You feel a slight shake. You open your eyes, still groggy due to deep sleep, to an unimpressed Levi.\n\n"Nng, corporal?" you say, voice still low from what little sleep he got.\n\n"The commander wants you," Levi said softly to you. "Come on."\n\nYou asked why. The corporal murmured, "You’ll have to find out on your own."\n\nCorporal Levi leaves the room. You follow him.\n\n"As soon as we get to Erwin’s room, I’m leaving. From that point, you’re on your own," Levi tells you as the two of you reach the commander's [[door.]]\n\n"Yes, corporal," you reply.
"N-no, sir," you reply. "Not at all. But may I ask why, though?"\n\nSilence.\n\nYou start to hear stifles of sobs from the commander. You think something might be wrong with Erwin. So you try to calm him down by saying 'Commander' over and over. He's still sobbing. That didn't work. Then you try saying his name over and over. His REAL name. He calmed down, though he still trembled.\n\n"Arlert," he whimpered. He eventually calms down, but he was still shaking.\n\n"What happened?" you ask curiously.\n\nErwin explains to you of a dream, breaking down while telling you.\n\n"In what way would I be 'gone'?" you question.\n\nThe commander worries of losing you, so he [[tells]] you something else.
After the corporal left, you nervously stare at the commander's door for several minutes. Finally, you knock.\n\n"Come in," the person in the room commanded.\n\nYou open the door, peeking inside to see a red-faced Erwin. "C-commander...?" you mumble.\n\n"Come in, please," Erwin repeated.\n\nYou walk in, close the door, and head over to the commander's bed.\n\n"Why do you need me here?" you ask.\n\n"I have something to ask of you," Erwin stammers, blushing. "Y-you don't mind if you... sleep with me... do you?"\n\nYou start blushing back. You face the ground to hide your embarrassment.\n\n[[Yes]] or [[no]]?
You're already asleep. You dream of Erwin caressing your cheek as he prepares you a light kiss. He brings you in, tighter into his embrace. You follow along, bringing his bodily warmth closer to you. You cuddle up to Erwin and plant a small kiss on the lips.\n\nThe commander is slightly shocked, but then blushes with a smile. He strokes your hair and caresses your cheeks before taking a deep, long gaze at you. His sharp blue eyes meet with yours. You feel the other's breath as you get closer to each other. You slowly close your eyes, hoping to finally embrace him. But just when you think it [[starts to get interesting...]]
Your name is Armin Arlert. You have been assigned the task to be Commander Erwin's caretaker while he recovers from his injuries.\n\nOver the course of the past few weeks, you and Erwin have shared a bond. More or less, a bond that a commanding officer would have with his subordinate (in terms of military matters).\n\nYou've finished for the day and just happened to come across Corporal Levi. He asks you of Erwin's condition. You tell him that he's fine.\n\nYou head to your room and wash up. Then, you head for bed to [[rest]].
I Don't Want To Lose You, Period. [Armin POV]
"Um... yes?" you reply.\n\nErwin sighed and cleared his throat. "Uh- very well then. You may head back."\n\nYou head back to your room, get back in your bed, and sleep.\n\n-----\nThe next day, everything goes on like normal, nothing unusual happened. You take up the majority of the day caring for the handicapped commander, having a few conversations here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.\n\nAnother day has passed and you head up to your room, washing up, and getting ready for bed. You [[rest]] for the next day.
"There are two types of people in this world: ones who I care about and ones who are close to my heart. You are one of those people who I care about deeply and are very dear to my heart," Erwin confesses to you. "So, in other words, I- I love you."\n\nYou're shocked. You're still trying to process the fact of the COMMANDER of the ENTIRE SCOUTING LEGION, of all people, would tell YOU this. You try to reject the thought, but it was futile. You try to cover the realization with a deep reddish blush.\n\n"O-oh, really...?" you reply, still flustered from the realization.\n\n"Yes, really," Erwin answers, "I do."\n\nWithout a second thought, you tighten the bond between you and your potential lover, getting more of that warm heat from the muscular body.\n\n"So, Armin," Erwin said to you, "Will you sleep with me tonight?"\n\n[["Yes, Erwin."]]