Hello, thanks for joining us if you're new, and welcome to #Creatiria, powered by Super FX! We are a small but growing family-friendly channel. Our main goal is to provide a pleasant, polite environment for anyone to come in and feel comfortable talking about whatever they would like, without worrying that they will be bullied or made fun of for it. By following a few rules, together we can make this the best place on Esper to hang out. Tulpas are welcome!

Xyspade 07/27/2016 Hey everybody! Been a little while since I've posted here. I have some unfortunate news. Due to events coming up IRL that are going to have me extremely busy, I am not going to have time to come on IRC. I don't know when I'll be back. While I'm gone, I will be resigning from staff here at #Creatiria since I will be unable to perform my duties. Until I return, if any of you would like to contact me, you may ask Keldeo or Peach for my email address. (I would reveal it here but I don't want potential spambots to pick it up.) I will miss you all, and I enjoyed chatting with everyone, but hopefully you guys will continue chatting with me; I'd love to get some emails from you guys. Thanks for the great time everyone!

Keldeo 04/18/2016
Chromaryu has been removed from the staff list and is now instead a voiced member. Also, CidYoshi has been promoted to Voice as well. That's all for today, so have a good day!

Keldeo 02/16/2016
A few days ago, due to other priorities in his life, the founder and previous owner CidYoshi has left his role as owner of the channel. Along with that, Keldeo has been promoted to the owner role of the channel. Nothing major has changed at all about the channel, though, so don't worry! This is all the news I have for now, though, so see you on the channel!

Xyspade 01/29/2016
Hey everyone; it's been a little bit. About two weeks ago or so we hired a new staff member, Chromayru! The reason this news post is so late is I had to speak with Chroma before I made this post, and our timezones are so far apart, so I had difficulty catching up to him. Anyway, everyone welcome Chromayru to the team! On another note, I have changed the Wikipedia link color found in the FAQ in the Tulpa section so that it is less eye-searing, and also in the FAQ I have included a list of current staff members to make it easier to find ones to contact. That's all for now, so happy chatting, and be careful in the snow (if it's winter near you)!

Xyspade 01/06/2016
Slight rule change: Parentheses and brackets are now acceptable for speaking out-of-character during a role play. That is all.

Xyspade 01/06/2016
Hi everyone! Say hello to the new #Creatiria channel page! I apologize that this took so long; I took on this request a while ago but have been either too busy or (I admit) have forgotten about it at times. This will always be linked in the topic and contains the rules, an FAQ which has some extra information, and a News section in which staff will post about noteworthy channel updates, events, and other occurances. Hope you are all having a good 2016 so far, and happy chatting!

In order to make this the best place on Esper to hang out, a few general guidelines must be followed. We'll make them brief for you.

1. Be kind and polite!
This is the most important rule. As said above, the purpose of this channel is to provide users with a comfortable setting to chat. Flaming, trolling, spamming, disrespecting, harassing, bullying, insulting, annoying, instigating, mocking, impersonating, or otherwise disturbing other #Creatiria users, including tulpas, is strictly prohibited.

2. Keep it PG (family friendly) at most.
Too many other channels have too much dirty talk; we want to be different. No sexually explicit content, lewd discussion, or NSFW images will be tolerated. Additionally, please avoid deep sensuality.

3. Don't abuse highlighting (stating a member's name).
Highlighting usually makes the target user's IRC client notify him or her, either by flashing its icon or playing a sound or both. This can get annoying if done repeatedly and without good reason. Only highlight when you wish to address the target user with good purpose.

4. Use common sense!
You should know what is right and what is wrong on most IRC channels. Just follow these rules and think logically and you should be good.

Some extra but important information can be found here.

I keep hearing about "tulpas." What's a tulpa and can I eat it?
From Korobi: "A tulpa is a projected being that a person creates. Only the creator, that is, the host (also termed as host, affiliate, or associate) can see or hear the tulpa, although it may have conversations with others through the host. Creating a tulpa requires a steady, calmed mind, and great amounts of concentration, but once created, it's presence remains very consistent with the host. A tulpa is similar to an imaginary friend, but is much, much more elaborate and complex in the sense that a tulpa is capable of having its own emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires and memories. Some experienced host-tulpa pairs are also capable of complicated processes such as possession. However it may seem, the existence of a tulpa is not necessarily a sign of mental illness or instability. If used properly, one can gain great benefit from having a tulpa, from moral support to getting a broader, more open-minded opinion in discussions. You can read more about tulpas here: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa"

What is role playing?
Role playing (RP) is acting out a scene in which pretend events happen and users play characters. Role playing is permitted in this channel provided that you establish permanent teams, pairings, and rivalries out of character with involved members before initiating the RP; and that if you wish to speak out of character during an RP, you use parentheses or brackets to surround messages. If you are not involved in an RP, please respect its progress nonetheless by not disrupting it.

Why are there polls?
In an effort to be fair and include everyone's opinion before minor or major channel changes or events, we will conduct user polls before such occurances; it's as simple as that. Polls and current votes will always be displayed in the channel topic when taking place. However, please be advised that, while tulpas may vote on behalf of their hosts, any host and his or her tulpa are entitled to only one combined vote.

I accidentally broke a rule! I'm so sorry!
Don't worry; if we have reasonable evidence that you didn't mean to break a rule, we'll give you a nice warning. However, if we can tell that a rule was broken on purpose, you'll get a more stern warning, a kick, or a ban, depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

I feel that I have been punished unjustly. What are my options?
We are pretty lenient; if you were punished, there was most likely a very good reason. However if you don't agree or if you don't know why you were punished, your first resort should be to contact via query the staff member that was involved to maturely inquire about or present your case. If that isn't feasible, you may contact another staff member and describe the issue. However, the staff still has the final say.

Who are the staff members and when should I contact them?
Staff members have mode +o and an @ username prefix. They can control how the channel works and are in charge of the non-staff to basically keep the channel in check. Their goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with the rest of the users, so you may contact them at any time, for any reason.

Current List of Staff Members:

I want to help out with the channel. Can I join staff?
Well, we thank you for your interest, but unfortunately a staff position is not granted upon request. We don't always need new staff members and we don't want the amount of staff members to overtake the non-staff users; usually we keep it 20% staff and 80% non-staff. You can increase your chances of making it on the team by joining regularly, being active, and following the rules at all times. Requests to Keldeo are permitted, but you will probably not make it unless you have very good reasoning.

Why are some users voiced?
Staff grants voice to users for a variety of reasons. Each user is most likely voiced for a different reason. Feel free to inquire about certain users' reasons.

Is there anything else I should know?
Though the staff tries to be as nice and open to the users as possible, it retains power over the users and has the final say in all matters. The information contained in this page, including the rules and FAQ, may be altered or changed at any time, with or without consent, and all users must follow it at all times. The staff retains the right to break these rules if absolutely necessary and with sound reasoning in order to keep the channel under control. The staff retains the right to punish users for reasons deemed appropriate to certain circumstances, even if no rules have been broken.

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