divine insects also seem to have a ranking system. Wu Lan is revealed to be a demon beast from divine world. Qin Yu creates a mini world like the Qing Long Continent inside Jiang Lan World and allows the 3 big holy beast to stay inside. Qin Yu goes back to meditate/practice. Dragon Emperor and Emperor Su are talking since they witnessed they fight with Wuxu. It is revealed that the dragon emperor was good to Qin Yu so that he would be good to Wuxu given how arrogant Wuxu is. 

They discuss Qin Yu, who is now more known and people are weary of his existence. Mainly because of the story of him being hunted by Yu Huang and had 26 immortal emperors killed for it. Yu Huang is in remorse, because he lost loyal followers he has been with for so long but all they are gone from losing a single war. Yu Huang decides to disappear for a very long time.

Qin Yu is now openly wearing his divine items and is headed to demon world. Currently stopped by Giant Tree Star to have a mini banquet in a restaurant. People seem to recognize him there from the rumors but speculate that he is a Level 8-9 Immortal Emperor. Others think he is the super divine beast Fire Qilin because he without the fire attacks of Yu Huang’s men. Qin Yu decides to look for Hou Fei first by asking Meng Hong. Qin Yu’s spirit has already achieved heavenly spirit 1st floor level (Probably refers to divine world levels). He goes to use the secret communication formation in Yellowstone Star. Meng Hong tells Qin Yu to go to Green Cloud Star and see the Bull Devil Emperor for information. Qin Yu trades a top-grade immortal item tomahawk for the secret communication formation.

Qin Yu goes to Green Cloud Star and meets Man Gan. Man Gan invites Qin Yu to his place and they talk. Along with Hou Fei, Qin Yu also has abnormal practice speed. Hou Fei in a few hundred years reached Level 5 Demon King but Qin Yu is already an emperor level expert. Qin Yu tells him Lan Feng gave up the beast chart. He meets his 3 ice lion holy beast. Qin Yu frees Shi Xin from his holy beast restraint. Man Gan goes to inquire about Hou Feis location because apparently it is a secret. Yu Huang has a breakthrough to Immortal Emperor Level 9 and heads toward Qin Yu. Hou Fei apparently tried to look for Hei Yu but was forced by the great ape emperor. Qin Yu decides to go find Hei Yu with the help of Shi Zhan since he is Hei Yu’s holy beast and can track him.

Qin Yu goes into the Jiang Lan World to break restrictive spell on divine lost diagram. Wu Lan tells Qin Yu that 10 million years ago, before the existence of Divine items, a mysterious temple appeared called the “confusion temple”. The temple appears to be some gateway between a certain location of divine world and their current world. It is how Wu Lan arrived in this immortal/devil/demon world. This divine lost diagram appears be a map of some sort to thread back and forth between the 2 worlds in the confusion temple. That location in divine world contains many divine items. This place is where Ni Yang got all those divine items for his Ni Yang Realm. On one of his trips, he stepped on the divine world poisonous insect and died. Given Qin Yu’s current strength, he should be able to enter confusion temple with the help of the lost diagram.

Qin Yu is warned not to go because the temple is heavily monitored by all sides so if he goes and comes back with divine items, it won’t be good for him back. Qin Yu practices for 30 days Jiang Lan World time. Because of Qin Yu’s status, Bull Devil Emperor prepares a banquet for Qin Yu to meet in the evening. Qin Yu decides to leave Zheng Zhong aka Niu Wa (The boy Qin Yu saved) who is currently Dacheng stage with Man Gan and the 5 demon kings from beast chart. Qin Yu releases the holy beast restraint of those 5. Qin Yu consults Bull Devil King of Hou Fei’s location which is currently the Heritage Restricted Area, a secret area of the ape and monkey clans, a place made by people from the divine world. The 3 strongest in demon world are revealed to be the Dragon Emperor (Dragon clan), Demonic Peng Emperor (Flying Clan) and Great Ape Emperor (Running Beast clan). They are the top because the dragon and peng emperors have inherited a treasure surpassing divine items and ape emperor has the heritage restricted area. The inheritance treasure cannot be brought with them during ascension. The area allows the spirit to develop faster. Hou Fei is allowed to use it because aside from the ape emperor, Hou Fei is the only super divine beast of the clan.

Qin Yu is allowed to go visit that area because he is Hou Fei’s brother, who is the future great ape emperor. Qin Yu departs with the Bull Devil Emperor the next morning. Yu Huang returns to Mu Yan and tells him to do some preparations, then goes to Xuan Xi, and tells his wife that they will now collaborate to kill Qin Yu. Qin Yu arrives at the place, which has a lot of gold stream energy that would normally be dangerous but here isn’t because of the senior from divine world. With the help of great ape emperor Sun Yuan controlling the purifying air, he allows  Qin Yu to enter the Heritage Restricted Area. Qin Yu has to take the test inside the area to meet Hou Fei. The area is divided into 6 sets, each teaching a part of the “Heaven’s Jian 36 Sticks” and Qin Yu enters the test under the fake current power level of Immortal Emperor Level 3 so the proctors also match that level.

Qin Yu challenges the 2nd set and after some fighting, the proctor knows Qin Yu is using a fake power so the proctor fights with Immortal Emperor Level 6 strength. Hou Fei attempts to save Qin Yu but gets injured in the process so Qin Yu sends him into the Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu is later saved by a leader inside it. Qin Yu tells Hou Fei about his adventures and the Jiang Lan World. Hou Fei is currently Level 3 Demon Emperor level. They suspect Hei Yu is currently being pursued. Hou Fei and Qin Yu decide to leave for the flying clan. Sun Yuan grants Hou Fei the divine armor “Golden Abyss” because he wants to make sure Hou Fei is safe. Qin Yu and Hou Fei leaves the next day and Mu Yan who was spying on them notifies Yu Huang. This time, Yu Huang and Xuan Xi plan on killing Qin Yu outside the flying clan. They plan on killing him in a single strike so he doesn’t have a chance to retreat to the immortal mansion.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei flying along discusses Qin Yu’s current situation. He needs to create the next stage of Stellar Transformations if he wants to proceed and they are many possible paths but if he choose a wrong one, it could lead to a dead end. Meanwhile. Ao Fang and Ao Wuming are talking. Fang tells Wuming of his plan to make him the next emperor after Ao Fang turns to level 9 demon emperor, takes the divine tribulation and ascends. Qin Yu the next day messages Wuming and tells him they flying by and if he wants to see Wuxu, Wuming so come visit them and Wuxu tells Wuming not to tell his father. Meanwhile, people are continually transmitted information of Qin Yu’s progress. Yu Huang and Xuan Xi plan to intercept them at Yellow Bird Star.

Wuming and Ao Fang plan to also intercept Qin Yu and Hou Fei at Yellow Bird Star to meet Wuxu since Wuming told Ao Fang. Qin Yu arrives at Yellow Bird Star and has Shi Zhan track Hei Yu. Qin Yu detects many experts near them, minimum of Immortal Emperor Level 6. Xuan Xi and Feng Yu fuse their divine swords to the Peerless King Sword. Qin Yu feels something is off and sends out his immortal sense but before it comes out, a sword quickly launched pierces Qin Yu’s divine armor, abdomen and into his Dantain. Hou Fei goes on a rampage and Qin Yu falls to the ground bleeding out. Luckily the sword only punctured the position of the Black Hole, but not into it so elemental life force is healing Qin Yu (lucky…). If Qin Yu had a Yuanying, he would certainly have died. Qin Yu tells Hou Fei he is alive and to retreat.

Feng Yu’s party suddenly realizes Qin Yu is alive. Shi Zhan and Hou Fei retreats into the Jiang Lan World. Feng Yu’s party is stunned at the fact that Qin Yu is alive. Qin Yu tells Feng Yu that he will forever hunt him down to make sure he is dead. Wuming and Ao Fang comes and sees the scene. Ao Fang , Xuan Xi and Feng Yu are all fighting. Ao Fang shatters Xuan Xi’s divine armor but didn’t kill her. Feng Yu can’t injure Ao Fang, the difference in power is too big even tho Feng Yu is 1 level higher. Feng Yu’s party retreats (I’m starting to get really annoying reading about Feng Yu’s appearance. Reminds me of a *certain* group from Pokemon).

Ao Fang retreats saying that if Wuxu wants to see him, he will come back. Wuming waits while Qin Yu disappears. Hou Fei and Qin Yu speak, Hou Fei getting a bit angry and wants to take out Yu Huang. Qin Yu finds Wuxu and they leave Jiang Yan World. Wuxu and Wuming meet up and Qin Yu goes to look around and reminisce his relatives back on Dark Purple Star and Li’er. Qin Yu currently taking nap wakes up and see his spirit has reached heavenly spirit 2nd floor from a sudden enlightenment. He hears Wuxu and Wuming quarrel. Qin Yu hears of why Wuxu abandoned the dragon clan. Because he was banished because of his supposed low level divine beast class, so he kneeled for 3 years in the snowy mountains for them to accept him into Green Crystal Star but his acceptance was refused.

After Wuxu had passed his 4-in-9 heavenly tribulation and found out he had hereditary memories, he told his father but his father just hit him instead because he thinks his son was faking it because variation divine beast are impossibly rare. Qin Yu tells Wuxu his story because he was like him. He finally convinces Wuxu to see his father. They have their father and son talk. Wuxu leaves back to Jiang Lan World after hearing his father’s answer to the question that “Would you acknowledge me if I were still a Red Dragon?” Wuxu tells Qin Yu to tell his father that if Wuxu and Ao Fang meet in the divine world, then it would be fate.

Hou Fei and Qin Yu are in a restaurant talking. Shi Zhan tracks Hei Yu to be in the “South Mountain Star” domain. They arrive at South Mountain Star domain and have Shi Zhan track again. He tracks Hei Yu to be in the “Ice Boundary Star” system. They arrive and track him to be at Jade Pasture Star. At Jade Pasture Star there is a mansion named the Star Spirit House. It is run by husband Liu Xing and wife Ling Jian. They appear to be on the run, currently resting here for 3 years. This Liu Xing person appears to have attracted some enmity from Ling Jian’s house by killing someone. Liu Xing appears to be Xiao Hei. He is currently Level 1 demon emperor. His pursuers currently caught up with him. Bai Ling is Ling Jian’s real name and is a level 9 demon king. Xiao Hei is indeed a variation divine beast of the hawk clan.

Before he was about to get killed, Qin Yu and Hou Fei step in. They together take down the demon immortal pursuers. Qin Yu finishes off the demon king level pursuers with the beast chart holy beast. He seems to have put all holy beast into the Jiang Lan World, but separated them based on their levels. Hei Yu introduces his wife to Qin Yu and Hou Fei. They all go into the Jiang Lan World and on the outside it changes to sand and camouflages with the shrubbery at the Star Spirit House. They discuss everything that happened, about the Jiang Lan World and Hei Yu’s situation. Hei Yu’s situation appears to have been caused by Zong Jue slaughtering a bunch of people and Hei Yu taking the blame for it. Hei Yu is being hunted by Emperor Zhe who is the Demonic Peng Emperor. They guess it might be because he is a variation divine beast, Zong Jue considers him a threat. They guess he is a variation divine beast because he can kill groups of people of a higher level than him.

They decide to train in Jiang Lan World to get strong enough to cope with the Demonic Peng Emperor before going out to save Bai Ling’s older sister Bai Xin. Hou Fei and Hei Yu trains by sparring and Qin Yu does mental training. Qin Yu is trying to figure out his next stage. Wu Lan achieved Level 8 Demon Emperor. It is mentioned that the practice speed in divine world is much faster compared to immortal/demon/devil world. He goes to Ye Qu to ask him to teach him a body training technique but is initially refused because he isn’t allowed to teach dinosaur clan techniques to outsiders. Ye Qu agrees to teach him on one request, he plays with him for 100 years (by fighting).

Qin Yu practices from the jade scroll Ye Qu gave him “Nine Transfer Hidden Golden Body?” which focuses on training the bones. It is divided into 9 stages, once all 9 states are mastered, the internal bone structure will drastically change (As long as he doesn’t change to a dinosaur, I’m fine.). Given his body tenacity, he starts from the 3rd state. 300 years later, it is revealed Wu Lan is constantly playing and losing to Qin Yu in chess. Bai Ling is pregnant. Bai Ling’s daughter has dark feathers, which is usually because Bai Ling’s doesn’t have any of that color. She was named Hei Tong. She passed the 4-in-9 tribulation but didn’t have hereditary memories so isn’t high or super divine beast. After 100 years, she passed the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation and turned to a little young girl. After a total of over 500 years, Qin Yu is in the 5th state of practice.

After 1,000 years, Hou Fei is currently a Level 6 Demon Emperor and Hei Yu is Level 5. He is confirmed to be a variation divine beast because of his practice speed and Hou Fei has to go all out with his special techniques he learned from heritage restricted place. Hei Yu is also abnormal in that normally, bird clan has high speed but low defense but Hei Yu has both cause his feathers is as hard as a divine items. Qin Yu’s current spirit state is heavenly spirit 3rd floor. He practiced up to the 6th in Ye Qu’s techniques. They suspect Uncle Lan is someone from the divine world. They head to Black Crow Star, the core planet of the flying clan.

Demonic Peng Emperor’s subordinates are revealed to be a 3 level 8 demon emperors. On is high class divine beast Bai Feng, a Phoenix Tailed Crane, 2nd is Liu Tu ahigh class divine beast Blue Flame Hawk and 3rd is Ao Ku variation divine beast Double Headed Dragon Eagle. Bai Feng gets the report that Xiao Hei is spotted. Qin Yu sends a holy beast to go scout the area for a way in. Qin Yu’s group goes to eat. They don’t get good news. They plan on having Zong Jue bring Bai Xin out. He inquires to Wuming for a way to contact Zong Jue. Wuming sends someone. Qin Yu is currently using a fake name Xi Shuang. A level 4 demon emperor Yu Pan from the dragon clan comes. Zong Jue gets the message mentioning Senior Uncle and comes. They are also using fake appearances. They are all currently stronger than Zong Jue.

The situation as explained by Zong Jue is: When Zong Jue met Hei Yu, he reported to the Demonic Peng Emperor that Hei Yu has a lot of potential and wants him as a future elite. Unexcitingly, Demonic Peng Emperor gives Hei Yu a death sentence. To be exact, the death sentence was given when the emperor was informed that Hei Yu might possibly be a variation divine beast. Zong Jue leaves to retrieve Bai Xin. Xiao Tong (Little Tong aka Hei Tong) is now a standard demon level. Zong Jue tells Bai Xin to prepare to leave to see her sister and Hei Yu.  Ao Ku and Bai Feng suspect something and fly towards them and reported to Peng Emperor. Zong Jue arrives with Bai Xin. Bai Feng calls out and Qin Yu quickly sends the weaker people to Jiang Lan World. Bai Xin is caught by Ao Ku.

Because Zong Jue belongs to the Mystical Bird Clan group of divine beast, Bai Feng and Ao Ku are hesitant to kill him without a good reason. They go after Hei Yu and Qin Yu because they know Hou Fei’s background. Qin Yu’s group are excited to fight to test their current strength. Qin Yu will fight Ao Ku and Hou Fei + Hei Yu fights Bai Feng. Before Bai Feng and Ao Ku go into battle form, they get beat out easily so they go into battle form (divine beast form). Qin Yu attacks Ao Ku many times, even with Sky Breaker but can’t kill him. For Hou Fei’s fight, Bai Feng has to limit her attacks as she doesn’t wanted to unintentionally kill Hou Fei. Bai Feng uses her special attack on Hei Yu and pierces his armor.

Neighboring onlookers are getting killed from the fight impact and some are talking about the fight. Qin Yu finally pierces Ao Ku’s abdomen but seemed to not hit any yuanying. Ao Ku splits into 2. Qin Yu as Hei Yu and Hou Fei retreat to Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu knows this fight was just to stall for Peng Emperor to arrive. The Emperor arrives and Qin Yu has already disappeared. The emperor hears the report of the fight, ie Qin Yu’s group strength levels and Qin Yu’s unusual resiliency.

Qin Yu in Jiang Lan World is thinking of a new way to save Bai Xin. He tells his brothers of the battle being a delay tactic and the return of the emperor. Hou Fei reports of the Demonic Peng Emperors inheritance treasure. It allows his speed to go up 3 times and makes attacks faster and stronger. Qin Yu exits to gather information. Zong Jue confronts the emperor of this matter and said that his senior requested so he had to comply. He is left off the hook just this once. Peng emperor circulates news around that in 6 months, Bai Xin will be executed at Yellow Lion Mountain. Qin Yu gets the information of the public execution.

Qin Yu in Jiang Lan world relays this information. The plan is to rescue Bai Xin and immediately go into Jiang Lan World and practice till ascension time. Bai Xin’s reputation spread because of this. Hei Yu and Qin Yu kill 2 guards, steal their memories and transform into them. Demon Peng Emperors name is Zong Yan. Zong Yan ask Bai Xin to be his holy beast and he won’t kill Hei Yu. Zong Yan reveals the reason he hunts Hei Yu is because of Qin Yu. Bai Xin agrees. Zong Yan reveals it was a lie and he plans on having hhis subordinates kill Hei Yu. Qin Yu and Hei Yu arrives to save. Bai Xin can only speak because restrictive spell. She tries to warn but can’t do it easily that she became a divine beast and Zong Yan is coming. Zong Yan is pursuing as Qin Yu and Hei Yu are retreating.

Book 13 Chapter 33-47

Qin Yu and Hei Yu ponder as to how Zong Yan knew. They decide to hide in Jiang Yan World. Qin Yu meets up with Zong Yan. Zong Yan talks about who is put up a fight against him, which are only Ao Fang and Sun Yuan. He doesn’t consider anyone else. Hei Yu removes the restrictive spells on Bai Xin. Hei Yu and Qin Yu checks Bai Xin and finds out she became a holy beast to Zong Yan. Bai Xin dies (some sort of restrictive spell trap by Zong Yan, not too sure. Nothing is told.). Hei Yu and Zong Yan want each other dead. Zong Yan prepares the lock up flame formation. Hei Yu, Qin Yu and the corpse of Bai Xin decide to go in Jiang Lan World. Hei Yu decide to stay behind to at least kill someone first so Qin Yu joins in.

Hei Yu gives up and retreats to Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu was going to join but stops. He decides to fight Ao Ku again. It turns to out that he was aiming at Bai Feng, which he kills with a surprise attack. Zong Yan attacks Qin Yu and sends him flying back. He disappears at the collision. Zong Yan suspects he hid in his immortal mansion. Zong Yan’s group retreats to use the fire formation again. Zong Yan sits down with his subordinates to watch the attack. Zong Yan reveals that he is trying to kill Hei Yu because Hei Yu resembles Fang Chong, someone he previously competed with for peng emperor position. Fang Chong was a Dark Electric Peng King. Hei Yu, like Fang Chong, has incredible speed, dark colored and uses electric but is a variation super divine beast with incredible defense so he was the perfect divine beast. He feared that one day, Hei Yu would catch up and overcome him. He suspects Fang Chong was Hei Yu’s father.

Hei Yu heard the conversation and on the brink of crying. Qin Yu seems to have actually turned the Jiang Lan World into a particle and attached it to Ao Ku’s clothing. At the moment Zong Yan’s group went to check the flame results, the particle falls off. While checking, Qin Yu comes and teleports away. Ao Ku sensed something but thought it was an illusion. Meanwhile, Qin Yu was already at the interspace transmission formation leaving while Zong Yan was still diligently checking for the remains of the immortal palace. After hours of searching, he acknowledges that Qin Yu somehow ran away.

Qin Yu’s group arrives at Blue Fire Star domain Flowing Mist Star. They selected it as their place of residence. Qin Yu sends holy beast from his chart to take complete control of this planet, and that even if 1 person comes visit, find out who it is. They are given 100 years to achieve complete control. They will also look after Hei Tong as her acting teacher so that Hei Tong can enjoy the outside life. Hei Yu, Hou Fei and Bai Ling will spend this 100 years in Jiang Lan World practicing. Qin Yu will be practicing in outer space for his stellar transformations. Qin Yu practices on a meteorite, watching space and getting body trained on the golden body technique of the dinosaur clan.

Several hundred years pass inside the Jiang Lan World. Hei Yu has reached Level 6 Demon Emperor while Hou Fei didn’t make any breakthroughs. They talk about how in 100 years outside, if Qin Yu isn’t here, they have to yell to wake up him for an exit. Ye Qu reached immortal emperor level 8. They discuss how except for Wu Lan, the others would need to practice and pass divine tribulation if they plan on following Qin Yu to divine world. Zong Yan pondering why there been any trace of Qin Yu’s group receives a message from Feng Yu and Xuan Xi that they should cooperate to kill Qin Yu.

Meanwhile, 90 years total passes. Qin Yu has reached immortal state level 9 spirit and almost heavenly spirit 3rd floor. He reached 7th state in the golden body technique. Qin Yu suddenly witnesses a nebula rotating and thinks of something. After another 12 years of practicing perceived something. He starts returning to Hei Yu’s group. Inside is dantain is currently changing, the black whole became a golden black hole created golden particles. When he returns to Flowing Mist Star. Xin Xue (one of the holy beast) reports that is has been completed. Qin Yu meets up with Hei Tong and calls out his brothers. They have a banquet in Clear Stream Park, the current place of residency. Hou Fei is currently level 7 demon emperor. Wu Lan admits he can probably handle attacks from Zong Yan. After the banquet, Ye Qu enters the Jiang Lan World to practice since he wants to achieve level 9 demon immortal.

Qin Yu takes Hei Tong out for a stroll. He listens to rumors going around. Yu Huang and Xuan Xi joined forces and Emperor Qing passed over his throne to his brothers. Qin Yu using his immortal sense followed Hei Tong and sees that Hei Tong as a crush on a demon the same level as her named Guo Fan. Guo Fan and Hei Tong leave together. Qin Yu is watching over their mini date and remembers how he was with Li’er. Liu Qu, a blue flame hawk high class divine beast stops Hei Tong. Liu Qu has apparently selected Hei Tong to devote to the hawk clan. Hei Tong calls out to Qin Yu. Qin Yu rescues them and kills the 3 hawk clan members. Qin Yu takes Guo Fan with him back to Flowing Mist Star. Guo Fan is introduced to everyone.

Hei Yu, Hou Fei and Qin Yu have a banquet at night discussing Hei Tong and Guo Fan. He mentions he killed people of the hawk clan. Liu Tu informs Zong Yan of the murder by a mystery expert. Chi Qing informs Zong Yan that in a year, he will undergo his divine tribulation and is inviting his friends. Zong Yan is informed of the location since he is going. Pretty much every emperor is informed of this. Qin Yu is also inviting (uh oh.). Wuming messages Qin Yu and tells him that many experts will be going to this event. Hei Yu, Hou Fei and Qin Yu decide to go. He has Hei Yu and Hou Fei stay inside Jiang Lan World so they aren’t detected.

Qin Yu’s group arrives at Peak Mountain range Star. They are guided to the 1st area for people of emperor level. They meet up and speak with Song Shi (4th disciple of Emperor Qing). They are arranged to sit next to Yin Hua. Yu Huang and Xian Xi are here. Qin Yu and his brothers are told to hold his grudges till after the tribulation. Yu Huang meets up with Qin Yu and goes a little pale when he feels they are about the same level. Qin Yu passes off that he is immortal emperor level 9. Yu Huang feels his 2 brothers’ strength and feels it has become difficult to kill Qin Yu and his brothers. Xuan Xi also seems to have reached immortal emperor level 9.  Feng Yu tries to instantly kill off Qin Yu but fails.

Qin Yu meets up with Lin Lin and Emperor Yin. Qin Yu gets the message from Wuming that his father, Sun Yuan and Zong Yan are almost here. Zong Yan comes and immediately wants to strike but is held back from doing so by Song Shi. He still strikes anyways but is stopped by Yin Hua. Yin Hua is surprisingly even faster than Zong Yan with his inheritance treasure. Ao Fang and Sun Yuan arrived. Zong Yan sees how troublesome it has become for him now. Chi Qing steps in and Zong Yan’s group leaves. Qin Yu’s group appears to be visited by many because they gained quite a bit of fame.

A month passes, Wuxu and Ye Qu have come out to prepare to watch the tribulation. Yin Hua appears to have left. The tribulation is about to start. The tribulation appears to be a called the Triple Divine Tribulation, type of single layer divine tribulation (Not sure why it’s called single layer). Chi Qing actually had to face a double divine tribulation, which in addition to the single layer tribulation, will have a hallucination affect similar to the heart seduction effect Qin Yu and his brothers faced during the 9-9 tribulation. Chi Qing passes the 1st part light strike easily.  The 2nd part contains a black flame, which is said to be the God’s Flame, the flame of Gods used to refine divine items which Chi Qing actually flies up and confronts without much trouble. The 3rd part is a dark mist that contains many electrical snake attacks. Chi Qing uses a dark blue water veil to block it, which is the same energy he used to block the god’s flame. Qin Yu ponders on what that energy is. The tribulation comes to an end. People admire that Chi Qing didn’t use any divine items, only his personal skills.

Chi Qing host a banquet and invites everyone. Ye Qu, Bai Ling and Wuxu head back to Jiang Lan World. Chi Qing admired Ni Yang because he was friends with the Dark Star Clans Lord of white and lord of black. He also admired the defensive spell he put on the Qingyu Immortal Mansion to be able to resist Feng Yu and Xuan Xi’s attack which is actually the Jiang Lan World but he doesn’t know. Qin Yu’s group heads to Crescent Bay for the banquet. Team Rocket err…Zong Yan, Xuan Xi and Feng Yu continue to plan their attack. Suddenly while headed to Crescent Bay, Zong Yan teleports and starts to attack but Qin Yu sent Hei Yu and Hou Fei to Jiang Lan World.

Chi Qing arrives and is angry. He uses a cloning technique and divides to create 9 of himself. He and his clones all punch Zong Yan’s group as punishment and tells them to leave.  After Zong Yan, Feng Yu and Xuan Xi realize they can’t do anything and if they try, they only lose face, they talk. Zong Yan reveals that Chi Qing went to confusion temple 10 million years ago. Zong Yan tells Qin Yu that he will have many people try and snatch that divine lost diagram now. Zong Yan tells all the immortal experts that not only is the divine lost chart, but also the ten thousand beast chart is on Qin Yu. All eyes are now on Qin Yu ready to kill Qin Yu. Qin Yu also thinks to do the same when he finishes practicing the 9 states of golden body technique. Chi Qing reveals the item he got from confusion temple wasn’t a divine item.

Qin Yu, after the banquet, heads back to his residency planet. Qin Yu, Hei Yu and Hou Fei head back to Jiang Lan World to train. Zong Yan’s group is back at their home planet discussion Qin Yu’s group. Zong has send 72 demon emperors to form a lock formation to prevent Qin Yu’s group from possibly entering confusion temple. He also invites all demon, immortal and devil emperors to come discuss. 20 years later, Chi Qing ascends so his close friends see him off. Emperor Liu take over his position. Many experts gather at Zong Yan’s place for the discussion, including some hidden experts such as Mo Luo and Mo Kong, both level 9 devil emperors. They discuss the blocking of the confusion temple and how there will be one time it will be opened for many people to go.

The plan their work out is every 10,000 years, they will open it up for 1 trip for 1 person from each side for 5 sides (devil, immortal, dragon, running beast and flying clan). They decide to mix up the group of 72 emperors to be 14 demon from each demon clan, and 15 each from devil and immortal to make up 72. A year later the 1st trip to confusion temple. The group consist of Ao Ku of flying clan, Ao Lan of dragon clan, Bull Devil Emperor of running beast clan, devil world’s Mo Luo and Emperor Lui of immortal clan.  Only Bull Devil Emperor found 1 low grade divine item.

Meanwhile in Jiang Lan World, Qin Yu has finally absorbed enough energy to enter the 9th stage of Stellar Transformation so he goes to practice somewhere. Qin Yu in his dantain forms a golden ball, that golden ball is surrounded by the black flames “God’s Flame”. This golden ball is special in that it doesn’t absorb holy air but only energy created by the ‘paste space’ previously in his black hole. He names this 9th state “Origin”. He is in Early Origin Stage now. His energy increased by about 10 times but his attack remains around the same as before of immortal emperor level 5-6 (base attack not including divine items etc). He goes back to practicing the golden body technique which he is currently in the late 7th state of. Ye Qu shows a bit of jealously since he is only at the 8th state. So far it’s been roughly 100 years outside and Zong Yan’s group now try to find a way to hunt down Qin Yu’s group.

Book 14 Chapter 01-39

Zong Yan suggest that maybe Qin Yu’s group became a leader in a planet so that’s why they couldn’t find him. Based on that idea, Zong Yan gathers information and finds that 8 planets of the flying clan has had leader changes, 4 of which they decide to check on based on the time the leaders were changed in accordance with when Qin Yu started to go on the run. They also suggest that maybe Bai Ling most likely isn’t hiding. Emperor Yu does the scanning because he is of the highest spirit state and saw Qin Yu’s holy best and Bai Ling before. Meanwhile back on the clear stream park, Hei Tong and Guo Fan are being trained. Feng Yu discovers Bai Ling, Hei Tong and a demon emperor they don’t know who is Wu Lan. They go on the offensive. Wu Lan quickly messages Qin Yu.

Wu Lan fights Feng Yu and destroys his King Emperor Sword in a single hit. Wu Lan kills Feng Yu easily. Guo Fan, Bai Ling and Hei Tong are sent to Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu has already reached the 8th state in the golden body technique so his body is as strong as a middle grade divine item. He feels Wu Lan to be incredibly strong. Wu Lan and Qin Yu argue a bit, Wu Lan saying he completed his 1 request, Qin Yu saying he never requested this. Zong Yan sees Wu Lan and threat and challenges him. Xuan Xi, Ao Ku and Liu Tu fight Qin Yu. Qin Yu trial his new body’s durability. When all 3 attack simultaneously. Qin Yu attacks and on 1 hand kills Liu Tu, on the other hand kills one of Ao Ku’s 2 bodies. Ao Ku flees and so does Xuan Xi since she stabbed Qin Yu but didn’t injure him.

Zong Yan retreats because he knows he can’t win. He decides that killing Hei Yu is impossible so plans on hiring someone in the divine world one day to kill Hei Yu. At Green Blue Star, Zong Yan, Ao Ku and Xuan Xi meet. Xuan Xi decides to continue to pursue Qin Yu but Zong Yan and Ao Ku has decided to give up. Qin Yu’s group are having a mini celebration and chatting. Guo Fan and Hei Tong are revealed to be married. The 2 decide to train in Jiang Lan World for now because they suspect Xuan Xi still will pursue. Qin Yu’s group decide to head to confusion temple. (Note: 混乱 can mean chaotic or confusion but since they are headed todays confusion temple, I’ll go with confusion). They arrive at Confusion Star domain’s Confusing Adjacent Star (Yeah I really don’t know what to name this one. Maybe just Mi Lin Star? w/e ).

Qin Yu after doing an immortal sense scan decides to take an alternate path there because of the rifts surrounding it. They enter to see a layer of mysterious material they believe to be the outside of confusion temple. They go to an entrance by can’t enter because of a restrictive spell. They are told to leave so Qin Yu consults Wuming. Qin Yu learns of the agreement. They try to break it but fail. Even with Wu Lan’s help, still fails. Qin Yu tries attacking together with Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Wu Lan, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu but still fail. Qin Yu mentions maybe trying to Dark Star entrance. Wu Lan explains the Dark Star clan to him and the 3 schools which Lord of Black Flames, Lord of Mysterious White and Lord of Gold Punishment. They suggest trying to act like a practitioner of Lord of Gold Punishment’s school because that school focuses on training muscle and physique. But it is difficult because the school’s attacks leave behind gold color. Qin Yu currently in Origin stage, his energy is golden color so he thinks it might work.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei decides to train in Jiang Lan World to catch up with Qin Yu during this. Qin Yu heads towards Dark Star. A month later of exploring a star domain in Dark Star, he has yet to see a single person. Qin Yu finally spots a planet with inhabitants and goes to it. Qin Yu feels a very unusually heavy gravity in this planet (7000-8000 jin weight) and wonders how babies born survive under this gravity. He recalls some planets he read from Lei Wei’s books. Qin Yu rescues Xue Ya who was being robbed and used soul examination on the people he just killed, learning a lot. Xue Ya introduces herself to be a Sang Yuan Star’s Sang Na Village practitioner.

Qin Yu goes over all the information in his head. 3/9 of the domains in Dark Star have inhabitants. The population is low compared to the immortal/devil/demon world. But there are more experts than the outside worlds combined. There is estimated to be about 2,000 emperor level experts. On each of those star domains is a “Holy Star” which houses the black flame, gold punishment and white mysterious experts. Adding in the experts in the Saint Stars, the emperor level experts is around 3,000. Babies born here are standard immortal level 1 by the age of 16. Strength is divided into 3 levels of Ordinary, King and Emperor. King = Golden Immortal/Devil King, Emperor = Mystic Immortal/Devil Emperor and Ordinary = Anyone below Golden Immortal. People here can reach standard immortal with much ease. They don’t even have to go through the 4-9, 6-9 and 9-9 tribulations. Men also usually have an advantage over women in strength. Instead of yuanying, they have a “Golden Nucleus”. Levels also appear to be divided into stars, weakest being no stars, highest up to 18 stars. So 18 Star King Level > 0 Star King Level.

As Xue Ya inquires to Qin Yu about how many stars King Level he is, 3 golden bird beast attack him. The strange beast are of low intelligence but are golden immortal level. In Gold Punishment’s star domain there are these beast with a metallic body, in black flame’s domain there are flaming fire beast with a crystalline body and in white mysterious’s domain there are freezing ice beast with bodies of ice. Qin Yu takes them out, and gives Xue Ya the golden nucleus. He doesn’t need it so Xue Ya guesses he is an emperor level expert.

Qin Yu needs to learn the Gold Punishment ancesors techniques. The techniques are divided into 3 sets, the low, middle and high level sets. Each set can be practice to emperor level. Ordinary Level individuals can only obtain the low level sets. Qin Yu arrives at Sang Ya Village and knows each individuals power level. After speaking with an uncle Si Liu, he heads back with Xue Ya to her home. Qin Yu heads back into Jiang Lan World to practice. He leaves his immortal puppet clone to stay outside. Qin Yu in Jiang Lan Work practices the low level set. The Jin Xing (Gold Punishment just feels really weird) practice doesn’t use elemental holy air, rather, it transforms it in a metallic type natural energy which is absorbed to turn the body metallic. The reason people hunt metallic beast for the golden nucleus is because the golden liquid that nucleus when taken in, allows for more absorption of metallic natural energy. Those that use the advantages of this golden nucleus will be stronger than those that don’t use it. It is however, useless to emperor levels past 2 stars because the earlier it is ingested, the more potential the individual has.

Qin Yu uses elemental holy rock to aid the transformation of the energy for absorption. Qin Yu suddenly remembers since he is Jiang Lan World, he can make it so that the transformation of energy happens naturally. In comparison with the golden body technique, this one is better because it focuses on both muscle and physique equally while the golden body technique only focuses on the muscles as a support. For Qin Yu, the low, middle and high level sets are the same because the only affect the efficiency of absorbing but Qin Yu absorbs at a very rapid rate. After absorbing to the limit, his internal body now has the ‘Power of Gold’ so he goes to speak with Ye Qu. They argue which practice technique is better. There is no conclusion because each side has its own disadvantages (danger level, possibility of practice etc).

Outside, Xue Ya as reached King Level and discusses Liu Xing’s level (Qin Yu is going by this name). Some people from Jinyang Village arrive at Sang Ya Village and request to stay because their village got devastated by metallic beast (Yeah…I’m going to leave the original Chinese names for these villages because literal translations turn really weird. Like Jinyang becomes gold open = Open Gold Village which is just awkward). They also inquired about someone killing 100 Rising Sun members and think of this village because of some enmity between this village and that group. Si Xu, the village head, rebukes the claim that it was this village did it. Qin Yu comes out and he openly admits he killed one. Jin Feng (Jinyang Village side) can feel Qin Yu is at least emperor level so doesn’t dare go against him. Qin Yu argues he felt with his spirit that 100 people were being attacked by metallic beast but he didn’t recue them because he had no reason to and the group metallic beast was no less than 1000 in numbers divided into 2 groups. Qin Yu can feel that the leader of the metallic beast is one that is emperor level.

 Jin Feng refers to the metallic beast as ‘Trial Objects’ meant to train individuals but don’t harm villages because of the elders protection. Qin Yu knows however that his elder is only emperor level 2 while the metallic beast leader is emperor level 4. Jin Feng’s group leaves back to village. Qin Yu decides to go watch with Si Xu. Qin Yu inquires to Si Xu are the metallic beast intelligence. They start low but once they reach emperor level, they become as intelligent as humans. Although, become an emperor level is quite rare for metallic beast. In 100 million years of history, only 5 Yuan Zidong Stars have been destroyed by emperor level metallic beast. They get so strong to destroy Zidong Stars by leaving and coming back when stronger. Qin Yu tells Si Xu the reason the emperor level metallic beast hasn’t been discovered is because the elder is 4 star emperor level but the beast is 7 star emperor level.

Si Xu messages the elder to report to Holy Star. Together they watch the slaughter at Jinyang village. The elder arrives. Qin Yu watches the scene of the elder Liu Tong fighting. The beast transmits to Liu Tong that he will be his second elder kill. Qin Yu saves him and passes himself off as an “Interstellar Monk” (strong individual in Dark Star that roams place to place). Liu Tong thanks him for saving Sang Yuan Star. Jin Feng inquires to the elder of this emperor beast level who inquires to Qin Yu to find out it is 7 stars emperor level. Everyone shows respect to Qin Yu. They head back and Qin Yu tells Xue Ya. He planned on giving Xue Ya this beast as a gift (holy beast) learns he has to kill it. He does it holds the Golden Nucleus. He gives to the elder to pass it on the Xue Ya when she is strong enough to use it. He gives the elder the corpse. He is delighted because although the nucleus is valuable, the body is too because it can be refined to something similar to a low-grade divine item. Qin Yu leaves with the elder to his place.

Qin Yu inquires to Liu Tong about metallic beast. He learns that the reason metallic beast are born is because of the metallic natural energy. Why the actual beast itself is born and why it becomes intelligent is unknown but why it is metallic is understood. He tells Liu Tong he wants to go take the 18 star emperor trial. He also wants to take the elders Identity Star Change which requires acknowledgment from an elder first.  The advantages of acquiring this identity star change is the ability to go to confusion temple, take the Dark Star’s trial, become a guard and others that need identification. Liu Tong is surprised he wants to receive this identification from Sang Yuan Star because it would boost San Yuan Stars reputation. Qin Yu finds out he needs to take a trial. This trial allows the person to be distinguished as either a king or emperor level and his energy type because in the past, there was someone from devil world in disguise.

Qin Yu’s results come up as high emperor level, meaning his star rank is anywhere between 13-18 stars emperor level. He also passes off as not in a disguise. Liu Tong reveals that after Lord of Gold Punishment ascended, no one had reached 15 stars to become a candidate so his position wasn’t filled. When Liu Tong ask, Qin Yu smiles to the question if he has achieved 15 stars. Apparently the Lord of Gold Punishment in the past was also an interstellar monk like Qin Yu and practiced to 16 stars before taking the dark star’s trial. It is also revealed that without Dark Stars unique gravity, 16 stars is the peak. After some discussion, Qin Yu receives his identity star.

A few days later, executives came, whose job was to hunt down emperor level metallic beast as well as criminals. They are here because of those emperor level metallic beast, moreover, there are 2 extra now, one of which is 12 stars emperor level. Qin Yu is introduced to the leader of the executives, 15 star emperor level Wen Feng. It is revealed that the origin of the emperor level metallic beast was Feng E Star, killing the elder there. They apparently destroyed 2 Yuan Zidong Stars before attacking the one Qin Yu was on. After some talking and Liu Tong leaving Qin Yu speaks with Wen Feng who is revealed to have a 3rd eye.

The Emperor level metallic beast come as they are conversing. Qin Yu surprises the emperor level metallic beast as it is getting ready to leave. Qin Yu reveals to it that it was he who killed their brother. The reason Wen Feng didn’t become the new Lord of Gold Punishment was because 6 months ago, someone beat him to it. That person is 18 stars emperor level. There apparently was also a 17 star emperor level who took that dark star trial (I’ll mention this now. It says trial but it isn’t really a test. Rather, it is a training area but kind of training. It’s like a trail because staying in it for a long period of time is very difficult. 17-18 Stars are also equal to level 9 emperor level.).

Qin Yu, Liu Tong, Wen Feng and the executives hold a farewell celebration. Liu Tong gives Qin Yu a Communication Holy Bead (He hides his own since it was refined by immortals). Wen Feng gives Qin Yu an interstellar map of the entire Dark Star. Qin Yu is informed of a Holy Star trial. To take this test, me must go through the 36 Dark Star Trial (18 level emperor dark star and 18 level king dark star). This Holy Star Trial takes place at the “Holy Star” that lies between the 3 Holy Stars of the 3 monarchs which afterwards is a 36 Dark Star relay planet trial (Holy hell this universe is confusing). Qin Yu heads to the holy star trial place. Qin Yu tours the place. As Qin Yu heads to a big school, everyone is suddenly talking about him because a strength checked showed his strength to be ‘High and other’ category belonging to 13+ stars emperor level. After being offered preferential treatment, Qin Yu leaves to a lower, 14 star emperor building.

Qin Yu is given a jade clip that shows the rules of the place. To enter dark star trail, he has to use his identity star. Previously his identity star was checked when entering the building which is why everyone knows his strength. If he takes the 14 star trial, he will give awarded a 14 star token. Qin Yu enters the 14 star trail to train. He has difficulties. His muscles are currently at 14 star level so they start bleeding. His elemental life energy is unceasingly repairing him. He sits here for a whole year before waking up. His muscles have achieved emperor level 14. He is currently only wearing shorts because the cracking skin is uncomfortable with clothes (I felt this important enough to type this out.). Another person in the trial with him introduces self to be Meng Long. Qin Yu sees this dark star’s size to be roughly 300 miles.

Qin Yu walks around in this dark star (he’s still in 14 dark star trial) but stops at around a day because he is at limit in strength.

Qin Yu sees a strange green puddle in a distance and wants to know what it is. As he approaches it, it gets colder and colder. Around 300 meters from it, he is at the limit. The temperatures is so cold that if he goes even closer, he might freeze to death even with the meteoric tear’s help. The temperatures is comparable to “Ice Soul Chill” which can damage any divine item under high grade. If ponders at this strange puddle letting out Ice Soul Chill. He consults with Wu Lan who says that the puddle is “One Yuan Heavy Water”. He says it’s a cold attribute type of God’s Flame. It’s rare. Wu Lan says he only seen it used once. Wu Lan comes out with Qin Yu to try and take it. Wu Lan can withstand the gravity easily. Wu Lan tries to grab it but returns to Qin Yu afterwards. He says it isn’t One Yuan Heavy Water. Wu Lan suggest using Jiang Lan World to take it since it is superior to high grade divine item. Qin Yu first has to train his body to high grade divine item level first to approach it. He jogs for 3 years. Then trains using a gravity spell increasing gravity by another 30% and continues jogging. After 100 years, he thinks he reached 15 star emperor muscle strength.

Qin Yu runs towards the transmission formation. Meng Long sees Qin Yu and is shocked by his progress. He still doesn’t believe it after Qin Yu leaves. Qin Yu receives his 14 star token for entering 15th star trial and recognition. Qin Yu goes towards the 15 star trial. The new Lord of Gold Punishment has ascended the throne. His name is Xing Yuan. Xin Yuan seems to have been monitoring Qin Yu. Thinks he entered 14 stars because he wasn’t confident and now entering 15 stars. Possibly is next candidate for Lord of Gold Punishment position. Him and the vice master plan on making Qin Yu and Wen Feng compete for the position when they ascend.

While Qin Yu is eating at the 15 star place, people talk about him. Qin Yu enters the 15 star emperor level dark star. He sees a white mysterious bloodline individual. He uses double gravity restrictive spell on himself and goes to train. 800 years pass. Qin Yu divine spirit has completed (I think the floors thing was referring to his practice method, 3 Souls 9 refining). The meteoric tear fuses into Qin Yu’s divine spirit jindan. Qin Yu starts meditating and the meteoric tear releases 7 colors of light energy into Qin Yu’s spirit jindan. Qin Yu is seeing samsara (cycle of rebirth, buddism term) in his mind. Qin Yu suddenly sees a scene of a mother-like voice talking to him. The meteoric tear appears to be something “Zuo Quimei” left him, her only disciple. She also mentions not to tell anyone her name. Qin Yu is practicing.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu inside Jiang Lan World are talking. Apparently Qin Yu isn’t responded being he is in a “deep level” of practice. He’s practice 2000 years on the outside. Hei Yu and Hou Fei’s spirit have reached Demon Emperor level 9 but is suppressing their strength to stay in demon emperor level 8. They don’t want to go into demon emperor level 9 before of divine tribulation and ascension to divine world. Qin Yu has already achieved 9th state in the golden body technique. When Qin Yu wakes up, 3000 years have passed. He’s currently just stepped into 17 star strength. Qin Yu remembers about his brothers in Jiang Lan World maybe have already passed divine tribulation. Hou Fei’s group inside are talking. Qin Yu meets them. They talk about their current strength. They spar. They are shocked but Qin Yu easily dodges the combined attacks of both Hou Fei and Hei Yu. Qin Yu’s comprehension of skills now is too frightening. He is able to used Hou Fei’s stick techniques with ease.

Qin Yu hides the information of Zuo Quimei. Wu Lan explains the divine spirit states. When the divine spirit is complete, in condenses into a Jindan. This Divine Spirit Jindan is the normal God level. Next comes Divine Spirit infancy state which it takes on the appearance of an infant. Wu Lan says, to have complete comprehension of abilities, you spirit has to exceed divine spirit infant state. Basic degree of space comprehension is possible with divine spirit jindan state. In his current state with space comprehension, he should be unbeatable in the immortal/devil/demon world. They talk about who can compare with Qin Yu right now. Qin Yu checks his star space (dantain). The golden ball has turned into a dark golden ball. Qin Yu opens Jiang Lan World’s 2nd floor. Qin Yu meets Uncle Lan. Uncle sees his spirit has created the Jindan. Uncle Lan mentions a ‘she’ so Qin Yu suspects Uncle Lan knows Zuo Quimei. Uncle Lan says that Li’er is now also practicing but can’t freely leave divine world. Uncle Lan will let him meet Li’er when he opens the 3rd floor.

Wu Lan and Ye Qu decide to use the Jiang Lan World 2nd floor. Wuxu has reached devil emperor level 9 so decides to stay in 1st floor. Qin Yu now plans to go get that mysterious liquid in 14 star dark star and then visit confusion temple. Qin Yu passes by the white mysterious ancestor who introduces herself to be Han Xue. He comes out of 15 stars and people all watch him. He gets his 15 star token. Lord of Gold Punishment left him a message. The message is that Qin Yu is qualified to compete for next Lord of Gold Punishment position. Qin Yu goes to 14 stars to the puddle.

Qin Yu gathers the puddle into Jiang Lan World. Left behind is some strange golden liquid with a golden ball that is harder to gather. Qin Yu gathers it eventually. He goes in Jiang Lan World to store the liquid and ball somewhere. Touching the golden ball even froze his divine spirit. He would have died if the meteoric tear didn’t save him. Wu Lan knows nothing about this thing. Qin Yu heads to “Dragon Arrow Star” which is next to confusion temple. He heads to confusion temple which on dark star side also seems to be sealed. He learns he can only open it if he obtains the treasures of 3 majesties. Qin Yu tries to break it but fails. It was a seal arranged by the 3 majesties but Qin Yu managed to shake it without the help of an inheritance treasure which surprised the guard.

He learns that he needs to visit each of the 3 majesties and get a token crafted for him. He heads towards the lord gold first. He is recognized by guards. Qin Yu meets up with Wen Feng and talk a bit. Qin Yu is introduced around Sheng Mountain scenery by Wen Feng. He meets big elder Fu Lan who thinks Qin Yu came to Sheng Mountain to take up his place for worship. He immediately goes to see the Lord of Gold. Wen Feng also wonders if Qin Yu came up to take up the official position for worship but Qin Yu says it’s to get permission to visit confusion temple. Vice-sovereign Kou Feng greets Qin Yu and feels his hand, feeling Qin Yu to be not ordinary. He meets the 17 star vice-sovereign Liu Lan. He also meets the last vice-sovereign Bao Yu. Xing Yuan sends Liu Lan out because Qin Yu looks down on him.

Xing Yuan explains the seal on confusion temple is to prevent forceful entry and control who gets divine items. Qin Yu request to invite Lord of Black and Lord of White. Qin Yu accepts the position of worship as a request for having the general token crafted. Wen Feng brings Qin Yu to the First Ancient Temple. There have been 70,000 Lord of Golds. Dark Star has an incredibly long history. Qin Yu learns of the Inheritance Treasure in Heritage Hall which is handed down to each Lord of Gold and passed on to whoever holds the position. He learns some history of Dark Star, originally making up the whole immortal/demon/devil world but eventually lost territory. Qin Yu leaves after touring the place.

Qin Yu shocks Wen Feng saying he is actually 17 stars emperor level. He says he needs a good weapon from confusion temple to compete with Liu Lan for position of Lord of Gold. Lord of Black Flame arrives so they go to see him. Qin Yu meets Lord of Black and Lord of White, as well as Han Xue again. Qin Yu request for the tokens to enter confusion temple. Lord of Black’s name is Wu Shan and Lord of White’s name is Ju Mi. Wu Shan and Ju Mi ask why so Qin Yu tells them that he wants to speak with them privately of the matter. He tells them he wants to go to get something for competing with Liu Lan. Qin Yu shows them the 2 rings, saying that Ni Yang gave them to him before he died. The 2 Lords decide to comply to Qin Yu’s request. Xing Yuan’s group ponder if Qin Yu can convince Ju Mi. They craft the tokens for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu then entertains the lords in a banquet before headed back to Dragon Arrow Star. Qin Yu heads to confusion temple and opens the seal using energy input into the tokens. Qin Yu enters and can feel the restrictive spells in the temple. Qin Yu takes out the divine lost diagram. Qin Yu currently has traveled 50% of the temple and picked up 36 divine items. He arrives at the central courtyard of the temple. Qin Yu sees a big building and enters it. He is shocked by how big it is and messages Wu Lan. He learns of the temples 4 areas: Front area, transfer area, artifacts place and purifying flames place. He is currently at the front place. He is urged to use his divine diagram all the way because it is easy to get lost even in a hall. He takes a chair which is even as hard as a high grade divine item. He enters a building that has caged demon beast. This room is where Ye Qu and Wu Lan are from. He learns that the master of this temple likes collecting pets, each pet being a rare species from different dimensions. Qin Yu sends all the cages to his Jiang Lan World, more than 80 cages with a demon beast.

He tries to take some precious items in other rooms but restrictive spells prevent him. Qin Yu enters this strange room he finds suspicious and touches a carving with his divine sword, which triggers something. He is teleported to a mountain valley with a waterfall and bamboo trees and no danger. He spots a cave behind the waterfall and enters it. He gets a message from Che Hou who says entering hear is predestined and he can take whatever he wants. He sees a strange wall and figures out how to open it. He gets a left behind image saying that his name was “Che Hou Yuan”. It says that he can figure out this restrictive spell, his spirit has to be at least God level. There are restrictive spells that match the strength of whoever enters, so if a God King enters, it will face a lot of difficulties. Qin Yu is introduced about divine world. Immediately after ascending, one has to feel the oppression of the “Breath of God”.

Divine world experts is split into 2 stages. One is just God Stage. The other is…Heavenly God Stage (Based on literal translations, “God” was written as God Person while “Heavenly God” was written as Sky/Heaven[word with multiple meanings] God Person). God stage is divided into low, middle and high-class. Heavenly God is divided into lower, middle and upper. Weapons are also divided into Low, Middle High, Low Heavenly, Middle Heavenly, and High Heavenly. Gods usually use divine items while heavenly gods usually heavenly divine. Heavenly God’s are strong because they have the ability to control space. Che Hou is one of these upper heavenly god’s. Above upper heavenly god are the almost invincible God Kings with the ability to completely control space. There is a level that people strive to achieve after God King. That level has the ability to control time and space.  That person would be revered. Even if he is killed, even if the divine spirit is destroyed, he/she would be reincarnated as long as the true spirit isn’t destroyed. Qin Yu sees himself as weak.

Che Hou tells him as long as he doesn’t make any enemies and reaches heavenly god level, people won’t disturb him. Qin Yu already knows tho, he made an enemy out of Zhou Xian. Che Hou was a blacksmith. The peak of manual blacksmithing is high grade heavenly divine item. In space however, there exist the “Hong Meng Holy Treasure” (I’ll leave it as Hong Meng since 鸿 is rarely used and usually only in names and 蒙 meaning hazy? Is just weird) which is also divided into 2 categories which are Xiantian - 先天(Pre-Heaven) and Houtian -后天(After-Heaven or Post-Heaven). The Post-Heaven ones can be crafted. They are called “Hong Meng Holy Treasure” because inside it contains ‘Hong Meng holy air’.  Che Hou is no longer in this temple because he suddenly figured out how to craft Houtain holy treasure so needs to dedicate himself to it. He fears that the day he masters the craft is also the death he dies. Che Hou left behind a high grade heavenly divine long spear in the garden. The treasure should be superior to ordinary Hong Meng holy treasure tho. Qin Yu heads to the garden and sees the spear. On the spear however, is a dozen corpses of the divine poisonous insects.

When Qin Yu takes the spear he ask himself if he can craft something like this, someone replies to him saying he can. This person is “Ah Fu”, the housekeeper of the temple, to be called “Fu Bo” by Qin Yu. He has watched outsiders take divine items from this temple. Qin Yu has become the temple’s successor but currently does not possess enough strength to open all the rooms. Qin Yu claims the spear ‘Residual Snow’. His strength with the spear has increased at least 10 times. The spear has the ability to attack the divine spirit. Because of Qin Yu’s spirit achieving God’s state, he can craft heavenly divine item. Crafting Hong Meng holy treasures requires spirituality to make, the higher the spirit, the easier. Qin Yu suspects both his Meteoric Tear and Jiang Lan World are Hong Meng holy treasures.

Fu Bo and Qin Yu talk. Apparently those with a spirit below divine spirit Jindan will die once poisoned. It is why Ni Yang died. Qin Yu also takes the rack of low grade heavenly divine items into his Jiang Lan World. Fu Bo is shocked because you need a heavenly divine rank storage ring to take it. It’s quite difficult to make a storage ring of that level unless you are a God King (hint hint, Uncle Lan should be at least God King rank). The artifact room and purifying flames room is discussed to Qin Yu. He first learns of the purifying flames room, which contains many crafting tools and is the most valuable room. To open that room, he needs to fulfill 2 request. First he must internally achieve the “Pure White Flame” which is of heavenly god rank. The artifacts room contains many crafting materials, heavenly divine items and Hong Meng holy treasures. One of the treasures inside is ‘Purple Origin Flame Bead’ which is a 3rd grade Hong Meng holy treasure. When this treasure fuses with the body, the might of the individual increases and the individual will claim ownership of the confusion temple.

The 2nd request is to break a restrictive spell formation that is present once he opens the purifying flame room. It is noted that the illusion restrictive formation filling the whole confusion temple is only primary class. Qin Yu finds the artifacts rooms. To open the doors, his strength has to be low god stage, and finding the room requires low god spirit stage. Fu Bo is revealed to not actually have a divine spirit and is a puppet created by his master. Qin Yu inquires about puppet making and shows his own puppet. Qin Yu’s puppet isn’t made with precious material but high level of craftsmanship. It is about low grade heavenly divine item tenacity. Fu Bo’s body tenacity is about high grade heavenly divine item. Qin Yu and Fu Bo talk about a several billion year old Red Tong Tree in the garden more valuable than the Residual Snow spear.

Given Qin Yu’s strength, he needs can’t open it yet. Fu Bo says that when he can open it, he can descend this his current world from the divine world with the help of certain people such as God Kings. Fu Bo will also guide him inside. Qin Yu and Fu Bo head to the transfer room. They talk about the building. There are 38 passages, each leading to a different dimension. One of the pillars lead to Dark Purple Star. Qin Yu heads into it. Qin Yu arrives near the end and teleports to Yellowstone star where he flies towards Dark Purple Star. He reminisces a bit before entering. Having stayed in the immortal/devil/demon world for nearly 4000 years, there is change. There is now a new unified Tang Dynasty which consist of all previous dynasties. Guang Ling City is the capital of the Tang Dynasty.

Qin Yu only senses Qin Zheng in Dark Purple Star, suspecting others have ascended. Qin Yu hears of talk about Qin clans Qin Yu Tong. Qin Yu later finds Qin Yu Tong and watches. Ink Qilin messages Qin Yu and Qin Yu tells him to inform Qin Zheng. Qin Zheng is currently middle Kongming stage. Qin Yu is listening to Qin Yu Tong and Qin Fu Lan talk about the past Qin family. He found that one person is practicing Stellar Transformations, currently at Early Nebula stage named Qin Shi Tian. Qin Yu interrupts their conversation. There is a banquet in the evening and Qin Yu meets up with his brother. He learns of what has happened. Lian Chong had ascended. It seems the new ruler of Demonic Peng Island is after the top grade immortal armor Qin Yu left the Qin clan. They dare not strike tho so told a 12th tribulation loose demon Xiu Ku in the Wilderness. He is a high class divine beast that is currently unbeatable because there haven’t been any new super divine beast. Of the Qin clan, Qin De, Qin Feng, Uncle Feng and 7 other people ascended. Qin Yu went to threaten the wilderness clan and Demonic Peng Island.

Qin Yu forces a few leaders from both sides to become his Holy Beast or death. He inquires to Jun Xiao in his beast chart to make holy beast collar. He turns Xiu Ku and Lan Tie to holy beast. Qin Yu visits the successor of Stellar Transformations. Qin Yu thinks about the divine world, Li’er and Zhou Xian at fog mountain hot spring. Qin Yu visits Teng Long continent (Too many changes to mention). Qin Yu learns that immortals from Qin ascend to Flow Spring Star system’s Yu Yang Star which is currently under the control of Emperor Xuan. Qin Yu tells Qin Zheng he is leaving since that star belongs to an enemy. He leaves the sword immortal puppet with Qin Zheng to pass on to whoever is next big elder. He also gives him a storage ring from Ni Yang realm and 150 top grade holy ores.

Qin Yu returns to immortal world. He says good bye to Fu Bo. He is also told he can easily break the 2 seals on confusion temple entrances. At Yu Yang Star, Feng Yu (Uncle Feng) is speaking with Qin De about a super expert named Qin Yu. They speak about their situation if that Qin Yu is really their Xiao Yu, what Xuan Xi do to them. People heard them people and reported them to their elders (idiots.). They go after Qin De and Feng Yu for insulting them. Qin Yu saves them. The people back at restaurant are still a bit scared because of how strong that Qin Yu was. Qin De leads they place they stay owned by Feng Yu and Aunt Feng (Feng Yu’s wife). They talk about all the rumors surrounding Qin Yu. Qin Yu meets Xiao Lu (childhood friends). Qin Yu meets some children belonging to his family. Qin Yu meets all his new family members and relatives. One of them is “Leng Yu” Feng Yu’s wife who is Xuan Xi’s disciple.

Book 14 Chapter 40-64

Xuan Xi arrives and looks at Qin Yu and the group of people. Xuan Xi was Qin family’s benefactor in disguise so Qin Yu ask why. Xuan Xi says he hopes to settles the grudge since it was forced upon Qin Yu by her husband. They host a banquet. Qin Yu is currently in Middle Origin Stage. Qin Yu finds out that suddenly 15 of the Qin children are married to someone from Emperor Xuan’s side, 3 women and 12 men. It seems Xuan Xi has protected them since they ascended. Also of 10 people that usually ascend for Dark Purple Star, 5 don’t make it past 100 years. Qin is special right now because they have Emperor Xuan’s group protection.

Meanwhile, Xuan Xi messages Zong Yan of Qin Yu’s return. They speak, and Xuan Xi ask if he still wants to kill Hei Yu. Xuan Xi feels Qin Yu to be similar to Emperor Qing. Chi Qing was also divine spirit jindan state.  Xuan Xi tells him whatever he plans to do, he won’t care. Qin Yu goes to the sealed Confusion Temple to test out his spear. The emperor guard look to Qin Yu and laugh. He attacks the one of Hou Fie’s “Fearsome Heaven’s Stick” (I finally settled on a name for this)techniques and breaks the seal. They emperor guards think Qin Yu is from divine world. Qin Yu tells them that if they seal it again, he will kill all of them.

The 5 emperors who arranged the lock seal on the temple are all shocked from hearing the report (Dragon,  flying, running beast, devil and immortal). Wuming, not the dragon clan emperor, speaks with Ao Fang about this and Ao Fang is shocked. Qin Yu returns to confusion temple. Qin Yu consults Fu Bo about restriction spells. He wants a defense spell as with at the same level as gods. He places a spell on Qingyu Immortal Mansion that not even low level gods can break. He also request one on Jiang Lan World and shows him inside Jiang Lan World. Fu Bo arranged a defense, attack and an imaginary (hallucination? Can’t decide on a world) restrictive spell on Qingyu immortal mansion of god class level. The imaginary spell is compared with the one inside confusion temple, the defense on par with Residual Snow but the attack is probably on par with low level god attacks.

Qin Yu returns to Qin De’s group. Qin De is shocked hearing the level of the restrictive spells. They decide to situate themselves at Blazing Sun Star systems Yu De Star (Sounds really cool when pronounced ) which is not controlled by Xuan Xi. Xuan Xi hears the report and knows Qin Yu doesn’t trust her. Xuan Xi remarks she doesn’t had any plans on killing Qin Yu and her family but seeing this fear she needs to think of a plan. At Yu De Star, Qin Yu purchases mountain ranges, servants and land. Hei Yu wants to kill Zong Yan for revenge (He believes Zong Yan killed his parents). Hou Fei still wonders who his parents are. Qin Yu and his brothers arrive at Black Crow Star and doesn’t sense Zong Yan to be here.

Qin Yu goes to scout the castle walls and only senses Ao Ku to be the strongest one. Qin Yu questions Ao Ku with a devil path technique. Qin Yu sends Ao Ku to Jiang Lan World to be handled by Hei Yu and Bai Lin. They find Zong Yan meditating. Hei Yu goes into battle form and attacks. Zong Yan runs and wonders who is pursing him. When he sees Hei Yu and scans him, he is surprised to see Hei Yu is demon emperor level 9. Zong Yan decides to flee. Hou Fei attacks him and forces him back in. Qin Yu on 1 side and Hou Fei on other side, currently surrounded Zong Yan. He tries to run upwards towards space but is blocked by Qin Yu appearing in front of him. Zong Yan recalls his life and how no one would mourn over his death. Qin Yu offers him an opportunity to live. He will fight Hei Yu. If he win, he will decide his fate. Qin Yu and Hou Fei won’t meddle in. This was suggested by Hei Yu.

Qin Yu sends Zong Yan and Hei Yu to fight inside Jiang Lan World 1st floor. Qin Yu and Hou Fei go to the sides to watch. Victory = other party admits defeat or opposite party is killed. They fight, Zong Yan seeming to admit that he killed Hei Yu’s father Feng Chong. Fight ongoing, Hei Yu takes advantage of his speed and Zong Yan takes advantage of his speed. Zong Yan uses his inheritance treasure to dodge spear attacks when necessary but because of the limited amount of fighting space, Zong Yan crashes. Hei Yu taking advantage, strikes but is dodged. Both fighters are taking advantage of their flexibility. Fight between 2 super divine beast, one a golden-winged peng, the other an dark electric peng’s son. Hei Yu attacks with Fearsome Heaven’s Stick techniques (He learned since he only practiced with Hou Fei but he also created his own variation sets). It hit’s Zong Yan’s head. He has killed Zong Yan. Hei Yu and his brother talk about the techniques he used. Qin Yu takes Zong Yan’s crown and passes it to Hei Yu. He doesn’t want it so decides to return it to the peng clan whenever.

At Black Crow Star, there is panic at imperial palace since Zong Yan’s jade clip broke. They didn’t care about Ao Ku’s tho (lol). They are worried about the loss of the inheritance treasure. A new leader is being selected between 2 people for new Demonic Peng emperor Zong Jue the golden winged peng demon emperor level 2 or Fang Lan dark electric peng demon emperor level 5. Zong Jue steps up but isn’t recognized because there is no inheritance treasure. Qin Yu’s group crash the selection. Hou Fei plays with the crown, making the opposite party angry. He then throws the crown like garbage and leaves. No one dares to stop them.

Qin Yu returns to Blazing Sun Star. There is the level 8 immortal emperor flame emperor Guan Cheng. They don’t care. Who they care about is Luo Yu who is also here. Luo Yu is currently Immortal Emperor level 8. Qin Yu messages Guan Cheng who proceeds to message the other emperors Luo Yu, Qing Qing, Peng Ding and Ye Qun to gather, all of which are level 7-8 immortal emperors. Flame Emperor is made up of each of these immortals with Guan Cheng taking the position of leader. People are excited to meet him. Qin Yu introduces his brothers. They have a banquet. Luo Yu has gotten his revenge and killed both Xue Tainya and Xue Yi with his high grade divine item. They talk for a while. Qin Yu sees Jiang Yan who has to enter training soon. Jiang Yan is surprisingly spirit level of peak-high God stage. Qin Yu wonders what level Grandma Yin Hua is. Jiang Yan tells Qin Yu to keep it a secret using god sense.

Qin Yu tells his brothers than they never to visit someone, someone that is God level. He tells them it is Jiang Yan. At Flaming Sun Star they meet up with Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan tells Qin Yu she can easily kill him with one move. Qin Yu ask Jiang Yan how she knows about Jiang Lan World. Jiang Yan reveals that Uncle Lan is actually her biological uncle. Jiang Yan tells Qin Yu of how Uncle Lan used to be indifferent because of all the conflict up there but cared a lot and looked after Jiang Yan’s elder sister. Uncle Lan spent a lot of time and precious material to craft a treasure that was highly desired by the whole clan, that treasure was Jiang Lan World. Uncle Lan treated Jiang Yan’s older sister as if she were his daughter. Jiang Yan’s elder sister is Jiang Li, whom Qin Yu knows is Li’er. Her grandmother prevents any information of Li’er being mentioned. Normally girls aren’t pursued much by people in divine world but Li’er after a certain battle, had many people pursuing (for marriage). Jiang Yan says that unless the individual achieves heavenly god state, he doesn’t have permission to speak with Li’er. Li’er is using the excuse of practice to avoid the pursuers.

After some more talking, some mentions of not even Chu Hou the ‘artisan god’ being able to craft something such as Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu now guesses the Jiang Lan World to be a Hong Meng post-heaven holy treasure. Qin Yu inquires about this ‘fearsome heaven’s fight’. Qin Yu doesn’t get much since he doesn’t know divine world people. As Jiang Yan was about to tell Qin Yu about Li’er’s clan, Yin Hua forced her mouth closed. Yin Hua was the person who raised both Li’er and Yan’er as her biological grandmother. She knows everything about Li’er since Li’er tells her everything. She can’t tell Qin Yu anything but says ‘Great Man Lan’ will tell him everything when the time is right. Yin Hua and Jiang Yan come to the immortal world to see who this person is that Uncle Lan mentions as a. amazing person with limitless potential. Yin Hua was disappointed so put Qin Yu to the test during the Emperor Yu fire attack. They were impressed with the results. She is surprised that in the past 3000 years, Qin Yu has achieved divine spirit high class god state. It is something that needs several hundred million years. She estimates is several ten thousand years, he should be heavenly god stage.

Qin Yu is warned not to use his Jiang Lan World in divine tribulation and certain treasures he owns. It is because people in divine world will see it and hunt him down for it. Yin Hua and Jiang Yan head back to divine world. Qin Yu returns to his brothers and tells him everything. Qin Yu and brothers head back to Yu De Star. Qin Yu at the immortal mansion area sees a subordinate that used to be at fog mountain Qui Wei. Qin Yu and Qin De talking about when the divine tribulation will arrive. 80 years pass peacefully. Sun Yuan visits and is surprised Hou Fei is already demon emperor level 9. He was going to pass on his emperor title to Hou Fei because he had also reach demon emperor level 9 so has to prepare for divine tribulation. All 3 brothers plan on taking their divine tribulation together terrifying Sun Yuan because it should be impossible since it makes the divine tribulation stronger.

Qin Yu gets a message from Flame Emperor that Devil Emperor of Asura Wu Long is visiting him along with Mo Luo and Mo Kong, all 3 level 9 devil emperors. Wu Long was initially a level 6 devil emperor 100 years ago that was guarding the confusion temple seal but had a sudden enlightenment of space when he watched Qin Yu break the seal and said that he would achieve level 9 devil emperor in 100 years. He wasn’t wrong. Jin Xian also messages Qin Yu saying that he is taking his divine tribulation in a year so he needs to come back and contend with Liu Lan for new position of Lord of Gold or he will lose the opportunity. He wonders if he should go since he can’t take the inheritance treasure with him to divine world from lord of gold position.

Wu Long arrives. He wants to see Qin Yu’s spear technique again and is grateful to Qin Yu. He created his own spear technique ‘Blood Fire Nine Style’. Qin Yu gives advice to Wu Long on his techniques. Qin Yu demonstrates something that will perfect Wu Long’s nine style technique if he can understand it. Some time passes, Qin Yu says leaves his brothers and family to go to Dark Star. He learns that if he didn’t make it, he would be disqualified from contending for the position. Liu Lan, Liu Xing (Qin Yu) and Wen Feng’s job is to protect the emperor. Wen Feng and Qin Yu drink up. Wen Feng, seeing Qin Yu’s confidence, drinks to him becoming the next Lord of Gold. Liu Lan is angry since Qin Yu didn’t look for him and thinks he knows a certain secret. All 3 meet up then head to heritage hall. There is an elder there whose job is to protect the secret as well as inheritance treasure.

The elder talks about the ‘Jin Xing Spiritual Beads’ treasure. It appeared here hundreds of millions of years ago and caused a fight over it. He then proceeds to the secret. The Jin Xing, Black Flame, and White Mysterious spiritual beads were all bestowed upon by a single person. This person has the ability to destroy heaven and granted this Hong Meng holy treasure to ensure the survival of the clan. Qin Yu ponders who this person is, maybe a God King that is revered? He says the beads, once integrated into the individual, increases power by ten-fold, but the main effect is that it increases tenacity. Even the divine tribulation won’t be able to hurt the person. The candidate understand now, having one of these beads makes the person invincible.

Qin Yu suddenly remembers the artifact room in confusion temples, with these beads he can open it. Al 3 wants it. After the divine tribulation, there will be a competition for lord of gold position. The 3 argue a bit then leave. Qin Yu and Wen Feng are eating and they have quite a few visitors to see them given their status. They both use closed door training as an excuse to avoid the people. Qin Yu decides to practice for 3000 days Jiang Lan World 2nd floor time. While practicing, he is induced that his divine tribulation is in 108 years. He is determined to obtain the jinx in spiritual beads to obtain confusion temple. Qin Yu immerse himself in practice in the place Zuo Quimei left him for practicing space comprehension. 3,000 days pass and Qin Yu leaves.

It’s crowded outside since people gather for the lord’s tribulation. His tribulation takes place in a day at the remote Hundred Flowers Star. Everyone calls out to the 3 successors of the lord. Xing Yuan, at the palace, talks with Qin Yu. He tells of how he doesn’t have a successor. He ask how someone that is of god level spirit has a 15 star emperor level body. He also felt Qin Yu’s change after visiting confusion temple. Speaking honestly, he tells Xing Yuan that he surpasses Xing Yuan if it were not for the beads. He is relieved, he wanted to know Qin Yu’s (Remember, Qin Yu is going by Liu Xing at Dark Star) strength before he ascended.

Hundreds of thousands of people gather at Hundred Flowers Star to watch the tribulation. Wen Feng explains the tribulation to Qin Yu. Divided into 3 stages, 1st stage is a dark blue ancient lighting, 2nd is god’s flame, and 3rd is a combination of grey mist and lightning attack and the strongest. He now understands the tribulation (It wasn’t explained during Chi Qing’s tribulation). The tribulation starts. The 1st 2 stages is blocked without much effort. The 3rd stage wasn’t as simple because he saw Xing Yuan panting. Ju Mi and Wu Shan congratulate Xing Yuan. Apparently Xing Yuan at the last minute was affected by the demonic heart effect (fantasies/hallucinations afflicting the mind). Ju Mi explains to Qin Yu. Although in the beginning of the tribulation, there is the demonic heart effect affecting the mind but during the 3rd stage, the grey mist surrounding the individual causes continuous demonic heart effects to affect multiple regions of the body. This demonic heart is special in that it ignores the individuals defense and goes straight after the divine spirit of the individual. Xing Yuan was affected by the demonic heart because he tried to make light of it and fight it.

The crowd dissipates and everyone leaves Hundred Flowers Star. They is some competitive talk on the way back between Liu Lan and the group. No one cared about Wen Feng (lol). 3 months later of closed door training, Wen Feng gave up and withdrew since he knows his power difference. All emperors and crowd gather to watch the rare fight. Liu Xing has the favor of both lord of white and black. Liu Lan arrives. Both sides trash talk each other. Liu Lan strikes first with claws towards Liu Xing’s head. Feeling some oppression, Qin Yu appeared in the air. Liu Lan changed his direction to attack upwards. Qin Yu slowly raised his right fist and attacked with it. Everyone is shocked, the punch seemingly to aim at the chest hit Liu Lan’s head. Before the dissipation of Liu Lan’s he messages Liu Xing why space forced his body downwards (It really sounds like gravity but “空间” means ‘empty space’ or simply ‘space’) Qin Yu replies saying high divine spirit can control space. Liu Lan is gone.

Lots of cheering, since Liu Xing is now the new Lord of Gold. There is a banquet. Liu Xing is introduced to Fu Xian, big elder of white mysterious ancestor. Banquet ends. Qin Yu clears his head outside. Wen Feng thanks Liu Xing for killing Liu Lan because Liu Lan would make things difficult for him. In 2 months Xing Yuan will ascend and Qin Yu will inherit and fuse with the spiritual beads. He meditates at the palace for 2 months. A lot of people including the lords come to see Xing Yuan off. There is some joking between the lords before Xing Yuan ascends. People say their goodbyes. Qin Yu ponders of the force behind ascension because it is very similar to teleportation. Qin Yu the next day inherits the spiritual beads.

Qin Yu pours his Power of Gold energy into the beads to complete the fusion since it doesn’t absorb any other energy. He can feel the difference in strength and tenacity. He is now as powerful as 18 stars emperor level. Qin Yu pities he can’t bring it with him to divine world. Qin Yu leaves. He tells Wen Feng to message him when there is a problem and heads to confusion temple. He goes from the demon world side. There are people outside. Everyone appears grateful to Qin Yu because people now have a chance to visit the temple. Qin Yu goes in at the speed resembling teleportation.

He tells Fu Bo to prepare to leave with Qin Yu because he is confident in opening the artifacts room. Fu Bo is shocked because there is no way he should be able to open it so soon. Qin Yu opens the door with Fu Bo watching. Fu Bo shows him inside. Qin Yu sees carvings by Che Hou. Since he strives to become like Che Hou, he learns of any things he was become good at (restrictive spell usage, rare material collecting, flame control, pill making and much more) but the most important is restrictive spell usage. They arrive at a large hall with 3 passages. Fu Bo introduces the passages, one has the most things but are ordinary and one has the most valuable stuff which Fu Bo takes Qin Yu to. Here contains some heavenly divine item, some refiner material, some strange valuables and other precious stuff. This room is a huge garden with 42 low, 22 middle and 4 high grade heavenly divine items. There are few heavenly divine because the materials are very precious and hard to obtain. The master probably took some of the more precious stuff with him.

He goes to the 3rd room. Here contains 3 Hong Meng treasures and someone more precious then those treasures left by Che Hou. They enter a huge room with rivers, buildings and mountain ranges. There are 3 Hong Meng treasures. The treasures apparently have intelligence and won’t allow itself to be discovered if it doesn’t want to. The 1st treasure he discovers is a boat named ‘Flying House’. The 2nd one is a spire named ‘Locking God’s Tower’. 3rd is glove Hong Meng treasure attacking item ‘Snow Silk Gloves’. They head towards the other room with the supposed most precious item. Fu Bo tells Qin Yu to refine the Hong Meng treasures in order of ‘Flying House’ > ‘Locking God’s Tower’ > ‘Snow Silk Gloves’. Gloves last because he already has the spear.

The last room has a floating golden scroll and some star scenery. Fu Bo parts at a floating ‘purifying flames technique bracelet’ with increase fire abilities, important for controlling fire. The scrolls are said to record many secrets such as medicinal herbs, unusual demon beast, dangers and other things. They talk about how long it would take to comprehend all this information, estimated to be millions of years. Qin Yu first decides to refine the bracelet to become owner of confusion temple, which Fu Bo said should take thousands of years. He starts refining, years pass and he wonders why it takes so long. Inside Qin Yu’s star space, he sees a ‘paste breath’ originating from the dark golden ball engulf the bracelet, increasing his refining speed. The effect slows down gradually. 10 years later, he finishes refining it and the leftover ‘paste breath’ returned to the Origin (dark golden ball). Fu Bo is shocked and calls him master.

Fu Bo estimates that it should take Qin Yu 2000-3000 years to refine it, and the speed he refined it is only possible if a heavenly expert helped him. Qin Yu knows here is almost at the Late Origin Stage and needs to figure out the next state. They leave confusion temple. Qin Yu scream’s “Retrieve” and confusion temple enters the purifying flames bracelet (I’m surprised this isn’t one of the definitions on google translate). Speaking with Fo Bo, he learns some stuff about him. He knows many of the volumes since he was with Che Hou, his strength is unknown and has speed restrictive spells so is incredibly fast.

Back at Blazing Sun Star, Xuan Xi gets a report of Qin Yu’s return. Xuan Xi learned many of the Qin secrets now since she had a lot of people marry with them including the knowledge of Qin Yu going through his tribulation soon. Xuan Xi speaks to herself of her life with Emperor Yu and how she must get revenge, making Qin Yu suffer. Qin Yu speaks with Qin De and Qin Feng about divine world. He hands them the ten thousand beast chart and releases Wuxu, Wu Lan and Ye Qu. He explains the usage of the beast chart. Qin Yu has no use for it because in divine world, level 9 demon emperor is regarded as pets. Wuxu, Ye Qu and Wu Lan have no interest in the demon/devil/immortal world.

Qin Yu tells them of his divine tribulation state and they realize they can’t follow Qin Yu to divine world since normally it takes thousands of years to get their tribulation date once they reach emperor level 9. He tells Wuxu and Ye Qu they can stay at the Qingyu immortal mansions. He then has the 80 demon beast he got from confusion temple to guard the Qin members, having their holy beast restraint released once they pass divine tribulation.

They hold a banquet. Xuan Xi come and mentions Qin Yu’s tribulation which shocks Qin Yu that she knows the date. The time passes to tribulation date. Xuan Xi is here with one Luo Shan. Xuan Xi sees the 80 holy beast and is shocked because she neither recognizes them, their real form and they are all emperor level. Because of the low strength of the Qin, these 80 stayed outside rather than inside the beast chart. Xuan Xi’s plan is to kill Qin De so make Qin Yu susceptible to demonic heart during tribulation. She looks to Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu who are all sitting down meditating waiting for their divine tribulation and thinks of her revenge. She then sees 3 level 9 demon emperors Wu Lan, Wuxu and Ye Qu. Xuan Xi is confident in her speed tho.

People watching Qin Yu’s tribulation is split into 3 groups atm. 1st in front are people related to the Qin clan 1-2nd generation. 2nd middle were the later juniors of Qin clan. And in the edges are the 80 holy beast, Ye Qu, Wu Lan and Wuxu. Xuan Xi and Qin De are standing right next to each other. The tribulation starts. Qin Yu and his brothers get up. All 3 are standing with their hands behind their back without a care. To the children, they look like gods. In the outside, restrictive spells are quickly arranged. Xuan Xi sneers are how the heavens are helping her. Qin Yu tells his brothers upon looking up. There isn’t 9 dark blue lightnings, there is 81 lightning (bolts?). The quantity has increased 9x but the magnitude has possibly increased by more than tenfold. Hei Yu and Hou Fei with their weapons go up and confront the lightning. They don’t get hurt.

The 2nd stage, the god’s flame stage, Qin Yu decides to confront this one. He can’t use his other Hong Meng treasures since the divine world can see but he can use his Jin Xing Spiritual Beads. A giant black fireball descends from the sky. Hou Fei and Hei Yu stand behind Qin Yu, who is in front with both hands stretched. He blocks the flame with a layer of gold energy surrounding him, completely blocking it. The god’s flame stage this time lasted 20x longer than usual which would usually melt even a high grade divine item. Xuan Xi affirms her distance between her and the 3 level 9 demon emperors. She is 3-4 meters from Qin De vs other since 100 meters. Qin Yu speaks his brothers about the 3rd stage. He will block the demon heart mist while his brothers will block the lightning.

Xuan Xi suddenly strikes towards Qin De. Only Wu Lan sees this but doesn’t have enough time to react. Qin Yu seeing this is shocked. As it is about to land, Fu Bo goes between them and grabs Xuan Xi’s hand. Xuan Xi turning pale is shocked because of the response speed and is terrified of this man because he has the god’s level breath. Qin Yu thanks Fu Bo. Fu Bo has a restrictive spell ‘Yi Yan Xi Zhen’ (One spread breath battle formation? No clue how to translate this one to make sense)that allows him to detect and immediately respond at high speeds. Fu Bo injures Xian Xi so Xuan Xi runs towards the tribulation place. Fu Bo about to follow to finish off Xuan Xi by following into the tribulation area but is stopped by Qin Yu because someone in divine world might discover Fu Bo. Xuan Xi looks up and tells Qin Yu after seeing the change in the sky that she has made this 3-people tribulation into a 4-people tribulation. She tells Qin Yu that tho her plans failed and she will die, Qin Yu will die with her and used yuanying explosion. Everyone is worried about the tribulation now and Qin Yu shows a little remorse for Xuan Xi.

Qin Yu ponders whether to use Residual Snow or not. He sees the sky and knows that 4-man tribulation is a 4-man god’s lightning tribulation. The 3rd tribulation descends. Qin Yu uses and extends his Power of Gold to 10 meters size surrounding them. The demonic heart effect in this tribulation is elevated 12 times. This people comes from the full refinement of the Jin Xing Spiritual Beads that he spent 90 years on. Neither mist nor the god’s lightning can break through it. The mist disappears. Qin Yu continually expands the size of the gold shield, causing it to weak. Eventually the lightning breaks through but splits. Qin Yu with his fist dissipated all the split lightning. The tribulation has ending. Qin Yu does not know but his actions has caught the attention of someone in divine world. (Divine world experts can see divine tribulations but on limited to within the tribulation circle).

Qin Yu admires beads but restrains himself since he can’t keep it. His family comes to congratulate him. Qin Yu knows he has to ascend in 6 months’ time. Qin Yu knows he won’t be able to see his family for a long time. Maybe at around God King level would he be able to come back to immortal world. They look at Lian Yu (Feng Yu’s wife) and know that someone such as her only being Feng Yu’s wife on the order of Xuan Xi. Qin Yu decides to handle this matter, as well as for the other Xuan people married to the Qin side. One of the women, Chen Nan, openly reveal they disdain the Qin side. Qin Liufeng as that she is spared but will leave. Qin Yu leaves behind some divine and low grade heavenly divine item with Qin De to pass on to talented juniors. Qin Yu finds 2 women with orders of killing Qin people when Xuan Xi dies.

3 months later, Qin Yu appears in Heritage Hall. The elder and Wen Feng meet him. Liu Xing tells them that he passed the divine tribulation and is ascending so, shocking them. He returns the beads and tells Wen Feng that will they someday meet in divine world.

On Yu De Star group of people gather. The group that would terrify people: Zong Jue, Ao Wuming, Ao Fang, Sun Yuan, Bull Devil Emperor, Wu Long, Mo Luo, Mo Kong, Flame Emperors immortal emperor group, consisting of more than half of immortal/devil/demon worlds influential elders, have come to watch Qin Yu and his brothers ascension. Also here are Qin family members, Huo Fang, Qin Liufeng, Qin Nan, Hei Tong and Bai Ling. Hei Yu says goodbye to his family. They smile and disappear completely.

Book 15 Chapter 01-30

[Note: I’m sticking with God > divine for people cause it just feels weird when referring to people as divine. Esp since they no longer use “expert” and just refer to them as tienshenren meaning heavenly god person or heavenly divine person.]

Divine world has 8 Holy Emperors that have never deteriorated since inheritance. They are God King level. They each inherit a Hong Meng 1st class treasure. A sign reads East Pole Holy Emperor. There are about 800 locations of ascension. Story now shifts to ascension location in the east region. One every millennium, guards here are replaced. The 10 guards here talking are bored since only 1 person ascend every couple years. They talk about a strong demonic beast ‘Tidal Ant’ which causes serious havoc when it reaches heavenly god state. The guards are about to do the rotations and are happy. Suddenly they see white mist which means someone has ascended and look towards it. They are exciting because multiple ascensions only happen one every 10 million years. It was a group people ascended, 4 males 1 female.

These people discuss divine tribulation before heading to the people who ascended. The leader of the platoon is Huang Xu. Of 4 of the people there, 2 are on their knees suffering (Divine power) while 2 are having an easy time, those 2 are Hei Yu and Hou Fei. Huang Xu ask if these 2 have trained their body in the mortal world. They have apparently passed. Lou Fei (one of the guards) points to someone and ask if Qin Yu’s 2 brothers know him. They say they are brothers and Lou Fei calls them predestined friends. Normally the Divine powers, which when entering the individual would enter the internals and attack the body but for Qin Yu, this Divine power doesn’t do anything.

3 Hours pass and Qin Yu feels the limit of this Divine power. He falls to the ground and ponders how unusual divine world is. He tries to teleport but Huang Xu tells him it is impossible here unless he is heavenly god level. The assess Qin Yu’s strength (Middle-God level). Also calls him lucky to freely absorb divine power which would normally require many god holy stones. Qin Yu wonders about his assessment since Yin Hua said he was High-God level spirit. Huang Xu remarks on how rare it is to have someone with his level of divine spirit state reached from the mortal world.  The 5 who ascended now here of a rule. Those that ascend will have to work in the mines for 1000 years without pay for the Holy Emperor.

While walking, they talk about divine world. It ‘could be’ a broad land because surrounding the land is a very broad sea that only God King levels know what lies in it. He also learns that he can’t fly till lower heavenly god level. They learn of the levels in divine world again. Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Qin Yu already know the situation in divine world from asking Fu Bo but are hiding it. Huang Xu says these people are now low god level but “training god level”. Only Qin Yu here would be considered non-training god level. One needs to form the divine spirit jindan before entering low god level. He also learns of how hard it is to achieve heavenly god level. Every 1/1000000 god levels reach heavenly god level. Huang Xu laugh at the possibility of them becoming god kings. The distance ones soul can leave the body also depends on their level (none for low, 10 meters for middle and 100 meters for high god level).  Qin Yu with his tear can move it several hundred meters. This is possibly caused by strange material that make up divine world.

They learn of why divine weapons are given their ranks. A middle grade divine weapon, with the strength of god poured in, would display a true power of a middle god level. A low-grade divine with the divine power poured in would be able to cut down a high grade divine item without. Communication holy beads don’t work here, only simple communication between people. It can be described to be as ordinary as qian long continent. Divine world days are 12 hours long, 6 for day and 6 for night. A year consist for 360 days. The South Pole Holy Emperor’s Mirror Light City emits the ‘White Light of Day’ for daytime and North Pole Holy Emperor’s Snowing City emits the ‘Dark Screen of Night’ for nighttime. Practice here is also done by absorbing ‘Breath of God’ in the air but only limited to within cities. In the cities this breath is calm but outside, it is wild and can’t be absorbed. God’s Holy stone can be used to practice outside of cities but having those stones is a sign of wealth. Stay in the cities also require holy stones as payment for inns. The cheapest house in a city would cost 2 million low grade god holy stones. 1 God’s Crystal = 100 Top grade holy stone = 10,000 high grade = 1,000,000 middle grade = 100,000,000 low grade. Qin Yu’s group got a bunch of crystals, top grades and low grades from confusion temple.

They arrive at the mines and see many people. Not just people who ascend, but people of low status work here. Every year they must hand over 3,600 low grade god holy rocks. They can’t hide the stones without a storage divine item. If they attempt to revolt, their ‘status token’ would be confiscated. A heavenly god flies by, causing everyone to look towards him. He is Yu Chi Yang, a novel from Yu Chi City’s Yu Chi Clan. Qin Yu looks at him and desires to fly. Qin Yu brings his 2 brothers into Jiang Lan World 2nd floor to have Fu Bo explain divine worlds harsh places. In lands far outside of the city in the desolate lands , Breath of God is violent and un-absorbable. Divine world demon beast run rampant in those areas. They are spirit level lower than low class god levels but their attacks are much stronger, an example would be Wu Lan. Wu Lan is a ‘Submerged Black Ant’ (not too sure of the usage of Yan in this context) and would be difficult to beat without Residual Snow.

Wu Lan wonders how Fu Bo knows his identity. Fu Bo changes his appearance a bit and Wu Lan recognizes him. Submerged Black Arts are very strong, can be compared with high god class after tribulation. Offending one can bring out a Tidal Ant. Wu Lan can hold off attacks up to lower heavenly god but he got captured by a middle heavenly god and offered to confusion temple. Wu Lan belongs to the strong demon beast group that would put up a fight against lower heavenly god levels. Weak demon beast however can be defeated by low class god. There is also plundering by other gods in these dangerous regions. There is a hierarchy in divine world. The lowest of which, god level, live a harsh life in the low level groups and will only be able to live in cities if they are strong. One they become heavenly gods, they won’t have to show their status tokens and won’t have to pay expenses. They also will be able to live in the desolate lands and maybe create some Hong Meng treasures.

Fu Bo judges, based on this Jiang Lan World which has some control of time, Uncle Lan should be a God King holding an honorable position and should be one of the 8 major clans. As long as Qin Yu can become as refiner as good as Che Hou, he should have no problems marrying her since many God King’s offered their daughter to Che Hou but he was too dedicated in refining. Qin Yu was planning to practice in Jiang Lan World 2nd floor for 100,000 years (1,000 outside) and have Fu Bo hand over 3,600 low grade god spirit stones but there just isn’t any low grade god spirit stones nor middle grade in Che Hou’s temple.  Fu Bo suddenly remembers and pulls out a whole bunch of low grade stones he doesn’t care for that he used for research. They decide to practice and go out whenever they need to pay their yearly quota. Qin Yu decides to give his brothers some new weapons and shows his Hong Meng treasures, which shocks Wu Lan.

Qin Yu introduces the holy treasures, Flying House while grants one incredible speed, Snow Silk Gloves which grants tenacity and attack strength to the hands and also has some special powers, and lastly Locking God’s Tower acts like the ten thousand beast chart but can even capture humans as long as they aren’t god king level. But to capture them, they have to be defeated to around severely wounded state and the suction intensity depends solely on how much the individual refined the tower. The 1st 2 are 2nd class and 3rd is 3rd class holy treasure. The Gloves and Qin Yu’s spear has excellent coordination, wearing the gloves will allow ones attack with the spear several times but Qin Yu hides this fact from his brothers.

Qin Yu takes the tower, Hei Yu the gloves and Hou Fei the house. They don’t say a world and proceed to refining it. Qin Yu uses the ‘paste breath’ in his star space to refine it. He wanted to share it with his brothers so they can refine it faster but it doesn’t leave the black hole in the star space. He sighs that he thought his body was high grade divine item tenacity but after learning about pouring the divine power into weapons, he knows he is only about middle god class tenacity. Qin Yu’s body is slowly absorbing the divine power into his body and having it improved. Qin Yu starts studying the 900 volumes of golden scrolls needed to build up to becoming an artisan god, these 900 scrolls focused on restrictive spells/formations.

Qin Yu reading these volumes, is also learning some formations. Battle formations divided into offensive, defensive and alert. Each has its own subcategories such as attack such as illusionary attacks (demonic heart for example), amplification attacks and stacking type attacks. Most of the 900 volumes are focused on alert type formations. Only about 1% talks about the contents of the formations, most of it is focused on giving examples to battle understand the formations. 100 years pass and Qin Yu has completed refining the tower and learned some information about formations. Refining the tower he also learns of the towers true power. 1st it has a divine spirit attack which forces the opponent into a oblivious state, then it uses a suction attack to bring them in. With just the tower alone, Qin Yu can face high-class god levels.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei have both refined 30% of their Hong Meng treasures. They now have some understanding of their treasures. The silk gloves in addition increased attack, also projects silk to attack the opposite party. This projection called ‘Net of Heavenly Silk’ is very tough but until further refining, not much is known about it. Qin Yu and brothers go to pay the stones. They go to their rooms provided to them to retrieve the tools (shovels) which are low grade divine items and bag used to store the stones. They use the shovel to break down the stones to the right size and head to the payment location to pay the stones. They go back to Jiang Lan World to practice/study.

60,000 years pass and Qin Yu have finished reading all the volumes and learned the restrictive spells. Fu Bo and Qin Yu talk about how hard it is to comprehend all these formations. Che Hou himself spent millions/billions of years just to comprehend it all (millions for certain states and billions for higher states etc). In these 60,000 years, both Hou Fei and Hei Yu are confident since they completed refining their Hong Meng treasures. Qin Yu’s spirit has reached high god level and with the support of the meteoric tear, his control of space is at lower heavenly god level. Qin Yu asked Fu Bo if he knew of a Zuo Qiumei but he didn’t know. They greet Shi Tian and Song Hui which they bumped into for the 1st time since 600 years of ascension on the outside. They ask which village Qin Yu and his brothers are assigned to but Qin Yu’s group is clueless.

Each person after the millennium is over is assigned a village. In village the Breath of God isn’t as strong as the outside so it can be absorbed to some degree. They are to see Yan Yu great man for assignment (bribary), if not, they will be assigned to a remote village where even little absorption is impossible. Suddenly, there are roaring and banging sounds. Everyone is running. A Bottom Den Dragon is attacking. Someone runs by and tells Qin Yu it is a high god level strong demon beast. People caught by it are crushed and killed. It is hundreds of meters long, has 70-80 claws, a long tail of 100 meters minimum, and looks like a giant centipede. It is slow but has incredible defense. Qin Yu and brothers anxious to test out their treasures, decide to fight it. Hei Yu goes first, with his gloves and spear, shoots towards it like an arrow and penetrates its armor, injuring it. The dragon now shifts its attention to Hei Yu and his brothers. Qin Yu quickly grabs Hou Fei and Hei Yu and flies up, surprisingly his brothers. Qin Yu looks at the dragon and decides to make it his 1st servant in the tower. Because of the dragons demon emperor level 9 state spirit, he can’t resist the tower and is captured.

Qin Yu talks with his brother for a few then decides to run away but Yu Chi Yang stops in front of them. Qin Yu tells him the dragon ran away. The people who ran away reported of someone fighting it with a spear. Other guards come and Qin Yu says he never saw this person. Qin Yu said he hide amongst the corpses. Yu Chi Yang looks to Qin Yu’s group who are 2 low level and 1 high level god state spirit so can’t fight that dragon. Qin Yu’s group are allowed to leave. They head back to Jiang Lan World. They talk a bit about the Yu Chi Yang and decide to continue practice. They talk about how they haven’t trained their body and how important it is because stronger body = more divine power. The limit is up to high class god level body. Hei Yu and Hou Fei have been meditating instead of raise up their spirit. Qin Yu wants to reread the volumes completely to have a better understanding of the formations.

Another 30,000 years pass and Qin Yu confirms with Fu Bo that he has reached the 1st state of comprehension for the formations (The better the understanding state, the easier it is to deduce complex formations). This took Che Hou a million years. Fu Bo gives Qin Yu some formations that he deduced himself but Qin Yu read for 4 years but could only get a basic understanding of it. Fu Bo gives him a lecture of how even if one person thinks he has an expert comprehension in something, he has only but understood one small corner of it. Knowledge is a boundless ocean and when Che Hou got 3rd state comprehension and become the number 1 refiner in divine world, he knows he has not reach the limit of comprehension (This ideology thing is a pain to understand). Che Hou never achieved the 4th state of comprehension of it exist.

100,000 years have finally passed in Jiang Lan World. Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s divine spirit has reached middle god state. Their attacks are now faster with their better understanding of space. 20,000 years ago he reached Origin Late state and left it alone, letting it naturally develop. Now the ball has changed colors to 'paste’ color (greyish) and has reduced in size. Surrounding this greyish ball, there is space distorting. He wonders if this revolving distortion will take over his star space and decides to just wake up. They head out of Jiang Lan World and pay their final quota. A lady in purple hands them their Status Token. This women is talking with another moment about becoming heavenly gods, how difficult it is and becoming the wife of one. Qin Yu and his brothers are speechless.

The lady receives the Status Tokens to hand out and is shocked at it the village being assigned is Fu Jue Village. She ask if Qin Yu and his group gave some god spirit stones to the person assigning the villages because the village assigned is a very bad one (Qin Yu didn’t care about the bribing). It is a bad one that is not only remote, but there is no absorption of breath of god. Another person Gao Qi is assigned to Qin Yu’s group and ask them to follow. Qin Yu inquires as to why Gao Qi’s armor has a different appearance (It isn’t allowed to be changed) Gao Qi sees Qin Yu and his brothers spirit level and ask if he ascended from ‘Heaven’s Heart Community? (weird term) which has one ascension every couple hundred years. Gao Qi tells him that these remote villages require tax payments to big influences. It is because these big influences send people over the occupy King’s Mountain (to make space for the over occupied cities/villages). Nobody dares to revolt against them because the casualties would at least be 10 heavenly gods. Fu Jue Village is being covered by the influence ‘Black Dragon Pool’ whose leader is one of 5 super experts of Yu Chi City. Because of their influence, he can change his armors appearance since they have control and don’t care.

They arrive at the village and is introduced. The population is 10,000 and falls under the category of a small village. The village head is Fan Xu who hands Qin Yu’s group a jade slip with information about the village saying they need to pay 2 taxes (One to Black Dragon Pool and one to the city). Qin Yu’s group walk away without a care. Tax is every 1,000 years, they need to pay 1,000 low grade god spirit stone to the city and another 1,500 to black dragon pool. Normally there are 3 ways to get stones, one is mining, 2nd is searching abandoned mines and 3rd is working.

Qin Yu and his brothers live peacefully in the village, coming out once in a while to greet people so they know the people in the village. 300 years pass to tax collection day (wait wut? Isn’t it 1,000 years?). 2 people are walking and talking. These 2 people are Xing Yuan (lord of gold) and Li Liao. The parents of Zi Yan want Xing Yuan to buy a house in the city before allowing her marriage to him. Someone calls out to him and he looks up to see Qin Yu and his brothers. Qin Yu tells him that in immortal/devil/demon world he is called Qin Yu and in Dark Star he is called Liu Xing. Xing Yuan talks about his problems and Qin Yu talks to him with god sense, surprisingly him (Need at least middle god level to do so). Qin Yu told him that he would help him.

Qin Yu notes the tax collectors status. Of the tax collectors, one knows Zi Yan and talks to her, asking if Xing Yuan was a servant, neglecting his existence talking. This person bought Zi Yan and house and ask her to come but she rejected, asking why he wants to be with Xing Yuan. He points how his status and his high class god level. Xing Yuan can’t say anything. Qin Yu speaks up calling out their respectable job as thieves. He makes up a story of Xing Yuan finding a valuable ‘Must White Grass’ to Zi Yan, and he traded it in the city, owing Xing Yuan 3 million low grade god spirit stones. A bag appears out of thing air into Qin Yu’s hand. Liu Qi (Zi Yan’s ‘friend’) is shocked at how someone who ascended 1000 years is high god level, has a storage divine item, and has medicinal herbs trade routes in Yu Chi City. Xing Yuan receives the bag with 300 high grade stones and thanks him. 3 days later, Qin Yu, his brothers, Zi Yan, her parents and Xing Yuan go to Yu Chi City.

After 2 days of idle talking, they arrive at the city. Zi Fu Tian (Zi Yan’s father) tells him the city having 120 million years of history and breath of god can be absorbed here. He tells him of the east region, the East Pole Holy Emperor living in Dazzling Gold Mountain, a floating mountain. East Pole Holy Emperor has 64 cities with the center being Dazzling Gold Mountain, inaccessible to normal people. Yu Chi City is also called Yu Chi City because of Yu Chi was the 1st expert in this cities range, probably being upper heavenly god rank. Apparently he fought with East Pole Holy Emperor and eventually was granted the city. They showed their Status Tokens and enter the city. Qin Yu sees that inside the city, life is comfortable with its many shops and land distribution. They go to the housing agency and pick a house of their liking. Suddenly, a commander (commanders are a minimum of heavenly god rank) comes in a says he wanted that house. The lady in charge gives him the house and returns Xing Yang’s down payment.

Another person butts in and says he wants the place too. This man is Huang Jing, the Dazzling Gold Mountain practitioner chief. He takes the house and says he only needs 1 room. His strength is unknown but Qin Yu knows he can’t beat him even with Residual Snow. Xing Yuan wishes to become a Dazzling Gold Mountain practitioner. Xing Yuan’s group decide to pick a house I the southern region Nine Crane House and go enjoy the luxurious side of it, namely the restaurants. They talk about the marriage and Qin Yu leaving both Yu Chi City and Fu Jue Village. Dazzling Gold Mountain practitioners come, 30 of them heavenly god strength. Huang Jing spots Qin Yu. Huang Jing calls him predestined friends and Huang Jing proceeds to speak with his disciples about matters such as how long he’s staying.

Someone suddenly screams in the restaurant and catches everyone’s attention. Huang Jing’s group thinks he’s crazy. The guy tells the group to quiet down again saying it’s a restaurant. Hou Fei feels this person is watching him. One of the disciples mouth off at him so he wraps himself in a golden cocoon and it attacks the disciple, knocking him back. He injures Huang Jing also, shocking the disciples. Huang Jing’s group leaves, unable to fight back. Only Qin Yu and his brothers stayed. This man turns out to be looking for Qin Yu and his brothers and knows where they are from. This man turns out to be the person who left the inheritance restricted land in the apes/monkeys demon world area and teaches the Fearsome Heaven’s Stick and ask Hou Fei to follow him. Hou Fei says he is Jiang Lan’s apprentice so can’t follow him. They fail to persuade him so he takes Hou Fei with him. They are to go to Asura Sea if they want to see Hou Fei.

Qin Yu’s group can’t do anything now so go to see Xing Yuan and his new family hiding downstairs. Qin Yu tells Xing Yuan of his plan to going to find a peaceful place to meditate but plans on going to Jiang Lan World. After saying good byes and leaving, they go to Jiang Lan World when no one is watching them. Qin Yu confronts Fu Bo about Asura Sea. Divine world is split into 2 groups, one is influence by divine world natives and one is by people who ascended from the mortal world. The Holy Emperors are native since the founding of divine world. But later, 3 major influences arose from ascending from mortal world, these 3 are Asura Sea, Blood Demon Mountain and Double Domain Island. Each of these domains are able to fight evenly with a Holy Emperor. Asura Sea is the strongest of the 3. It is located in the sea inland of divine work. (The use a metaphor for this. There is a pie with a hole the center. The pie is divine world, the hole is Asura Sea and this pie is floating on the endless sea surrounding divine world).

Blood Demon Mountain is located between North Pole and Northwest holy emperors and double domain island located in an island near the endless sea. They stay in Jiang Lan World. Inside are Hei Yu, Qin Yu, Wu Lan, Fu Bo and one dark man. This dark man is the dragon they captured. Wu Lan and this man don’t leave Jiang Lan World because they will turn back into their demon beast form (They don’t acquire a humanoid form till they pass their divine tribulation. Hei Yu decides to practice with Fu Bo sparring, and Wu Lan if he wants others. Qin Yu goes to practice his deduction of formations. He ponders which route he should go, becoming a god king or an artisan god. He wonders how long it’ll take him to reach heavenly god level, then god king level. He considers the 1st route not viable (takes too long) and considers the 2nd. His arguments for the 2nd route problems are you need an expert guidance, need lots of materials for experimenting and practicing, control of the flame, he needs a strong flame and he also needs the spend a very long time to comprehension state.

120,000 years pass by and Qin Yu reached a stop in his deduction. Fu Bo tells him to do some experimentation because of how complex it is. Qin Yu decides to use Black Dragon Pool as guinea pigs. Qin Yu checks his star space. The distortion has now surrounded the star space. Qin Yu recalls scenes he remembers seeing regarding the Origin. Qin Yu ponders what to do next with his evolving Origin. He decides to leave Jiang Lan World and do his experiment.

Qin Yu is flying and still thinking of Stellar Transformations. Someone calls out to him, it is Huang Jing. They greet each other. Huang Jing is here to visit her brother. They separate at a fork road. Huang Jing mentions she feels very comfortable around Qin Yu before leaving. Qin Yu flies to Black Dragon Pool’s location and picks a spot to the south where many Black Dragon Pool people pass by. Qin Yu decides to call this mountain Mi Ni Mountain and live here in a cabin. Fu Bo hands Qin Yu a scroll Ch Hou left behind for when he reaches a certain level of comprehension. It tells of the different states, how long it took him and how long it might take others to achieve it. He gives examples of formation comprehension levels in 8 levels. Level 1= basic, level 2=not really special, 3=expert, 4=master, 5=level of heavenly divine item minimum requirement, 6= one of 5 great refining masters level and 7 and 8 are both only Che Hou achieved. He was in the 3rd state of comprehension when he made level 7s. He is told not to worried right now about levels 7+.

Fu Bo presents Qin Yu a bunch of scrolls regarding the details in each level. Qin Yu is right now at around level 3. Fu Bo is about comprehension level 5 but can’t make heavenly divine items because he doesn’t have a divine spirit. Qin Yu sets up an illusionary level 1 formation. Black Dragon Pool’s leader, black dragon great man has 3 subordinates, Xiong Hei, Mei Ji and Liu Xu Dao Ren. Only these 3 know of the leaders locations. Black Bear Hall is one a place belonging to Xiong Hei. He is worried because a couple of his men have disappeared. He is reported that on a usually ignored hill, 3 people vanished and on that hill is written Mi Ni Hill and seems to have occupied it. Liu Qi Yan is assigned to go handle this person. Liu Qi’s group is trying to break the formation in front of Mi Ni Hill but they don’t know how. Qin Yu is just watching them. San Yang of the group decides to go enter alone.

San Yang goes in and finds the person who set up this position is formidable but doesn’t know it is only level 1. He wants the group to pull him back out but finds out the string around him has been cut in 2. Qin Yu traps the people into this hill. These people inside are panicking for an escape. Qin Yu is near the cabin trying to catch a demon beast fish inside a pond the old fashion way with his hands. He eventually catches the fish and threatens to cook it (The fish talks). He brings it and the pool of water into Jiang Lan World. Fu Bo thinks he has a childs heart but he say it’s to distract himself from thinking of Li’er. They go into Jiang Lan World to see the humanoid appearance of the fish. Two women, originally fish outside are called Hong Yu and Lui Shui.

So far Black Dragon Pool has sent 4 attacks to Mi Ni Hill. The 1st 3 were simple but the 4th one managed to damage half the formation. Qin Yu decides to set up a level 2 fight formation. Before it was a level 1 alert formation so it didn’t harm anyone. Scene switches to Gong Sun, who brother the formation previously to save Li Qui Yan. He is the 1st expert of Lord Bear Hall. They strike Mi Ni Hill against, Gong Sun leading. Black and white flames attacks Gong Sun, burning him completely. Li Qui’s group panics and runs for it. Qin Yu watched and wonders what his strength was. Xiong Hei decides to bring men and go personally. He has a heavenly divine item. Mei Ji and Liu Xu Dao Ren decide to come watch. They bring 10,000 men. The leaders are each being carried in a chair by 4 high god levels.

Qin Yu is standing on some remote region watching in a cliff smiling. Qin Yu and Fu Bo evaluate their strength. He can see 3 heavenly god ranks and is excited he can experiment with them (he sees them as rats). Xiong Hei calls out and Qin Yu comes out flying. The heavenly god ranks all introduce themselves. Qin Yu welcomes them to go into his formations and disappears. Xiong Hei steps into the fight formation and attacks it with his face, shaking the whole mountain in the process. The outer ring fight formation has been broken. Fu Bo and Qin Yu talk about him using a heavenly divine mace pumped with divine power and welcome him to challenge his strongest fight formation. Qin Yu and Fu Bo talk about a Life God King that used to exist and resurrected people’s true spirit. That god king died in a 1 billion year long war. Xiong Hei has stepped into the central region illusionary formation and is caught off guard. Liu Xu and Mei Ji are discussing Xiong Hei who has entered the formation and is attacking the same spot over and over.

After smashing random pits all over the place hundreds of time and expending divine energy, the illusionary formation disperses. He calls out to Qin Yu and Qin Yu welcomes him to his strongest formation. It is a stronger than usual level 3 formation of the flame attribute. Using 26 stacking formations and the flame bracelet, the formation displays the pure white flame attack. It can only be withstood by high grade heavenly divine armor which Xiong Hei shouldn’t have. He walks in and is surrounded by white flames. Qin Yu sighs that he isn’t strong enough to have made a prison with the flames. Xiong Hei was about to give up when the formation collapsed because some of the layers had problems. Fu Bo tells him that position is important and that deductions only create ideal situations. The more complex it is, the harder to get achieve desired results.

Xiong Hei thanks the heavens and recovers with spirit stones. He attacks Qin Yu. Qin Yu whispers that he doesn’t like using force but he has to. He thinks to himself how hard it is to study formations. Xiong Hei is chasing him but Qin Yu just flies around dodging, telling him that because he is a researcher, he doesn’t like using force. Liu Xu and Mei Ji is talking about how Qin Yu is flying around making a formation with seals and his own energy. They talk about how Qin Yu is making an alert formation with himself as the base so he can’t leave it. Qin Yu spends a day making the formation, which is short because fights in divine world last hundreds to thousands of years. Qin Yu finishes his formation by supplementing his own divine power and vanishes in from of Xiong Hei’s eyes.

He names this formation Weary Bear which angers Xiong Hei. He is surrounded by different colored walls that he can’t break.  Liu Xu and Mei Ji talking suspect Qin Yu isn’t actually a heavenly god but only his spirit achieve the state because heavenly gods can’t emit divine power. Xiong Hei continues to pound of the colored layered walls. He doesn’t know there is also defense restrictive spells on the walls. After 3 days of pounding on the wall, he observes the wall and the patterns and can’t figure anything about. After a year, he pleads to Qin Yu to let him exit. He tells him to kowtow 3 times if he wants to leave the formation. 10 years pass by, he is still trying. The walls now emit fire, electric or other attacks after being attacked. In these years, Qin Yu has been trying to integrate a fight formation into the alert formation. Xiong Hei is the test subject.

200 years passed now. Xiong Hei is still stuck inside. Some of his men already retreated out of boredom. Mei Ji went back one to report to black dragon great man about this. He doesn’t regard this as important and didn’t come. The men here are just talking and practicing to kill time. After hearing Qin Yu say that he doesn’t mind carrying on this experiment for 100 million years, Xiong Hei calls Qin Yu great man and decides to kowtow under the condition he swears not to tell anyone. Qin Yu accepts. Qin Yu frees him and leaves. Xiong Hei collaborates with Mei Ji and Liu Xu to kill Qin Yu saying he needs at least 1-2 days preparation to set up a formation. Qin Yu smiles and notes he would have had to leave anyways because in several months, he would have a breakthrough from Origin so would need to immerse himself in it. They follow Qin Yu to the forest where he disappears.

Xiong Hei, angry, starts pounding the area. He says he was insulted so must get revenge. He has Liu Xu set up a fire formation to burn down the mountain. He uses 36 high grade divine stones to set it up. The forest is burned down with Ji Jin heavenly flame, capable of burning down ordinary demon beast and god levels. Unlike black flames, this flame burns slower, extending the pain duration. They don’t see Qin Yu afterwards so retreat. Qin Yu in Jiang Lan World tells the people inside he is going to do closed door training. Hei Yu tells everyone to not make noise during this time. Qin Yu ponders if he can die from this. Inside the star space, the star space is like an embryo while the ‘paste space’ is like the mother’s belly. Months pass. The Origin now is much smaller, turning into a small black hole causing the surrounding space to collapse.

Qin Yu is deducing, and recalling the scenes of the evolution of the universe. Qin Yu suddenly deduces the road. The Origin splits in half. It releases a green and grey airflow that sweeps across the entire star space. The green flow goes upwards and the grey goes downwards. The green condenses and the grey expands. An earth has formed. Qin Yu is the master of this universe. Born in this universe is also a mysterious yellow air. When it is integrated into weapons, the hardness increases. He tries to fuse it with his spear but it is slow. He decides he won’t use the spear for now till the fusion is complete. Qin Yu opens the room, steps outside and is congratulated on his breakthrough. Note: Universe can also be translated to Heaven & Earth so this would be the 10th state, Heaven & Earth or Universe.

Right now Qin Yu’s dantian has pure white flames, the black hole disappeared but he still feels the strength of Origin present. As for how strong he is, he is uncertain because he doesn’t know how the universe inside him will differ from the one outside of Jiang Lan World. He tells Hei Yu he is at peak high god level. Hei Yu goes back to practice and Qin Yu goes to think about having to return Jiang Lan World. Hong Yu and Lu Shui are revealed to be level 9 demon emperors. Lu Shui and Hong Yu after conversing, request to bring some of the male fish from the pond before to teach them a lesson. Qin Yu tells them he is leaving Jiang Lan World with Fu Bo.

Qin Yu and Fu Bo comes out to see the burned down remains. He returns to the pond with fish is gone completely. Qin Yu, after some thinking, decides to head to black dragon pool (thinking about how he was kind hearted by letting them off but their burn down the hill and if it were other major influences, they would have died). Fu Bo feels as if he returned to the old days with his master, roaming freely and no one dares to disrespect them. Qin Yu and Fu Bo arrives, looking at the scenery and people of Black Dragon Pool. Qin Yu flies to a canyon range and decides to disguise himself as a flame expert. We learn of the nothingness type flame, flame Che Hou had a bit off and is the flame of god kings. Someone spots Qin Yu. Qin Yu with his hand starts preparing an illusionary technique, and the onlooker seeing him fly flees with his wife thinking it is probably an heavenly god enemy from Mi Ni Hill.

The 3 influences to Yu Ch City are revealed to be Cold Gold Mountain, Black Dragon Pool and Three Fork Mountain and are constantly fighting. He alerts the 3 subordinates of black dragon pool. Qin Yu covers the sky with an alert and fight formation, making it rain black flames to burn down black dragon pool. Xiong Hei’s group talk about the black flames, being a thick black color (strongest) and numerous. They get ready to attack but 2 white fireballs are shot at them. They decide to rid the formations first because they can’t handle the white flames. The palaces and people of black dragon pool are burned down to ashes. The people are recalling their past before they died, not thinking they would die today burned alive. Less they 100 people are alive under the formation, cursing the formation maker and Xiong Hei.

Qin Yu tells Xiong Hei this is payback for last time. Qin Yu has already set up a fight formation here and welcomes them to come in again. They don’t dare do so cause they know it is another white flames flame attribute formation. Xiong Hei ask for a one of one but in god sense tells the other 2 to surround him when there is a chance. Qin Yu takes out the heavenly divine weapon “Scarlet Blood” he got from the temple and has the effect ‘Sharpness’. Qin Yu tells Xiong Hei it is a heavenly divine item but not high grade because he might run away in fear. Qin Yu goes to strike Liu Xu first since he made the fire formation and Xiong Hei’s group takes the opportunity to surround Qin Yu. Qin Yu slashes Xiong Hei’s mace in 2. All watchers were shocked. Qin Yu made the sword show off white flames, scaring them. The 3 go all out to attack Qin Yu. The 3 attack but Qin Yu just dodges. Qin Yu strikes at Xiong Hei to try to slash him in 2 but luckily his broken mace blocked it so he escaped with just a big wound. Liu Xu attacks Qin Yu with a strange tree branch attack and Mei Ji joins in. Qin Yu wraps himself in flames and burns away the tree and goes to kill Liu Xu first. Mei Ji pursues.

Qin Yu suddenly strikes his rear but Mei Ji luckily escapes with his life but has body cut in half. Qin Yu wonders why these 3 haven’t fun away yet, if they still have another trick up their sleeves. They strike at Qin Yu again, Qin Yu surrounds his body in white flames, but suddenly something hits him and knocks him down. This attack is ‘Poisonous Soul Hook’, the special attack of Mei Ji whose main body is a “Dust Scorpion’. It attacks the divine spirit. The attack strength is proportional to the strength of the enemy. Black Dragon Pool’s group cheer at Xiong Hei and Mei Ji. Suddenly, Qin Yu through sense tells Xiong Hei to not be too proud, already sending out a barrage of slashes, turning Xiong Hei and his yuanying to minced meat. His true spirit has scattered.

The attacks go towards Liu Xu also but he manages to escape with only his lower body slashed in 2. Mei Ji flies to black dragon pool, falls down seriously wounded and messages black dragon great man that xiong hei is dead and they are about to be too. Mei Ji ask Qin Yu how he recovered so fast. He doesn’t say it but it was his meteoric tear countering the attack. Qin Yu sees them smiling and wonders why. Black Dragon Pool, suddenly as if it was a lake, starts rising and shaking. Qin Yu retreats to his fight formation. Black dragon great man has come out (I keep typing ‘big man’ when I arrive at this term cause the translation is literally ‘big man’ [usually referring to someone of a higher status than you, such as how Yin Hua refers to Jiang Lan has Lan big man.] x.X). Qin Yu observers this man. Has an armor covering all vital points and his higher spirit level than Qin Yu so is at least middle heavenly god level.

Hei Long (black dragon) ask if Qin Yu is the one who killed Xiong Hei and Qin Yu ask if he is Hei Long. Hei Long ask Qin Yu to submit to him or death. Qin Yu refuses, saying only God King can decide his fate so Hei Long goes on the offensive. His speed and increasing momentum surprises Qin Yu. Hei Long steps into fight formation and takes the white flames without a care. Qin Yu is shocked. The onlookers can’t see anything. Hei Long wonders how he killed Xiong Hei because Qin Yu doesn’t understand why the white flames isn’t affecting Hei Long. Hei Long strikes with his stick and Qin Yu with Scarlet Blood. Qin Yu wonders why the ‘sharpness’ affect isn’t damaging the stick. Hei Long says Qin Yu’s sword is high grade heavenly divine item, shocking Qin Yu. Hei Long’s weapon is middle grade heavenly divine. Hei Long is happy, because he didn’t think he would be able to obtain a high grade heavenly divine item today.

Hei Long explains to Qin Yu that the fight of heavenly divines is about space comprehension. Hei Long neutralized all of Qin Yu’s white flames because it is within range of his ‘Space Field’. Lower heavenly god can counter gravity with space comprehension and fly, middle heavenly god have space field and upper heavenly god can destroy space. He doesn’t tell Qin Yu how a lower rank heavenly divine can fight a higher rank heavenly divine tho. Qin Yu disappears into his universe and comes back out again. Hei Long shocked, asking if that was teleport because teleportation is something only God Kings can do in divine world. Qin Yu’s universe is still growing, currently the point of divergence from going in and out of the universe is only several hundred meters but it should get bigger as it develops. Hei Long ask what method it is that he is using that allows instant disappearance between this ability can even fight upper heavenly gods by making their powers useless. Qin Yu decides he must hide this ability. Hei Long wants this ability because it is even better than the high grade heavenly divine item.

Qin Yu tells him this technique is is passed on by his teacher and his teacher only takes 1 disciple. Hei Long guesses his teacher should be about god king level. Hei Long ask Qin Yu to let him become his disciple. Qin Yu says this technique called ‘So close yet so far’ belonging to his ‘Universe School’ doesn’t pass the secrets of this technique but only teach it. Hei Long wants this power. Hei Long is an ‘demon killing clan?’, it differs from immortals/demons/devils in that it depends on slaughtering for status. Hei Long plans killing Qin Yu, using ‘Snatch God’ on him to take his memories and take his high grade heavenly divine item. He is planning his escape incase being pursued by a god king. Plans on running to Asura sea because he knows someone there. When he finishes thinking, he sees Qin Yu has disappeared.

Hei Long splits into 6 clones. His true body is ‘Nine Black Dragon’, a variation demon beast. Qin Yu thinks they are illusions. They strike. Qin Yu realizes he is stuck in their space domain. Qin Yu ponders what to do. He can’t use ‘teleport’ because it will be exposed and he can’t use his Jiang Lan World because others will know of his space divine item. Huang Jing appears and uses space destruction. Hei Long wonders who this upper heavenly god women is. Huang Jing reveals Hei Long has another 3 clones hiding in the bottom. Hei Long orders his group to retreat. Qin Yu thanks Huang Jing and reveals Hei Long’s name to be Tan Jiu. Huang Jing reveals Liu Yu Xi told her. Huang Jing talks with Hei Long for a while (Yan Jiu and Liu Yu Xi has history of ascending together, about where Tan Jiu has been hiding and the relation between this women and Liu Yu Xi). Huang Jing came here to look for Qin Yu, suspecting that Qin Yu was the heavenly god from Mi Ni Hill and has conflict with Black Dragon Pool, inviting him to go to Dazzling Gold Mountain to practice.

Book 15 Chapter 31-46

Qin Yu thinks about going. If he goes, it will be suspicious because he is still using divine power which is not what heavenly gods use. If would be troublesome if the East Pole Holy Emperor suspects him. He tells her that he is currently too weak and divine power is still converting so will go later. She tells him if he decides to go, just mention her name. Qin Yu ask Huang Jing if any of the holy emperor clan’s surname is Jiang. Huang Jing tells him not to leak this information but one of the clans is indeed ‘Jiang’ surname. The divine world 8 surnames are Huang Fu, Tang, Mu, Jiang, Duan Mu, Shen Tu, Pu Tai and Zhou. Huang Fu is the East Pole Holy Emperor. Jiang is of the North Pole Holy Emperor living in Snowing City. He ask her if he knows Jiang Li and she replies asking if he is pursuing her. She tells him that the people pursing Jiang Li is currently a secret she won’t tell him. She is being pursued by people who don’t even like her. People pursue her for the chance to become a god king but luckily she is being helped by senior Lan.

Huang Jing takes down the space barrier because it seems Tan Jiu wants to speak with Qin Yu. Tan Jiu is still contemplating killing Qin Yu. Tan Jiu goes to Qin Yu and sets up a space field. He tells Qin Yu that Qin Yu kill one of his subordinates and injured another 2, making him come out and get into action. He also used his strongest attack. If he doesn’t kill Qin Yu, what will his followers think of him? Tan Jiu starts talking about Qin Yu’s power and how it would be leaked if he were to die. 3 people suddenly come and disrespectfully talk about Hei Long and his temples being burned down. Qin Yu wonders if they are Hei Long’s enemies. One of the step into fight formation and leave afterwards, saying blocking the flames with space field is tiring. Tan Jiu ask if Qin Yu knows them. Tan Jiu says these 3 people are the leaders of Three Fork Mountain.

After more trash talking by the 3 leaders, Tan Jiu is about to get into action with his 3 clones but the 3 leaders say they can easily beat down the clone. Huang Jing comes and tells Qin Yu that if they fight, bystanders will be affected. The 3 brothers Man Chou, Man Fan and Man Fei proceed to sexually harass Huang Jing (through speech) because they never seen her and don’t know of any female experts in Dazzling Gold Mountain. Tan Jiu and Qin Yu wonder how she will react. The 3 brothers suddenly ask for forgiveness when he saw Qin Yu and Tan Jiu’s reaction, offering a forgiveness gift. Huang Jing says today they must die. The 3 brothers talk about her possible level. After taking a beating by Huang Jing, they retreat and tell Tan Jiu they will come back tomorrow when this girl is gone.

Another person shows up and says it’s living, not expecting the 3 stupid bulls to fight. He tells Tan Jiu that today they must fight and not run away. This person, Huang Fu Liu Shui (means like leaking water in Chinese, took me a while to figure out this was a name), is a younger brother of Huang Jing. They speak and bit and ask if this person near her, Qin Yu, is intimate with her. Liu Shui is the leader of Cold Gold Mountain. Qin Yu wonders if they are really related. Liu Shui says he has to go back to Cold Gold Mountain and hopes to one day meet in Dazzling Gold Mountain. Tan Jiu is a bit jealous now, knowing why Liu Shui has a high grade heavenly divine item. Liu Shui shows off his axe to Tan Jiu, saying that someday he can obtain one if his influence grows, and Tan Jiu looks to Qin Yu. Tin Jiu thinks to himself if it were not for these 2 siblings, he would have one and the so close yet so far technique.

Tan Jiu points out to everyone that Qin Yu has a high grade heavenly divine item granted by his teacher. Liu Shui asked if he has one, and says he is only high god level. Qin Yu tells him he is still converting, having just achieved lower heavenly god level. (Liu Shui also refers to Tan Jiu as nine-headed insect lol). After some questioning by Liu Shui about his teachers name which he doesn’t tell. They 3 thief influences taunt each other and decide to vent out some anger. Tan Jiu and Liu Shui fight. Liu Shui with one swing of the axe severely wounds a clone. Liu Shui splits into 9, 6 of which attack Liu Shui and 3 attack the 3 brothers. Everyone in this fight is middle heavenly god level. Qin Yu notes Liu Shui has a really strong body. Qin Yu watching, sees that even tho it’s 6v1 for Liu Shui, he has the advantage with his speed and axe. As for the clones fighting the brothers, neither really has the advantage. Tan Jiu gets worn out after a while. Tan Jiu gathers his clones and the clone’s weapon to turn to a whip. He is finally using his full strength. Qin Yu watches this fight for 3 days and nights.

They now acknowledge that even if the fight were to last for hundreds of years, neither side will give up. Liu Shui ask Qin Yu to come to Cold Gold Mountain to play. Qin Yu says he has stuff to do and Liu Shui tells Qin Yu in god sense that if he goes to Dazzling Gold Mountain to pursue her sister, he might succeed because she is really good to him. Han Shui sees Qin Yu’s startled reaction and leaves. Qin Yu thinks of the Huang Fu relations. The 3 brothers come introduce themselves to Qin Yu and welcome him to come to fork mountain. Qin Yu ask the brothers if they come from immortal/demon/devil world. They are indeed from that world and ask who the current bull demon emperor is. Qin Yu tells them he hasn’t ascended too long and the 3 brothers ask Qin Yu to join their fork mountain. Qin Yu rejects and they leave. Man Chou speaks with his brothers saying that Qin Yu might be lying about coming from that world to get into fork mountain. They decide to watch Qin Yu.

Qin Yu heads back to black dragon pool. He decides to wants to go into the deep pool of black dragon pool to find some treasure and an opportunity to kill Tan Jiu. He waits till the dark curtains of night set in and sneaks in in a black robe. He uses the ‘strength of space’ from his universe which is similar but weaker than space field and sneaks in like a fish. Inside is pitch black but divine world people can visualize inside it easily. There is no life in there except for plants. It’s huge. After a month, he doesn’t find Tan Jiu. He thinks that Liu Yu Xi might come later so makes a decision. He enters his universe world. He extends his strength of space to outside of black dragon pool to know if Liu Yu Xi comes. Qin Yu sides down and Fu Bo appears. This universe world is linked to Jiang Lan World so he decides to return to Jiang Lan World.

A millennium passes outside. Black Dragon Pool have rebuilt the temples. A person appeared at Black Dragon Pool. This person is Liu Yu Xi, the 2nd son of Yu Chi. Liu Yu Xi goes into black dragon pool. Nearly 100,000 years of practice in Jiang Lan World, Qin Yu appears back out in black dragon pool. His distance isn’t far from Liu Yu Xi but he doesn’t want to get too close to be discovered. He is follows him to the center. There are 2 waves, one is caused by Liu Yu Xi and one by Tan Jiu. There is a passage in this center that leaders deeper. They enter and Qin Yu follows. The passage closes behind them which is why Qin Yu couldn’t find it previously. The passage is 80 meters long so Qin Yu can teleport past it. The room below doesn’t have water and Qin Yu teleports in.

In this room, Qin Yu can hear them talking. Qin Yu fills the air with his strength of space, even covering them without them realizing. They are talking about a 7 colored lotus flower they previously discovered which shocks Qin Yu because he read about it in Che Hou’s books that the leaves is an ingredient in making pills of resurrection (assuming the true spirit is still alive). The heart of the lotus is as valuable as a high grade heavenly divine item and makes the pill more potent. Moreover, they are speaking of 2 7 colored lotus flowers which Qin Yu finds odd. Liu Yu Xi and Tan Jiu decide to each take one when it blooms 3.5 years later. They finish their talk and go over to a corner of the garden. Qin Yu extends his space to search it and discovers One Yuan heavy water. The lotus grows on top of this water. There is about 10 wooden barrels worth of this water. The pool has a illusionary formation on it.

3.5 years pass by in an instant. Everyone was just sitting and not talking (that patience…). Qin Yu in meditation wakes up to the dazzling 7 colored light aura emitted by the flower. They each pick one and go to pick it. Suddenly in their eyes it wilts, the illusion formation breaks and it reveals a 9 leaf lotus. It has 9 leaves, 3 center spots, is a black color and emits black light and a cold air. This flower is the reason of the 2 lotuses is that single 9 leaf lotus absorbed the essence of the 2 7 leaf lotus to mature. Qin Yu recalls from a golden scroll the information of this 9 leaf lotus. It absorbs Hong Meng holy air and is more potent than 7 leaf lotus. It can be refined to a ‘lotus Fen Shen’ (Separate body or something, I don’t use this term. Only time I see it used in Chinese is in regards to multitasking, one body 2 task.) It is a Hong Meng holy treasure and surpasses 2nd class treasures.

Suddenly, Liu Yu Xi and struck in the forehead, sent flying to the garden wall. Tan Jiu says his defense is strong. They are both from the same clan but Tan Jiu specialized in attacking while Liu Yu in defense. Liu Yu’s remaining strength is only about 60%. Tan Jiu offers him to leave for his life to be spared. Liu Yu has regarded him as a good friend and hoped to become god kings together but Tan Jiu sneak attacked him. Tan Jiu regards him as someone to make him stronger but because of this flowers possible value, he has to be cruel. Liu Yu says he will leave. Qin Yu is watching and calculating if he can kill Tan Jiu. As Liu Yu walks to the entrance, suddenly his hands emit golden light and pound into the stick of Tan Jiu who has sneak attacked him again. They talk about their past relationship.

They are fighting. The 9 whip hits Liu Yu but he easily blocks it with his abnormal defense. Qin Yu discovers that Tan Jiu has used cloning. Because of the fast motion battle and all the blurs, one can’t distinguish clones were made. 2 clones grab Liu Yu and blow itself up. Liu Yu is on down with 1 nee to the ground, bloodied up body and asked Tan Jiu if the tried to kill him with 2 clones, forgetting about his defense. Liu Yu is heavily wounded. Suddenly, Liu Yu glows. He has burnt his yuanying so his energy is has erupted, going to the strongest form with space field at its finest. Tan Jiu splits into 7, 3 of them light up and go towards Liu Yu. All 4 blow up. There is only 4 Lan Jiu left and they are looking towards the explosion site. Space field has covered the entire garden. Liu Yu has died. Tan Jiu returns to one. Left of Liu Yu is a broken breastplate, storage divine item and middle grade heavenly divine gloves.

Qin Yu comes out from his universe world and determines he must strike to kill Tan Jiu but since he is still vigilant right now, he has to wait till Tan Jiu goes to pick up the lotus. Qin Yu goes to strike position. Tan Jiu takes Liu Yu’s leftovers and goes towards the lotus. It was unaffected by the fight. Tan Jiu heads to the water and puts both hands in to grab it. At this moment, Qin Yu, with Residual Snow on his hands, teleports in and pierces the spear into Tan Jiu’s head. He turns to dust but his body breaks down into 78 fragments, which combine to form 3 Tan Jiu’s. Both parties are shocked. Tan Jiu sees Qin Yu. Tan Jiu usually when not fighting, splits his divine spirit into various parts of the body so he didn’t die (he can do so because he has 9 heads in his original body). Qin Yu destroyed one parts of the divine spirit as well as the blue blood jindan (upon conversion to heavenly divine power, a blue blood jindan is formed which is the ‘heavenly divine power’ center) [yeah they just explained this right now]. Yuanying is the divine spirit center and blue blood jindan is the heavenly divine power center.

Qin Yu looks at the clones. Each is holding on to a 3 section whip (seems more like 3 section nun chucks). Tan Jiu now is ready to kill Qin Yu. Tan Jiu says he can’t escape this time and notices he isn’t using his sword but while this happen, Qin Yu appears on one of the Tan Jiu sides and strikes, a rotation strike. Tan Jiu is confident in blocking this but the spear goes through the whip and strike Tan Jiu, turning changing the whole upper portion of his body to dust, including his divine yuanying and blood jindan. The other 2 are scared, their response is to run. Tan Jiu running ponders if that spear is a legendary hong meng holy treasure. He is panicking. Qin Yu chases, teleporting twice, stops in front of Tan Jiu. Tan Jiu uses Space Field attacks with his stick. Qin Yu uses another rotation attack, the spear piercing both the space field and stick. Tan Jiu’s yuanying and blood jindan escape but yellow air from the spear turn those to dust. Only 1 Tan Jiu left. Qin Yu goes to pursue the last one, teleporting continuously and ends up in a library with a passage. He thinks to himself how far Tan Jiu could have gone now. There is actually a secret passage here that Qin Yu doesn’t know about.

Qin Yu wonders that even if he gets away, who would believe him talking about his teleport. It is an iron rule in divine world that only god kings can use teleport. He goes back to the garden to retrieve the lotus. He flaunts to himself of how strong Residual Snow is. He returns the spear to his universe. Qin Yu, the one yuan heavy water and 9 leaf lotus all disappear into the universe world. Qin Yu, back in universe world is contemplating refining the 9 leaf lotus. He takes out the one yuan heavy water and compares it with the gold yuan heavy water he got at dark star. Suddenly the golden ball from the water voluntarily flies to the 9 leaf lotus. The golden ball emits gold light while the lotus emits black light, and both lights intertwine. Each absorb either others light. Qin Yu still doesn’t know what this golden ball is so calls Fu Bo.

He has Fu Bo take a look. He knows what the 9 leaf lotus is but not the golden ball but knows both is precious. He ask how Qin Yu obtained it. Qin Yu tells him. Fu Bo says he seen a golden ball but it might not be the same one. Qin Yu tells Fu Bo of the coldness of the ball and relation with the yuan heavy water. He also tells him that these 2 precious objects move together naturally. Fu Boi judges it to be a Hong Meng holy treasure and ask him to try refining it. He can’t refine it yet till at least divine state infant because it is too cold. Qin Yu decides to reach level 4 comprehension arranging before going for heavenly divine state.

Fu Bo inquires to why Qin Yu doesn’t refine Residual Snow here but he can’t because the mysterious yellow air doesn’t leave his universe. They both enter Jiang Lan World. Fu Bo tells him Hei Yu entered a special state in practice and don’t know if it is good or bad. Qin Yu teleports to him. Hei Yu seems to have been doing stabbing practice with a spear for 10,000 years. He hasn’t done it fast and hasn’t infused it with divine power. He ask why Fu Bo didn’t tell him but it was cause of the black dragon pool matters. Qin Yu calls out but no response so uses God sense. Hei Yu doesn’t seem to have realized he has been practicing like that for 10,000 years. Xiao Hei has reached peak high god level. He arrived at this mysterious practice when he had a mysterious feeling and decided to pursue it.

Qin Yu decides to test himself against the spear technique Hei Yu have been practicing. It wasn’t a fast strike but against it, Qin Yu felt unusually slow. Qin Yu couldn’t block it, he has to admit defeat. Qin Yu believes that right now, if he doesn’t use either his universe world abilities or his spear, he can’t beat Hei Yu. Qin Yu is happy because now even Hei Yu can stand up against the divine world experts. Qin Yu entrust Fu Bo to Hei Yu to not disturb his practice and goes back to his room to start deduction. The is some text about formations, how the alerts work in conjunction with each other and how with each level of deduction, it is more numerous.

180,000 years pass in Jiang Lan World. He has achieved the level 4 state and tells Fu Bo, also asking him how long he spent. Fu Bo spend several billion years to reach 4th state and 1 billion for 5th. He estimates state level 5 should be in 1 million years. Qin Yu decides to go out to see if Tan Jiu came out. Fu Bo reports to him that Hong Yu, Lu Shui, Wu Lan and Wu He (dragon) all formed divine spirit jindan but the strangely haven’t been induced the divine tribulation yet. Qin Yu suddenly figures it out. Right now, Jiang Lan World is within Qin Yu’s own universe world. In this universe world, Qin Yu is the ruler so it isn’t subject to the restrictions of divine world. If they were to head back to divine world, they would be induced their divine tribulation. Fu Bo also reports that Hei Yu 150,000 years ago had reached divine spirit infant and made his blue blood jindan.  Fu Bo talks about Hei Yu’s fast practice speed and being one of those geniuses to create their own practice. Qin Yu decides to exit.

Back outside is teleporting and arrives at a mountain after not finding Tan Jiu. He sees his 2 subordinates tho. Qin Yu sees a patrol squad and listens in. They are talking about Qin Yu who is lower heavenly god but has a lot of treasures and many people are seeking to kill him for his treasures. This information has spread to the entire east divine world. This information was passed down from black dragon pool by the means of Mei Ji and Liu Xu having his trusted me spread out the rumors in Yu Chi City. Even upper heavenly gods are taking part. For Qin Yu, something bad has finally happened.

Now they talk about North Pole Holy Emperor’s Snowing City. The city is suspended midair. The walls of the city are strangely durable, even if heavenly gods attack, they won’t leave a mark on it. It snows heavily. There aren’t many residents but more than 10,000 heavenly god experts. The North Pole Holy Emperor clan is also known as the emperor clan. Clan members live in the core center of the inner city. Jiang Lan is one of the 3 big God Kings of this city. He is of the most subtle god king, not managing or paying attention to the north pole clan and likes east in a house. On top of this house has the sign ‘Wooden House’ which is where Jiang Lan resides. 5 People pass by this house, one of which is the leader of this 5 man squadron Gu Liang. They talk of how lonely this house is, last visitor was about 10 billion years ago and the total amount of visitors here totaled 12. He reached god king around the same time as the holy emperor. Suddenly Jiang Lan comes out with 2 servants, both of which are upper heavenly gods.

Jiang Lan receives info that Li’er is happy with info received about Qin Yu. But it is a little problematic right now because many heavenly gods are pursing him right now from East, West, South, Southwest and some other places (enemies left and right). Li’er has also practiced to middle heavenly god level. They talk about Qin Yu’s current strength, his potential worry of how he is currently still no match for Xiao Zi. They seem to know that he inherited confusion temple also.

It switches to Li’er who lives inside a garret within 7 mansions with 4 gardens taken care of 2 maidservants. These 2 maidservants are talking about a tree in the garden, Chu Ji and Ji Shao great man (2 people who were talking to Jiang Lan). Jiang Lan visits and looks at this ancient tree he created a garden for when he became a god king. He visits Li’er in the garden. She ask about Qin Yu first, making Lan ask why not ask about Lan first. They sit in a chair and talk. Lan tells Li’er she can meet Qin Yu when she achieves upper heavenly god state. Li’er ask about his situation now that since 1000 years ago, he’s been pursued by heavenly gods but Jiang Lan says he is probably in Jiang Lan World. Jiang Lan tells her that the only time he had to make real use of Jiang Lan World is during a divine world war. Jiang Lan refers to the way from 6 billion years ago that many people don’t know the details about and tells Li’er to practice with ease and he will tell her about it when the time comes. Li’er tells him of a visit from her father.

It was 300 years ago and it was another attempt to pursue Li’er to marry someone. Jiang Lan decides to leave a clone to see if he comes again. Li’er relaxes. Snowing cities 3 god kings are North Pole Holy Emperor, Wooden House God King (lol), and Heavenly Heart God King (Heart can refer to center, in this case I don’t know which one it is using). Li’er’s father doesn’t respect this last god king. Her father owes this senior uncle. Jiang Lan leaves and notes that Li’er’s practice is the same has ‘hers’. Jiang Lan remembers a scene of a silhouette falling, 2 crystal teardrops and was smiling. His quotes are “A mei (usually refers to a women someone introduces you to), you selected Li’er and Xiao Yu, I will guard them with my life!”

Back in Yu Chi City. It is night time so curfew is in effect but at a special place where it is brightly illuminated, at a place for wealthy people, Qin Yu is sitting in one of the seats here which you need to pay to have. Qin Yu is talking with Chu Liu Qing about Qin Yu’s deeds in divine world, the treasures he is carrying and the technique similar to teleport. Qin Yu is going by the name Xi Shuang here. Another person named Chu Pang joins in, who often visits this Fragrant Pity Hall. Qin Yu came here to see the rumors being passed around and he is relieved that they don’t mention 9 lead lotus and the ‘teleport’ rumor no one believes. There is a performance by 2 flute players and Qin Yu doesn’t really care for but notes that 2 lower heavenly gods came.

These 2 claps for the performance. Qin Yu is told these 2 came for Qin Yu. These 2 speak learn of 3 heavenly gods residing here in a garret, 2 of which are middle but the leader is upper heavenly god. Qin Yu finds this troublesome. Qin Yu and his current group are watching these 2 lower gods. They pick a garret. When they are gone, people are talking about Qin Yu again and the people pursing him. Qin Yu and Chu Pang leave together, both to their own garret. Back in the garret, Qin Yu recalls brothels and how this resembles on. 2 maidservants come and he has them leave so that he can rest. He rest for the night. In the morning, Qin Yu decides to head to Fragrant Pity Hall and see Wu Gang and Wu Liu the 2 lower heavenly gods from yesterday looking for a trail of Qin Yu.

They head to Mi Ni Hill so Qin Yu follows them and notices the land change there. He decides to occupy the area again and greet these guest. He decides to test them, setting up a level 3 alert formation in the outer ring. Fu Bo says they came, he can detect them with a level 7 Yi Yan Xi Zhen formation that Che Hou made into Fu Bo. Qin Yu appears in front of the Wu brothers. They notice the scenery change and know they entered an illusionary formation. They use space control and pursue Qin Yu. Qin Yu decides to greet them, sending out a red sword blur that cuts through their low grade heavenly divine items and divides both of them into 2. They get cut many more times with sword blurs before Qin Yu comes out with the Locking God’s Tower and inhales both of them.

These 2 have become Qin Yu’s servants because of greed. Qin Yu tells Fu Bo he is going to use this opportunity to capture some servants.  He has them treat Fu Bo the same as Qin Yu and sends them to Jiang Lan World. The speak about the space divine item and hoping their current master doesn’t meet an upper heavenly god to destroy Jiang Lan World. Half a year passes and Qin Yu has arranged hundreds of level 3 formations outside but arranging a level 4 is hard. In these 6 months, people have come and died in the fight formations and are lucky to survive going into the alert formation. Black dragon pool have been sending people here suspecting Qin Yu came back.

Back in Yu Chi City, 4 people belonging to the Euro Coconut City (funny name) bandit influence of the 64 eastern cities. The leader is Chi Hong Feng, a middle heavenly god and the 3 other men are lower heavenly god. They are reported of Qin Yu’s return to Mi Ni Hill and head there. There are many who are reported of this and are headed there. Tan Jiu is still trying to figure out what spear it was that he saw and thinks Qin Yu will be overwhelmed by numbers. He has currently restored 90% of his strength. Many people get the information of Qin Yu including Jiang Lan, Li’er, Huang Jing and Yu Chi Gong Lan.

A group of 20 are flying close to Mi Ni Hill. Of these 20, 2 are middle and rest are lower heavenly god levels. Chi Hong Feng is part of this group. They send divine spirit stones to the formation and watch it erupt in white flames, electric and various energy attack and the expressions on their face turn ugly.

Qin Yu hears of them from Fu Bo and shows himself to them. Xian Yu Yang, Chi Hong Feng and the lower heavenly god levels see Qin Yu. Chi Hong Feng steps up and speaks to him while the others talk of killing him with speed through god sense. 6 people go towards him, under Xian Yu Yang’s commanded, who is level 3 comprehension, and they break through the level 3 formations. 2 reach him and Qin Yu escapes, they think it was luck. 4 are following behind those 2. Those 6 decide they can kill Qin Yu themselves but worry about flame type formations. Qin Yu tells him there is only an illusionary formation here smiling. The rush into it. They don’t know that Qin Yu actually but some defense and attack restrictive spells into this formation. They disperse inside. Qin Yu attacks one of them with a sword blur, holding back and captures him with locking tower. After a while he captures all 6.

Qin Yu goes to Xian Yu’s group and tells them he is going to stay in the formation now. Xian Yu tells to group to follow him to break his formation. Xian Yuan tells him is comprehends 1st and can break his formation easily. Qin Yu tells him he hasn’t achieved 1st state yet, shocking Xian Yu. Xian Yu’s group form space field and tell the lower heavenly gods to stay inside it (Chi Hong Feng also forms one so it is split between 2 people). Qin Yu goes to a level 4 alert formation and taunts them to come. Xian Yu thinks of Qin Yu’s low comprehension state and doesn’t believe he can’t break it. Some go in this formation. Xian Yu is trying to break the formation and Qin Yu believes he can’t. Many heavenly gods suddenly fly towards the Mi Ni Hill. Qin Yu observes them.

This group were 9 heavenly gods. The leader is Lan Shan Hou, a bandit influence leader of Yuan Ling City, one of the 64 cities of the east. He introduces himself and tells Qin Yu to surrender and hand over his treasure. Suddenly a large bang sound is heard, inside that bang is Chi Hong Feng, whose group is trying to break the alert formation level 4. Lan Shan leads the group to pursue Qin Yu and strike down the large formation. Qin Yu believes the formation can stand their combined assault.

Back inside the formation. Chi Hong Feng and Xian Yu Yang each have 6 people within their space field. Xian Yu is trying to figure out the formation but can’t. The space fields fend off attacks from the outside. Chi Hong kicks 3 and Xian Yu kicks 2 people out of their space fields because it consumes too much energy. Qin Yu decides to pick off these 5 people before they die with his spear. Chi Hong speaks with her men. Her elaborate plan is that Qin Yu can’t kill her because of middle heavenly god level and that many people are here. Suddenly, a voice in her head calls her arrogant and a blur appears in front of her wielding a spear striking. Chi Hong extends space field but saw the spear go through it so tries to block with sword. It collides with the sword but with the mysterious yellow air, the sword is loosened and the spear attacks the yuanying. Qin Yu teleports 3 times and strikes her 3 subordinates too. Chi Hong wonders why she isn’t die and Qin Yu captures them with his tower.

Qin Yu’s next targets Xian Yu’s group. Qin Yu has caught 23 servants from this event. Qin Yu summers the 23 heavenly gods he caught. The 3 leaders of this 23 are Chi Hong Feng, Xian Yu Yang and Lan Shan Hou and behind them are 20 lower level heavenly gods. (They didn’t show the scene of Qin Yu capturing those others). He tells them their arrangements will be handled by Fu Bo being summoned form Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu sends them all to Jiang Lan World. Qin Yu estimates the next batch of heavenly gods will take longer to obtain.  Qin Yu goes to wait at the alert formation sitting since they will have to go in to catch Qin Yu. Qin Yu estimates he needs 100 years for divine spirit state breakthrough and once his power transforms, he should be able to enter Jiang Lan World 3rd floor.

Qin Yu takes out the level 7 and 8 arrangement scrolls of Che Hou. He finds the scrolls odd because they look very simple and easy to set up so wonders what the secret is. The formation he looks at is special, not requiring a base and creates its own miniature world. Another batch of heavenly gods have come. This time it is 2 famously known as ‘enchanting sisters’ Le Yu Rao and Le Yu Yao. They talk about how there should be many heavenly gods here. Behind them are 10 heavenly gods. One of them come up to the sisters and greet them. He is Yi Gong Shu who is one of the middle heavenly god powerhouses on the same level as Tan Jiu. The batch of people is now 30 people in size. They talk about the formations, people they are here to see and the people that were suppose are to be here but are missing.

After a day the amount of heavenly gods here number to 50. 5 of them are middle heavenly gods which are the 2 sisters, Yi Gong Shu, Tan Jiu and Liu Bing. After some discussion, they are ready to move forward, the leader of the 56 heavenly gods is chosen to be Yi Gong Shu. He arranges the sisters to command 20 of them. 3 people come up and say their leader of their family can break Qin Yu’s large formation. This person is Mister Qiu Zhong, the powerhouse of the bandit influences of the 64 cities, an upper heavenly divine god. They are surprised he came because he already has a high grade heavenly divine item. Tan Jiu is now thinking of how he can possibly bargain for the treasures.

Qin Yu is thinking about the level 8 formation he saw because it is very familiar to him. Qin Yu sees the batch of being, eyes lightning up when seeing Tan Jiu but is shocked when he sees Tan Jiu being respectful to someone. Qin Yu thinks it’s troublesome now that an upper heavenly god has come. Qui Shen Fu (He should be Qiu Zhong, since Zhong refers to something like seniority when used by someone of a lower status. *almost* like senior Qiu but not really) and his 2 brothers Jin Kong and Jin Long take command of the group (the 3 people from before). Qui Shen Fu takes main command, telling Yi Gong Shu and Tan Jiu to follow and not stray from his commands, and that he will break the large formation. Qiu Shen assigns Jin Kong to arrange the lower level heavenly gods. The final tally is Le Yu Yao, Le Yu Rao and Liu Bing together commands 20 lower heavenly gods and the rest go to Tan Jiu and Yi Gong Shu. Jin Kong and Jin Long’s commanded men are still coming. Later they come, which are 23 lower heavenly god subordinates of Qiu Shen Fu. The total tally now is 82 heavenly gods, divided into 7 groups.

Yi Gong Shu and Tan Jiu are pissed off at the moment inside because they are now foot soldiers. The teams are to report to Qiu Shen Fu when there is a formation that can’t be broken. They use space field so they aren’t affected by battle formations and break many formations. They report back a peak level 3 alert formation they can’t break but in reality can break if they try but are too lazy. He breaks the formation easily with spatial destruction. Qin Yu confirms he is an upper heavenly god. Qin Yu is thinking about killing him, playing the battle scenario in his head but he is discovered.

Qiu Shen Fu uses a soul attack on Qin Yu which should be effective given their difference in power but the Meteoric Tear wakes Qin Yu up from it. Qin Yu runs toward the level 4 alert formation. Qiu Shen Fu assumes he is middle heavenly god because of how fast we recovered. Outside, the other groups are breaking down Qin Yu’s level 3 formations. Qiu Shen Fu wants Qin Yu to come out of it because if he kills him there, it would trap Qin Yu in a spatial rift, making his treasures unclaimable. Qiu Shen Fu starts manually breaking down the formation and rather easily. Qin Yu suddenly recalls something. The level 8 formation follows the same principle as his universe making. Using his understanding of his universe, he uses the universe formation. Everyone including Qiu Shen Fu are shocked by the sudden scenery change.

Book 16 Chapter 01-24

Qiu Zhong’s group are all going around exploring with Space Field. It doesn’t seem like an illusion. All people look at Qiu Zhong. Qiu Zhong attacks randomly with spatial destruction but it restores. Qiu Zhong is in shock, this is self-contained space that need god king space comprehension to make. Qin Yu is recalling Che Hou’s message of levels above level 8. If this formation Qin Yu made were to be given a grade, it would be a Level 9. Che Hou’s level 8 was more of a test space because his lack of understanding of space. Qin Yu’s universe formation is a perfect space.

Qin Yu enters the space and sees it is affected by divine world restrictions. Qin Yu suddenly knows the reason Wu Lan and them didn’t induce the divine tribulation. It is because of space, the levels of space affect the tribulation, divine world being the final level. All of the worlds are connected by a single space thus can receive heavenly tribulations. Uncle Lan, Li’er, and Zhao Xian can travel between the worlds because of space comprehension. This one universe has one space and one time. Qin Yu suddenly knows that his Stellar Transformations is not at the end and he knows what the next step is. Suddenly everywhere in divine world is hearing one line (Not sure how this line is translated, something about I’m alone”). Everyone takes note of this, people who were meditating were waken up.

Scene switch to Snowing City. Zhao Xian hears this but Jiang Fan (holy emperor) prevents him from speaking. The 3 god kings of snowing city gather in the sky, Jiang Fan, Jiang Lan and Jiang Xing. They speak about this sound. Apparently the last time some newly born supreme lord (previously I used heaven’s respected which while is one translation, isn’t the right one in now. The Tianzun use in this book refers to ‘Supreme Lord’) person was born, this sound resounded throughout the land also. They talked about it but give up idea of figuring out who this new person is. Qin Yu, back in the universe formation is trying to figure out what that was. From creating this formation, Qin Yu’s spirit has elevated to divine spirit infant. He has reached peak lower heavenly god level. Suddenly he is induced a change in the Meteoric Tear so he closes his eyes to observe it. The tear emitted green light then fused with the divine spirit yuanying. A message left by Zuo Quimei says that upon complete refining of the tear of life, that person should be heavenly god state.

The message by Zuo Quomei says she now that your strength is sufficient, she can say it now.  She is the life god king and upon death of her body, she condensed all her energy and comprehension into 2 drops of tears. One was given to Qin Yu and one to Li’er. She watched Li’er grow up. Also, don’t seek revenge for him, grow up happy. Qin Yu know understands everything happening to him cause of the tear. Qin Yu feels his internal divine power and it is changing to the dark blue colored heavenly divine power. The stronger Qin Yu gets, the weaker the effect of the tear. By the time he reaches upper heavenly god level, the tear should improve him much anymore. Qin Yu decides to go torture the 82 heavenly divine gods now.

Qin Yu makes it pour heavenly thunder to the universe formation. He can use ‘Soul Biting Thunder’ but he doesn’t want to kill them. There is plant attacks then wind blade attacks, all of which only the 8 middle and upper heavenly gods can resist with space field. Aside from Qiu Zhong, the others are either suffering or barely holding on resisting. Qiu Zhong refuses to admit defeat. Suddenly, Soul Biting Thunder decends as well as a Pure White Flame barrage. The 74 lower heavenly gods are all panicking and running around to avoid it. One of these is Li Jiang, leaving and entering was both death routes. When he was about to give up and die, the flames and thunder didn’t attack them. Qin Yu appears and gives them an option. Enter Locking God’s Tower or die. The 74 enter.

Qin Yu watches the remaining 8. They are draining their divine spirit strength to keep up space field and Qin Yu is waiting for them to be depleted. But are a bit concerned about Tan Jiu, Qiu Zhong and Yi Gong Shu. These 3 are looking at Qin Yu with murderous intent. Qin Yu tells Qiu Zhong that unless he is god king, he can’t escape this place. He can even destroy this space to trap them in a rift. Qin Yu sends out 3 attacks that causes rifts attacking them. Tan Jiu and Yi Gong accept their fate to the tower. He sends another round of rifts to attack Qiu Zhong, which he gives up facing and goes in the tower. Qin Yu now has 102 heavenly gods under his control. What Qin Yu doesn’t know is, his space arrangement information has reached East Pole Holy Emperor. The Other Holy Emperors as well as 3 major influences all received this information. A master of space formations has attracted a lot of attention from major influences.

Many heavenly gods have come to witness this large formation. These heavenly gods were slower than Qiu Zhong. They speak of how even Qiu Zhong can trapped inside it. They decide to escape and spread the information of it even trapping Qiu Zhong. Yu Chi Gong Lan of Yu Chi City was 1st to receive it and directly told it to East Pole Holy Emperor. When he heard this, he immediately dispatched Huang Jing and Yu Chi Gong Lan to invite Qin Yu there. Other influences also receive the information as they are dispatched. At this moment, Jiang Yu Shan, a middle heavenly god of Snowing City reports to Jiang Fan. Jiang Fan closes his also and observes everything including the formation (wow he cheats.). When he opens his eyes, he calls to have an invitation to formally invite that person. Jiang Fan tells his wife Zhao Luan Feng that this person can be compared with artisan god Che Hou. Jiang Fan learns of Qin Yu’s name and writes it on a golden scroll invitation and gives it to Jiang Yu to deliver. He orders him to go through the East Pole Dazzling Gold Mountain transmission formation. A formation master can easily become a refining master which attracts many party influences.

Several days later, inside Mi Ni Hill’s universe formation, he summoned all the heavenly gods he captured. He calls out Tan Jiu and Qiu Zhong to see if they have anything to say but they don't dare show any resentment since they will feel it as pain in their yuanying restraint. Qiu Zhong will be managing the heavenly gods with Fu Bo and he will also serve as a valet for Qin Yu. Hei Yu names his technique Stream of Light Spear. Wu Lan’s demon group all will have their divine tribulation in 100-200 years. The universe world is like Jiang Lan World in that the demon beast retain their human form. Qin Yu took Jiang Lan World out of his universe world so that they can have their divine tribulation induction (for those that didn’t have it yet). Hei Yu decides to follow Qin Yu around. Huang Jing and Yu Chi Gong Lan arrive and introduce themselves. Huang Jing is revealed to be Huang Fu Jing, a princess. They present Qin Yu a golden scroll invitation and wait his answer.

Huang Jing tells Qin Yu that if he joins the East Pole Holy Emperor influence, his freedom won’t be limited, making him happy but he doesn’t know none of the major influences would limit his freedom. Hei Yu ask if he is really going and he does go, mainly to have backing in the future. Yu Chi Gong Lan sees Qui Zhong and Qin Yu says that he is his valet and not servant so he doesn’t lose face. The puppet Fu Bo is also his steward. They fly fast and chat in 2 separate groups. Qin Yu surrounds Fu Bo in his space field to let Fu Bo follow him, which he can do now with the help of the tear. They go to a transmission formation are talk about it (why the location was chosen, if it works etc. Qin Yu concludes he won’t really understand it till he can make one). It teleports them to entrance of Dazzling Gold Mountain. Here, there is a bunch of people with invitation from other holy emperors. When one of them is from the North Pole Holy Emperor, Qin Yu receives that invitation. He declines it saying he made a promise to Dazzling Gold Mountain.

When it comes to the 2 men from Double Domain Island, Blood Demon Mountian and Asura Sea, Huang Jing says she isn’t very familiar with them and doesn’t show much respect to them. The other groups leave after Qin Yu tells them of him complying with East. Huang Jing introduces the area, 100,000 miles of area surrounding it. The construction of the walls hand yellow ore, there city outside the mansion for which people can practice and the roads are all black pavestone.  In Dazzling Gold City East is Gold Sword Palace housing Gold Sword God King (Huang Fu Lei) and West is Hundred Flowers Palace housing Hundred Flowers God King (Huang Fu Liu Xiang). There is 9 chiefs which are upper heavenly god level, 2 God Kings and 3 lords. The inner city houses the emperor and the 3 lords. They enter a main hall and Hei Yu senses something strange. Qin Yu notes that the place is under the cover of the Holy Emperor’s soul, which Qin Yu can sense. Qin Yu with his strength of space, can note any changes that happen around him.

They enter. Huang Jing introduces her father, Huang Fu Yu to Qin Yu. They look are surprised that Qin Yu divine power still hasn’t fully converted to heavenly divine power. Hundred Flowers God King, Huang Fu Liu Xiang evaluates Qin Yu’s power to be good, compared with Yu’s 3 sons. Huang Fu Jing introduces her siblings, Huang Fu Ling, Huang Fu Lie Jun and Huang Fu Lie Huo. The holy emperor clans try to maintain their bloodline purity because the less related they are, they more difficult it is for them to practice. After the 1st generation, god kings are rare. As for mortals, becoming god kings is only a dream. The holy emperor wants to give Qin Yu the position of hall lord of Xuan Lan Hall but is meet with some opposition by Huang Fu Liu Xiang, the only female god king of the group, saying that there is strong competition for that position but he wants to give it to a newcomer. The place has 4 halls, Tian Huang Hall, Lei Jun Hall, Hei Feng Hall and Xuan Lan Hall, Xuan Lan Hall being the unoccupied hall currently. The competition for the spot of Xuan Lan Hall lord is also fierce.

Qin Yu from hearing about it knew, the position is of the utmost importance. It is near god king level in position and usually given to people of upper heavenly god peak or higher. Currently the position is being contested for by Dong Hue of Huang Jing’s side and Xue Yu of Huang Fu Liu Xiang’s side. After some suggestion, the decision is at Intense Fire Area, Qin Yu will make a large formation and if Dong Hue+Yue Yu can’t break it, Qin Yu will be the new lord of that hall. Liu Xiang then makes a suggestion to Huang Fu Yu. There will be 3 contest, one for the position of lord, one is the strongest middle heavenly god from a side and one is the strongest lower heavenly god from a side. The winner of the position of lord will be the side that wins 2 of the 3 contest. Naturally, the middle and lower heavenly god contest will be subordinates of the lord candidate. There will be no outside interference, each side must select their subordinates for the contest themselves and/or send out recruitment. It will take place in 1 year.

Qin Yu estimates there should be enough time for him to form his Blue Blood Jindan as well as refine the 9 leaf lotus, which lotus fenshen should be extremely durable, not even high grade heavenly divine item can break it. It should cover Qin Yu’s current weakness of a weak defense against space destruction. The holy emperor gives Qin Yu a present, which is a big black box. Inside are golden scrolls, more than 1000 volumes of it. It is all books about refining (lol predetermined path). He has Huang Jing arrange housing from him in vacant land. Headed towards vacant land, Hei Yu volunteers to take the lower heavenly god contest and Qin Yu has Fu Bo prepare the housing for him. While walking, Qin Yu sees a group of spoiled (it doesn’t say spoiled by the description is pretty much a spoiled person) women walking who Princess Jing (Huang Jing was surprised at this nickname) says are people from the Hundred Flowers Palace and are actually spoiled.

This group of women talk in an insulting manner about Qin Yu so he calls to Princess Jing and Princess Ling to leave. They approach Qin Yu, Qin Yu shoots back with a cold look and gives them a mini lecture (who can decide his fate, people looking for him to join their influence etc) and proceeds to leave. The leading women gets angry and attacks Qin Yu with a spear. Qin Yu’s group prepares to attack. Suddenly, Hei Yu, as if he teleported, launched a spear attack, striking the spear of the women and reaching the front of her. She had her yuanying and blue blood jindan escape but her body suddenly had several holes. The women received back those 2 and recovered her body with heavenly divine power. They can’t believe Hei Yu is a lower heavenly god because normally there should be a large gap in speed and energy. Hei Yu says that was only the basics of his technique. Xue Yu comes and is introduced. They apologize and leave.

They proceed to the house. They walk towards the Liu Yan House. Huang Jing offers Qin Yu some of the servants in it to use as manpower but Qin Yu declines, saying he has a bunch inside his space divine item. When they go in, they have the servants leave and Qin Yu says goodbye to the 2 princesses. He summons over 100 heavenly god servants. He has Qiu Zhong and Fu Bo arrange for them do manage the house. He speaks with Hei Yu and ask out the spear. Hei Yu tells him that in the special state, he discovered a rule that intertwines with space. That rule was time, Hei Yu can alter the flow of time a bit. Hei Yu is vague on the matter but can only use it around his spear. Qin Yu tells him to his spear technique because who heavenly gods don’t understand it, god kings should be able to and it would be troublesome since they aim for time comprehension. Qin Yu tells Hei Yu that if god kings pursue him, he can just send Hei Yu to Qin Yu’s universe world and they won’t be able to find him. Qin Yu offers Hei Yu a high grade heavenly divine item but he doesn’t need it. Hei Yu goes to 2nd floor Jiang Lan World and Qin Yu to universe world.

Qin Yu back in the universe has the nine leaf lotus and golden ball near him. He covers both of it with his soul, luckily this time he doesn’t freeze. The black heart of the lotus is also cold, but not as cold as the golden ball. He has a soul body and produces divine spirit air. 2 drops from blood from Qin Yu’s fingertips go on the golden ball and black heart of the lotus. They both disappear into Qin Yu’s universe to absorb paste breath. The universe world is continuing to expand by absorbing the paste breath. The current size is roughly 100,000 immortal/demon/devil worlds combined. Qin Yu stands on the edge of this earth. The 2 objects revolve around like ‘Tai Chi’ (Ying Yang). Qin Yu controls paste breath to go the 2 objects, it is absorbed quickly. After a month and 80% refinement, it stopped absorbing paste breath. The colors of the 2 rotate faster and faster and the 2 colors reversed with each other. Qin Yu wonders what will happen to the lotus fenshen because of this. Half a year has passed outside so far.

People outside are talking about this competition. Qin Yu, who has more than 100 heavenly god servants and a formation master. Qin Yu is in Jiang Lan World now. He only stayed in universe world for a month till the 2 objects stopped absorbing paste breath. A couple dozen years later, it has refined to over 99%. 1.5 years later, the refinement is complete. The swirl around Qin Yu and have turned to air. They fuse in the air to form a green air current. The air current turned to a green hair and green long robed individual, it was a replica of Qin Yu. A normal lotus clone (fenshen) is a 2nd class hong meng treasure so what is this variation lotus clone? It should be a 1st class hong meng treasure.

This lotus clone is special, normal lotus clones, once broken and divine spirit destroyed, it is dead. But this clone, has an immortal body, once broken, it collapses into green air but can reform again. Nothingness flame and space destruction doesn’t affect it. As for attacks, this clone is capable of ‘Misty Cold Field’ attack cause of its cold nature. The coldness degree, middle heavenly gods can only resist with space field for a few seconds. This clone can also practice, the results going over to Qin Yu. Qin Yu decides to leave half of the space perception from Zuo Quimei to this clone for it to practice in Jiang Lan World (Ha! Cheater.). The clones share everything, if the clone comprehends something, the true form also comprehends it. Qin Yu leaves Jiang Lan World while the clone quietly enters Zuo Quimei’s space perception.

Back out the Liu Yan House, it is pretty much the same as a mortal world rich person’s house with its many servants. Fu Bo congratulates Qin Yu on his return. Fu Bo, Qui Zhong and Qin Yu speak about the visitors and progress. He tries to open Jiang Lan World 3rd floor but fails, calculates he needs full conversion to heavenly divine power first. They think about candidates for the contest. They can’t use Xiao Hei anymore because his technique would bring too much attention. He ask Qiu Zhong. For middle heavenly god Tan Jiu is selected. For lower heavenly god, it is between Sui Fu and Kang Qi. The 3 are called to come and they arrive. They talk about Tan Jiu’s wound, recovery and match with Yi Gong (almost recovered and can kill him). He needs 10 years to recover. Qin Yu takes out 4 high grade heavenly divine weapon and lets him choose one to use for the contest. He says that if he wins, he can keep it.

Tan Jiu picks a titan sword, which has multi uses, becoming dual swords or a dual edged sword. He has now set out to win, will even blow up his own clones to claim this weapon. He sends him to Jiang Lan World to practice. As for the 2 lower heavenly gods, he will let them use the weapons but if they win, they will get a middle grade heavenly divine item instead. To decide who will fight, he sends them to Jiang Lan World to compete for the candidate spot. Time passed, the lower heavenly god selected is Sui Fu using the tomahawk high grade heavenly divine weapon. The day of the competition is in a day. People are all talking about it.

Morning arises. A bunch of guards at the door tell them to quickly head to the demonstration field barracks. Qin Yu’s group of Fu Bo, Tan Jiu, Qui Shen Fu and Sui Fu depart. The guards guide them. They fly by and attract a lot of attention, eventually arriving at the north city barracks. Qin Yu inquires Fu Bo about this barracks long history. Many people have gathered at the demonstration field, about 90% of the population of Dazzling Gold City. Qin Yu and Xue Yu say their friendly competition lines. Everyone looks up at the God Kings. Qui Shen Fu tells Qin Yu about them, the gold sword god king is the latest of the 3 to achieve god king state but the strongest of the 3. The rumored treasure of the clan is a supreme lord holy treasure. When Huang Jing’s group arrives, the holy emperor introduces everyone to the crowd. The fight order is as listed:

Xue Yu vs Qin Yu’s group

Qin Yu vs Dong Hou’s group (They had a typo here, I was like, wtf?)

And lastly, Dong Hou vs Xue Yu’s group

The 1st fight is the lower heavenly god fight. Xue Yu’s side is of course, a charming women. Sui Fu takes out his axe, increases its size and charges in with a downward swing. 3 green air currents come out of the women, surrounding the axe and returning it to the original size and restrains Sui Fu. He loses. She was using a Hong Meng treasure ‘Divine Tying Rope’, a 2nd class holy treasure. Liu Xiang and Huang Fu Yu talk and then proceed to 2nd round. Tan Jiu is fighting a white clothed inferior looking women. She takes out dual edged dark blue long sword high grade heavenly divine weapon. The god kings talk about Liu Xiangs 2 hong meng treasures. Tan Jiu splits into 9, 3 holding high grade heavenly divine item and the other 6 holding the stick from before. He charges in. The women blocks the 6 stick clones, the 7th holding the high grade scares her into using space field. Tan Jiu’s clones use it also, striking and causing tremors. Tan Jiu’s high grade clones split their weapon into dual swords and strike, piercing her body. After a message from Tan Jiu in god sense to quit or die. Xue Yu admits defeat. Next fight is Qin Yu against Xue Yu. They gather at the stage. Qin Yu makes his universe formation and catches Xue Yu in it because she can react. The 3 god kings talk about it, how it is different from their usage of space and how he can catch up with Che Hou. Xue Yu tries to break it but fails and surrenders. Xue Yu makes some comments about the high grade weapons and if Qin Yu’s senior taught him formations. Qin Yu opens the space formation and it is over. Now it is the 2nd group contest.

Dong Hue’s group suddenly throws in the towel. He doesn’t have high grade nor hong meng treasure so surrender was the right choice. After some chatter, Huang Fu Lie Jun announces Qin Yu as the winner for the position of Xuan Lan Hall lord. The Holy Emperor decides to throw a celebration. With Qin Yu’s new position, he is only below the god kings but is higher than the ordinary prince and princesses. The evening is very lively. The gathering place is Golden Light Garden and many people gather. Qin Yu speaks with Gu Zang, the lord of Hei Feng Hall about what he needs to do. He doesn’t need to act only to war or other places. Ji Lu Sheng, the lord of Tiang Huang Hall and Huang Fu Lie Jun, the lord of Lie Jun Hall came to visit Qin Yu. They talk about the building of the halls and how Liu Jun Hall took some of the military power of the other calls because his was built last.

When Qin Yu inquires about the previous lord of Xuan Lan Hall, he gets info about the previous war. Over 10 God kings died and upper heavenly gods is countless. The halls are all named after the 1st lords, all of which died during that war. The point of that war was the coming of a new supreme lord, one god king won and because new lands supreme lord, becoming one of the 3. Qin Yu, Fu Bo and Qui Zhong visit Xuan Lan Hall after the banquet. Qin Yu learns of the elite squadrons, him having 4. He meets squadron leaders, Huang Jing and Ying Qui. Qin Yu moved into the hall with his heavenly god servants. He send a squadron to Liu Yun House. Qin Yu assigns Tan Jiu to look after the 4 demon beast undergoing tribulation soon. Qin Yu leaves Dazzling Gold City to a mountain road with Tan Jiu and lets out the 4 demon beast to be with Tan Jiu. Qin Yu leaves.

Qin Yu prepares to go to closed door training again to open Jiang Lan World 3rd floor and leaves the hall to Fu Bo and Qiu Zhong Fu to handle. Qin Yu sits down to meditate. After 30 years, 80% of his internal power conversion has completed. Suddenly the weather changes. There is a nebula revolving, meteors falling from the sky, explosion or stars and other stellar events. Qin Yu disappears to his Universe world. The universe world is at its limit in growth. The universe world collapses and a new one is formed. His ideal is for it to be like the current world of having 3 layers (mortal, immortal/demon/devil, then divine). The new universe is formed one planet resembling dark purple star is formed. It looks exactly like the old dark purple star so Qin Yu just adds ‘new’ to the original name of the location. Qin Yu’s has reached middle heavenly god state. Qin Yu leaves the world.

Qin Yu’s strength of space now reaches 5,000 meters. All within is range is within Qin Yu’s observation. Huang Jing came for a visit. She talks about Qin Yu having access to refining material if he needs it. Huang Jing ask Qin Yu to go out for a walk but he declines and she leaves. Back in the new universe in new dark purple star, messes with the time, he can only speed up time and maximum of 2000x. Time acceleration is but the 1st level in time. Time is divided into 3 levels. 1st level, acceleration, almost all god kings struggle with or have not even achieved it. 2nd level is time stop. 3rd level is time reversal. When achieved time reversal, then he has achieved supreme lord state. Qin Yu wonders what level uncle Lan achieved in time comprehension. Qin Yu make his clone practice in this new universe world.

Qin Yu sits and meditates. In North Pole Snowing City Zhao Xian is speaking with Duan Mu Yu, son of South Pole Mirror Light City emperor and lord of Ming Yu Temple of the place. He is also Li’er’s love rival. They try to enter a place but can’t, waiting outside silently. Jiang Fan and Jiang Lan are arguing about Li’er marrying someone (Let Li’er to decide etc). In the past, the 8 major clans collaborated to kill Zuo Quimei. Jiang Lan fell in love with Zuo Quimei, but in order to pursue Jiang Lan, Jiang Fan used the clans holy treasure to restrain Jiang Lan. Because of this, these 2 brothers have become indifferent to each other. Jiang Lan threatens to get into action and guard with his life if Jiang Fan forces marriage on Li’er. Back in Jiang Lan’s wooden house, he thinks of Qin Yu and his progress, now being Dazzling Gold Mountain’s Xuan Lan Hall lord.

Back in Qin Yu’s constructed universe, the grass around him has already went through the cycle of rebirth 20 times, Qin Yu has formed the Blue Blood Jindan. Qin Yu exits back out and opens Jiang Lan World 3rd floor. Jiang Lan at this moment disappeared from Snowing City. Still in his dream feeling, Uncle Lan appears in the courtyard. Lan talks about how in the time he hasn’t seen him, he achieved a bunch of stuff and that the god kings here won’t detect him easily. Qin Yu invites him into his hall. Uncle Lan used a secret method to prevent the god kings of this world for knowing of Qin Yu refining Confusion Temple. Lan left a mark on Qin Yu, so when Qin Yu was in danger, he would know, the mark at Jiang Lan World. The mark disappearing when 3rd floor was opened. Apparently, it would have been difficult for Lan if he had no refined Confusion Temple.

Uncle Lan starts talking about the tear drops. He also knew Qin Yu had the teardrop from the beginning, since they arrived at Dark Purple Star following Li’er feeling of where it was. Qin Yu finally understood why his spirit elevated faster around Li’er. The tear has inherent intelligence, selecting a person so Uncle Lan didn’t go against it and attack Qin Yu for it. As for Li’er, the situation isn’t good. Her father announced that she would have an open marriage and he can’t withdraw it. The date hasn’t been set and Uncle Lan is helping him stall until he is strong enough to compete against the other marriage candidates. He currently has 4 major competitors. At one time the divine world population was getting too big so there was a meeting of the 8 emperors to hold a war to reduce the population but with the continuous war, they forgotten.  

They had separated into fractions, one fraction containing the Daun Mu, Tang and Mu party, another the Jiang and Shen Tu clan. The 3 other clans, Huang Fu and Pu Tai clans didn’t like war so didn’t participate. The last one, Zhao clan, was special. It didn’t side with anyone but wasn’t attack because they are the clan in charge of tribulations as well as have on supreme lords originate from it. The God King that became a supreme lord during the war was one that had ascended to divine world. As long as the 8 major clans don’t collaborate to destroy the 3 ascended influences, this supreme lord won’t interfere. The 3 supreme lords are Lei Fa Supreme Lord, Piao Yu Supreme Lord and Xiao Yao Supreme Lord. As for the 4 competitors, the 1st one is Kui Yin Hou, North Pole Snowing City’s Jui Hou Temple lord, strength of peak upper heavenly god and has many personal connections. The 2nd one is Shen Tu Fan, asked to pursue Li’er by his father. 3rd is Duan Mu Yu whose strength can even catch up with the holy emperor. In addition to his previously mentioned status, South Pole will give 20 cities to North Pole upon successful marriage. It also is the supposed perfect man.

The last one is Zhou Xian, being the strongest competitor. Has the backing of Lei Fa City. As for Qin Yu’s achievements, he has his universe but he doesn’t dare to reveal it until he is a supreme lord. He can perhaps hide Li’er in it so that no one can interfere. When Jiang Lan interrupts Qin Yu’s thought, Qin Yu ask about meeting Li’er. Jiang Lan brings Qin Yu to Snowing City with teleport. When they see each other, they stop, mouth open, wanting to say something but can’t let the words out of the mouth, just staring at each other. They run towards each other and hug. Jiang Lan reveals a smile and shows a slight tear, the 2 maidservants of Li’er are shocked. Jiang Lan has them leave and not allow anyone to disturb them. Qin Yu and Li’er look to each other’s eyes.  They kiss each other. They tell each other stories of what happened, lasting 10 days. After 2 more hours, they go meet Uncle Lan. They sit down together. They talk about the marriage situation, open marriage by beating everyone or run away elope.

Qin Yu chooses open marriage. Lan mentions becoming the artisan god for making getting marriage easier. Qin Yu offers to return Jiang Lan World saying he doesn’t need it because he has his own space, bringing Hei Yu out from practice. Lan goes to visit it. Hei Yu is surprised, thinking it is Dark Purple Star. Jiang Lan says it is, he also has to use his own energy to fly here. If god kings or supreme lords come, they have to use their own internal energy to attack. Because of limitations inside universe world, Hei Yu demonstrates stream of light spear to Jiang Lan, shocking him because of time acceleration in it. It shouldn’t be possible because studying time is something that isn’t done till god king state but Qin Yu thinks it is because that limitation doesn’t exist within universe world so he can study it. Because the time flow difference in Jiang Lan World, it also may be the reason Hei Yu was also to study time. Hei Yu decides to continue practice in Jiang Lan world while Qin Yu in his own space practicing refining. Li’er decides to follow Qin Yu because she has the other half of Zuo Quomei’s perception. Qin Yu will practice in confusion temple he put within his space and Li’er next to him.

In universe world, new Qian Long Continent, new Eastern Mist Mountain, confusion temple (dayum), they enter the purifying flames room but is surprised. It is only a hall with 4 pillars, no tools only a scroll left behind. Che Hou has took all his refining tools with him. Qin Yu summons 2 cloud beds to the area. One Li’er practices on and the other, Qin Yu reads the refining books he got from East Pole. He controls the time of the area so that 2000 years in there is 1 year outside. Refining is divided into 3 steps, achieving the core, quenching and starting? (not sure of the meaning of ling in this situation, I’ll just said Qi Ling from raws). Achieving the core is the hardest stop, if it isn’t good, regardless of other steps, the weapon won’t form. 90% of nearly 2000 scrolls focus on forming a perfect core. For the core, you need materials, fire, proper allocation of materials and temperature control. God kings have the advantage since they can easily determine purities and have a stronger flame. Che Hou’s refining method was calling Repeated Tempering, Qin Yu wants to make his own. Che Hou’s beliefs differ from the other refiners. Che Hou doesn’t believe in complete purity, as long as you look, you will find some but other refiners do believe there is complete purity.

The 2nd step, quenching, is the process of controlling how hard it is. For master refiners, they can even make weapons sharper in this step. It requires a good hardening agent. Qin Yu has his lotus clone that has misty cold field as the perfect hardening agent. Temperature control is also important in this step. 3rd step Qi Ling is finishing out the weapon. This step requires the use of formations so there isn’t much mention of techniques for this on the scrolls. After Qi Ling step, the weapon grade is determined, as well as special properties, which is why level 5 formation making is required for making heavenly divine items.  After some thought, Qin Yu decides he will use his universe formation for the Qi Ling process. Qin Yu decides to run test refining.

After 1,000 years on the outside, he used up all the low grade material in the temple. He doesn’t know how long he has spent inside confusion temple because the time acceleration here has reach 5,000 (5000 years here = 1 year outside). Qin Yu decides he should go retrieve materials from East Pole place. Qin Yu checks himself, after these several million years, he has stepped into upper heavenly god state. Li’er is at peak middle heavenly god. Back in East Pole, the emperor and wife are chatting, he suddenly gets a large request of ordinary materials and some precious ones. The emperor is happy, then surprised when he hears that Qin Yu took the material with him. Qin Yu goes back to new universe in Wooden House. In the forest of Eastern Mist Mountain lies a pile 10,000+ deserted weapons. At worst the grade is divine, some are low grade heavenly divine items. Li’er wakes up and has achieved upper heavenly god state.

Li’er goes and sees Qin Yu refining. After watching him for 10 days, he finally stops his hammer. A 2 edged long sword core was formed. Qin Yu controls the one yuan heavy water and gold yuan heavy water on it. When it separates, quenching is completed. After mixing some dark blue energy aura into it and fuses with the blade completely, he is done. This is his biggest achievement so far. It is a middle grade heavenly divine weapon made with ordinary material, which normally makes divine items or in the hands of a master refiner, makes low grade heavenly divine items on rare occasions. After 10 million years of refining, the onetime Li’er watches is also his best work. He gives it to Li’er. She names the weapon ‘Meteor Dream’. The universe time acceleration currently has reached 8000 times. Outside, 2000 years passed so far and 10 million years inside.

Qin Yu shows Li’er his failed products. There is a total of 30 million weapons, 1 million of which is low grade heavenly divine items. Compared to other refiners that need thousands of years to make a heavenly divine item, Qin Yu can make one in less than a year. Qin Yu explains the usage of formations in the Qi Ling stage to Li’er, the different levels, Qin Yu’s formation being a level 9 so he can do it fast. Qin Yu’s refining technique he names Nine Rotation Air Split. They continue to discuss refining and the future (surpassing Che Hou etc)

Back in East Pole Holy Emperor palace, in Huang Fu Yu’s library. Huang Fu Yu and his wife, Xu Yan are discussing giving Qin Yu, because of his position, a high-grade heavenly divine item but they don’t have any to hand out. He is also facing a problem with his former subordinates, now city leaders, bringing treasures over in exchange for high grade heavenly divine items but he doesn’t have any. He however, accepted. He invited Lei Fa City’s Ou Ye Zi, one of 3 masters that can refine high grade heavenly divine items. In refining, the rank is as goes Che Hou > Ou Ye Zi = Duan Mu Feng. The problem is that, these refiners, now that Che Hou is missing, have raised their fees to be around 10x more. He regrets not having Che Hou refine weapons for his low price. He decides to let Qin Yu watch Ou Ye Zi refine, assuming Qin Yu is a newbie and this is a rare opportunity. He sends out the message.

The message is relayed to Fu Bo and Qiu Zhong which is relayed to Qin Yu. Qin Yu and Li’er talking about the refining world. Che Hou refined his 1st class Hong Meng Holy Treasure for Asura God King of Asura Sea. Qin Yu kisses Li’er in the forehead and is about to leave to watch the refining but recalls his spear. Residual Snow has absorbed 10% mysterious holy air and is at the limit. Initially with 1/1000 or 0.1% absorption, it was compared to a 1st class hong meng treasure but now, even god kings should fear it. He then disappears from the world.

Book 16 Chapter 25-45

At Snowing City, Mu Yu Lou, son of Northeast Woodland City’s emperor is here with another person. They decide to leave after seeing who they are competing against for marriage. Qin Yu as came out and met Jiang Lan in the courtyard. He tells him he needs help going back to see Ou Ye perform his refining. Jiang Lan ask Qin Yu current level of refining, for which he says should be no less than Ou Ye. He ask Qin Yu how long he has practiced and figured out how much different the time is compared to Jiang Lan World. When Qin Yu says he can craft high-grade heavenly divine item, Lan says he has the qualifications to meet the north pole emperor to propose marriage. Qin Yu decides not to worry about it yet but to head back and speak with the east pole emperor. Jiang Lan suggest that in East Pole Dazzling Gold Mountain, Qin Yu shows off his ability to refine a high grade heavenly divine item as well as being the new owner of confusion temple. Jiang Lan will prepare to notify the emperor when Qin Yu reveals it. Qin Yu complies with this suggestion.

At the guest hall, surrounding Ou Ye are 2 upper heavenly gods that are his exclusive guards. This Ou Ye Yu isn’t someone of the Zhao clan but they spent a hefty price to keep him in Zhao because a master refiner’s status is comparable to a god king. God King is much more numerous and useless compared to a master refiner. There is a banquet held, after which Ou Ye does a day of meditation to adjust his state. At the palace walls refining place, lots of people came to watch. He doesn’t want people disturbing him so he set up a noise isolation restrictive spell. Qin Yu can see his 10 golden fingers which is from the Ten Absolute Refinement, a formation for refining. When the material appear before him, Qin Yu calls it luxurious because to him, the materials are enough to make 5-6 heavenly divine items. Huang Fu Jing and Liu Shui and confused when Qin Yu says it’s a lot.

Huang Fu Lei joins the conversation. They talk about refining, mainly their different beliefs (Che Hou’s beliefs were different than other refiners). After they conversation ends, Liu Shui is surprised Qin Yu talked with Huang Fu Lei because he is usually a man of few words and very serious. After half a year of watching him refine, East Pole emperor speaks with Qin Yu, surprised he has achieved upper heavenly god already since he was lower heavenly god last time they spoke. Qin Yu tells him that inside his space formation, the time flow is 2000x faster than outside so he actually practiced 2 million years. After Huang Fu Yu continues with as but doesn’t get a name of his teacher or senior backing him. Time passes again, Ou Ye Yu spent 3 years to make the core and 3000 years to make the formation for Qi Ling part. When is complete, Huang Fu Lei ask for an evaluation.

Qin Yu from the evaluation says spent that much, to barely achieve, and given, shocks the people around him. Ou Ye Yu also took down the restrictive spell so heard him. Qin Yu speaks with him, saying that he wasted material. Qin Yu also compares the high grade with Hong Meng treasure, to which he is replied with only the artisan god could do. Ou backs his work saying it that it came out this way because he only had certain material. Qin Yu points out mistakes he made, which angered and attracted people to watch the debate. They argue, Qin Yu saying he can make a high grade divine weapon with half of the materials he used, and that despite his millions of years’ experience vs trillions of years’ experience (Ou Ye), he is better than him, having also achieved upper heavenly god in these millions of years and showing off space destruction. After continued argument, Ou Ye has Qin Yu demonstrate his refining skills. Huang Fu Yu announces to everything this is an opportunity to see 2 refining experts.

Ou Ye speaks with his men, obviously not believing Qin Yu can do it. Qin Yu takes out his hammer, and receives 100 materials from the emperor, returning half of it. He begins, bringing out the 3 flames god class uses and starts hammering away in different paces. Ou Ye Yu is shocked that Qin Yu’s hammer technique has traces of Che Hou’s hammer technique, but better. Qin Yu is enjoying the feeling. 6 months pass. He has formed a two edged long sword core. For the quenching, Qin Yu ponders what to do since he has worked with precious material. He decide to use Che Hou’s method of feeling the impurities, so brings out the one yuand and gold yuan heavy water and depends on induction from the strength of space. When he feels it is near the peak, he stops the quenching process. For Qi Ling, Qin Yu uses his universe formation. Surrounding the sword with dark blue energy, he inspects the sword and sees it has the effect ‘Spirit Biter’, which Residual Snow has but Residual Snow has 2 effects.

Qin Yu sends the sword to Ou Ye to compare with his high grade heavenly divine item. Ou Ye sees the effect, which makes it comparable to a 3rd class Hong Meng treasure, close to even 2nd class. Huang Fu Yu as for the comparison. Qin Yu spent less than a year on this and half the material but it is also a peak work. Ou Ye admits defeat, saying it is comparable to Che Hou’s work. Qin Yu says he created his refining technique by combining multiple techniques. But Ou Ye suddenly remembers one of the techniques Qin Yu mentioned he combined, Repeated Tempering, it is Che Hou’s technique, he ask how he can combine it without having seen it. Qin Yu says Che Hou left him confusion temple. He switches to Huang Jing saying she should know Fu Bo, who is Ah Fu, confusion temples steward. Ou Ye admits defeat to Che Hou’s successor and leaves, declining even the reward that was supposed to be given to him for 3 high grade heavenly divine item crate.

In the refining hall, all eyes are on Qin Yu now. His position as confusion temple new owner is even greater than Xuan Lan Hall lord. Everyone looks at him in a new light now, even assigning him more manpower. They are shocked when they hear of the effect on the sword, which is peak work, only surpassed by Residual Snow.

Back in Lei Fa City, Ou Ye is back, surprising the emperor Zhou Huo because he was suppose to be gone for 10,000 years. Zhou Huo is surprised when he hears of Qin Yu, the new taught by artisan god, new owner of confusion temple and a better his and should be better than artisan god’s soon. Ou Ye decides to go do closed door training to study refining. The news spread, the other holy emperors are now regretting how going to invite Qin Yu themselves personally because he is the next possible artisan god. In Snowing City’s Flying Cloud Mansion, where Zhou Xian lives, he learns of the new refining master, who was original the formation master and his name is Qin Yu. He hates that name because he recalls someone for mortal world named Qin Yu who knew Li’er. He decides it can’t be the same Qin Yu since only 10,000 years passed so it is an impossible practice speed. Jiang Lan gives Qin Yu 10 years to prepare before he confronts his brother.

Qin Yu makes another high grade for the emperor since the original request was 3 high grades and says he needs to go back to practice. He is happy because all Qin Yu ask for is some materials. Qin Yu enters Xuan Lan Hall and heads back to his universe world. Li’er is now outside of the refining hall which has the time acceleration since she was worried about Qin Yu not coming back. He tells Li’er of his announcement of status and will participate in the marriage fight now. After a day, he decides it is time to tell the east pole holy emperor of taking place in the marriage and departing for snowing city. Qin Yu tells Fu Bo and Qui Zhong to prepare to depart for Snowing City. In the Holy Emperors back garden, the family is discussing, trying to tie Qin Yu to the city through marriage. Their words make Huang Jing blush a lot. They are told of Qin Yu having an important matter to discuss so has him come. When Qin Yu mentions he has something he hasn’t told them, they are all ears.

Qin Yu tells them of his plan to depart to take part in the marriage. They expressions change, mentioned how strong the people are and how difficult it is but they won’t hinder him. Huang Fu Jing butts in saying that he initially said he didn’t know Jiang Li. He says an apologetic line. She wants a talk with him before he goes. Qin Yu and Huang Jing leaves the emperor and empress. They aren’t worried because Qin Yu might fail and fall back to Jing’er, and hope Qin Yu fails (lmao that’s messed up). At Huang Fu Jing mansion, she ask why he likes Li’er. Qin Yu says he feels peaceful around her after facing hard situations, as if returning to the dozens of years he knew Li’er in mortal world. He starts talking about events with her and recollects the past but sobers up after remembering he is with Huang Jing. Huang Jing gives up and gives him a sentimental good luck speech. Qin Yu leaves.

Back in Xuan Lan Hall, Qin Yu puts 100+ heavenly gods into the new dark purple star and tells Li’er in the universe world that he is going to depart for snowing city. Fu Bo, Qui Zhong and Qin Yu leave towards to transmission formation and arrive at Snowing City directly. They fly towards the city gates and has the guards’ report that the East Pole Xuan Lan Hall lord is here to visit them. Zhou Jian Fei greets them and surprises them because they know Qin Yu’s name, apparently everyone knows him because he is the new master refiner surpassing Ou Ye Zi. They talk about the attending the marriage and goes to report it, and as information important enough to go to the North Pole Holy Emperor. When Jiang Fan hears of Qin Yu’s arrival, he quickly arranges for entertainers and him to reside at Floating Cloud Mansion. Snowing city didn’t have a master refiner so becoming friends with one is very important.

After Jiang Fan hears he is here to take part in the marriage, he doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He doesn’t dwell too much on it because of the hindrance by Jiang Lan. Maidservants are sent to meet Qin Yu’s demands. He brings Fu Bo to the garden ask him what he who do, who then points the finger at senior uncle. Jiang Lan comes. Qin Yu brings Jiang Li out. Jiang Lan has come to bring Jiang Li back and his advice to Qin Yu is just to stay at Floating Cloud Mansion because people will come to him. Jiang Lan will go see his brother in 2 days, in these 2 days Qin Yu just needs to receive these people in a friendly manner. After some visits, Fu Bo notifies him that Zhou Xian has come to visit him. Qin Yu has him come. Zhou Xian is outside worrying because the emperor gave Qin Yu a better mansion so treats him better. Zhou Xian goes in and Qin Yu has Qui Zhong leave. When Zhou Xian see’s Qin Yu’s appearance, he is shocked, exact same appearance as in mortal world.

They speak to each other, Qin Yu hiding his identity and Zhou Xian trying to figure out his identity. Qin Yu still remembers the past, his quotes, his actions, the little boys face. After each calls each other resembles a dead person, Zhou Xian has figured out this Qin Yu is the same Qin Yu. They provoke each other. Zhou Xian leaves after confirming Qin Yu is here for her cousin (Li’er). At Flying Cloud Mansion, Zhou Xian is regretting not killing Qin Yu back then. Zhou Xian won’t give up, he has been waiting to become a god king.

For several days, Qin Yu is just making use of his status, seeing people since he doesn’t need to make himself known. Jiang Yan and Yin Hua comes to visit him. He finally sees Yin Hua’s strength to be upper heavenly god, and Jiang Yan is currently lower heavenly god. They had to see to believe Qin Yu’s current achievements. They suddenly receive a message scroll, the day of the open marriage has finally started. Qin Yu enters North Pole Holy Emperor Palace and is led by a maidservant and bumps into Zhou Xian. Qin Yu meets the other competitors. They talk about this, people pursuing impossible dreams but trying anyways. The holy emperor makes an appearance with his wife Chun Yu Rou and Li’er. Behind her are the 2 other god kings. They sit down in a table, leaving 10 empty seats. These 10 seats are for the other 7 big holy emperors as well as the 3 ascended influences. The other holy emperors arrive, Huang Fu Jing and Ling also came. The other 3 influences come, Asura God King of Asura Sea, Misty God King for Double Domain Island, Blood Demon King (Yu Sha) of Blood Demon Mountain. When Asura Sea God King comes, behind him are 2 people, one of which is Hou Fei, who was being trained by Asura God King. Qin Yu and Hou Fei look to each other, thinking now is not the best time to talk. Everyone takes their seats.

Jiang Fan makes the announcement, only 18 candidates have passed the initial screening, which are Qin Yu’s current group. They talk, of these 18, only 1 will be selected. The screen process is there will be 18 places, each person in 1 and they have to take out their most sincere gift. The person whose gift is evaluated as being the most sincere will be selected. This gift will be judged by all the 13 god kings present. The 2nd gift, it’s a gift of measuring how attentive the person is, it’s an expensive gift but anything new, wonderful or similar and will also be evaluated by the 13 god kings. The 3rd gift is to measure the person’s strength and status, the most precious gift will be the winner.  Each winner will fulfill one of 3 quotas, these 3 quotas will be judged by Jiang Fan and his wife, so in the end, the winner will be selected by Jiang Fan and his wife. If someone wins all 3, then he is directly becomes the husband. Basically it is 18 people > 1-3 people > 1 people.

For the sincerity gift, the 18 candidates will be sent to Mountain Sea Palace to attempt to receive the gift from the supreme lord. If multiple people manage to get it, they will be judged based on the gift being fit or unfit. Mountain Sea Palace is the public dwelling place of the 3 supreme lords, if someone arrives there, they would know. Back in Floating Cloud Mansion, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu have gathered. Currently, Qin Yu and Hou Fei are upper heavenly gods while Hei Yu is the only one at Middle heavenly god. Initially, Hou Fei was taking to the monkey clan but a year later, Asura God King took him in. Asura God king arrange a space for him with 10,000 time acceleration, so 10,000 years inside is 1 year outside. Asura God King told Hou Fei he took him in because he was requested by people. Asura God King won’t tell Hou Fei till he reaches god king state.

At Snowing City transmission formation, Qin Yu went in to be teleported to the northern most place. For this 1st round, they are given 10 years. They have to fly to Mountain Sea Palace and claim the gift within 10 years. Anyone late on return is eliminated. Qin Yu rides on Residual Snow. Only Duan Mu Yu catches up with Qin Yu. There fly for 2 months chatting. Qin Yu’s impression of Duan Mu Yu is that, he doesn’t care about this round of the competition. Duan Mu Yu is also pursuing Li’er to achieve God King state. They arrive and see that the place has around 3000 islands, and the Open Sky Stairs. Duan Mu Yu says that as long as the person isn’t a god king expect, if he can reach the top of these stairs, the supreme god will see him. Yao Lin and Hao Jun come greet them, Yao Lin is Lei Fa Supreme lord school person and Hao Jun from Xiao Yao Supreme lord. They talk about how difficult this challenge is because of how much luck is needed just to see a supreme lord. Qin Yu scans Mountain Sea Palace with his strength of space but doesn’t find anyone.

Piao Yu Supreme lord is a mystery, his appearances are rare and never had school people. Qin Yu and Duan Mu Yu are told that if they must see the supreme lord, climbing the stairs is the only option. As the 2 start to ascend the stairs, Kui Yin Hou arrives and tells them climbing this stairs is impossible unless they are god king state. Zhou Xian then arrives and says the stairs climbing is impossible as said by his dad. Yao Lin comes with an order from Zhou Xian that the supreme lord wants him to enter the palace. Qin Yu prepares to ascend the stairs. His current strength isn’t at peak upper heavenly god yet because his clone, who has been practicing in universe for these 40 million years in universe world (3000 years outside for refining), has perceived 80% of the space left by Zuo Quimei so far. With his strength of space, he should be at peak upper heavenly god. Qin Yu and Duan Mu Yu starts to ascend the stairs, Kui Yin Hou joins in. Shen Tu Fan joins in after the 1st step of 99, says the record is 95. During the 10th step Qin Yu realizes, this is a test of space and internal heavenly god power. They estimate that need complete space control to reach the 99th floor. At 50th floor they no longer speak, at 75th floor, there is space oppression and tearing so Qin Yu no longer uses his universe space.

80th floor, there is some crashing sensation, Shen Fan Tu is done. 83rd floor, the oppression is too strong, forcing Qin Yu to use his universe space. 90th floor, Kui Yin Hou drops to the oppression, 92nd, Duan Mu Yu drops. At 96th, Qin Yu fights with his life, 97th, Qin Yu falls. Zhou Xian comes out and sees the other people with bloodstains, and says the stairs is impossible. Everyone looks towards Zhou Xian disdainfully. Zhou Xian got a black colored hong meng treasure. He confirms it to everyone. Zhou Xian says some arrogant words as if he won already. Qin Yu ponders as to what to do now with the time he has left. Zhou Xian stays because he wants to obtain the gifts from the other 2 supreme lords. Lei Fa supreme lord told Zhou Xian that Piao Yu was here so he decided not to go back. Qin Yu walks towards the stairs again to try once more. A white clothed youth suddenly flies and climbs the stairs fast. Apparently he has been trying for several million years. He drops at the 85th floor. He leaves and Qin Yu starts to climb.

He reaches the 96th floor then stops. He steps into the 97th floor and stops again. Qin Yu is adjusting his strength of space to resist the oppression strength. He makes a mistake and drops to the bottom. He tries again and stops at the 97th floor and outlines in his mind the direction of the space attacks. He tries for 6 months but never makes it past the 97th. He continues, nobody cared to look anymore. He steps into the 99th but only for a short time before dropping. Hao Jun suddenly comes in with a message that Xiao Yan Supreme Lord will have him to go the Xiao Yao palace. Everyone else who was meditating opens their eyes shocked. He goes to the palace garden to meet him. When he sees the supreme lords red eyes, he remembers Hou Fei. He confirms to Qin Yu that he is indeed the Xiao Yao Supreme Lord. He tells Qin Yu that he is calm, compared to the holy emperors who aren’t. He has come to see Qin Yu because he reached the 99th floor as per custom. He sells he will tell Qin Yu and his 2 brothers why they are concerned about this marriage.

Xiao Yao talks about Hei Yu’s time comprehension and why he can. He asked his senior brothers but they replied that there is a reason but you don’t need to know it. Qin Yu is still worrying about the gift, making an expression that causes Xiao Yao to laugh and show it back to Qin Yu through a mirror he formed. Xiao Yao gives Qin Yu the hong meng treasure Blue Spring Gourd that he previously found. It is a 2nd class hong meng treasure and can release a blue spring attack. Before Qin Yu reaches the exit to leave, Xiao Yao tells Qin Yu that Piao Yu is in Mountain Sea Palace. If he runs into him, his luck is good, if not, his luck is bad. Xiao Yao disappears and Qin Yu leaves. When Qin Yu comes out, everyone congratulates him. Zhou Xian is hoping Qin Yu would leave but Qin Yu stays and tells everyone of Piao Yu being here. Upon hearing this, some people immediately go into action to search the 3000 islands for Piao Yu. Qin Yu joins in with Kui Yin Hou, Duan Mu Yu and Shen Tu Fan as a group. They separate eventually and 3 years pass of searching either no one found him or kept hidden they bumped into him.

Qin Yu ponders which of the holy treasures are worth more, his or Zhou Xians. Qin Yu sees Duan Mu Yu and drinks with him for 6 days and chats. Qin Yu ask Duan Mu Yu some questions like if he believes in true love to confirm if he really doesn’t believe in love. Duan Mu Yu later tells Qin Yu a story about a girl that left him after he spoiled her then came back, and how he was heartbroken. They separate in half a month. Qin Yu is back to searching, 2 years pass. He sees someone using teleport so that person has to be at least god king. That person approaches Qin Yu and greets him. That person says his master has sent him to give Qin Yu 3 gifts for his big marriage soon, a red ball, black sword and clothing. All 3 are Hong Meng holy treasure. The 1st treasure is Fire Source Spiritual Beads which he says is to give to Qin Yu’s child to use in the future. 2nd treasure is Feather Net Sword, which he says Qin Yu can’t use but his wife and other relatives can use it in the future. The 3rd is Purple Rain Feather Dress, which he says that his master crafted for Qin Yu’s wedding to give to his wife so that not many people can injure her in divine world.

Qin Yu ask who his master is but he says he will naturally find out when he is strong enough. When Qin Yu puts a drop of blood in each to recognize the host, he is shocked to find out all 3 are 1st class hong meng treasure. He decides he needs to hide these treasures from the knowledge of other god kings before he is hunted down for it. Qin Yu thinks this matter is related to Piao Yu. 9 years has passed in total and everyone now gathers at Mountain Sea Palace area. The Fire Source Spiritual Beads ability is revealed to allow the people it integrated with to control the various levels of flame with easily and can easily be integrated into fire source perception, allowing one to reach god king state easier. The Purple Rain Feather Dress, once put on, even God Kings will have difficulty killing the person. The people are talking about not seeing Piao Yu and the effort Qin Yu put in to obtain his gift. Qin Yu and the group flies back to divine world land.

Qin Yu heads to Wooden House and is let in by Jiang Lan. Qin Yu can feel Li’er is in the garden because of the tear. When they meet, they hug and Jiang Lan inquires about fulfilling the quote. Jiang Lan leaves after getting assurance from Qin Yu. Qin Yu tells Li’er he got gifts from both Xiao Yao and Piao Yu. When Qin Yu returns to the Floating Cloud Mansion, Fu Bo and Qui Zhong are eagerly waiting for him because they prepare a banquet for his return but he went to Wooden House for 3 days instead. Jiang Yan comes to visit. Jiang Yan tells him Luo Yu has ascended. Luo Yu was of course, shocked when he learned of Jiang Yan’s status and was exempt from being a mining slave. Luo Yu resides in Luan Shan City, belonging to Snowing City. Chi Qing is also there. But none of them can access Snowing City until they reach lower heavenly god state. Then the conversation switches over to being about the quota.

This day, the 18 candidates gather up again in the holy emperor palace. After some formalities chat, Zhou Xian presents his gift ‘Liu Yan Ru Yi’ (No clue what to do with this name, flaming sulfur satisfaction? Weird) and Qin Yu presents his gift after Zhou Xian’s is discussed about (they call about it being suitable etc, not worth mentioning). When Qin Yu sees that Jiang Fan’s wife has some preference to Zhou Xian’s side, Qin Yu stops them before they start judging. Qin Yu tells them that isn’t his gift, but was just because Zhou Xian requested to see what Xian Yao gave him. He tells him his gift is something Piao Yu Supreme Lord granted. He presents Feather Net Sword as his gift. Everyone is silent when they hear it is a 1st class hong meng treasure. Blood demon king Yu Sha offers to become his wife for that 1st class treasure (lol so random). Qin Yu tells the people that he isn’t marrying Li’er to become a God King. Zhou Xian calls out saying that they have to verify that it is really a 1st class hong meng treasure.

Jiang Fan puts his blood in and confirms it is a 1st class hong meng treasure. When they decide to pass the quota to Qin Yu, Chun Yu Rou (Jiang Fan’s wife) ask for proof he meet Piao Yu (dat zhou xian favoritism 2 strong). Zhou Xian joins in and says it is something Che Hou refined. Asura God King stands up for Qin Yu asking Zhou Xian if he would give up a 1st class hong meng treasure if he had one for Jiang Li. Zhou Huo (Zhou Xian’s father) interrupts if the treasure didn’t come from Piao Yu, how is it fair? Qin Yu decides to just have them judge (through speech). Jiang Fan votes Qin Yu and tells him Piao Yu supreme lord told a bunch of god kings through god sense that he did indeed give the treasure to Qin Yu. The 1st quota is turned over to Qin Yu. Jiang Fan is looking forward to Qin Yu’s next 2 gifts. The gifts are trying to get close to Qin Yu because he has the master refiner status, put out a 1st class hong meng treasure and actually received something from Piao Yu.

Qin Yu talks with the other candidates before Hou Fei comes to congratulate him and ask about the 2nd gift. Qin Yu is worried about the 2nd gift. Jiang Fan announces the 2nd gift will have a 10 year deadline also. The banquet ends and people disperse. Zhou Xian approaches Qin Yu telling him he will definitely win the 2nd gift and leaves. Duan Mu Yu tells Qin Yu he has a gift that he is confident to win and will be surprised if he loses. Hei Yu, Qin Yu and Hou Fei discuss the 2nd gift. Qin Yu tells them that he will make a treasure using more than 10,000 materials from confusion temple to make a luxurious mansion, the center will have a pool which contains a 2nd divine world which he will devise with his space formation. Jiang Lan comes, and ask Qin Yu what restrictive spell he used to prevent even him for hearing the conversation. He tells Qin Yu that Zhou Xian and Duan Mu Yu have departed to South Sea Region Domain to get the legendary Magic Spirit Mirror and whoever gets this treasure will have the 2nd quota.

Book 16 Chapter 46-64

Jiang Lan tells Qin Yu’s group that the Magic Spirit Mirror appeared 10 billion years ago, has an unusual ability but vanished quickly. It appeared once again 10 million years ago in South Sea Region Domain. Qin Yu decides he will craft the mansion first then seek the mirror. Jiang Lan has no information on this sea world and given that it needs thousands of years to explore, Jiang Lan suggest Qin Yu follow the 2 going. Jiang Lan will track them and transmit to Qin Yu often the location. Jiang Lan leaves. Qin Yu ponders what to do because he doesn’t know what the mirror looks like. Qin Yu and 3 brothers stand now in southernmost land, in front of them lies the endless sea. He has a map with the location of the 2 competitors from Jiang Lan.

Qin Yu transmits one of the routes to Hou Fei. Hou Fei takes out his Divine Flying House Boat, which expands to a giant boat. The 3 brothers get on and set out, the boat flying on the sea. Qin Yu looks down at the sea and sees a giant snack, called the Rebelling Serpent, a peak divine world demon beast who is currently still in the development phase. One month passes, they have seen many exotic species of this endless sea. They arise on before a group of which the 2 competitors are not far away from so they make the boat disappear. Suddenly, back streams of light shoot towards Qin Yu and brothers for which Qin Yu knocks away. It was a six headed ink guardian lion. It turns to a man and ask why they came to this island. It is middle heavenly god level. Hou Fei decides question it about the Magic Spirit Mirror’s location and holds out a 2 edged black and gold stick to threaten it.

After seeing Hou Fei about to attack, the panic struck guardian lion tells of someone who knows. He resides at Bamboo Island, and is the master of these islands call South Wild Group Island. The master is a god king. The guardian lion transmits the images of the islands through soul to Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s group leaves. The 6 headed lion ponders why so many heavenly gods came, and ones that can kill him easily. Qin Yu’s group flies towards Bamboo Island. Hou Fei reveals that his black rod, originally haven’t satisfied Asura God King, so he took it and some materials to Mirror Light City to have it refined (Originally it was just a ancient tree carved to resemble a weapon, so it hasn’t undergone quenching and Qi Long to become an actual weapon). They spot Zhou Xian and 4 people behind him. Zhou Xian spots Qin Yu, ask why he came and decides it is a race to Bamboo Island after finding out Qin Yu is also here for the mirror.

Qin Yu lets Zhou Xian go ahead and can feel Duan Mu Yu is already there. They decide they don’t need to rush since they are dealing with a god king. Qin Yu’s group is stopped at the edge of the island. Qin Yu determines this the large bamboo forest in front of them is from a space divine item. A person shows up, Qin Yu knows it is a god king because he teleported before walking towards Qin Yu. This person is Yi Feng, the master of Bamboo Island.  He says he has never heard of Qin Yu. Hou Fei tells him of Qin Yu’s statuses. Yi Feng ask if those 8 people victim to the bamboo forest are acquainted with Qin Yu (Zhou Xian + 4 and Duan Mu Yu +2). Qin Yu says only the 1st group (Duan Mu Yu’s group) has relations with him. Qin Yu tells him he is here for the Magic Spirit Mirror for marriage. When Qin Yu mentions Jiang Li, he understands why so many people are taking part.

Yi Feng summons the 2 group leaders stuck in the bamboo forest and ask if they are here for the mirror. Duan Mu tells Yi Feng of the competition and the 1st round results. Yi Feng’s expressions reveal he hates Jiang Fan. Qin Yu tells his brothers not to worry of Yi Feng gets into action. Yi Feng speaks with Duan Mu Yu and Zhou Xian (why they are participating, relationships with family etc). Yi Feng tells the group that the mirror is somewhere in the water surrounding the land. Yi Feng disappears. They all go under the sea. Duan Mu Yu tells Qin Yu that Yi Feng was a follower of the life god king. They separate to search for the mirror. Qin Yu with his brothers searches, Qin Yu using his strength of space. Qin Yu recalls Yi Feng mentioning a mansion so he finds the mansion but discovers Zhou Xian is already in it. Zhou Xian is stuck outside unable to open the gates. Qin Yu observes this mansion to be very old and only way entering is through the gates.

Qin Yu lets out an attack on the gate, releasing the green plants on it to reveal a giant mirror. Zhou Xian quickly goes to have his men go carry the mirror, Qin Yu tells his brothers to wait and they’ll see. Zhou Xian’s group can’t get it out. Zhou Xian sees Qin Yu group isn’t doing anything and suspects this isn’t the mirror. Qin Yu lets out in attack on all locations of the mansions, removing the green plants to reveal that every part of this mansion are mirrors. Qin Yu ponders how to open this mansion. Qin Yu could teleport in but he can feel Yi Feng is observing them with his soul. Duan Mu Yu also comes. When he says a line about the mansion, it suddenly automatically opens and reveals a passage. Zhou Xian isn’t scared and proceeds. Only Qin Yu can detect the god king outside mansion. Everyone goes in. After they go in, the passage closes behind them.

They proceed inside the mansion. When they arrive at the back area, there are many mirrors and in many sizes, quantity no less than 10,000. Qin Yu judges with his space, there are 99,999 mirrors, each mirror same. Qin Yu discovers a book with a figure of 90,999 and wonders what it means. Suddenly, Duan Mu Yu screams. Qin Yu has his brothers’ stay with him. There are soul ripple attacks. The soul ripples surround the place. Qin Yu sees a scene. Qin Yu has obtained all 3 quotas and is determined to be the husband. Zhou Xian leaves. They host the wedding in the mansion Qin Yu made and people come to congratulate them. They have one child, a boy. They name it Qin Si. Suddenly, there the scene changes. This time, Qin Yu has 2 quotas and Zhou Xian has 1, and Zhou Xian was selected. Qin Yu finds the mirrors ability interesting because even tho he knows the scene is false, he gets angry. Watching the scene, Qin Yu gets angry and causes all the scenes to collapse. Qin Yu returns to the undersea mansion.

The Magic Spirit Mirrors ability is usual. It doesn’t attack but and you can get out of the state instantly but you can get stuck in the effect for a long time. Everyone except Duan Mu Yu wakes up from the state. Suddenly, Qin Yu can feel, with the mansion as the center, a giant whirlpool was formed and many heavenly gods have set up restrictive spells to resist it. 7 colors of clouds gather in the sky and is gathering lightning. Suddenly, the whole mansion turns to the hand sized mirror and falls into Yi Feng’s palm. The whole mansion was the Magic Spirit Mirror. Qin Yu wonders why Yi Feng lead them all to the mirror. Qin Yu discovers the turbulence in the water is caused by Duan Mu Yu. His spirit has fused with the environment, this is complete space comprehension. Duan Mu Yu has broken through the last step to becoming a god king. Duan Mu Yu thanks Yi Feng for it was with the help of the mirror making him experience happiness and sorrow to allow to allow him to understand everything. He is revealed to have been stuck in upper heavenly god state for a long time, even was at that state when Yi Feng was still a lower heavenly god and the 1st palace lord of ming yu temple.

Each time someone becomes a god king, there is change in the divine world caused by the shaking of the holy clans holy treasure, which is what the current phenomena in the sky is. Zhou Xian is evidently jealous he achieved god king state, and wanted to achieve it before him to flaunt it in front of him. Yi Feng gives Duan Mu Yu the mirror and leaves. Duan Mu Yu leaves. Qin Yu wonders if he is still going to participate in the marriage. Zhou Xian leaves pissed off. Hou Fei takes out the divine floating house boat and leaves with his brothers. All over divine world, the 7 color clouds were present and by god king spiritual powers, they knew the new god king born was Duan Mu Yu. Jiang Fan is wondering if he Duan Mu Yu will participate. Qin Yu and brothers talk, Qin Yu tells his brothers who can separate him from Li’er, revealing a slight murder intention exciting his brothers (lunatics 0_0).

Qin Yu decides to refine 2 weapons for his brothers, each like residual spear in being near 1st class hong meng treasure and having it absorb mysterious yellow air since he still has 90% left of it. Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s preferences for the weapons are the same as cloud spear and black rod. Qin Yu wonders about the designs of the mansion. Duan Mu Yu comes to visit Qin Yu. He talks with Qin Yu about the scenes from the mirrors, whether they were all real or not. Duan Mu Yu gives Qin Yu the mirror because he is probably the only candidate who loves Jiang Li and Qin Yu owes him a favor, Duan Mu Yu proceeds to tell Jiang Fan he is withdrawing from the marriage. Jiang Yan runs over to tell Qin Yu the good news and Qin Yu tells her he has the mirror now. Zhou Xian is prepared to depart to Mirror Light City to get the mirror from Duan Mu Yu.

A new Ming Yu House is built for Duan Mu Yu for reaching god king state and is recruiting only 6 people. Zhou Xian arrives and after half an hour, learns the mirror was given the Qin Yu. Zhou Xian seeks his father’s help to win the 3rd quota. Zhou Huo prepares to help Zhou Xian get the Nine Phoenix Crown to help him with the 2nd. At Snowing City, Qin Yu has closed down for closed door training. In his universe world, he gathers materials and burns them down to make the mansion. He takes out his hammer and starts hammering away. 3 years later, the model of the mansion is finished. He continues changing the surface, adding colors. He continuously adds decorations and plants to it since this is his universe so he can add anything he wants. In 3223 years pass, the mansion has a heavenly divine air because of all the rare materials used. Many of the decorations in the mansion are middle grade heavenly divine item as well as well as a few dozen high grade heavenly divine items. The mansion has 3 worlds, a mini divine world in the pool, a mural with the immortal/demon/devil world and lake body containing dark purple star. Each region tells a story. This purple mansion is a giant divine item, made with many materials and containing 62 high grade heavenly divine item decorations. He arranges the magic spirit mirror to be a bedroom mirror.

Qin Yu starts thinking of the weapons for his brothers now. He will use his lotus clone for the quenching process. He takes out materials from confusion temple and starts. He makes a 2 edged long spear and 2 edged long stick of dark blue color. On the spear, there is 2 effects, Penetrate and Piercing but the stick has Burst and Great Weight? (Never really seen Jun used). Qin Yu and his clone start meditating to pass time again. Time passes again, now it is only a few months till judging. At Floating Cloud Mansion, Qin Yu’s brother are wondering why Qin Yu hasn’t come out yet and the weapon results. Qin Yu comes out. He is questioned about being prepared for the gift. Qin Yu tells them that their weapons have current absorbed .5% mysterious yellow air and now should be around 1st class hong meng treasures. He takes out the weapons to allow his brothers to witness them. Just the air around the weapons makes the people feel scared since the mysterious yellow air is stronger than hong meng air.

They test around the weapons and can feel the strength. Hou Fei names his weapon Dark Blue Air Rod (Or stick but I’ll just keep rod from original black rod).  Qin Yu asked for the weapons back to absorb mysterious yellow air but his brothers don’t want to depart from it and say wait till after the marriage ends. All candidates are called to the palace. Qin Yu and Zhou Xian see each other and greet smiling, each having their own confidence in their gift. A banquet takes place. Kui Yin Hou talks with Qin Yu about the mirror and the 2nd round. Jiang Fan does his announcements and starts the judging. When Zhou Xian’s turn is up, he takes out Nine Phoenix Crown to demonstrate. It contains 3600 spiritual beads each from different spaces, as well as the 18 large gems made also from gemstones for different spaces. At the top there are 9 spiritual beads all of which are hong meng treasure. It made be a 3rd class hong meng treasure but it is super luxurious. The 14 before Zhou Xian pale in comparison. Zhou Xian looked forward to Qin Yu’s face turning ugly but he was smiling.

Qin Yu’s turn is next. Qin Yu’s announces his gift name Purple Mysterious Mansion but is a bit too big to show in this place. Jiang Fan waves a finger and creates a space to go see it. Zhou Xian ask Qin Yu isn’t his gift supposed to be Magic Spirit Mirror? Qin Yu shows his mansion. They ask if this whole mansion is a heavenly divine item, Qin Yu confirms in and takes them to see the inside. Qin Yu introduces them around, the decorations having special effects as well, mentioned that there are 62 high grade heavenly divine items in the mansion. The mansion itself is a low grade heavenly divine item. Qin Yu introduces the world regions, same as this world but without the restraints and shows the other spaces also. Normally space is difficult to arrange but Qin Yu with his space formation can arrange space easily. He then mentions that the mirror ornament is the magic spirit mirror. When they are done touring and leave, everyone is still shaken up and needs time to calm down.

Jiang Fan’s wife suddenly calls out saying this test is a test of being attentive, not luxury. Jiang Lan argues, both having conflicting views (More like Chun Yu is just a b*tch but whatever). The rest go but their gift was overshadowed by Zhou Xian and Qin Yu’s gift so it went by fast. The judging starts. Of the 13 god kings, 3 voted for Qin Yu and 3 for Zhou Xian so far. After a while, it becomes 5:6 Qin Yu:Zhou Xian (Each god king having something to say, some voting on the ones that already obviously lost). Zhou Xian wins. Qin Yu suddenly ask the judges if they were holding a fair judgment, pointing out whether there is a difference in having 1 or 2 quotas. Jiang Fan says there is a difference, if the person who gets 2 quotas causes a shocking surprise to them, naturally that person would get be the winner. Shocking surprise is something like another 1st class hong meng treasure, several hundred high grade heavenly divine items or 100,000 other grade heavenly divine item. Qin Yu thinks about his gift and has a killing intension. Qin Yu leaves with Fu Bo. It revealed that with Zhou Xian’s fathers help, he secretly won over some of the emperors.

Back at Floating Cloud House, Qin Yu left alone is thinking about the 2nd round results. Lan comes to visit and Qin Yu says he is just venting some anger. Qin Yu and Lan talk about the 3rd round, Zhou Xian having backing because have to respect emperor and if he is to refine something to give, it has to be at least a 2nd class hong meng treasure. Lan suggest using the tree he has in his yard, a 10,000 trillion year old ironwood tree whose heart has hong meng holy air and can be refined to a 1st class hong meng treasure. Qin Yu decides not to use it. Qin Yu takes Lan his universe world. He shows uncle Lan the red copper ancient tree in the confusion temple garden. Qin Yu breaks open the tree and shows the heart. The heart can refine a 2nd class hong meng treasure at best because of how much hong meng air is present. Lan lectures on hong meng air. Lan says he can put some out some 2nd and 3rd class hong meng treasure to be remelted for refining. They go to Wooden House.

Jiang Li and Jiang Yan are talking at the garden in Wooden House. They are talking about the 2nd round results (Who won etc, who supported who). Jiang Li says she wants to go to Floating Cloud House and talks about all the experience and hardships Qin Yu had to experience for her. They bump into Qin Yu and Jiang Lan as heading out. Jiang Li says she wants to run away elope. Qin Yu says not to worry. Everyone talks towards the secret storage house of Wooden House. In the garret of the place houses more than 20 hong meng treasure, 4 of which are 2nd class and rest 3rd class. He gives Qin Yu 6 3rd class and 1 2nd class hong meng treasure. Jiang Yan spots a zebra hong meng treasure which can increase in size and allow fast flight. She fantasizes riding with Luo Yu and request to have it.

They return to Wooden House and eat. Qin Yu says he will enter his space and start in 3 days. Jiang Yan wants to come watch but Qin Yu says it could take a very long time because he needs to enter his peak refiner state. Lan says he has sense Lei Fa City has invited Duan Mu Feng, a master refiner to their city. Qin Yu estimates that they are planning to make a Hong Meng treasure with 2 master refiners. Several days later, they go to new Dark Purple Star. Qin Yu 1st starts with melting the hong meng treasures to retrieve the hong meng air. After a while, he melts on to particles and a small gas transpires from it, which is the hong meng holy air. Qin Yu sees this air and is shocked, and heads to another region in his universe world with paste breath. He compares the paste breath with the hong meng air and they are exactly the same. Qin Yu figures out that the source of composing the universe world is hong men holy air. Qin Yu adjust his state, and once the state reaches peak, he will start refining.

At Lei Fa City, Zhou Huo has arranged a space with 5000x time acceleration. They are planning on making a 2nd class Hong Meng treasure. If they fail, Zhou Huo will give Zhou Xian his Shaking Thunder Roar 2nd class hong meng treasure he often uses. Zhou Xian is confident in winning as long as Qin Yu doesn’t pull out a 1st class Hong Meng treasure. 10,000 years inside sitting, Qin Yu feels he is at peak state. Qin Yu brings out his hammer, summons his clones and brings the red copper ancient tree. He finishes the core, which is a scepter. He then quenches with his lotus clone. He then summons hong meng holy air to surround the weapon. He proceeds to Qi Ling. He finishes and his clone congratulates him before leaving. It was a 1st class hong meng treasure. This scepter can lock space and is very durable. Qin Yu leaves universe world.

He stretches his strength of space to tell Jiang Li and Jiang Lan. Qin Yu looks at the sky which is red, everyone in divine world can see it. Jiang Lan says once a 1st class hong meng treasure is born in divine world will make the sky crimson red and lets out tribulation thunder. The other 2 god kings of snowing city now gather at wooden house (everyone witnesses the sky phenomena). Zhou Xian sees this as assumes Qin Yu, and Zhou Huo goes to look. The other holy emperors are also rushing to snowing city. Jiang Fan questions who made this hong meng treasure and Li’er’s presense being she is familiar with Qin Yu. Asura God King is revealed to be the 1st recognized god king because he is in the 2nd state of time perception. Jiang Lan invites the god kings into wooden house. A bunch of god kings gather, all talking to Qin Yu and his new achievements. In total, 24 people have gathered.

Asura God King as Qin Yu if he knows where Che Hou went for which Qin Yu replies that Che Hou left confusion temple to see to refine a Supreme Lord Holy Treasure somewhere. All the god kings are now trying to win Qin Yu’s favor because of a chance to have a 1st class hong meng holy treasure. When the banquet end people leave. Huang Fu Yu tells Qin Yu the truth that he had hoped Qin Yu would fail the marriage so he would become Huang Fu Yu’s son in law. He leaves after Qin Yu says he will stay in Xuan Lan Hall. It’s estimated that the emperors that helped the Zhao last time regret it now because none of them want to make enemies with an artisan god. Qin Yu decides he will go back to his universe world to craft some more Hong Meng treasure with his endless supply of hong meng holy air but won’t let anyone know about it this time.

Ou Ye Yu and Duan Mu Feng have come out from refining, Ou Ye a refined a 2nd class and Duan Mu a 3rd class hong meng treasure. Zhou Huo tells them Qin Yu refined a 1st class hong meng treasure. Zhou Huo has decided to give up. Time passes, Jiang Li ask where Qin Yu is. Jiang Lan tells her that Qin Yu came out last one to retrieve some refining material from him since he won’t use it anyways.  Qin Yu has not told them about his endless hong meng air supply. 80,000 years pass inside universe world, so far he’s refined 73 hong meng treasures. 2 3rd class, 70 2nd class and 1 1st class. He pities that he spent a lot of materials before the make ornamental high grade heavenly divine items which could have been turned to 2nd class hong meng treasures. He realizes how important the state is when making 1st class hong meng treasure.

The 1st class hong meng treasure he made ‘Broken Water’ a 2-edged dark blue long sword he decides to leave in universe world. He doesn’t want to cause a scene with that event again. He decides to just store the other treasures and not release it to public knowledge. Qin Yu exits. He is questioned if he is prepared. He will present the 1st class hong meng treasure Ten Thousand Willow. The next day, people gather again. Many are talking with Qin Yu. He speaks with Zhou Xian, of course Zhou Xian resents Qin Yu. Zhou Xian however is certain he will win with his father’s help. Jiang Fan does the announcements and starts the judging. 13 people forfeit during their turn. Zhou Xian goes up and says he forfeits too, surprising people. Qin Yu goes next, all the god kings look to him and Jiang Fan is looking forward to him putting out his 1st class hong meng treasure. Qin Yu presents a 2nd class hong meng treasure whip instead. Shen Tu Fan and Kui Yin Hou go next and also forfeit. The 3rd quota is announced to Qin Yu. Jiang Fan announces the winner will be revealed in 10 days. Tomorrow they have to send a list of what they plan to give to the opposite as their dowry (Chinese wedding dowry’s are reversed, it is the groom to brides side rather than bride to grooms side).

Zhou Xian ask Qin Yu what he plans to offer. Qin Yu leaves to decide, pissing off Zhou Xian. Back at Floating Cloud House, Qin Yu speaks with his brothers about his dowry, which is his pile of 1 million low grade heavenly divine items. Qin Yu then decides to give Ten Thousand Willow instead. The next day, Qin Yu hands the guards the list since the holy emperor won’t see anyone for 10 days of judging. Qin Yu uses his strength of space to observe the guard handing the list to the emperor and watches his happy expression. Zhou Xian comes and the guards tell him the same thing. Zhou Xian hands the list, speaks with Qin Yu a bit about winning and leaves.

Back at Lei Fa City, Zhou Xian speaks with his father. Zhou Hou is 30% sure of victory if Qin Yu’s dowry was the 1st class hong meng treasure. Qin Yu is still thinking if Zhou Xian has a method of winning. Qin Yu teleports to Wooden House, his face is red with anxiety. Lan ask Qin Yu how he arrived. Qin Yu request Lan’s help to see if Jiang Fan’s judgment is impartial towards Zhou Xian. Jiang Lan tells him to be calm. Jiang Lan says he will go see his brother personally and disappears. Jiang Fan in his library sees Jiang Lan has arrived and speaks with him. Zhou Xian’s dowry is apparently more precious than the 1st class hong meng treasure. Jiang Lan ask what it is but Jiang Fan doesn’t tell him so he leaves angry. When he comes back to Wooden House, Qin Yu can tell it is not good. Lan tells Qin Yu that the situation isn’t good and whatever it was the dowry was, it has Jiang Fan thinking. Qin Yu ask if there is something he can do to increase his chances.

Jiang Lan tells Qin Yu there can be 2 things done. One is to have Li’er tell her father directly that she likes Qin Yu. The 2nd thing that can be done is to tell Jiang Fan Qin Yu has the other tear. If the tears are to fuse again, whoever possesses that will be the new life god king. Jiang Li comes in. After a moment, Jiang Li departs with Jiang Lan to the holy emperor palace once again. They appear beside Jiang Fan. Jiang Li tells Fan that she knew him since mortal world and that Qin Yu practiced for her. When Li’er says she doesn’t want to marry anyone but Qin Yu, Jiang Fan gets angry. He doesn’t get into action because Jiang Lan has the Feather Net Sword. Jiang Lan then tells Jiang Fan that Qin Yu has the other tear. After telling Jiang Fan the details, he ask for some time to calm down. Jiang Lan and Li’er leave.

Jiang Fan holds the dowry list of the Zhou. The contents are that in thousands of year, the Supreme Lord Hill will come, for which will decide a new supreme lord, all god kings can participate. The dowry is that if Jiang Li and Zhou Xian become husband and wife, Lei Fan Supreme lord will help him once in the battle to become supreme lord. Jiang Fan calls the images of God Kings slaughtering and dying and wonders if he can let go of the opportunity. Chun Yu Rou comes in. Jiang Fan tells her he wants to become a supreme lord. Last time, Piao Yu got rid of all the holy emperors and Xiao Yao took the place as supreme lord. He contemplates which to choose. They talk about what would happen if Lei Fa helps another person after helping Jiang Fan. They continue to discuss for half a day. Zhou Hou comes to clarify the dowry. Jiang Fan learns that last time Lei Fa didn’t assist anyone because Piao Yu prevented him. But this time, Piao Yu won’t take part and will allow Lei Fa to help once. Jiang Fan ask who he doesn’t use this opportunity on himself but Zhou Hou says Piao Yu won’t allow 2 Zhao supreme lords.

Jiang Fan has Zhou Huo leaves so he can decide. The 10 days pass, people gather at the main hall. Kui Yin Hou speaks with Qin Yu and Qin Yu tells him his dowry was the weapon he refined. Kui Yin says Qin Yu won. He sees Zhou Xian appear without anxiety on his face so he knows the situation isn’t good. The holy emperor, Jiang Li and other god kings came. The god kings sit. Jiang Fan makes his announcements (everything happening so far etc) and says his decision is Zhou Xian. Jiang Fan tells Qin Yu to not think too much about it. Qin Yu screams shut up and looks to Jiang Li. Qin Yu says nothing can break them up and Jiang Fan ask what is he going to do. Qin Yu says, what is he going to do? Everyone in the hall can hear him, his face has a cold smile and eyes have a trace of madness.

Book 17 Chapter 01-18

When Jiang Fan says this the results were fair, Qin Yu questions it to everyone, telling everyone he put up a 1st class hong meng treasure as the dowry. Zhou Huo says that the gift is more precious than a 1st class hong meng holy treasure and Jiang Fan backs him up on it. Qin Yu ask him to reveal the gift. Zhou Huo tells Qin Yu to stop and Qin Yu disrespects him by saying he wasn’t asking him. Jiang Lan backs up Qin Yu. Qin Yu says lets go to Jiang Li. Jiang Fan protects her with space but having been surrounded by Qin Yu’s strength of space, Jiang Li vanishes. Zhao Xian, Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo get into action. Qin Yu unleashes his clone, Qin Yu to fight Zhou Xian and his clone to fight Jiang Fan and Zhou Hou. Jiang Lan goes to attack Jiang Fan. The fighting causes space collapse and tearing but under the restrictive spells, the heavenly gods are protected.

Zhou Huo attacks the clone Qin Yu with space destruction and traps the clone in space. Zhou Huo doesn’t know that the clone merely just retreats to universe world. Zhou Huo proceeds to attack Qin Yu so he takes out Residual Snow. Zhou Xian proceeds to attack Qin Yu with a whip. Zhou Xian doesn’t know Qin Yu can easily cope with space destruction so how can he be compared with an upper heavenly god. Qin Yu’s spear breaks a few sections of the whip. Qin Yu’s spear instills some fear in Zhou Huo. Qin Yu strikes Zhou Xian with his spear, causes Zhou Xian to crash into the wall and spurt out blood. He is surprised he didn’t die. 3 holy emperors suddenly take out their weapons. Qin Yu laughs at them then disappears. Qin Yu teleports to the streets of Snowing City and messaged his brothers through god sense. Qin Yu’s brother and the people he brought to Floating Cloud Mansion disappear into Qin Yu’s universe. In another teleport, Qin Yu has left Snowing City. The God Kings can’t find Qin Yu.

When Qin Yu had disappeared from the palace, the emperors sent out soul sense but have found out that even the people in Floating Cloud Mansion had vanished. Some people think it was a dream. Zhou Xian ask his father how Qin Yu is so strong. Zhou Xian has a pendant he received from Lei Fa to protect from god king attacks several times but it was broken in 1 hit by Qin Yu. Zhou Huo is thinking Qin Yu’s spear is a 1st class Hong Meng treasure but doesn’t feel it right because there was no red cloud indication. South Pole emperor is guessing Qin Yu has a hidden god king expert who teleported them, so does Jiang Fan. The blood demon queen is constantly ridiculing the group. Zhou Huo proposes a party to hunt Qin Yu, for which all 3 ascended influences do not join and leave. Jiang Fan is more worried about the dowry gift for which Zhou Huo allows him to keep.

6 holy emperors join the group, East doesn’t join because Qin Yu is part of East and Southeast doesn’t enjoy these things. These 2 are told not to support Qin Yu and they agree then leave. Everything suddenly notices Jiang Lan is gone also (lol). When Jiang Fan mentions his brother hasn’t been good to him since Zuo Quimei’s death, they no longer dwell deeper into it.

When Jiang Lan returns to Wooden House, Qin Yu tells him not to resist and brings him into universe world. Qin Yu was previously observing everything silently but no one could detect him because of his strength of space covering most of the city. In universe world, Qin Yu’s group are talking. Hou Fei wants to kill the Jiang once he reaches god king state. When Jiang Lan comes, he tells Qin Yu he isn’t disappointed. They all head to fog mountain. Jiang Lan talks with Qin Yu about the past and how he rebelled today. Qin Yu ponders what to do now. Qin Yu tells Jiang Lan he wants to hold a wedding with Li’er, it may not be perfect but he wants Jiang Lan to act as Jiang Li’s guardian. Li’er does a shy person act. When Jiang Lan ask what to do about the groom’s side guardians, Qin Yu worries about his family in immortal/demon/devil world. Lan tells him not to work because the holy emperors value respect and would lose it all if they involve the world below them.

Qin Yu ask Jiang Lan to bring them to immortal/demon/devil world, Jiang Lan brings up the problem of being detected once they exit into divine world and that these people seeking Qin Yu collaborating are terrifyingly strong. Qin Yu reveals the secret that Qin Yu’s space is independent in all aspects to divine world. He tells him that if he uses the strength from this space which differs from the strength of divine world space, they can’t discover him. Jiang Lan now understands how Qin Yu took Jiang Li from the space imprisonment of Jiang Fan. Jiang Lan can see what Qin Yu practices completely differs from what those in divine world practice. Qin Yu tells Lan that no god kings are searching divine world with soul now. They prepare to depart. Qin Yu and Jiang Lan appear in divine world then vanish into immortal/devil/demon worlds Yu De Star.

Back in Yu De Star city outer ring, this place now houses the Qin clan. The Qin clan is a mystery in this world because they are on friendly terms with demon, devil and immortal world and have some unusually strong backers which are the ‘pets’ rescued from confusion temple. At this moment, 2 people wearing robes are drinking and talking with each other. They are both Qin Yu’s brothers. They are talking about Xiao Nan (Qin Nan), the genius before in Qin clan who achieved Golden Immortal Level 1 before now being an Immortal Emperor Level 1. They talk of how long it would take them to ascend to divine world and when they would meet Qin Yu again. There is wind suddenly, they look up in the sky and see 2 golden lights descend. They look at the human that appeared and guessed if they were dreaming. They meet each other again and grasped each other (bromance hug yo.) They didn’t think they would meet Qin Yu again so they entrusted Qin Nan when he ascends to speak on their behalf.

They leave to go see Qin De. Jiang Lan watches this smiling and envies Qin Yu. At the Qin residence hall, there is a banquet with hundreds of Qin clan people. Qin Yu tells of his experiences to Qin De. The Qin clan juniors admire Qin Yu, for ascended to divine world then coming back from it. After hearing Qin Yu’s talk of divine world, they discuss not wanting to go to divine world. They decide to visit Qin Yu’s space. The Qin juniors are amazed that this space was created by their 3rd elder obviously. Qin Yu and Li’er are walking and talking about the Qin juniors’ curiosity about her. They decide the wedding is in 3 days and are both a bit anxious. Qin Yu thinks about their future children, they can’t hide in this space forever so Qin Yu decides that one that he needs to confront those holy emperors (supreme lord hill big battle incoming? :o).

Back in divine world, Zhou Xian is talking with Zhou Tong, the Fierce Lightning God King of Lei Fa City. Zhou Tong has returned form immortal/demon/devil world and didn’t feel a trace of Jiang Li nor Qin Yu’s breath. The god kings of Lei Fa city have taken action because Qin Yu has disrespected their clan. Zhou Ton prepares to search other universes. Zhou Xian looks into a distance is still disdains Qin Yu who disrespected him, almost killed him and is stronger than him now even tho less than 20,000 years ago, Qin Yu was nothing more than an ant. Zhou Xian suddenly things of something and returns to the palace to retrieve an elite squadron to marched to immortal/devil/demon world because he believes Qin Yu definitely should have made contact with his family.

Qin Yu and Li’er hold their wedding in the Purple Mysterious Mansion following the Qin dynasty customs (I’m not going to bother with trying to translate the steps they follow cause I don’t know what they are usually called in English, hell, I actually only knew the world dowry because I wondered what it was a while back). During the after wedding drinking (Chinese weddings have this thing where they go around to each table/group of guest and propose a toast and drink a glass of alcohol, the people getting married tend to get very drunk from this) Hei Tong and Guo Fan are revealed to have a son and daughter and Qin Yu’s brothers already have great grandchildren. After everything ends, Qin Yu enters the bridal chamber. Qin Yu thinks to himself that he is married. Li’er is blushing on the side. They kiss, one thing leads to another, <insert sex scene description here>, during it, a tear leaves Qin Yu’s yuanying and goes into Li’er’s, Qin Yu has given Li’er his meteoric tear so it can fuse and give Li’er the full perception of the life God King. Morning arises, they are both close to enough other, Qin Yu gives Li’er Purple Rain Feather Dress and Broken Water.

Jiang Li estimates it would take hundreds of thousands of years to fully refine it. Qin Yu tells her of a place to refine it faster using Hong Meng holy air and leads her to it. In Qin Yu’s universe, there is location where the there is space disruption. Qin Yu and Li’er appear here. Qin Yu points to it, a chaotic air current that causes the expansion of the universe. Qin Yu brings Li’er to it, the place where Qin Yu doesn’t really understand and contains many air currents of hong meng holy air. Qin Yu decides to name this place the hong meng space from paste space. Li’er says he’s never seen a place like this, same for her father, Lan and maybe even the supreme lords. Qin Yu wants to have Li’er refine their 2 treasures. With the hong meng air and the 10,000x time acceleration, he estimates only a year is needed. As Qin Yu is leaving, hinting not wanting to separate from Li’er, Li’er comes up to Qin Yu and tells him that after 1 month of refining, her belly has…Qin Yu wonder what she is saying.

Jiang Li goes red and tells him again softly that “I said, my belly inside has.”After pondering what “has” meant, he figures it out, Qin Yu happily figures out he is going to be a father (At 10,000 acceleration, 5 minutes is 1 month so yeah…Also, in Chinese, just saying “has” also means pregnant.). Qin Yu decides to return back to Purple Mysterious mansion. Qin Yu’s brother and a couple onlookers why they came back so fast. Qin Yu assigns Hong Yu and Lu Shui to watch over Li’er. Hei Yu guessing that Li’er might be pregnant. Hei Tong says the 2 girls taking care of her don’t have enough experience. After some piddling, it is decided that Bai Ling will take care of her. Time passes, people are anxious and worried but in 3 years, Jiang Li’s belly only bulged a little. Jiang Li reveals the longest pregnancy for holy emperor clans was 3.5 years (da fuq?). Duan Mu Yu was revealed to be born after that long. Apparently, the longer within the womb, the more talented the individual will become.  10 years has passed now, there is little change from 7 years ago. Qin Yu can feel there is a little change because he is the master of the universe (lol I just had to word it like that) because eyesight alone can’t see the change.

Li’er decides to refine the hong meng treasures since there is no way the baby won’t be born after 10,000 years. Qin Yu accelerates the time around here. 5000 years pass, the belly is evidently bigger. Suddenly there is vibrations many people are estimated to have observed. The universe has divided into 3 layers and the mortal layer is completed so Qin Yu’s strength has also elevated. Qin Yu estimates his strength of space can no cover all of divine world. He estimates ordinary god kings are his match now. Qin Yu closes his eyes to practice. He can see that immortal/devil/demon worlds are now forming. After the 9000th year of refining, Jiang Li opens her eyes. They decide to go back to Purple Mysterious Mansion because Qin Yu has an important matter. Qin Yu tells her that they can’t stay hidden forever and transmit message for his brothers, father, and Jiang Lan to come. They are speculating that Jiang Li is giving birth. Everyone arrives.

They see Jiang Li’s stomach change in the past and estimate 1-2 years till birth but they don’t know about the time acceleration. Qin Yu’s time acceleration is now 15,000x. After they hear 9000 years, they are shocked and can’t speak because the historic record is 3.5 years but this baby has been in for 9000 years. Qin Yu tells everything he can build passages between the 2 universes. He can build many passages between divine world and his universe and also the other spaces and his universe. As the master of his own universe, Qin Yu can also choose to make it so that only certain people can access it. Qin Yu decides to have Jiang Lan accompany him to divine world to build some passages. Qin Yu reveals to Jiang Lan that he made many hong meng treasures, one of which is Broken Water given to Jiang Li. He plans to bring Jiang Li to divine world once the passages are complete so they will be concerned about Qin Yu when they see the Red Cloud Sky cover and small thunders caused by bringing a new 1st class hong meng treasure to divine world. Qin Yu tells Lan that completion of the mortal world not only gave him the ability to create passages.

Qin Yu and Lan appear in Snowing City. They go to the fog swamp located between the east and northeast divine world. Qin Yu arranges one of the passages here. Qin Yu observing with his strength of space knows what all the god kings are doing and also discovers there is a hidden of god kings located in the endless sea. They are separated but if combined with make a terrifying force. Jiang Lan is supposed Qin Yu can detect them because those god kings who have hidden themselves set up space so they can’t be detected. Qin Yu thinks of having them side with him but Lan tells him otherwise saying these God kings want a tranquil life. He adds a passage in the Engulfing Desert between south and southeast and also one in the forest of Underground City (part of southeast). They choose to have the passages lead the mountains in Snowing City. They then proceed to create 12 passages in the devil/demon/immortal/dinosaur/magic devil world (places where some of Che Hou’s pets came from) and also arranged 38 passages in the mortal world which includes Earth where Lei Wei came from. When Qin Yu visited Earth, he sighed because of the science and technology achieving energy conversion.

Back in Lei Fa city, Liu Shan reports to Zhou Xian. They removed any memories of their visit to the Qin. They learn of Qin Yu leading some people to a space so assume it is Qin Yu’s space formation. Zhou Xian walks towards the north easy holy emperor palace. In a restaurant in Yu Chi City, Xing Xuan and Zi Yun are talking, they want to help Qin Yu but they don’t have the strength to do it. People in the restaurant are discussing Qin Yu’s various achievements in divine world. Suddenly, people can see there is Red Cloud Sky Covering. It covers all of divine world, people in the restaurant are awestruck. People are responding that Qin Yu has made a 1st class hong meng treasure. Zhou Xian watches in and Zhou Huo says Qin Yu is at East Sea Region. 2 people appear before them, the Fierce Lightning God King Zhou Tong and Nightmare Thunder God King and Zhou Ran. They, a group of 5 contain 4 god kings and Zhou Xian fly towards Qin Yu. All god kings are headed towards East Sea Region.

At East Sea Region, Qin Yu and Li’er are shoulder to shoulder. A bunch of god kings are all here. A Anti Serpent in the see is reaching its materity state and makes noise. A man spoke and the sea is fragmented, including the serpent, returning the peace. Zhou Xian has an ugly expression after seeing Jiang Li’s bulged belly. Yu Shu talks saying Jiang Li is pregnant now Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan couldn’t break them up. Zhou Huo tells his son to calm down. Zhou Hou ask Qin Yu to return Jiang Li because she belongs to Lei Fa city. A group of people come from Lei Fa city and Qin Yu calls them annoying and conceited. Zhou Huo’s group gets angry. The 3 ascended influences tall about the Zhou god kings. When Zhou Huo calls Qin Yu an ant, Qin Yu burst into laughter. Qin Yu talks back to them. Zhou Xian continues to argue that Li’er is his wife. Zhou Ran stops Zhou Xian and decides to get into action.

Qin Yu has Li’er go to the side. Qin Yu takes out a 2nd class hong meng treasure glove called Snowflake. Zhou Ran takes out his 2nd class hong meng treasure long sword Cut Worries. Zhou Huo ask where his spear is but he says this glove is enough. Zhou Ran stretches a finger and uses space blockage on Qin Yu. Zhou Ran has the space break but Qin Yu just teleports out of it. Zhou Ran manages to block a strike from Qin Yu and is surprised Qin Yu can teleport. Qin Yu looks towards Zhou Xian and calls him weak, at which Zhou Ran took advantage to teleport attack. Zhou Ran strikes at Qin Yu’s head and is confident but suddenly a head appeared at Zhou Ran’s head and when his head was about to burst, he teleported away. Zhou Ran had struck a remnant blue of Qin Yu.  Qin Yu looks at Zhou Huo who is next to Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran ask how he knows Zhou Ran teleported. Zhou Ran can’t get into action anymore because the Snowflake gloves had Sharpness and Soul Biter effect which attacked his divine spirit.

Asura God King is applauding, a heavenly god who can teleport and beat a god king. Qin Yu says it is nothing special because Zhou Ran belongs to the low division god kings. After some talking amongst the Zhou, Zhou Tong decides to fight next. Qin Yu thinks he should have some time comprehension so is watching out for his time acceleration. Zhou Tong disappears, the space around Qin Yu collapses and Qin Yu teleports away. Zhou Tong appears in front of Qin Yu and strikes with his fist and Qin Yu immediately teleports but was injured. Qin Yu is certain he used time acceleration. Zhou Tong continuously attacks and Qin Yu responds with teleportation away each time. Qin Yu decides not to hide it anymore and accelerates time in his space and meets Zhou Tong’s fist with his fist. The surrounding god kings are surprised Qin Yu suddenly sped up. Qin Yu’s fist meets Zong Tong’s fist once more but behind, a blue robe Qin Yu appeared and strikes at Zong Tong’s head before he can block. Zong Tong teleports to Zhou Xian’s side injured.

Zhou Tong looks to the blue robe Qin Yu in shock, since it can use Cold Cover Attack which belongs to the water attribute of the Southwest clan. Zhou Huo ask Qin Yu wasn’t the clone destroyed with space destruction. Zhou’s side is angry and Zhou Xian talks back and is questioned by Yu Sha if Zhou Huo’s son doesn’t understand the status difference. Of everyone there, Zhou Xian’s status is the lowest since while Qin Yu isn’t a god king, is strength is acknowledged as one. Jiang Fan steps up and tells Jiang Li to return with him. After some bickering, Qin Yu asked if Jiang Fan thought of her daughter when he made his decision and asked Zhou Xian if he loves Li’er. Qin Yu makes his points and Jiang Fan and Zhou Xian can’t argue back. Qin Yu tells Jiang Li to go back first and she disappears. Qin Yu challenges the god kings, whether it be one on one or group on one and sits down to wait.

Jiang Fan speaks with Zhou Huo in god sense if they can defeat Qin Yu and why Qin Yu is so strong. Qin Yu speaks up challenging Zhou Huo. Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan decide to do a group attack to kill Qin Yu. Zhou Huo talks about Qin Yu’s crimes and Asura God King butts in saying he won’t allow group attack. Suddenly, Qin Yu looks around and sees the people has stopped and thinks to himself, Time Stop. Qin Yu isn’t affected it by it because of his strength of space. The holy emperors break out of the time stop with their clan treasures. It was Luo Fan, the Asura God King. He is only allowing one and ones with Qin Yu. Qin Yu thanks Luo Fan but says he wasn’t worried, at which Luo Fan says he is wrong. Luo Fan tells Qin Yu that the clan holy treasures have to ability to Freeze Space, which freezes the surrounding space, preventing teleport, which is how the life god king was caught. Qin Yu confident it won’t affect him because Qin Yu’s space is not divine world space. Asura God King invites Qin Yu to join Asura sea. Qin Yu says he will consider it.

Qin Yu says he will be leaving since no one wants to challenge him and disappears. The ascended party laughs and says their goodbyes before disappearing also. The holy emperor group eventually disperses also. The information of Qin Yu fighting with 2 god kings of Lei Fa city spread, angering Lei Fa city residents. Some divine world experts worship Qin Yu because his is various titles of formation master, artisan god, and defeating 2 god kings while upper heavenly god. The rule of divine world is heavenly gods can’t defeat god kings which was broken by Qin Yu. Hundreds of years pass, there are many rumors of Qin Yu appearing randomly, the youth of divine worth admire Qin Yu and disdain Zhou Xian. At Yu Chi City, Qin Yu are his brothers are at a restaurant. Qin Yu is relaxed before more than 100 years ago, Qin Yu and his clone finally completed comprehension of the space left behind by Zhou Qiumei but it was only 50% left before from having 1 year. The 2 tears at Li’er started fusing and Li’er entered a special state Qin Yu decided not to disturb her.

They sit down and listen to the stories of Qin Yu sightings. They leave the restaurant and return to new Dark Purple Star. Qin Yu senses a change and rushes to Purple Mysterious Mansion with his brothers. Seeing the various light auras, Qin Yu knows the 2 tears have completely fused. Uncle Lan also rushed here sensing the change. They wonder why Li’er hasn’t come out yet (For some reason Uncle/Jiang Lan changes to Uncle/Jiang Yun here for a while). Qin Yu says her divine spirit entered a practice state. Qin Yu’s biological brothers also came worried. Jiang Li wakes up. Jiang Li seems to have changed in her physical appearance a bit (the colors). Qin Yu ask why it took her a day to wake up. She says she has perceived space. Qin Yu is happy hearing this because if she became a god king, she would be safer.

An hour later, Qin Yu, Jiang Lan and Jiang Li gather. Jiang Li tells Jiang Lan her space perception to reach God King state as well as the story as to how aunt Zuo Qiu died. Zuo Qiumei was able to create the tears because of her extensive knowledge of the divine spirit and with the tears fused, Jiang Li received all that knowledge, memories and ease to comprehend the space she left behind. Jiang Lan ask what they plan on doing now since they are both strength. Qin Yu, for his 1st step will be a waiting period till Li’er’s baby is born, during which Qin Yu will expand his influence and lower the morale of the holy emperors. Qin Yu plans on trying to gather some of the hidden god kings such as Yi Feng. For Yi Feng, he will use Li’er to persuade and the others, he will use his artisan god title. Lan says it will be hard unless you use 1st class hong meng treasures. For reducing the morale, Qin Yu will defeat the god kings 2-3 times and run away into universe world if they surround him.

For his second step, after Li’er gives birth, he will carry out an attack on Lei Fa City since he isn’t afraid of Lei Fa supreme lord and finds Lei Fa city a threat to his child. He will figure out the details as the 2nd step arises. At the purple mysterious mansion lake with Jiang Li, Jiang Li is worried about how Jiang Yan is doing. Qin Yu waves his hand and presents a wave curtain that shows divine worlds Snow Scoop City where Jiang Yan should be residing. Jiang Li doesn’t see her so Qin Yu zooms in to a courtyard where Luo Yu and Jiang Yan are playing. Qin Yu and Jiang Li decide go visit divine world. When they appear, the sky phenomena accompanying the birth of a new god kings arises. Qin Yu goes with Jiang Li to East Sea Region. Zhou Xian is watching the scene in the sky feeling the world is unfair and speaks with his father who says the location points to the place where Qin Yu previously fought Zhou Ran and Zhou Tong. Zhou Xian and Zhou Huo decide to go check it out.

Jiang Li and Qin Yu returned to new Dark Purple Star. Qin Yu summons a water curtain again to see the East Sea Region, 11 people are there, 1 of which is Zhou Xian and rest are god kings. None of them belong to the ascended influence. They discuss who this new god king is who is hiding their identity. Zhou Huo speculates it is related to Qin Yu and the group disperses. A year passes. Jiang Li and Qin Yu arrive at East Sea Region. They head towards Bamboo Island which Yi Feng came back to. Jiang Li and Qin Yu discuss the bamboo forest for which Jiang Li says it could be Ten Thousand Li Rivers and Mountains, a 1st class hong meng treasure space treasure. Jiang Li knows because he has Zuo Qiumei’s memories so knows Yi Feng was 1 of 2 big follows of her. Qin Yu calls Yi Feng out. He comes out and speaks with Jiang Li. They speak about the tears, how Jiang Li achieved god state and of Qin Yu. Yi Feng tells them of an agreement between the 8 clans to not allow another other influences to grow. They leave the 3 ascended influences to grow because of the agreement during the war but will destroy any other new influences before it grows.

Initially, Zuo Qiumei, Yi Feng and his brother together gathered many people to which the 8 big clans felt was a threat and destroyed them. Only Yi Feng got away. Yi Feng says last time, Qin Yu only won because he caught them off guard but next time they will be fully prepared so Qin Yu should side himself with Asura God King Luo Fan. Qin Yu request Yi Feng to join him in his fight against the Holy Emperors but Qin Yu gets called arrogant. Yi Feng leaves into the bamboo forest. He tells Qin Yu not to let the tragedy of Zuo Qiu happen again and no longer responds. Jiang Li ask Qin Yu why he didn’t mention Freeze Space has no effect on him but he had no time. They are detected by a god king so Jiang Li says to leave. Qin Yu says he needs to demonstrate his methods. Jiang Li stays. 6 god kings are coming, all of which are holy emperors and Qin Yu is excited. Zhou Huo says that the agreement is that any god king born relating to Qin Yu has to be killed, targeted at Jiang Li. The holy emperors agree. Zhou Huo says they just kill Qin Yu and the bad child of Qin Yu and leave behind Jiang Li.

Northwest Zhou Huo, North Jiang Fan, South Duan Mu Yun, West Shen Tu Yan, Southwest Tan Lan and Northeast Mu Qin will go after Qin Yu and the East Huang Fu and Southeast Pu Tai will hinder Luo Fan. Jiang Li and Qin Yu are shoulder to shoulder waiting. The 6 holy emperors arrive. Zhou Huo takes out a bead and the space surrounding the area didn’t have any motion. Qin Yu wonders if this is Freeze Space. Qin Yu ask if that bead was the clan treasure, not showing any fear. Zhou Huo tells Qin Yu upon the founding of divine world, 8 major god clans with the clan holy treasures along with the 8 holy lands were born. Those beads, the Thunder Source Spiritual Beads along with his bloodline makes him stronger. Qin Yu recalls the Fire Source Spiritual Beads and wonders it is related to this. Each of the 6 holy emperors have the spiritual beads of different colors about their heads and are ready to attack because Qin Yu tells them to hold.

Qin Yu ask the West Pole holy emperor if his beads are called Fire Source Spiritual Beads and after hearing that it is indeed called that and is the same, Qin Yu wonders how the teacher of the person who gave him the beads got it and if only this bead has doubles while the others are unique. The emperors attack. Zhou Huo attacks Qin Yu with a whip, surrounding him and aiming towards his head for which Qin Yu grabs. Qin Yu is hit with lightning from the whips and wonders what rank the electricity is because it injured him past his Snowflake gloves. Dozens more whips come out towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu summons his clone to meet the whips is intact after taking it, shocking Zhou Huo as well as the other emperors. Qin Yu takes out his Residual Snow. The emperors split up to fight. Jiang Fan to deal with Jiang Li, clone Qin Yu will fight the Duan Mu, Zhou and Tang while real Qin Yu fights Mu and Shen Tu.

Jiang Fan is talking with Jiang Li to go back to Snowing City has a princess and to remove that bad child from her. Jiang Li refuses and Jiang Fan says he will personally do it. Jiang Fan goes towards Jiang Li’s sides with a long black stick (heh) to which Jiang Li blocks with Broken Water. Jiang Fan accelerates time and strikes again before she could react but a purple aura repels him back and she isn’t injured. Qin Yu and his clone fly towards Jiang Fan and strike with the spear, causing both space and the ground around it to collapse. Jiang Fan escapes with time acceleration. Jiang Fan summons a black shield Dark Source Spiritual Beads on top of his head and it collides with the spear. The beads shakes and Jiang Fan escapes with the strength of dark from the beads. Jiang Li knows Qin Yu was holding back because he didn’t use the mysterious yellow air in the spear. The emperors are talking about not being able to injure the clone and the strength of the spear. They work out a group attack.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li wonders what they are doing and when Qin Yu sees the 6 emperors spiritual beads emitting an aura, Qin Yu’s moral nature knows something bad is about to happen. Zhou Huo lifts his hands but suddenly an endless amount of bamboo surround the emperors and Yi Feng tells Qin Yu and Jiang Li to quickly run. Yi Feng is telling them to quickly run, not even the asura god king can resist this attack, running because teleport isn’t possible in this frozen space. Yi Feng barely holding on is telling Qin Yu to not let Jiang Li die. The bamboo field breaks. Yi Feng is in despair watching the 6 emperors’ approach with their attacks and Qin Yu screams “Break”, causing the space region around to collapse, the frozen space was broken. Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Yi Feng disappear. When the emperors see this, they disappear as well. The emperors leaving are talking about how Qin Yu could have possibly broken he freeze space from 6 people combined. They throw theories around.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Yi Feng appear at new Dark Purple Star. Yi Feng ask how Qin Yu broken the frozen space. Qin Yu returns the question with how is space normally broken. The answer is by using an attack that surpasses the tolerance limits of the space. Qin Yu says he used his strength of space not belonging to the strength of divine world space. Qin Yu’s space expanded to the whole divine world space so he wields the power of 2 world spaces so he can make one of them collapse. Yi Feng is still puzzled.

At South Sea Region, the 6 emperors are silent and angry. Some are discussing giving up on hunting Qin Yu because of his powers. Zhou suggest going with 8 emperors but the other emperors says this would make them lose respect/honor. Mainly, a couple these emperors are really hostile towards Qin Yu, only Qin Yu is hostile towards the Zhou. Duan Mu Yun, Tang Lan, Shen Tu Yan and Mu Qin leaves giving up hunting Qin Yu but will help if they decide to collaborate. Jiang Fan is busy thinking about how many 1st class treasures Qin Yu has. He is also thinking of all the possibilities if Qin Yu had become his son-in-law instead (scumbag father). Jiang Fan stays with Zhou Huo but wonders how to deal with Qin Yu. They decide that if they can’t deal with Qin Yu before Supreme Lord Hill shows up, the supreme lord will deal with him. Zhou Xian is back in his…wherever he is..thinking about Qin Yu, how strong he is and is starting to envy him. He decides to go into closed door training.

Book 17 Chapter 19-32

Scene change to Zhou Wu Lian who is called to the emperors palace. He walks in and the other god kings of Lei Fa city have gathered too to see this man. This man is Lei Fa supreme lord. He came back this time because disturbed his Lei Fa City. His sons tell him the details of what Qin Yu has done. They speak of some matters previously mentioned in the Open Sky Stairs and say that Piao Yu is not related to Qin Yu and that they can get rid of Qin Yu. Lei Fa won’t allow anyone to disgrace Lei Fa city. But, he is only allowed to get rid of Qin Yu before the arrival of Supreme Lord Hill and after the selection of the new supreme lord. Lei Fa disappears to not be disturbed. Zhou Wu Lian leaves.

Back in new Dark Purple Star, Qin Yu, Hei Yu and Hou Fei are playing Chinese chess, Qin Yu is winning. They talk about where Jiang Lan went, which was Snow Scoop City and what would attract him to go there, most likely being Jiang Yan. Then proceed to talk about when do they plan to set up base in divine world and become a major influence to which Qin Yu says not to worry about it till Li’er gives birth. Yi Feng comes and greets. Qin Yu gives him Ten Thousand Willow but Yi Feng declines it since he has one. Yi Feng says to use it to invite the hidden god king older sister of Zuo Qiu Mei, Zuo Qiu Lin. Li’er comes and says tho they are sisters, they don’t have a good relationship. Li’er says that Zuo Qiu Mei and Zuo Miu Lin are similar in strength, Lin’s nickname is Death God King, they both are knowledgeable about the divine spirit but one researched on saving lives while the other researched on taking lives. It’s uncertain if she is recruit able. She is located in the North Sea on a land formed from ice. Qin recalls the locations of the 10 hidden god kings and knows it is her.

Qin Yu decides to go visit it with Jiang Li. They talk about the ice. They decide they should go inquire the neighboring islands to find some information about her. In this region lies a mansion named the White Ice House who houses the master of these ice lands. The name of that master is Bai Yi Ju. He lives a peaceful life with few people. He was originally from Lei Fa City. He finds the Death God King who lives deeper in the area troublesome, because while she doesn’t mercilessly slaughter unless they go into her region, her presence causes fear in people. Suddenly 2 people appear to him, to which he guesses are both God King but refuses to believe it. The couple ask him if he knows Zuo Qiu Lin. He didn’t know the name till Qin Yu mentioned god king, which he guess is the death god king.

Qin Yu from speaking to Bai Yi Ju learns the death god kings. The rule that is set for not stepping into her Hell Ice House range and how she has a black air around that destroys the opposite parties divine spirit, mainly killing off middle heavenly gods and below easily. It is the reason why the land in the surrounding region has so few people. These residents are also stuck here so all they can do is life out their life peacefully here. Qin Yu and Jiang Li prepare to leave before Bai Yi remembers a legend. Death God King once killed a god king, then other god kings came and seriously wounded her, since then she stayed in Hell Ice Mansion. Qin Yu and Jiang Li teleport to the ice central region. Zuo Qiu Lin is in the area deep below the general sea level. They look at the black air which Li’er says it is the opposite of her life energy. It directly attacks the divine spirit, ignoring the body.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li go. Jiang Li’s dark blue aura repels the black gas and the mysterious yellow gas from Qin Yu’s spear near his yuanying repels it also. The see an empty mansion which has an underground passage. They teleport to the palace gates underground. They can feel that besides the death god, there are 12 heavenly gods female inside. They map out the death god kings location in a hall of another underground palace beneath this current palace filled with black air. The sisters there talk about hearing a noise of someone going towards the underground seeking death. Walking along a passage, they are hit with an attack Guided Soul Sound, a sound attack that isn’t really damaging but ruins ones concentration in battle.  Qin Yu calls out to Zuo Qiu Lin, to which she raises the sound. Qin Yu’s spear counters some of the pain of it with the mysterious yellow air. Li’er passes elemental life force to Qin Yu and restores his yuanying.

Black bells suddenly come towards Qin Yu which he screams out he didn’t come will ill intentions and repels the bells with his spear. Suddenly something wraps Qin Yu all of a sudden, Li’er says it is death god kings Beckoning Soul Silk which restrains ordinary god kings yuanying. Qin Yu is very pissed off at the moment. Qin Yu teleports out. The Beckoning Soul Silk come again and Qin Yu gets into action with his spear and mysterious yellow air, the soul silk loosens and disappears and the black air also. The floor is revealed to be black ice panels releasing black air. Sitting a throne in the center is a women, that women is Zuo Qiu Lin. She grants Qin Yu an opportunity to speak because his spear broke her soul silk. Qin Yu request her to join his side against Lei Fa city for revenge for Zuo Qiu Mei. She refuses, saying the artisan god is trying to win her over with words. She wants a 1st or even 2nd class hong meng treasure which Qin Yu finds suspicious. She wants a holy treasure with a restraining ability. Li’er tells Qin Yu that from her memories, Lin should be cold on the surface but warm on the inside. Qin Yu determines she cares for her sister. Qin Yu gives her Ten Thousand Willows.

Qin Yu says time to depart back to divine world but Lin not now. Before when she was defeated by a god king, she was forced to promise she can’t return to divine world until she defeats him, only limited to staying in the endless sea. She says the only god king that can maybe defeat the person is the asura god king. She ask Qin Yu to beat that person or wait for her to spend dozens of years to set up a space with time acceleration to refine the hong meng treasure. Qin Yu decides to go with Zuo Qiu Lin to see this old ghost/monster (Gui means monster/ghost but typically is referring to a person, like how white person is baiqui in Chinese). The 3 depart. Zuo Qiu Lin says this person is in East Sea Region and also uses life energy but is inferior in divine spirit research. Qin Yu discovers him with his strength of space east of east pole sea coast. They teleport to an island with a lot of life (plants, trees, flowers).

When they arrive, this man and Lin argue immediately and the man attacks the group with the vegetation life to which Qiu Lin counters with her black air causing them to whither. Jiang Li can control the ones approaching her to block the ones from the rear. Qin Yu just burns them down with his white flames (lol heartless). The plants retract and there is a man above them. After some talking about the promise etc, the man introduces himself to be Mu Yu. Qin Yu wonders if he is related to northeast clan. He and Qin Yu will fight in their current location. Qin Yu summons his clone. Mu Yu’s green hair lengthens and goes towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu uses his spear to strike a holy in the hair which his true for escapes, the hole fills back up. The clone releases cold mist air to cover and stop the green hair. The space around clone Qin Yu ripples and spreads to destroy the frozen green hair. The old man decides to show his reveal his special move.

4 plants come out, similar to flytrap plants, and Qin Yu feels hong meng air from these plants. The roots of the plants lengthen to wrap up the clone Qin Yu who responds with the cold mist air but it doesn’t affect the roots. The grip tightens but doesn’t break the clone. Qin Yu tries to break the restraint but each time he breaks one root, more form. The old man tells Qin Yu that the life energy specialty is restoring after being broken. Roots are continuously broken and restored. Qin Yu speaks with the man to reveal his true strength. Qin Yu with his spear on his hand forms an imposing stance and the old man takes out a whip with thorns. Qiu Lin warns Qin Yu that this whip was what seriously injured her. The old man strikes, and Qin Yu, with gloves on his hands, grabs the whip. The number and size of the thorns increase and expands. The old man is surprised looking at the gloves. The whip wiggles and breaks free of Qin Yu’s grip. The thorns on the whip break off and fly towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu sweeps away the thorns with an attack from his spear. The mysterious yellow air causes the whip to shake as if it is about to break and the old man surrenders (Even the book doesn’t feel like typing out his name.).

Qin Yu’s group gather. The old man says his whip is 2nd class hong meng treasure but its durability is famous for even being difficult to break from the holy emperor clan treasure attacks but Qin Yu’s spear…Qin Yu just tells him the name of the spear. They shift their attention the Qin Yu clone that is wrapped out. The Qin Yu clone turns to gas and returns to Qin Yu before condensing again. The old man is speechless. After judging the spear, the old man now sees why the holy emperors gave up. The old man admits he lost and tells it to Zuo Qiu Lin but he didn’t lose to her. Zuo Qiu Lin says next time she’ll win. Li’er tells Qin Yu that in the past, Mu had a super expect known as the Green Leaf God King that went into hiding. He went into hiding a very long time ago, before Li’er was born. Zuo Qiu Lin and Mu Yu are still arguing about the victory, and who can beat him. Qin Yu hears from it that there is a super expert in the West Sea that can beat him.

Qin Yu scans the west but doesn’t sense anyone formidable god kings. Mu Yu tells Qin Yu that he is located in the middle of Sea of Blood in the west sea. Mu Yu says it was a long time ago so he might not be there anymore. Mu Yu says he couldn’t even find him when he was there. Qin Yu continues to look. Qin Yu detects a very minor breath coming from the whole sea of blood. Qin Yu is guessing that this sea of blood is an expert’s refined weapon which contains the expert’s divine spirit breath. Jiang Li wakes him up and tells him that Mu Yu already left. Qin Yu decides the group should go to sea of blood. Qin Yu tells Zuo Qin Lin not to resist the space transfer of him when there is danger. She nods. The group teleports over to the sky on top of Sea of Blood.

 Jiang Li comments saying the sea of blood sea water is not blood and doesn’t have bloody air (Yeah this was kinda important I guess.). The unique breath at Sea of Blood gives people a bad feeling. Qin Yu calls out to meet the senior of the area. A women replies asking if Qin Yu can feel her (presence). After Qin Yu’s reply, they fall into the sea of blood world. The water around them stops and Qin Yu knows this is Time Stop. When the voice tells them that the 3 god kings will become her slaves, Qin Yu and the group disappear to universe world. The women there show up and is confused.

At new dark purple star, Qin Yu’s group of 3 appear. They are talking about the Time Stop. Qiu Lin suddenly ask Qin Yu where this is and why he time abilities doesn’t work. She ask why here abilities don’t work also. Qin Yu replies with it is his world. Some Qin juniors pass by. They go to Purple Mysterious Mansion. Yi Feng and Jiang Lan were playing chess. After some staring, Qiu Lin wants a dwelling away from Yi Feng and Jiang Lan. These 2 seeing Zuo Qiu Lin and is reminded of Zuo Qiu Mei because they look similar. Qiu Lin continues to ask for a dwelling. Qin Yu summons Fu Bo to arrange the room. Jiang Lan ask Qin Yu what he plans to do now to which Qin Yu responds with making a city that will before the 4th ascend influence. It will be located in Fog Swamp. It will be made before the baby is born. Zuo Qiu Mei is refining her 1st class hong meng treasure in a time acceleration field of 100,000 and needs about 10 years. Qin Yu goes back to mansion to practice.

Qin Yu enters a crevice space located between 2 spaces in his universe (between mortal and the immortal/devil/demon space). Located here are energy to which Qin Yu says is the source energy. The phenomena for the creation of this universe source energy is that the universe absorbing hong meng energy to expand is needing less and less of it as it expands so the over absorption of it is transformed into this source energy. Qin Yu fuses his spirit with this source and sees the 8 basic elements and understands that the 8 holy emperor clans each serve as servants to watch one basic element. He 8 observes the 8 sources and wonders why his source is so similar to divine worlds. Qin Yu talks out the Fire Source Spiritual Beads and sees + wonders why this fire element in this is the same as the one in his universe source. He wonders for several months.

He suddenly figures out it is related to the mysterious yellow air. The yellow air plays a part in stabilizing the universe, and when is completes, it leaves it to another. The relationship between his universe and the divine world is that both are built from hong meng air and ignoring the time and space, both universes should be the same. Space and time are just a type of energy that god kings control. Qin Yu goes to dark purple star (not his universe one) and enters the space crevice of it. He searches it and finds the source energy there. Qin Yu attempts to infuse his spirit into it but fails, because he is not the creator of this universe. Qin Yu thinks, what if he brings the source from his universe and try. Qin Yu integrates his spirit with his own universe source. Qin Yu’s divine spirit changes. Qin Yu with his divine spirit change has no finally entered god king state. Qin Yu with a wave of his fingers cast Freeze Space on the surrounding area. He now controls all 8 types of source energy while holy emperors using the holy treasures can only indirectly control 1. Suddenly, the sky presents the 7 colored clouds, the phenomena of the birth of a god king. The god kings search. Qin Yu isn’t hiding his presence.

The 1st 2 god kings to visit him are the General God King and Misty God Kings of Double Domain Island. Double Domain Island revealed to have 2 domains, Immortal Domain and Buddha Domain (I need to find a better word than Buddha but meh), each representing a different practice route. Asura God King for one practiced Devil Path of Asura. The other 2 ascended influences god kings arrive. Qin Yu knows they came probably to recruit Qin Yu and Jiang Li. Duan Mu Yu messages Qin Yu through god sense to visit. Back at Purple Mysterious Mansion, Qin Yu and Jiang Li and walking in a corridor near the lake. They are talking, Hou Fei left back to divine world most likely to asura god king and Zuo Qiu Lin is finished with refining. They will now proceed to construct their base. Qin Yu heads to the mountains to get his materials. When demon beast start coming, Qin Yu thinks in his mind and makes tens of thousands of miles of mountain vanish, shocking the beast and the beast hoping this god king will spare their lives.

In Qin Yu’s mind he isolates the Green Alum Stone from the mountains, not putting too much care into impurities. He forms the city with his mind and reappears in Fog Swamp to bring out the city. The city covers tens of thousands of miles and is surrounded by a space formation preventing flight to go inside, but god kings can teleport in. Qin Yu decides he would arrange a space formation to the inside breathe of god tranquil and ask Jiang Li to name the city. They name it Fog City and go inside. The space formation outside is only a few dozen miles high but inside is thousands of miles high for flight. Qin Yu brings in the Purple Mysterious Mansion and the people staying there come out. Zuo Qiu Lin ask if a transmission formation was arranged and they discuss what would happen if they did make transmission formations to the major areas (holy emperor holy lands). Qin Yu decides he will make a transmission formation to see the reactions. After he constructs 1 in each clan, he teleports back to Fog City and observes them with his strength of space.

A west pole guard in charge of looking at transmission formations spots it and goes through it to land in Fog City. He spots the floating purple mansion and doesn’t do anything. Of the 8 clans, only Lei Fa City destroyed the formation. In Lei Fa city, Zhou Huo and Zhou Tong are saying that the Fog City definitely belongs to Qin Yu. They talk about what they should do to the city and decide to go look at it. Duan Mu Yu and Qin Yu are talking within the mansion, Duan Mu Yu was worried about Qin Yu. Duan Mu Yu also talks to Qin Yu about him bringing a bunch of Qin juniors from the mortal world and how they aren’t fit for this place unless they are god state. Qin Yu senses something and leaves Duan Mu Yu. The Lei Fa City god kings are attacking the outside. Qin Yu appears and the Zhou tell Qin Yu that this is punishment for constantly insulting them.

Qin Yu suspects that they have Lei Fa behind them because they suddenly have the confidence to attack Qin Yu again despite him being able to destroy Freeze Space. Qin Yu tells Jiang Li to have everyone retreat to the mansion. Qin Yu plans to return the mansion to his universe once everyone is inside so his family isn’t hurt before he starts to fight. When it happened, Qin Yu takes out his spear and summons his clone. When the Zhou are about to strike, Yi Feng strikes them with bamboo from his 1st class hong meng treasure. The other god kings with Qin Yu show up (except Jiang Lan) and Yi Feng tells Qin Yu that the opposing 4 god kings are trapped in his treasure. Yi Feng decides to go fight with Qin Yu. The Zhou are in the bamboo forest saying that although it is hard to break out, they won’t be able to kill them. An attack is directed towards Zhou Huo which he teleports out of. Qin Yu didn’t think he would escape that. Zhou Wu Lian appears behind Qin Yu striking with a short sword aura with time acceleration but it was blocked by the space 1st class hong meng treasure before it reached him.

Qin Yu teleports behind Zhou Wu Lian and strikes with his spear but he manages to dodge with teleport and time acceleration. Qin Yu attack even damaged the surrounding bamboo into powder. Zhou Wu Lian blocks the next strike of Qin Yu with his short sword. Zhou Wu Lian tells Qin Yu that the weapon is only a part of a person’s strength and Qin Yu ask if he is stalling. Qin Yu guessed correctly because Zhou Huo was trying to break the ten thousand li rivers and mountains at the moment. Zhou Wu Lian tells Qin Yu no one can kill him except the asura god king and other holy emperors because of his experience. Qin Yu responds and attacks. Zhou Huo takes out his clan treasure to break the bamboo space treasure. Zhou Huo’s plan is to break open the space treasure, attack Fog City then return for Lei Fa supreme lord to get kill Qin Yu. Meanwhile, Zhou Tong is fighting Qin Yu’s clone.  Qin Yu’s clone teleports on top of Zhou Tong and strikes down and Zhou Tong responds by teleporting away. They taunt each other.

The clone feels that the space treasure is about to collapse. The clone turns to gas and attacks Zhou Tong when he gets close to which Zhou Tong responds with teleporting. The blocks the next again then teleports away from the one afterwards and feels the situation isn’t good. The space treasure finally collapses. Qin Yu’s god kings gather and the Zhou god kings do the same. Zhou Tong, pale, is talking about the clones offensive capabilities. They decide they need to get Lei Fa to come. Qin Yu says something to which the Zhou god kings sneer and Qin Yu uses Freeze Space. The surrounding god kings are shocked and the Zhou are also panicking. Qin Yu’s spear appears in his hand. Zhou Huo ask if he can kill all 4 of them and splits his soul to contact Lei Fa. Qin Yu decides he can do it alone. Lei Fa at this moment tells his Zhou god kings to leave the frozen space region, not letting Qin Yu’s group hear. The Zhou god kings leave. Jiang Lan appears and says to pursue to which Qin Yu says not to worry. As they are about to vanish, Qin Yu uses something similar to Time Stop, stopping the Zhou god kings.

Qin Yu tells his god kings that the time freeze only filled the divine world space and teleports away. Qin Yu had used his space to force oppression on the 4 god kings. Lei Fa at this moment knows things aren’t good, if he doesn’t get into action, his children will die. Lei Fan uses Yi Qi Ba Yuan (no clue how to translate it), which is the 8 holy emperors version of the attack 6 holy emperors used last time. Qin Yu appears in front of the 4 Zhou god kings and they are angry. Qin Yu strikes to kill then suddenly, something strikes, causing the frozen space to tremble and reduces Fog City to ruins. Qin Yu knows it was a Lei Fa attacks but it couldn’t break the frozen space. Qin Yu’s attack penetrate Zhou Tong and kills him. They talk, Qin Yu taunting them with why Lei Fa hasn’t saved them and flies to Zhou Wu Lian. Qin Yu strikes. Lei Fa has misjudged the frozen space and thinks Qin Yu can control the 8 sources. Q Lei Fa takes out his supreme lord holy treasure weapon Original Sin Sword.

Lei Fa unleashes a wave from the sword. Zhou Wu Lian smiles before being hit and uses yuanying explosion. Qin Yu teleports back but suddenly, the frozen space is broken and the sword attack continues to fly towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu resist the sword energy with his strength of space. This attack surpasses his Residual Snow attack power because it is from a supreme lord holy treasure and used by a supreme lord.  Zhou Ran and Zhou Huo leave, Zhuo Wu Lian is already dead. Qin Yu returns the god kings to his universe and is eager to test the strength of the supreme lord. Lei Fa is angry because his favorite son Zhou Yan is dead (Zhou Wu Lian, Lei Fa calls him Zhou Yan – There was a story about it from the past but I didn’t feel like mentioning it). Lei Fa when about to get into action, there is a huge bang sound. Red clouds and golden light appear from the sky. A person appears in front of Lei Fa and tells him he only has one opportunity to attack and he has pledged that opportunity to Jiang Fan. Supreme Lord Hill has come and if he attacks Qin Yu now, he will stop him. Lei Fa seems this person and is respectful. (He calls him senior brother and his appearance resembles the person that gave Qin Yu the gifts previously so this person Piao Yu supreme lord).

Book 18 Chapter 01-25

Supreme lords usually care little for divine world and stay in the hidden space Quan Zi Wang, leave behind their descendants. Lei Fa is told to leave the deaths alone. Lei Fa wants to get revenge but can’t do anything. His ‘teacher’ only sees Piao Yu as a real apprentice. Lei Fa was only selected by the teacher to be a supreme lord by luck. His teacher can just as easily take away his position as he did give it to him. There is an obvious difference in status between Lei Fa and Piao Yu. Piao Yu is given the rights to remove other supreme lords from his teacher and can freely see the teacher while Lei Fa only see the teacher a few times in billions of years. Lei Fa awaits till after the new supreme lord is selected to kill Qin Yu.

In the sky, a giant mountain peak descends. The size is millions of miles in size, greater than any one holy emperor’s holy lands. Surrounding it and the skies are red clouds. At East Sea Region, a passage appears in the side and divides for a man coming who knows this is Supreme Lord mountain (switched from hill cause the size makes hill unviable) and is hopeful in becoming selected since it is red this like his hair compared to the blue color mountain and clouds in the past. The hidden god kings that have practiced in secret will come out again to participate. All god kings look forward to it, even the ones who aren’t really formidable but think they have a chance because Xiao Yan god king made it to becoming a supreme lord. Asura Sea’s 4 god kings talk and Luo Fan winning and they will participate once the mountain fully descends. At Fog Swamp, Zuo Qiu Lin says her good bye since she is going to participate. Jiang Li and Qin Yu talk about Qin Yu participating. Qin Yu tells her he doesn’t need to participate because he has achieved his goal of being strong enough so that no one will go against him.

The golden light shows in divine world both during night and day. Supreme Lord mountain continues to descend slowly. Back in Purple Mysterious Mansion, Qin Yu, Hei Yu, Jiang Li and Bai Ling are drinking tea and chatting. Yi Feng and Jiang Lan come in. Yi Feng plans to go have a look when the mountain descends. Jiang Lan says he will be going also, hoping to run into some old friends. Jiang Lan recommends Qin Yu to go have a look. Qin Yu wonders if the master of this universe controls the descent of the mountain. The 2 uncles leave. Qin Yu invites Jiang Li to go have a look after tea time. Hei Yu wants to go look but Qin Yu says that it is only for god kings and if he does want to look, then he has to look from a distant place and not approach supreme lord mountain. Hei Yu’s current strength with stream of light technique should be stronger than ordinary god kings but he doesn’t have teleport so he would lose.

Jiang Li and Qin Yu fly towards Asura Sea. Supreme lord mountain is currently descending from on top of asura sea. Around supreme lord mountains currently is 40 god kings composed of eight major clans, ascended influences and hidden world ones. The eight clan god kings are talking about the amount of hidden god kings and the possibility of a threat and mention Qin Yu. They see Qin Yu and Jiang Li and they don’t dare to make an enemy out of them. They god kings greet Qin Yu and Jiang Li warmly out of fear, like they do for Luo Fan. Luo Fan come greet Qin Yu and eventually the 3 god kings from Qin Yu’s side arrive. Qin Yu ask Jiang Lan about the mountain, what the red covering is and how to enter. Luo Fan tells Qin Yu the red covering is God King’s Prison Cage and when it fully descends, a relief passage will allow entering. Qin Yu ask what the relief passage is. Jiang Lan tells him it can be anything, only thing special about it is while within it, teleportation and flight is not possible till you get out of it. Only walking is possible. Luo Fan leaves to meet someone.

Jiang Li ask how many god kings aren’t attending. Currently there are 44 god kings here. 3 God kings didn’t come or more if he can’t detect them, but they would have to be similar in strength to the sea of blood god king. As Qin Yu and Jiang Li were talking, the supreme lord mountain has reached sea level of asura sea and stopped upon touching the sea. There is an impact sound coming from supreme lord mountain and startles people and the god kings go towards it after they sober up. Jiang Lan tells Qin Yu the relief passage has opened. Qin Yu’s side god kings go towards the bottom of supreme lord mountain. The relief passage emits a black light that Qin Yu can feel an oppressive force from it, even oppressing his strength of space. Qin Yu and Jiang Li go. The other god kings make way and allow Qin Yu and Jiang Li to go first to which they go in. Qin Yu notes the carvings inside which forces makes everyone entering have a look at. It gets better the further he goes and at the end he sees the last relief is a 2 edged sword with strong penetrating sword energy and feels a good feeling from looking at it.

Qin Yu looks at it for a while as other god kings pass by. Eventually he wakes up and proceeds. The supreme lord mountain has an aged look. The god kings fly and Jiang Lan as Qin Yu how he feels here. Qin Yu talks about the last relief. A blue light appears from the mountains within. Jiang Lan said something appeared to which Qin Yu expands his strength of space to look but it was blocked. Jiang Lan tells him it is a slate which contains the rules that must be followed to have a chance of being the new supreme lord. Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Jiang Lan go to have a look. Gathered here in this small region are 30 god kings all looking at this rules slate. Qin Yu’s group arrives and reads the rules:

  1. Leaving and entering supreme lord mountain, must use the relief passage.
  2. Destruction of any of the relief passage’s relief, is death penalty
  3. To become a Supreme lord, have to…..Obtain the supreme lord treasure hunt or comprehend time. This supreme lord treasure, is the new supreme lord’s weapon
  4. Supreme lord holy treasure, birth at supreme lord mountain grounds ‘Holy Treasure Mu Ding (It doesn’t really have an English name. for those who wonder what it is.)’ in the center
  5. Holy Treasure Mu Ding, cannot be destroyed, around every 10 years. Holy Treasure Mu Ding amongst it would fly out one part of supreme lord holy treasure. One supreme lord holy treasure, is separated into parts to fly out. The before and after is 30 years total left and right. 
  6. Supreme lord holy treasure is divided into 3. Each part in the middle has a part of time.  If there is a genius god king, comprehends one or two parts time complete, he will become the new supreme lord, at the same time the other part will by itself fly into their hands. 
  7. If not split the holy treasure and fully comprehend time. Then….The supreme lord holy treasure three parts will all be obtained, all will become the new lands supreme lord. 

[Oh right..note: he-man chose ‘holy’ for ling and I chose spirit. In Chinese it is kind of hard to distinguish between the 2 since you say something is holy because it has a spirit in it or was blessed by a spirit. So stuff I mentioned like spiritual beads can be translated as holy beads.]

 From the rules, it is clear to Qin Yu. To become the new supreme lord, he has to obtain all 3 parts or complete comprehend 1-2 parts. Qin Yu tells Jiang Li not to worry because death is expected of maybe a half. Jiang Lan reminisces with someone about another god king who died during the previous supreme lord mountain. Qin Yu ponders about the 2nd rule and how hard it is not to destroy a relief with just the shockwaves. The supreme lord mountain summit suddenly splits in 2. Some motion appeared from the middle of those 2 so the god kings teleported to it. A tripod (The Ding in Mu Ding) appears with different carvings on each side of a different holy beast Qin Yu never seen. Asura god king says this is holy treasure mu ding. Qin Yu observes it. Jiang Li and Jiang Lan talk about the 10 years 1 part, being inaccurate to anytime in 10 years so you have to pay attention. Each part alone catches up with 1st class hong meng treasure. Jiang Li ask Qin Yu to leave because of the tension in the surrounding. Qin Yu sees Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo together and decides to leave to have Li’er give birth first with time acceleration before returning for the supreme lord treasures. Qiu Lin, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng join them. Jiang Fan continues to hope to become a supreme lord.

At purple mysterious mansion, Qin Yu and Jiang Li are in a boat on the lake with 100,000x time acceleration. They talk on the boat and passing the time and naming the baby. As they think of the name, they remember Hou Fei and why he hasn’t come back yet. Qin Yu using his strength of space says Hou Fei is stalking a girl he probably likes. They talk about Hou Fei liking a girl being unusual given his temperament and say she’s located in Yu Chi City. In Yu Chi City, normal gods don’t pay attention to the red skies and supreme lord mountain. Xing Yuan has recently stepped into the heavenly god state. He now has a lot of visitors, one of which is trying to persuade him to joining the army in Yu Chi City. Xing Yuan and his wife are talking about moving to Fog City. They talk about how many people want to enter Fog City now and come under the protection of Qin Yu since that fight with the Zhou, taking refuge in Fog City because of the upcoming war. They decide to go. They talk about Qin Yu coming from the devil/demon/immortal world and stop Hou Fei skirt-chasing. They decide to not mind it and go into the transmission formation. Hou Fei meanwhile is with 2 girls talking about his very strong big brother.

Hou Fei is currently using the name Huang Yu because of how well known the 3 brothers names are known in divine world. He chose Huang Yu to match with Qin Yu and Hei Yu. Zi Xia and Hong Yun are asking for his brother’s name because they would know him if he is really that formidable but he said he’s making an effort to not use his brother. They ask Hou Fei to achieve god king state (dayum that bar is high). Hou Fei curses this Hong Yun in his heart. They ask to be treated to food. Qin Yu suddenly messages Hou Fei to come back to watch the birth of his child. Hou Fei tells the girls he needs to live the girls tell him that in 3 months they need to also go back and won’t come out again, the place they come from being a secret they aren’t allowed to say. The sisters talk about when they can come out, which is probably at around the passing of supreme lord mountain can they ask.

At purple mysterious mansion, Qin Yu is pacing around the courtyard, present are Qin De, Feng Yu, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Hei Yu and Hou Fei and some other non-important relatives. The God Kings are around too. Qin Yu is asked to sit. Suddenly they heard a baby crying and everyone stands. Bai Ling comes out and says it’s a boy. Jiang Li holds him. She was apparently pregnant for 36,000 years (da fuq). The baby calls Qin Yu father and Jiang Li mother after some requesting. The baby is named Qin Si. Qin Yu shows the baby the Fire Source Spiritual Beads, takes a drip of blood and integrates the beads with his son. Qin Si is intelligent, after listening to people for 3 days, he has learned to talk. After the integration of the beads, he could even run around and fly without refining the beads. He can also use white flames. Within 3 months, he is similar to that of a 7-8 year old and incredibly strong. Qin Si plays with some fish and talks with Qin Yu about it, the fish telling Qin Yu stories of Qin Yu.

They talk about supreme lord and Qin Yu becoming a supreme lord when Qin Si grows up and then proceed to talk about celebratory gifts for time milestones. They hold the 100 days old celebration and Qin Si receives many gifts. Qin Si hears that his grandfathers’ went to supreme lord mountain and wants to go. Qin Yu’s god king group suddenly returns. They said that they went to supreme lord mountain and when they told them that Qin Yu’s son was born, they gave him a lot of gifts to give to Xiao Si. The gifts were mostly 3rd class hong meng treasures and they host a banquet. Jiang Lan tells them that they prepare to depart in 3 days to supreme lord mountain for the birth of the 1st treasure part. They talk about taking a part, how hard it would be to leave, and so they will go earlier to form some alliances.

After the banquet, walking with Jiang Li, a silver-haired man who gave Qin Yu the 3 1st class hong meng treasures appears. He says to call him Kelei Weige. He has come with a gift from his teacher. His teacher wanted to come catch up during the wedding but could so is coming during this 100 day old celebration. They stare at each other without talking for a while. A person appears during nighttime. When this person approaches, it appears as if he is in his own space region. This person has a gaze that makes the divine spirit tremble as if it is sword energy. Qin Yu notes he’s like a perfect human. He introduces himself to be Lin Meng. He ask Qin Yu to call him brother. He sees that Qin Si hasn’t completely refined the beads so puts his hands over him and some light comes out. Qin Si wakes up and the beads are completely refined. He ask Lin Meng for a gift causing him to laugh. He gives Qin Yu a golden long spear 1st class hong meng treasure as a gift and says it isn’t treasure.

Lin Meng tells him that eventually he will be like him, that his Stellar Transformations isn’t any weaker than his practice. Lin Meng spoils for Qin Yu that this times supreme lord mountain battle, none of the group currently there will become the new supreme lord. Qin Yu guesses this Lin Meng should be this divine worlds universe master. He tells him not to think too much about the future but later he would have another son. Qin Yu tells them to come to the courtyard to talk. In the courtyard, Lin Meng has has Kelei Weige (I just noticed his name has lei wei in it ._.). Li’re leaves to bring Qin Si back to his room. Lin Meng tells Qin Yu that he admires Qin Yu because he obtained the Stellar Transformations which was an ordinary practice but by himself changed it to the way it is now, even Lin Meng needed another person’s help to reach his step. He notes he is marveled by the black hole step which he connected the Hong Meng space to his Dantian space. He didn’t think the Hong Meng space could be connected to a human bodies Dantain, but Qin Yu didn’t know it was a Hong Meng space so he is both a genius and lucky. Lin Meng says something why Qin Yu assumes means his universe world should be complete in several dozen years. They continue to talk till the daytime comes.

Qin Yu ask him by the holy treasure mu ding can refine supreme lord holy treasures to which he responds he will find out in a few dozen years. Lin Meng tells him he isn’t allowed to speak out important information but can tell him the name of this times supreme lord treasure is ‘Floating Life Seal’. It is divided into 3, each piece has a part of time. Each is equal to a 1st class hong meng treasure. The 3 pieces are called Heavens Seal, After Lands Seal and the last and most powerful is Ten Thousand People Seal. The supreme lord will be selected but based on strength but based on morals. This morals is devotion, devotion to one’s universe and the devotion amount is decided by oneself. The battle itself seems useless but each part has a piece of time for letting comprehend time further and maybe achieve supreme lord state by themselves without being selected to become one. It hasn’t happened but it doesn’t mean that it can’t. Lin Meng has to leave but he says next time they meet in dozens of years, they can talk freely. Lin Meng disappears.

Qin Yu extends his strength of space to observe the supreme lord mountain area. Qin Yu’s good king group arrives at supreme lord mountain in several days. Everyone is restraining themselves because the birth of a part hasn’t happened yet. 8 years pass. Jiang Fan has apparently been friendly getting to know all the god kings (kiss assing basically). Yi Feng and Jiang Lan discuss about Jiang Fan giving up Qin Yu and selecting Zhou Xian and is probably regretting it now. Qin Lin wakes up and decides to go back to meditation. Jiang Fan is speaking with General God King about grouping up to resist Asura God King before he wins. His plan is to let Asura God king get the 1st part, try hard to get the 2nd part and using his Lei Fa opportunity on 3rd part. On the 2nd part, the god kings will collaborate to hinder Asura God king. According to his plans, he should have 2 parts.

The last variable Qin Yu, he doesn’t know what to do with it. He wishes he could turn back time and have Qin Yu on his side. At the 10th year, all the god kings are keeping a watchful eye. Sun Lian and Liu Lian tells his big brother Luo Fan that the god kings around might be rallying to attack them together. Luo Fan is not worried. He is more worried about Qin Yu who hasn’t appeared because he witnessed the fight with the Zhou and Qin Yu resisting 2 Lei Fa attacks (One was actually the freeze space resisting but meh). Sun Lian, Liu Lian and An Xun gawk at this. He is still confident in getting the supreme lord holy treasure whether or not Qin Yu comes. Back at purple mysterious mansion, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and Bai Ling are drinking tea, playing chess and talking. There is a water curtain displaying what is happening at supreme lord mountain mu ding area (lol ancient version of cable tv). They talk about why the Heavens seal hasn’t been born and Hei Yu loses.

Qin Si comes. Currently in these roughly 10 years of time, he has reached upper heavenly god state with the help of the fire beads. Qin Si is bored because there isn’t really anyone outside that is his match since the god kings are gone and excluding sea of blood god king. Jiang Li is pregnant again. The estimate for this one’s birth is 10 months. Everyone looks at the Mu Ding now that it is shining. Qin Yu messages Jiang Lan if he needs help. Jiang Lan doesn’t need it. The god kings at this moment are divine into groups of 3-4 or 1-2. When it makes a sound, god kings blur and appear in front of it. It lets out a green light and more than 20 rushes to grab that green light. Shentu Nian grabs hold of it and the other 20 rush to attack him. Shentu Nian is about to teleport away but above Duanmu Yan is a white aura that prevented the teleport. He uses time acceleration to run and splits into 2 and runs in different directions. One of the clones is attacked and destroyed by god kings. The other true body is continuing to run before being stopped by Jiang Fan.

He is surrounded and Luo Fan appears beside him tearing him in half. The green light appears in Luo Fan’s hand and Shentu Nian is dead. Qin Yu and his group in mansion are just watching. Light shines and breaks the time stop Luo Fan created. Luo Fan rushes towards the relief passage since he can’t break the freeze space like Qin Yu can. In front of the relief passage are 21 god kings, 4 of which are holy emperors. Other god kings also reach his back. The talk and Luo Fan tells them this 1st part is called Heavens Seal. Jiang Fan offers him a deal. He can keep the part he obtained under the conditions that he doesn’t compete for the other parts. Luo Fan refuses and will take the other 2. Qin Yu watches this feels bad for these people because he knows none of them will win. Back in supreme lord mountain, everyone is standing firm. It is everyone vs Luo Fan and 3 god kings. Luo Fan takes out his blood ruler (Yes, ruler, the ruler you use to measure stuff) ‘Life Breaker’, the 1st class hong meng treasure crafted by Che Hou. Zhou Huo attempts to but fails to persuade Luo Fan.

At purple hidden mansion, the Qin watching are quiet. Qin Yu wonders what Luo Fan has up his sleeves to deal with 8 holy emperors. Luo Fan plans to attack and let his 3 god kings escape. Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan and Duan Mu Yun form a group and the other 5 holy emperors combine their 5 source elements. The group of 3 will block the relief passage and the 5 will kill Luo Fan. Luo Fan runs off to one side. A light attack comes off Huang Fu Yu towards Luo Fan and follows any direction changes made. Luo Fan changes directions into a group of god kings that scattered immediately. Luo Fan seeing them scatter speeds up with Life Breaker in his hand. The light attack makes contact with the blood ruler but before it explodes, Luo Fan leads the attack towards 6 god kings who used whatever lifesaving method they could but are caught. Of the 6 god kings, 1 of is severely wounded and other 2 were destroyed. Luo Fan barely suffering any injuries with his hong meng treasures. The holy emperors discuss what to do. They decide on a formation to surround Luo Fan and attack with close combat. He arranges a large formation of 16 god kings surrounding Luo Fan and 6 inside to attack.

Luo Fan shoots towards Tang Liu and kills him before the other god kings could save him. Luo Fan with a 3 source energy attack following him rushes towards another 2 god kings that disperses and chooses to chase Huangfu Liu Xiang. She runs but Luo Fan uses time stop and gets to Liu Xiang to strike before the time stop is broken by the holy emperors. She manages to escape with a sword aura from Huangfu Lei. The 3 source energy attack catches up with Luo Fan and he decides to block it, and used time stop upon explosion and gets away with minor injuries. He notices a collaboration from Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan and Duan Mu Yun. Luo Fan is full of killing intention now. Luo Fan clashes with a god king and dismembers him, and then blocks attacks from the 8 holy emperors with time stop and hong meng treasures. He clashes with another 2 god kings, killing one and the other escaping barely. He spits out blood because each time he kills a god king, he is met with an 8 holy emperor attack.

Green light suddenly fills supreme lord mountain originating from the rules slate. The temporarily stop fighting. They agree to go see what is going on at the rules slate. All the god kings except for the ones watching the relief passage go. Back in purple mansion, Qin Yu and Hei Yu are talking about 8 god kings dying so far. Qin Yu with his strength of space hears the conversation of going to the rules slate. Because his strength of space can’t enter the rules slate, he can’t notice any changes on it. He sees the expressions of the god kings there so knows something written has changed. He wonders what changed and decides to listen on and see from the dialog.

The lines on the rules slate describe the Floating Life Seal and the 3 parts (what Lin Meng told Qin Yu). The god kings are thinking about the parts. Luo Fan taunts them and comes up with a new proposition. Luo Fan is granted safe passage out and afterwards, he won’t step back into supreme lord hill again until the birth of a new supreme lord. The others think about this but they know there is a catch to this, the he can simply wait outside the relief passage and strike from there. Jiang Fan thinks about escaping with a part after leaving relief passage. Shen Tu Yan is trying to persuade to kill Luo Fan. Duan Mu Yan says to killing him. Qin Yu continues to smiling watching this because he knows the only ones who will win this supreme lord position are the ones who didn’t attend prior to meeting Lin Meng who currently include Jiang Lan, Qiu Lin, Yi Feng, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, sea of blood expert and any newly arising god kings.  

The holy emperors accept Luo Fan’s proposal and Luo Fan pledges on it. Zhou Huo ask to have the relief passage opened but the 16 god kings guarding it says no because he killed 8 god kings, one of which is a good brother so he wants blood compensation. They scream to kill Luo Fan. After Luo Fan challenges them, they go silent. They make way and Luo Fan and his 3 god kings leave. Jiang Fan continues to think about obtaining the 2nd and 3rd parts. Jiang Lan and Yi Feng note that the 8 holy emperors have split into 3 groups. Zuo Qiu Lin, Jiang Lan and Yi Feng decide to go leave since Jiang Li is pregnant. Fog City now is lively because of the existence of Qin Yu attracting some divine world people. People want to go to Purple Mysterious Mansion but don’t have the qualifications to go. At the mansion, many Qin juniors are leaving because the god kings have entered meditation or left because next part is in another 10 years. Qin Yu and Jiang Li, Hei Yu and wife are chatting. Hei Yu as what Hou Fei is doing to which Qin Yu responds with checking.

Hou Fei is with the 2 girls again and about to meet some trouble. Qin Yu makes the scene appear with water curtains. Zi Xia is telling Hou Fei to leave not telling him why. Hong Yun tells Hou Fei that they are Sea of Blood Palace people and don’t have freedom. Hou Fei snaps and wipes Zi Xia’s tears. Hou Fei holds her and tells her no one can stop them and would fight, calls her wife also (lol). They have their little touchy moment (This comedic act, you just have to read it ). Hou Fei reveals his name. Suddenly a women dressed in red comes to which the 2 girls call palace lord and kneel. Qin Yu’s group watching ask who she is. Jiang Li isn’t clear to who she is because last time they left before she appeared but Qin Yu realized because he recognizes the breath from her. Qin Yu mentions sea of blood super expert and when they ask, he tells him to just continue to observe.

Hou Fei continues to be arrogant at Zi Xia apologizes and ask for forgiveness on Hou Fei’s behalf. Hou Fei ask who she is. The sea of blood queen ask if divine world has a fog city and when it was establish. Hou Fei is speechless. Hong Yun explains on his behalf and answers questions she ask. She pays attention to the existence of Qin Yu when she heard he killed god kings of Lei Fa City because it is backed up by a supreme lord. Sea of blood queen wonders what background this Qin Yu came from. She proceeds to tell Hou Fei that sea of blood palace women aren’t allow to marry and she will spare his life this one time. Hou Fei hears of the girls punishment and decides to talk back. Sea of blood queen summons 16 blood slaves. Qin Yu feels them strange and 2 of them to be god kings. Qin Yu also feels it strange that all the 16 are slow. Qin Yu remembers the mention of blood slave previously when he was there.

Hou Fei is told to run but he decides to stay and fight. He is up against the 4 weakest ones first. Hou Fei attacks with his stick which the blood queen says it won’t destroy them. Hou Fei destroys them to the point of turning to ash, surprising the blood queen. The blood queen notices his strange stick and tells orders 2 blood slaves to seize Hou Fei. Blood queen is testing the weapon of Hou Fei if it is a 1st class hong meng treasure.  These 2 blood slaves are god kings. The fight, constant teleportation after repelling of attacks and blocking of attacks by Hou Fei. Blood queen watching the fight is anxious to get a 1st class hong meng treasure but the numbers are too few. Blood queen is smiling thinking of taking Hou Fei’s weapon. She orders the blood slaves to kill Hou Fei. Hou Fei wants to attack with the stick but is forced to not being able to move by space oppression. Under the orders of the blood queen, the ‘Ah 2’ (slave name) goes to attack.

Hou Fei calls out big brother. Suddenly, something oppresses the Ah 2. Qin Yu saves Hou Fei coming at the last minute and tells him to go practice. Blood queen recognizes Qin Yu as the person that escaped her time stop. They talk, Qin Yu calls her girl, ignoring seniority. Zi Xia, Hong Yun and Hou Fei are speaking about believing in Qin Yu. Blood queen wants Hou Fei’s stick in exchange for everyone’s life. Blood queen threatens to destroy fog city if he tries to escape. Qin Yu challenges her, if he wins, she will leave Hou Fei, Zi Xia and Hong Yun alone. Qin Yu understands she really wants the stick (heh). Qin Yu offers her a 1st class Hong Meng treasure if she wins. Qin Yu sees the sea of blood queen as a junior to appreciate because once his universe is complete, god kings and supreme lords aren’t important to him anymore. She wants to make Qin Yu a vice lord position because Qin Yu is the current artisan god. She tried to do the same to Che Hou but Luo Fan protected him. Blood Queen brings out her Bloody Fork, a 2nd class hong meng treasure.

Qin Yu takes out Snowflake and uses Freeze Space. She ask how he can use Freeze Space but Qin Yu doesn’t respond. She charges at Qin Yu with the Bloody Fork. Qin Yu forces down the fork with his strength. The fork resist and blinks in front of Qin Yu. Qin Yu blocks the fork with his gloves and retreats after feeling heavy pain. Qin Yu ponders as to why her fork is so stronger what she meant as her source when she said she refined the fork using her source energy. Sea of Blood is actually the main body of Sea of blood Queen, for which Sea of Bloody was born from divine worlds endless oceans so she has inherent source power. The fork is used Sea of Blood to make so it is stronger in her hands (Her main body is a body of water? Lol). Blood queen offers Qin Yu a chance to surrender saying she hasn’t used Time stop yet. Qin Yu says no and takes out his Residual Snow spear.

After admiring the weapon, blood queen revolves the fork and forms a whirlpool with heavy suction. Qin Yu strikes with his spear and forces her back flying. The fork is intact. Qin Yu taunts her to using Time Stop. Blood queen retreats her fork. She tells Qin Yu that her strongest weapon is her immortal body. Despite this, she barely made it out alive during the last supreme lord mountain and retreated to do closed door training and achieve time stop. She appears behind Qin Yu with a revolving kick and a blue person departs from Qin Yu and kicks that kick. She retreats and looks at the 2 Qin Yu’s. She decides to compete tenacity with the clone. They clash, repeating exchanging melee attacks, then separate and repeat. The blood queen’s body collapses to liquid and reforms back the humanoid form again. The clone Qin Yu turns to gas and then reforms again also. Qin Yu retreats his clone and grasp his spear and ask if he is qualified to have time stop used on now.

Time stop is used, Qin Yu currently can’t move his body. She ask Qin Yu if he wants to give up yet but stops speaking when she realized she can’t move. She is hit with space oppression and ask how it is possible because he is also using freeze space. Residual Snow trembles and the mysterious yellow air comes out to the surface. There is a bang sound then Time Stop breaks. Blood queen is shocked and questions and Qin Yu admits last time he didn’t have the ability to fight time stop nor freeze space. The onlookers come out now that the fight is over. Blood queen remains stubborn and doesn’t allow her 2 girls to be with Hou Fei and vanishes. A giant sea of blood wells up, size taking up the whole West Sea as well as some land in divine world. Blood queen tells Qin Yu her size surpasses the 100,000 miles of freeze space so she can now teleport as well as destroy fog city. Qin Yu tells her otherwise. Blood queen changes the deal to she won’t destroy fog city as long as Qin Yu doesn’t interfere in her matters. Qin Yu continues with his request to granting Hou Fei and the 2 sister’s freedom. Blood queen says she will do it for a 1st class hong meng treasure, angering Qin Yu.

Qin Yu sends the 2 sisters and Hou Fei to the mansion directly. Blood queen tells Qin Yu she can’t control the 2 sister’s life either way. Qin Yu currently is helpless because he can’t do anything. While Qin Yu is still deciding, a god sense message tells blood queen to give up and give him (the messenger) face. She tells Qin Yu suddenly of accepting his request and leaves, making Qin Yu wonder why she surrendered. Qin Yu can’t figure it out so he returns to purple mysterious mansion. Hou Fei hugs and thanks Qin Yu. The sisters thank Qin Yu and Qin Yu leaves saying he won’t disturb them. Hou Fei is wondering why because he has no relations with Hong Yun (someone was expecting a tricycle). Hong Yun tells her goodbyes to her sister since she won’t be in the mansion but in Fog City. Hong Yun leaves with tears dropping, Hou Fei looks at her disappear without a word and looks to Zi Xia looking forward to a happy future life.

At purple mansion, it is still peaceful with Jiang Li pregnant. The god kings excluding Jiang Li are talking about supreme lord mountain, with Luo Fan killing 8 god kings, none of which were ascended god kings. They proceed to discuss about the sea of blood queen and ask if Jiang Lan recognizes her. He doesn’t remember someone like her in the last supreme lord mountain so they will see if Jiang Lan recognizes her during the next time they go because now that Luo Fan isn’t going inside, she should be the strongest one inside. Months pass and the god kings and Qin Yu’s family are in the garden drinking tea. Qin Yu is anxious. Qin Si ask if it is a sister or brother. Qin Si won’t allow anyone to bully him or her. A baby crying is heard and everyone is silent. 10 years pass by. It is snowing at Qin Yu and Jiang Li are small room by the lake. Qin Si and Qin Shuang the new son are playing around noisily. Qin Shuang is very ordinary in terms of practice. The After Lands Seal hasn’t been born yet. Qin Yu’s new universe last 2 layers are currently on the final stages. The 2nd layer should be complete in about 1-2 years. He wonders when the 2nd part will be born from the mu ding. Qin Yu checks the supreme lord mountain area with his strength of space.

At supreme lord mountain, all the god kings are currently very attentive. Yi Feng ask if Jiang Lan recognizes that red haired women that can display time stop. Jiang Lan is unsure. Jiang Lan says she resembles a dead person. He says that she resembles Xue Yun who in the past partnered with Xiao Yan to compete for supreme lord holy treasure. But Xue Yun was very ordinary in terms of god king strength and doesn’t compare to this current sea of blood queen. But she might be Xue Yun. Qin Yu’s side 3 god kings think they can get the After Lands Seal if they team up. Qiu Lin thinks it’s possible because the Holy Emperors are also split into groups of Jiang Fan + Zhou Huo + Shentu Yan, Duanmu Yun + Tang Yan + Mu Qin, Huangfu Yu + Pu Tai Hong. They discuss plans. Jiang Fan continues to be the lone hopeful thinking he can win. The mu ding lights up and Jiang Fan has his group prepare. Blood queen is also prepared, thinking no one can recognize her since she hide her strength of appearance.

Once something was about fly out of the mu ding, freeze space is casted. A dark grey light comes out and goes to the rocks in the ground, shocking the god kings. The god kings start breaking the rocks to find out a lot of energy has to be expended to break it. Qin Yu’s group god kings suggest splitting up and seeing who is lucky enough to find it, which is what the other god kings are also thinking about doing. Jiang Lan says it is a bad idea cause you might get attacked after finding it. Other god kings are at this moment searching with their soul. Jiang Lan finds a grey light next to the ground under his foot and quickly takes it and confirms it is the After Lands Seal.  Jiang Lan has his group quickly leave. But all god kings notice and quickly surrounding Jiang Lan’s group of 3. They follow their plan and escape. Ao Tun attempts to intercept but is quickly ditched when he hesitated. 4 god kings intercept, 2 of which are holy emperors. Jiang Fan says to hand it over to which Jiang Lan to which Jiang Lan replies by running fast past them.

Jiang Fan and Jiang Lan confront each other, Jiang Lan with Feather Net Sword in his hands and Jiang Fan with a long spear and a black armor from the dark source beads. They clash, Qiu Lin and Yi Feng run past the 4 god kings. Jiang Lan also disappeared from Jiang Fan’s sight after it. He was only spurting blood from the mount but if it wasn’t for the defense form the source beads, Jiang Lan perhaps would have done more damage. Jiang Fan thinks about how Jiang Lan isn’t his match anyone with the 1st class hong meng treasure and is irritated when he remembers Qin Yu.  Jiang Fan has the group to continue pursuit, while they are slower, Jiang Lan is bound to be hindered by other god kings in the front. Many god kings tell Jiang Lan to stop, many of which are old acquaintances but that doesn’t apply in this situation. The plan is the run to the exit asap and not seek to kill the enemies. Yi Feng and Qiu Lin have it easier since no god kings are stopping them, only pursuing Jiang Fan but Jiang Fan is the fastest one of the group.

Blood queen appears on the entrance. She plans to wait till Jiang Lan fights the holy emperors at the entrance between she jumps in. Jiang Lan continues to go towards the entrance after just fighting Huangfu Lei but spared his life. Currently at the entrance are 11 god kings, 5 of which are holy emperors are the other 6 are Yu Sha, Duanmu Yu, Xue Yun, Liu Lian, Sun Lian and An Xun. Tang Lan and Mu Qin from the group goes to intercept. Qiu Lin and Yi Feng watch as it isn’t their time to act yet. Jiang Lan fights them head on with time acceleration and goes past them leaving behind blurs. Jiang Lan is injured tho. Huangfu Yu, Putai Hong and Duanmu Yun move now. They are surrounded by ten thousand li rivers and mountains. Blood queen is also restrained in it and unable to break it immediately, and also doesn’t want to use time stop so soon. The 3 holy emperors now take out the source beads to kill Jiang Lan. They are suddenly hindered by willow branches from Ten Thousand Willow. They try to resist but don’t break it.

The branches proceed to attack the divine spirit of these 3 holy emperors. The used the source power from their beads to the limit and break out. Jiang Lan has already reached the relief passage. Jiang Lan’s team other 2 god kings join them. The asura god king’s 3 god kings (Sun Lian, An Xun and Liu Lian) don’t hinder them because they know asura god king is waiting outside. The space treasure of Yi Feng is withdraw and the people trapped are free. Blood queen looks and sees Jiang Lan is gone and pities because she thought she would be able to surprise them but she didn’t know Qin Yu told them of her status. Outside at asura sea is Luo Fan waiting on a small boat. Using time acceleration, he has studied the time reversal part for nearly 100,000 years but because it isn’t complete, he doesn’t comprehend it completely. He is waiting for people to come out with a restrictive spell he set to alert him. Jiang Lan’s group running towards to exit plans to teleport immediately back to purple mansion. Luo Fan plans to intercept with time stop.

One Jiang Lan’s group reached the exit and trigger the restrictive spell, time stop is casted. Jiang Lan’s group can’t move and knows they can’t do anything at this moment. Luo Fan goes to them excited to take the After Lands Seal. The 3 suddenly vanish. Luo Fan is surprised and wonders how it is possible then remembers Qin Yu. Qin Yu messages Luo Fan and some god kings coming out from the relief passage. At purple mansion, many people are watching the water curtain with the supreme lord mountain fight. Jiang Lan’s group appear next to it.  Qin Yu has set up a 100,000 time accelerated space for Jiang Lan to study the After Lands Seal. According to the agreement, it is turned over to Jiang Lan. Jiang Lan tells him that the holy emperors won’t give up but Qin Yu says he can just hide in his universe if they gang up on him. Qin Yu orders Fog City to be closed down from outside world and upon the presence of danger, return it to the new universe.  Jiang Lan goes to new Dark Purple Star east mountain to study it and Qin Yu is glad he can finally repay his senior uncle.

At the relief entrance, 8 holy emperors, more than 20 unimportant god kings, asura god king and sea of blood queen are gathered. Some of them are arranging a restrictive spell. They are hating on Luo Fan because Northeast is down to 1 god king and West down to 2 after Luo Fan’s massacre last time. They ask how Jiang Lan escaped from Luo Fan and he responds Qin Yu. The Zhou are immediately pissed. They talk about going after Qin Yu because they have no choice if they want to pursue Jiang Lan. There is disagreement because some sides don’t want to work with others. Qin Yu decides to go out and teleports out of the mansion. Outside in the fog, Qin Yu sets up a tea table and some wine and drinks away. Suddenly, 30 individuals appear in front of Qin Yu. 8 holy emperors, asura god king, sea of blood queen, and miscellaneous god kings. Qin Yu taunts them saying they are slow.

They discuss handing over the seal, why they didn’t pursue asura god king like they did Jiang Lan, if they would let Jiang Lan go if he pledges to not participate anymore, and whether they are threatening him. Freeze Space is casted and Qin Yu teleports to Zhou Ran’s side striking. Zhou Huo tries to intercept the attack but fails, Zhou Ran dies. “I don’t like others threatening me” by Qin Yu year idk. All the god kings back off after watching this. Currently the only god kings here that can put up any resistance to Qin Yu are the sea of blood queen and Luo Fan. Sea of blood queen talks with Qin Yu with sense but nothing is achieved. Luo Fan ask Qin Yu to surrender the seal but Jiang Fan steps up with a surrender or else threat also. The 8 holy emperors have formed a formation and the 8 beads are glowing, they are preparing an attack. Qin Yu thinks in his mind that running is the other solution.

Qin Yu taunts them, assumes an attack stance, dividing into 2. Qin Yu and clone teleports in and causes the holy emperors to hesitate because Qin Yu can teleport while they can’t. How the seals work is the 1st seal has the most content in terms of time acceleration and lower by stages, 2nd seal is Time Stop most and lesser in other parts and 3rd seal is time reversal most. Having stalled 2-3 hours by Qin Yu, Jiang Lan was able to study for around dozens of years. Within 80 years of practiced, Jiang Lan as accomplished being able to use Time Stop. Jiang Lan wakes up full of sadness because he recalls Zuoqiu Mei (This should be the correct spacing of the syllables) and how even if he reverses time, he won’t be able to be with her. Recalling the scenes, he remembers Qin Yu is fighting outside. He departs to where Qin Yu is fighting.

Meanwhile, outside, Luo Fan and the 8 holy emperors are collaborating their attack. Qin Yu is still waiting for the attack. Jiang Lan comes out and flies to where Qin Yu is. The holy emperors ask to hand over the After Lands Seal. Jiang Lan gets angry when he remembers the scene of the holy emperors ganging up on Zouqiu Mei. Sea of blood queen and Asura God king join in in asking and the side character god kings are all ready to strike. Jiang Lan puts out his hand to block Qin Yu puzzling him and say he will deal with them. He tells Qin Yu he has perceived time stop and Qin Yu puts his trust in him. 2 two Qin Yu’s go to hinder Luo Fan and Xue Yan, leaving the 8 holy emperors with Jiang Lan. The opposite party don’t know why but will find out why by continuing to attack. The 2 Qin Yu’s tell their 2 opponents to not fight and Qin Yu won’t fight in response.

The 8 holy emperors split into 2 groups of 5 and 3. They each use their combined element source power energy attacks. The unimportant god kings are waiting to strike when Jiang Lan is injured. Jiang Lan flies, but the multi colored energy is faster than him at turns and go towards a group of god kings belonging to the ascended group. They aren’t afraid and gather up to deal with Jiang Lan. Within Jiang Lan with the source energy following is a few dozen meters from the god kings, he uses time stop. Stopping both source energy attacks and the people. Everyone is silent. Jiang Lan continues to go towards the ascended group but time stop breaks now. Of the 10 god kings in the group, 4 are falling from the sky. The 4 dead are Ao Tun, An Xun, Xun Yan and general god king. Luo Fan is angry because one killed is his brother. Luo Fan at the limit of waiting moves but crashes into an invisible wall. He finds out that he has been surrounding by a space barrier in all directions.

Luo Fan is forced to calm down and think of what to do. He agrees to not fight Qin Yu but will be war if Jiang Lan kills another Asura Sea god king. Qin Yu observes Jiang Lan who has suffered minor injuries. He should be stronger than Luo Fan because he has a better grasp of time acceleration and fighting talent. Jiang Lan charges towards Huangfu Lei who responds with his strongest attack. Jiang Lan creates a distance using time acceleration. Huangfu Lei says to retreat ti Huangfu Liu Xiang but she says otherwise, that Qin Yu won’t help Jiang Lan atm because he is tied up by Luo Fan. Jiang Lan uses time stop again. He kills another god king, this time a hidden world one. At this moment, Jiang Lan must slaughter till the opposite party is terrified and retreats. Something strikes Jiang Lan, it comes from Huangfu Liu Xiang. He goes towards Huangfu Liu Xiang. Previously he has forgiven quite a few god kings of the eight major clans but now he’s snapped and will attack regardless of 8 clans.

Huangfu Liu Xiang strikes with her ribbon and Jiang Lan counters with Time Stop. After it ends, Liu Xiang’s body drops.

Book 18 Chapter 26-45

All god kings after seeing Jiang Lan’s scene all moving away. The holy emperors each shoot multiple of the combined source energy attacks towards Jiang Lan. 3 sword auras (3 source energy) and 3 short sword auras (5 source energy) and coming towards Jiang Lan. Jiang Lan uses time acceleration. And time stop whenever one gets close to cut the attacks away. Jiang Lan is severely wounded now. The holy emperors continue their attacks and Qin Yu offers help but is turned down. Of the 6 attacks this time, he could repel 3 of them but had to block the other 3. Qin Yu teleports Jiang Lan to beside him. The holy emperors continue to ask for the After Lands Seal. Qin Yu talks back and when Zhou Huo threatens to destroy Fog City, Qin Yu restrains them with space oppression. The 8 holy emperors use their 8 source beads have completely merged with the source of this current universe and has entered Qin Yu’s universe. Qin Yu disappears.

Qin Yu appears next to the holy emperors and negotiates. Jiang Lan comes up and pledges he won’t compete for the Ten Thousand People Seal if they don’t disturb him and residents of Fog City. The holy emperors look at each other at leave. Fog City is now the new strongest place in divine world. Xue Yan and Luo Fan haven’t left. Qin Yu agrees to not struggle for the Ten Thousand People Seal with Xue Yan. Qin Yu ask her why she surrendered last time but she won’t answer it unless Qin Yu agrees to help her so Qin Yu leaves.  Back at Lei Fa City, Zhou Huo visits Lei Fa and reports of Zhou Ran’s death. Lei Fa says not to worry, that there is still Zhou Xian for future generations and he will take care of Qin Yu once the new supreme lord is chosen.

Back the purple mansion, 1-2 years have passed now. Hei Yu has went into closed door training because he had a feeling of comprehending something. Qin Yu tells Jiang Li and his son that he is going into closed door training too because his 2nd layer of universe is about to complete. Qin Yu appears in his universe 2nd layer, closes his eyes and models the place. Eventually, it completes. Hong Meng air starts to go form the divine world layer. Qin Yu appears back at purple mansion lake. Qin Yu test and is able to use time stop on the lake. Qin Yu is confident in this time stop as being able to be used on the god kings that can use time stop also because his time stop is of divine world space time stop (normally they cancel each other out so if 2 people that can use time stop use it on each other, it won’t affect each other). Jiang Li calls out to Qin Yu, beside here are her son’s and some other people.

7-8 years pass and the last seal should be born soon. People are purple mansion are watching the scene in supreme lord mountain through water curtains. At supreme lord mountain, there are 20 or so god kings here since Jiang Lan and Luo Fan killed quite a few of them. Jiang Fan’s group are discussing their plans, but Jiang Fan says not to worry about it and he is confident in obtaining it because he has given up so much for it. Sea of Blood Queen is waiting, and ignoring people. Luo Fan is looking forward to this seal because he calculates this one should have most of the time reversal part. Suddenly there is a large bang sound from lightning. God kings go out of the relief passage to go look at it. There is also 7 colors in the sky and the origin is Fog City. A new god king is born in Fog City. After the end, the god kings prepare to head back into the relief passage. Then another thunder phenomena happens again. The new god king born is from Lei Fa City. Zhou Huo heads back. Zhou Xian has achieve god king state. Lei Fa likes Zhou Xian because he is his only grandson so made the talisman for him originally to protect for 1st class hong meng treasures.

Zhou Huo comes back and Lei Fa says to just let Jiang Fan have this Ten Thousand People Seal. Lei Fa tells Zhou Xian that it was Qin Yu’s brother Hei Yu that achieved god king state. Lei Fa tells them that the 3rd seal is about to be born so Zhou Xian and Zhou Huo head to supreme lord mountain. At purple mansion, Qin clan people go watch the water curtain because the notice a change. All the god kings are watching as well. Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian enter, and Zhou Huo tells Zhou Xian not to compete for the seal. Zhou Xian looks forward to seeing Lei Fa fight. When they enter, the notice Freeze Space is in effect. The Holy Treasure Mu Ding is shining right now. 5 holy emperors fly up to above the mu ding to wait. Jiang Fan just waits. Sea of Blood queen plans on waiting for the holy emperors to fight amongst themselves. Duanmu Yan uses his Light Source Spiritual Bead powers and goes towards the golden light aura to grab and notices the 3 words of Ten Thousand People Seal (Ten Thousand –  man – is 1 word in Chinese).

Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong pursue. Mu Qin and Tang Lan pursue from behind. The other god kings start to pursue as well. As they run, they notice Zhou Huo is in front. Zhou Huo tells them that he is simply here to watch with Zhou Xian. The 2 father and son move aside and let them pass. Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo talk about the passing. Huangfu Yu attacks Duanmu Yan with gold source attacks and Duanmu Yan responds by dodging and blocking with light source. Huangfu Yu unleashes a golden net on Duanmu Yan and has no choice but to stop against it. Duanmu Yu takes out his whip sends an attack towards Huangfu Yu. Huangfu Yu blocks with his gold source covering similar to an egg inside a shell. This is when Mu Qin, Tang Lan, and Putai Hong arrives and the other holy emperors and god kings just watch. Duanmu Yan tells Huangfu Yu he can easily escape having Tang Lan and Mu Qin distract him and Putai Hong. Duanmu Yan leaves to the base without any resistance.

Sea of blood queen is disappointed there isn’t any fighting and strikes Duanmu Yan with water. Mu Yun is about to counter before he realizes everything is stopped, including access to his source. Time stop is in effect. Duanmu Yan try to break it with his beads but realized that is being stopped as well. The on looking god kings far away and wondering why Duanmu Yan isn’t moving. Blood queen strikes Duanmy Yan’s head with her fork, not meeting any resistance because he can’t move. Duanmu Yan has died and blood queen just laughs it off and takes the Ten Thousand People Seal. The spiritual bead shakes as if mourning for its dead master. Since the birth of divine world, this is the 1st death of a holy emperor. Blood queen is about to take the light source beads before a strong force comes out of it and repels her. It flies in front of Duanmu Rufeng and takes a drop of blood from her, it floats on top of her. Duanmu Rufeng has become the new south pole holy emperor.

Qin Yu, watching, is startled that it was completely refined that easily. Jiang Lan explains to Qin Yu that the beads can only match with people of the same bloodline and also is completely refined when matched. Qin Yu ask how about the fire source beads given to Xiao Si and Jiang Lan says it should be different. Back at supreme lord mountain, sea of blood queen is standing her ground. They talk, blood queen pretty much saying she won’t die without taking 2-3 down with her. Jiang Fan decides to contact Lei Fa to have him make way for him. Sea of blood suddenly covers up supreme lord mountain, even the relief passages. The god kings are lost as to why a blood red sea has appeared here. She is about to leave and Luo Fan knows he can’t do anything but suddenly, a hand grabs her shoulder and calls her girl. That person was Lei Fa. Sea of Blood Queen’s body is restrained and Lei Fa just takes the Ten Thousand People Seal and flies away. She wonders how her body is restrained and who he is because she is in her giant main body of water form.

Luo Fan also watches helplessly. At purple mansion, people ask who he is and Jiang Lan tells them it is Lei Fa. They talk about Lei Fa coming to decide the outcome and Qin Yu says not really and continues to watch and knows why Zhou Xian was chosen. The god kings aren’t moving because only the Zhou and Jiang Fan isn’t restrained. Lei Fa releases the restraint and gives Jiang Fan the seal. The holy emperors can only congratulate in response. Qin Yu suddenly appears with Time Stop. He takes the seal. Jiang Fan feels like poop and Lei Fa is excited and anxious to kill Qin Yu and tries to break time stop but realizes he can’t. Qin Yu takes out his spear and goes towards Zhou Huo. Qin Yu kills Zhou Huo and attacks towards Zhou Xian. As Qin Yu almost reaches, Lei Fa breaks time stop and uses time reversal. Lei Fa takes out Original Sin Sword (I love the name of this weapon for some reason) and strikes with sword energy.

The sword energy enters Qin Yu and causes bleeding from the head and disappears. The lightning source beads go to Zhou Xian and he becomes the new Northwest holy emperor. Jiang Fan says to pursue but Lei Fa says not to worry because Qin Yu has been hit with the sword energy and should die soon. Piao Yu tells Lei Fa to return since he has used his one opportunity. Lei Fa tells Zhou Xian to go to fog city and take it with the god kings and leaves. Qin Yu appears outside of purple mansion to not worry his family. Qin Yu’s divine spirit is injured and he uses his universe source energy to recover it. Qin Yu returns back to inside the mansion. People who were watching are flustered and talking about the scene and his wound. Qin Yu comes back and people are relieved. Qin Yu brings up the water curtain with the scene of supreme lord mountain.

They discuss rather Qin Yu is really dead or just severely wouldn’t and decide they will go to fog city. Mu Yu appears and tells Mu Qin to think of his decision to go wisely because he is the last god king of Woodland City then leaves. Mu Qin decides to continue to go. A few other god kings decide to not go from the Daunmu and Ma clans. Double Domain Island also doesn’t go. A total of 20 god kings go. Qin Yu’s side prepares, having the weaker people go back to new universe. Qin Yu’s divine spirit is currently fused with his universe source energy so his divine spirit won’t die as long as his universe source doesn’t. The god kings coming see a black hole open up and the purple mansion going in it. Jiang Lan is waiting for them. The god kings think it is probably just a passage to mortal world so go towards in.

At new universe dark purple star, the god kings are smiling because they linked the passage to new universe. Zuoqiu Lin, Yi Feng, Jiang Lan, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Qin Yu are waiting for them to come because in this universe, those god kings don’t have any powers. The god kings arrived. Qin Yu welcomes them and the holy emperors tell Qin Yu to stop bsing because he should be heavily injured. Hou Fei strikes at Zhou Xian and Zhou Xian can’t teleport away. Hou Fei pounds the rest of the god kings too and they can’t do anything. The 20 god kings are confused and terrified. The god kings are currently thinking they are stuck in a space prison. They go silent when Hou Fei goes into discussion of how to kill them. Qin Yu talks with Zhou Xian about that one time in mortal world and Zhou Xian tells him that the Zhou controls lightning. Then suddenly, a lightning smites Zhou Xian and all that’s left is the lightning source beads.

Qin Yu tells the remaining god kings that he won’t kill all of them for example Luo Fan and Jiang Fan. He allows Yu Sha, Jiang Fan, Huangfu Yu and Luo Fan to leave. He opens up a black passage for them to leave and the god kings ask what about their brothers. Qin Yu gives the remaining 15 god kings 2 choices, death or servant of purple mysterious mansion. They will be freed during the next supreme lord mountain. He allows Huangfu Lei, Duanmu Rufeng, Shentu Yan, Jiang Xing, Zi Xin and Xue Yan to be free after 1 billion years. He leads them to the mansion, shows where them their living quarters and tells them all they need to do is live there, train some of the Qin juniors and fight away some hostile people. They also be allowed to come out once every 10,000 years so people won’t know they have become servants. Xue Yan ask to speak with Qin Yu alone. Xue Yan agrees to tell Qin Yu why she retreated last time in exchange for getting out of servant duty. She tells him it was Xiao Yao supreme lord that told her to stop but she doesn’t know why he helped Qin Yu and Hou Fei.

Back in divine world purple mansion, people are comforting each other (lol). Qin Yu calls out Luo Fan and ask who it was that commissioned him to help Hou Fei. Luo Fan tells him it was Xiao Yao as Qin Yu as expected. Qin Yu thinks the only way to understand this is to make Hou Fei and Xiao Yao meet. Qin Yu thinks about finding the supreme lord, the god kings becoming his servants and what to do about the Zhou not having god kings anymore. At mirror light city, Duanmu Yu and Duanmu Rufeng are talking about being servants, Qin Yu’s universe and forming a good relationship with Qin Yu to keep things at peace. The other emperors did the same. Some others gave the excuse that they are just going to do closed door training. The other god kings can only wonder why those god kings stuck at purple mansion aren’t returning.

Things are peaceful at purple mansion. The god kings that are ignoring the Qin because they are weak are being disciplined by Hou Fei and are threatened to have their status as servant revealed to the public. At Lei Fa city, Qin Yu is talking to Lin Meng on god sense. They agree on picking a random child of the Zhou bloodline. Qin Yu picks Zhou Qing, a low god level who is about to be exiled from Lei Fa city for being a slow practitioner. Qin Yu gives him the beads, takes out a drip of his blood to integrate and says his goodbyes. Also tells him he is Qin Yu. Back at purple mansion, they are discussing the tyranny of Hou Fei and the god kings lazing around playing chess. Qin Yu comes back. Qin Yu hands Jiang Lan the Ten Thousand People Seal. Jiang Lan doesn’t want to become supreme lord because he enjoys the peace here. Jiang Lan tells him that a new supreme lord will be chosen soon anyways, because like last time, the supreme lords should be getting into action secretly to choose one. Jiang Lan goes to look at the time reversal part a bit under 100,000 time acceleration.

The next day, Qin Shaung says he wants to go play in the immortal/devil/demon world and Jiang Li says no until he passes his divine tribulation and reaches low god state. Qin Yu has to 2 leave a bit to speak with Jiang Li privately. Qin Yu questions how Qin Shuang’s practice speed is unusually slow, even slower than those that are considered slow. He plans to help Qin Shuang’s divine spirit when his universe finishes in about 10 years. A year passes and Zhou Qing is now a god king and has taken the holy emperor position. He doesn’t hate Qin Yu but is quite thankful for him for giving him this change. At Yu Chi City there is an old man looking around, he tell teleports to Fog City and looks around. He ask a random guard if the leader of the city lives about in the floating mansion and the guard tells him Qin Yu lives up there. The old man flies towards the floating mansion.

At the entrance he is met with Fu Bo asking who he is before he recognizes it is his old master Che Hou. Back in the mansion, Jiang Li wants to visit Yin Hua and her sister but because of the bad relationship with Snowing City, they won’t go yet. When he starts thinking about Jiang Fan, he finds out Chehou Yuan came and goes to meet him. They wonder why there wasn’t an indication of becoming a god king of Chehuo really is a god king. Qin Yu and Chehuo meet, by Qin Yu’s current status, Qin Yu can just call him Chehou. Fu Bo sets up a banquet for them to talk inside. Yi Feng comes and talks, apparently Chehuo changed a lot so that neither Yi Feng nor Luo Fan recognized him but only Ah Fu did. Qin Yu hides it from him that the many god kings here are servants but rather just here to train the Qin juniors. Hou Fei and Qin Zheng in a distance are talking about these god kings being servants in a distance and Chehou hears this. Qin Yu as no choice but to tell him that these god kings were defeated and forced to become servants as punishment.

In the garden they are talking about Qin Yu’s achievements in the past 20,000 years. They are inquiring to Chehou if he has made a supreme lord holy treasure. Chehou vaguely answers that he did. Qin Yu estimates the mysterious yellow air is needed to make supreme lord holy treasure. Chehou shows them his created, black colored spiritual bead he crafted by spending a lot of effort, time and unusual material Fixed Yuan Beads. The beads were made fusing his divine spirit so automatically became his weapon when he made it and also why he can’t give it anyone else. With his beads, he doesn’t fear supreme lords because on it, it has a very strong attacking people ability but the other ability it has is he can enter it. Time stop also doesn’t affect him because he can get out of it if he thinks about it. Inside it Chehou understands it to be an unusual space with nothing but the stars and Qin Yu guesses it is a new universe because the way to enter it is similar to how Qin Yu sends people to his universe. He doesn’t fear supreme lord but it doesn’t mean he can fight against one.

The convince Chehou to stay at the mansion. A year later. Hou Fei marries Hong Yun so now he has 2 wives. The strangest thing happened, when Hou Fei was married with Zi Xia for a couple years, she never got pregnant but after marrying Hong Yun, both of them are pregnant (lmao I had to mention this). The 3 brothers drink and talk about naming. At this moment he feels Jiang Lan has come out from new universe. Hei Yu says if male, Hou Yin and if female, Hou Yin (They are actually different in Chinese. One of the Yin means silver while the other means sound. They are different characters and the actual pronunciation, the male one does pronounce to be Hou Yin but the female one pronounces to sound more like Hou Yen).

Back at Snowing City, Chunyu Rou visits Jiang Fan. They talk about the pain of giving up everything to become supreme lord and failing, living under the pity of Qin Yu and Jiang Fan’s biggest desire to find out who his parents are which is why he wanted to become a supreme lord. All of the 1st generation seem to have been born out of thin air with no memories of parents. Jiang Lan comes to visit. They talk about his decision of choosing Zhou Xian and he still being firm on it and Jiang Lan talking about Jiang Li haven’t been able to see the rest of her family. Jiang Lan takes out the 2 seals he possesses. He is giving it to Jiang Fan if he makes up with Jiang Li and Qin Yu. Jiang Fan has his wife and Jiang Yan tomorrow go visit them at Fog City, but Jiang Fan isn’t going because he doesn’t have the honor to as of now. Jiang Lan heads back and talks with Chehou and the other people living there.

Next day, Qin Yu, his brother and their wives are talking people from Snow Scoop City are here to see them. Jiang Li and Qin Yu teleport there, outside is Jiang Yan, Chunyu Rou and some unnamed Jiang people. Qin Yu ponders what Jiang Fan is up to. Jiang Yan introduces some brothers and sisters. Qin Yu goes to see Jiang Lan and talks about why he came out so soon and how he convinced Jiang Fan to try and make up with Qin Yu. After learning why, Qin Yu doesn’t want to recognize Jiang Fan as a father-in-law and tells Jiang Lan that Jiang Fan won’t become a supreme lord and he will soon find out. Nearly 8 months pass. It’s lively with everyone discussing in a low voice because both Zi Xia and Hong Yun are giving birth today (oh snap Hou Fei my boi. Proud of you son. I just had to.).

Qin Yu disappears and comes back with a man in purple. Outside, Lei Fa is patiently waiting, knowing he can kill Qin Yu in 5 years and leaves. That person was Xiao Yao. 2 babies are heard crying. Jiang Lan and Xiao Yao exchanging a few lines. Qin Yu closes the doors on the Qin juniors so they won’t be noisy. Qin Yu introduces Xiao Yao supreme lord to everyone. As Xiao Yao is about to talk, Hou Fei comes out saying he has one son and one daughter. As they talk about names, Xiao Yao finally talk. Xiao Yao tells Hou Fei in god sense that Hou Fei, I am your father (lol starwars). Hou Fei passes it off as a joke. Xiao Yao ask to speak along, Hou Fei says to say it here in front of everything and Qin Yu ask everyone to leave. [I think the names of the children were Hou Xing and Hou Tian Tian, they never actually finished that naming discussion before the Xiao Yao interruption]

Xiao Yao tells him he was always watching him but could never concern himself with him because of supreme lord duties. Hou Fei passes it off saying if he was his father, he won’t have any relations with him because he was raised without a mother or a father and talks about his past with Qin Yu and Hei Yu. He has Xiao Yao hug his son and daughter.  5 years past, Xiao Yao came to visit quite a few times. During these 5 years he hasn’t given up on winning over Hou Fei while his 2 children like Xiao Yao. There is about 1 year till Qin Yu’s universe finishes. Qin Shuang is turning troublesome now since he has 2 god king parents and a fast practitioner brother. Xiao Yao before leaving tells Qin Yu that in 3-4 month, the new supreme lord will be chosen. When Xiao Yao leaves, Qin Yu tells some other people. Jiang Fan has been studying with 5000x time acceleration but hasn’t made any progress.

Time passes, around this time the new supreme lord should be chosen. Suddenly, sound disappears from divine world. The god kings hear a music in their head and go towards supreme lord mountain. All the god kings except for Qin Yu aren’t controlling themselves for this process because Qin Yu’s fusion with the source energy allowed him to not be affected by this sounds control. Qin Yu pretends to be controlled and joins in and can feel that all god kings are flying up and teleports to supreme lord mountain. Qin Yu finds this strange because the entire divine world is also under time stop. The god king prison layer disappears and people fly in and the god king prison layer reappears. The god kings wake up now. People know this experience from last time and wonder who the new supreme lord is.

The Heavens Seal departs from Luo Fan back to the mu ding and god kings can’t touch it or are hurt. The After Lands Sea flies out of Jiang Fan and later the Ten Thousand People Seal surprisingly people that he had both. The god kings hear a voice in the head about a new supreme lord being born and the 3 seals fuse to become the Floating Life Seal. Chehou Yuan is selected. The people are shocked and because he didn’t even participate. It floats to Chehou Yuan and a color aura surrounds him, accelerating time inside by around a minimum of a trillion times. Lei Fa is waiting to kill Qin Yu. The color aura surrounding Chehou Yuan spreads in all directions and everyone can feel the supreme lord breath from Chehou, he also should have full time comprehension now. Chehou wakes up and the red layer god king prison disappears. The mu ding and rules slate fly up past the divine world and Qin Yu wonders what is past there. People pay their respects to Chehou the new supreme lord. A voice in Chehou’s head tells him to come visit the teacher. Chehou vanishes after saying goodbyes. Supreme lord mountain vanishes and everything returns to normal.

Jiang Fan has a crazy moment laugh. The god kings leave. Qin Yu’s group head back to purple mansion. There is about 7-8 months left till completion of the universe. Qin Yu goes to closed door training. Above divine world at the many clouds is White Clouds Palace, inside Lei Fa is arguing with Piao Yu about why he can’t go kill Qin Yu. At least he has to conclude that going to see the teacher is more important so Qin Yu lives another day. Inside White Clouds Palace main hall, Xiao Yao and Chehou Yuan are waiting and Piao Yu and Lei Fa enter and pay their respects to teacher. That teacher is Lin Meng.

Back in universe world, Qin Yu is sitting midair and the empty divine world layer. The 3rd layer improves but still isn’t complete, needing approximately 1-2 months. Absorbing some Hong Meng air, the universe completes. Half of Qin Yu’s divine spirit fuses with the universe so his life is eternal as long as his universe isn’t destroyed. Qin Yu fuses 60% of the mysterious yellow air into himself so he is confident he can destroy supreme lord weapons with just his finger. With the completion of the universe, he also has the ability of Creation of Life. Qin Yu creates some life into his universe, creating many demon beast and some devils before he stops out of energy. He plays around with his powers.

Outside White Clouds Palace, Lei Fa comes out and with the acceleration of time inside, 1 year has passed. He rushes towards purple mansion to kill Qin Yu. At purple mysterious mansion a man appears, this man is Lei Fa and feels Qin Yu isn’t here. He screams out for Qin Yu to come out and the god kings and other people are terrified. Hei Yu comes out. He is knocked down immediately. Lei Fa continues searching. Hei Yu talks back saying Qin Yu will kill him and Jiang Li mentions the relations with supreme lords purple mansion has. Lei Fa decides to do soul examination on Hei Yu and Hei Yu talks back about killing him again. Qin Yu appears. Lei Fa decides he will kill Hei Yu first and takes out Original Sin Sword, striking towards Hei Yu. Qin Yu blocks it and the sword is shattered, as if wooden cutting diamond. Qin Yu grabs the handle with a finger and Lei Fa remove the grip. Qin Yu breaks the sword to even smaller. Qin Yu flicks the sword with his finger and the whole sword breaks down.

Lei Fa forms the eight yuan attack with his hands before Piao Yu appears and tells Lei Fa to stop and makes the attack disappear. Lei Fa is nearly crying and asking why and Piao Yu ignores him and pays his respects to Qin Yu, teacher’s younger brother and also invites him on the teacher’s behalf to go to White Clouds Palace. Qin Yu says he will go in a little while and Piao Yu says teacher will personally punish Lei Fa. Qin Yu turns around, waves his hands and heals everyone. Everyone is surprised that supreme lords have a teacher. Qin Yu says his goodbyes and departs with Kelei Weige/Piao Yu. The god kings left behind talk about what Qin Yu was called and wonder what is above supreme lord and is somewhat terrified at Qin Yu’s strength.

Qin Yu arrives at White Cloud Palace and Lin Meng brings him in. The supreme lords are shocked that teacher’s younger brother is Qin Yu. The 2 side, eat and discuss while the 4 supreme lords are standing. Lin Meng punishes Zhou An (Lei Fa) with reincarnation, stripped of his belongings and supreme lord title and will be man or animal, whatever his achievements are will depend on luck. Zhou An refuses to accept it but he has to and Zhou Qing will later by himself comprehend time reversal and become a supreme lord. This is Lin Meng’s universe so he can determine the fate of people. Zhou An while saying not is turned to power and disappears. After the banquet, Qin Yu and Lin Leng walk out and tells him to go see his brother but Qin Yu doesn’t know who he is except he lives in the Hong Men space.

At Hong Meng space, Qin Yu and Lin Meng are flying and they are just talking. Qin Yu ask and Lin Meng says he was the one who left them that little friend message in immortal/devil/demon world. Even if he were to make a wrong step, they would guide him but he arrived at the perfect stage himself. They’ve been around and lonely and around for more than 6 x 10^15 years. In Hong Meng space are 3 universes, one created by created by Lin Meng, Lin Meng’s brother and Qin Yu’s which currently doesn’t have life. Lin Meng met his big brother in the Hong Meng space and used his help to create his universe while his big brother was the 1st life conceived in the hong meng space and created the universe and life. Chehou Yuan was chosen because his life has been really unfair because the prototype universe he created from his Fixed Yuan Beads was created without Hong Meng air so he can’t enter the hong meng space. He was made a supreme lord out of pity.

They arrive at a hut where the big brother resides. They greet and sit. He is introduced to be Hong Meng. He named Hong Meng space after himself because he is the one life form there. Hong Meng tells Qin Yu his universe is not perfect yet, having to create 4 sub-universes, he can create it whenever. Hong Meng presents a Hong Meng Gold List which has the destinies of all lives. Qin Yu integrates his divine spirit into it and becomes a Hong Meng controller, receiving all the information of the Hong Meng universe and Lin Meng universe. Being a Hong Meng Controller allows one to figure out the destiny of anyone from any of the universes. There is also levels of control, the 1st 4 universe creators are granted level 1 control, the highest of authority. Those 4 people are allowed the biggest universes, universes created afterwards are only 1% in size. Qin Yu calls his universe Qin Meng universe. In Lin Meng’s universe are 6 people with uncertain destinies. That space is Lei Wei’s hometown. Qin Yu leaves to his family and to work on his universe.

At purple mansion, they are searching for Qin Shuang. Qin Yu appears and gets the news. Qin Yu can feel he is at the mortal world at the space of Lei Wei’s hometown. Qin Shuang is one of those with an uncertain destiny. Qin Yu invites people to go to his universe to create life, Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Bai Ling, Hou Fei, Zi Xia and Hong Yun going. Hou Fei ask why Qin Yu named it Qin Meng universe and Qin Yu wonder’s what if his son becomes the next universe maker and also names it Qin Meng. Qin Yu’s group work on creating life and Qin Shuang begins his now journey on the planet.