Living Costs

To simplify things, below is a list of monthly living expenses. How a character lives their lives will effect how others in town treats your character. These costs assume that room and board is not provided by an employer, and thus covers rent/property maintenance. Those with a penchant for gambling or other vices should double the random part of their monthly expenses. Misers and hermits should cut the random portion in half.

Destitute: 10+2d10 cp/month
Beggar or squatter
Begs for scraps, or steals but gets at least some food most days
Clothing in tatters

Poor: 50+2d10 sp/month
Farm hand, common laborer, soldier or apprentice
Lives in a flop house or common hall
Eats at least one meal day. Enjoys meat once/week
Drinks at least one mug of ale a day
One set of clothes per year. Clothing is usually worn and grubby
Pays a small tithe to a local church as well as the poll tax

Middle-class: 20+2d10 gp/month
Free farmer, store proprietor, military officer, clerk, skilled artisan
Eats two or three meals/day and enjoys meat most days
Drinks a couple of mugs of ale per day
One set of clothes per year. Clothing is usually worn, but clean
Contributes to the local church and pays taxes

Well-Off: 100+2d10x5 gp/month
Estate farmer, lawyer, merchant, master artisan, priest
Eats quality food every day
Drinks ale or wine every day
Has at least one domestic servant and probably stables a horse
At least one new set of clothes per season. Clothing is always clean
Generous contributions to local church and pays property taxes

Wealthy: 400+2d10x10 gp/month
Wealthy merchant, minor noble
Eats large and varied meals every day
Drinks bottled wine and spirits every day
Has a small staff of servants, some highly trained. Probably has at least one bodyguard. Stables a horse
New clothing every month, with a large collection of jewelry
Major contributor to local churches, and pays property taxes

Opulent: 1200+2d10x50 gp/month
Merchant prince or powerful noble
Eats exotic foods and throws large banquets
Copious quantities of the finest spirits consumed
Large staff of servants and bodyguards. Has a stable full of animals.
Large and elaborate wardrobe. May never wear the same outfit twice.
Major contributor to all the local churches and charities, and pays property tax.