Spell Acquisition

New spells may be learned from books or scrolls and scribed into the magic users personal spell book. Though the procedure is the same in both cases, those learned from a scroll will disappear from the original work. The magic user must first cast the Read Magic spell. This is required for the magic user to be able to read and understand the magical writings. It should be noted that once a magic user has read and understood a spell, that spell will always be readable by him or her. Once read magic has been cast, the process requires 2-8 hours of study per level of the spell. The magic user then rolls hers “Chance to know each listed spell” percentage and if successful has memorized the spell and may then scribe it into their own book. This part of the process takes approximately one hour per level of the spell.

Daily acquisition of spells or spell memory

Spell recovery either clerical or magical in nature requires about the same amount of time. In order to pray/meditate or study/memorize a spell, the spell user must rest and revitalize his or her mental faculties. This time of complete rest (usually sleep) is the same regardless of the number of spells to be learned and is based on the maximum spell level to be learned. Spell level and rest time required are as follows.

1st – 2nd = 4 hours
3rd – 4th = 6 hours
5th – 6th = 8 hours
7th – 8th = 10 hours
9th or higher = 12 hours

Once rested, an additional 15 minutes per level of spell must be spent in prayer, meditation, or memorization for each spell to be learned.