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Moto E - My First Smartphone

Firsts are always special. Riding a bicycle, a vacation with your partner and a sleepover - they take place a lot of times in one’s life but the firsts are always special. The magical aura that is present in the first of experiences cannot be recreated the subsequent times. Being the first, there is an element of suspense, an inquisitiveness to explore the thing unknown till then and a hope that it would lead to some memorable moments not experienced till then. Blossoms in spring spread cheer and smiles but the first of the blossoms calls for a celebration. Rains invite children with paper boats and spread joy but the first rain drop spreads even more joy. Firsts always have a special place in our live and they can never be forgotten.

It was a cold, breezy Sunday morning in the month of January - the time when the sun goes on a long vacation to the other side of the world leaving you at the mercy of the cold weather that you brave with layers of woollen clothes, heaters and anything else that promises to keep you warm. The mere mention of the word ‘bicycle’ used to make me tremble with fear. I always wished to be that child who in the poem ‘Downhill on a bicycle’ felt like a bird while racing down the hill on a bicycle with both his legs flying in the air and the bicycle moving downward without any effort from the boy. Quite a mini version of Spiderman and Batman! I too wished to be that bird but the next moment, I used to be reminded of the horrid tales of my friend who fell down from the bicycle while learning to ride it, following which I would pause my dreams of flying like a bird on bicycle down the sloppy hill. But that day, my father wouldn’t listen. He was all decided to make me learn riding a bicycle. Those were tense moments for me. I kept praying to God that nothing unforeseen should happen and he appeared to have paid heed to my prayers. The day had passed very soon and it was five in the evening. It was still foggy and extremely cold to the millions of other humans but I sweating as if it was peak summer. Finally, I learnt to ride the bicycle. It was the first time I rode a bicycle and one of the most memorable moments in my life that I can never forget.

Fast forward few years into the future and you can see me as a married man with a beautiful and loving wife. My life then was like any other person hailing from the middle class - loads and loads of dreams for the future but very little time to chase and achieve those dreams. As a natural result, I even forgot the fact that I had been married. I used to reach home late in the night after staring at the computer screen for hours and hours, collapse onto the sofa while my wife would feed me with her hands like I was a small child just home from a tiresome day at school. I enjoyed the company of my wife very much but still something was missing in our lives. I knew what it was but goals appeared more important than spending time and enjoying with my wife. A few years passed but things remained the same till one day when my pretty wife decided that a change was required. I returned home with a tired body and mind as on any other day, collapsed into the sofa and waited for my wife. But she wouldn’t come. It seemed strange. I looked around and found a sealed envelope on the table. ‘With love’ were the words written on the cover. I carefully opened it and found flight tickets for me and my wife to Singapore. That would be the first vacation for me with my wife. I jumped in joy.

Enough said about the first experience with a bicycle and the first vacation with my partner. It is time to be in pace with the modern world - which means that we need to move into the domain of technology and take about the firsts in this domain. The first robot? That too far-fetched. The first computer? Others might be having something to share but there is nothing special associated with it in my life. The first smartphone? Sure! Let’s right away talk about it.

The world of smartphones has never impressed me. To me, a phone is something that needs to provide basic facilities of calling and messaging. Anything more and it would cease to be a phone and would become a bulky, unwanted mess of silicon lying in my pocket. I was born in 1950’s. Coming from that era, one would expect me to be completely alien to the marvels of technology and so one might consider my aversion to smartphones to be a natural thing. But let me tell you that I am a computer engineer and I been working with computers and electronic devices since a long time - when many of you reading this post were not yet born. You might ask me - ‘Then, why so much aversion to smartphones?’. Well, I don’t have an answer. My aversion to a smart phone is like the fear of darkness. There is nothing out there in the dark that is going to swallow you or transport you to an lien world. But still, you are afraid of darkness. The fear is deeply rooted in one’s minds and not many can give an explanation to it. The same is the case with my aversion to smartphones. The idea that a phone should be used only to make calls has been deeply rooted in my brain. For anything else, I believe that a computer is a better choice.

But change, as we all know, is the essence of life. But I have always been reluctant to accept any change in my life. I have been late in realising how important change in life is. The realisation dawned upon me all of a sudden for no apparent reason. My perception towards smartphones has changed and now I look forward to have a smartphone as a new partner in my life. I searched and asked for suggestions from others for days and weeks and have finally settled with the Moto E.

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Why I would choose Moto E as my first smartphone?

My family members and friends have always played an important role in my life. I consider them as the most valuable thing in my life. When I look back at my life, I am amazed at the number of changes that have taken place. From a baby learning to walk by holding the fingers of my mother, I have grown to an age when I am helping my grandchild walk his first steps. Things have changed a lot, some people entered my life and some people left me, but the love and affection hasn’t changed even a bit. But the way love is expressed has surely undergone a change. Few years ago, ours was a huge family with my parents, myself with my wife and my married children all staying in the same house. But now, my children have moved to the city in search of better opportunities. The physical distance between us has increased but the emotional connect hasn’t changed. We still talk over the phone every day for hours and I feel as if they are still with me.

A smartphone like Moto e will help in improving those emotional bonds even further. With an 5 MP camera, I would be able to video chat with my children. The 4.5 inch HD screen would enable me to clearly see the love and emotions on the face of my son. The smartphone would assist me in knowing the mood of my soon; cheer him up when he is sad and laugh with him when he is happy. All this is difficult on a phone. Sometimes, voices deceive. But is almost impossible in a video chat. Moto E would help me become an integral part of my son’s life.

My grandchild has learnt to walk and he soon may demand that he be entertained by me. The playgrounds are diminishing and there is hardly any open space in our house. In these times, a smartphone like Moto E comes to my rescue. Moto E comes loaded with the Android operating system which is one of the richest mobile ecosystems. A number of apps are available for download from the Google Play Store. There is no dearth of games that will help keep my grandson engaged. There are also several educational apps which will make teaching my grandson easier. Moto E comes with a 1.2 GHz Quadcore processor and 1 GB RAM which is fairly sufficient to run most of the apps at lightning speed.
I have two lives, one at office and the other at home. I like to keep both of them completely separate but them often merge together which annoys me a lot. People call me inquiring about office work when I am at home. They irritate me to a point where I feel like turning off my phone but I can’t as my son or my grandchildren may call me. The culprit behind this inconvenience is my current phone which has only a single SIM. Moto E is a Dual SIM phone that would allow me to get closer to a life where office and home are two separate entities.

I am, as every other Indian, extremely price conscious. I would like to get the maximum returns in minimum investment. Moto E appeases to my economics. Moto E comes with a wide range of attractive features at a highly reasonable price of 7000 Rs. This is surely not the cutting edge phone available in the market but it is definitely the best one can get at such low price. As this would be my first smartphone, an investment of 7000 Rs is reasonable enough to help me learn about the usefulness of a smartphone while I gradually adapt to a life with a smartphone.

There was a time when I despised having a smartphone. I was afraid that I would be a slave to technology. But now, time has come for me to shed all my fears and move ahead with the rest of the world with a positive outlook. I start this new journey of mine with the Moto E smartphone that I hope would be my loyal companion for the rest of my life.

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