you cried a lot\n\n(i couldn't condemn you for that)\n\nthe way you acted before you did\nwas not selfish,\n\n\nbut [[protecting people]] from being hurt by you\nis impossible if all you're doing is\n\nprotecting yourself from being hurt by them being hurt\n\ninstead of ever learning,\n\nframing yourself in an\n[[uncatchable]] construct
built into the wall,\nflush embedded,\na poison dart launcher,\n\nyou try to disarm it\ndo you cut the\n[[red]]\nor the \n[[blue]] wire
it's embedded so\ndeeply in your subconscious\n\nand images of lobotomies\nmake you feel faint.\n\ngripping it with your\nmind's tweezers\nis like\n\npicking a lock with\na wet herring\n\nand you stumble\nforward,\nare killed instantly,\nand in that flash of [[light]],\nyou [[die]]
the ambulant amazingness\nof the grasping trees\n\nthat wave beneath the [[heart]]\nof the world;\n\nthat is, the way the [[trees walk]] so quickly
that's fucking sick [[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
never was she down,\n[[her]] visage never showed\nthat one\n\npassion danced inflamed in her toes, as if\nthere was nothing [[worth waiting for]]
it is ripples in\nthe wind, [[warmth]] fluctuating\nby several degrees\nin sudden waves\n\nand your clothes hanging heavily,\nburning your skin\nwhere they've absorbed more\nheat than your [[flesh can hold]]\n\nyou spy a cave in the distance\n\ndo you [[continue on that way?|cave]]
her skill in the [[kitchen]]\n\nher [[heart]],\n\nher hair,\n\nher superficial.\n\nthe adversarial mode, it turns out, is completely fucking inappropriate for bedchambers,\n\nand when she put her vision to it,\nshe was usually right\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
(i meet you here in your head,\n\nwe sit on upholstery)\n\nperch in thoughts unshared,\n\n[[forever]], you see nothing but [[red]]\n\n(i wish you the best, honestly,\ni'm tired of writing,\nthis work is spiralling,\ni haven't had a coffee yet today,\neven though my [[espresso machine]]\nis spitting in the corner,\nready for me.)\n\ndo you let your [[mind wander]]?
here they sway and bob,\n\nhere they roll their bulk across\n\na million hills,\n\nthe horizon is a [[green bird]],\n\n[[uncatchable]]
trading [[every detail]]\nin for tickets to\nthe [[wolf-show]],\n\nwe [[were drunk]]\nby the streets,\n\ndisavowing all\nresponse\nand responsibility
they grow outward as\nif to catch an\nimpossible breeze in\nthe waves of time,\n\nfor this period it feels\nlike there's nothing happening\n\nand you don't remember.\n\nin your heart is a [[green bird]]\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
dull repetition\nreptile reproduction\n\nof some man's dream\nyour heart is built over\nand you don't speak to anyone\n\nyou dream the impossible,\nsome kind [[escape]]\n\nyou talk to nobody here,\nyour silence bores them all\n\non your way home you used to [[spit]]
with sticks and sharp\nobjects, pointed stones,\n\nthey must be somewhere in the\ndarkness, not saying\na word\n\nand if they [[catch you]], it will be\nthe [[wolf-show]]\n\nyou know that now\nthey've got your scent,\nthere is no\n\n\n[[true escape|escape]]
let me spell\nit out for you\n\nyou did something for\nsomething\n\nthat wasn't you\n\n<3\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
but running is your game,\nit's been years of this\n\n(or maybe [[weeks|WEEKS]]?\nor never?\nyou lie to yourself)\n\nand you're so good,\nyou're [[uncatchable]]
it is empathy,\none imagines,\nthat binds one\nto this worldview\n\n(did you know that statistics show\nthat people can only hold so limited\na number of [[humans]] in their [[memories]]?)\n\nthe system of cereal\nproducts
everything spreads beneath you like [[fields of grain]]\n\nthis dirt is [[umber]]\nand tastes like you can live on it
their footsteps resound\naround you,\nand you think you see a flash\nof [[green bird]] in the distance...\n\nchasing it would be foolish,\nthe noise would mean you'd leave\nthe safety of the darkness\n\nyou [[continue on]]\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 1>>
the horizontal of the horizon\nlands on your eyesight;\n\nthe bird of the globe is too tired\nto keep on,\n\neverything is plain clouds, beige and dun,\nlensflare mother feeling ceiling\n\nlowers itself to shield you from\nthe sky, you will never fall up again...\n\nstrange, to think that heaven would be\n\n[[grounded|END]]\n\nsafety\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
a long series of rain showers,\n\na drifting out of sync with the clouds\nthe sheltering tree\n\nwas not yours to take\nthe life from,\nbut as you burrowed there, the chances are it died\n\nyou spit\ntwice,\n\ninto the bushes as you walk to work today.\n\npromising your moisture to the world\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
and with\na jerking heart,\n\na tugging of\nyour limbs\nat your mind\n\nyour body tugs you back\n\n[[to rise]]
a wise choice,\nto flee\na talking tree,\nthe heart pounding exertion\nmight have you wake from this dream\n[[to rise]] sweating and alive,\n\nor you could run [[forever]]\nthrough your nightmare\ntil you reach the [[town]]
a [[green bird]]\nflashes centimetres\nfrom your face\nand\n\nyou trip on a root,\nand standing up, are disoriented.\n\nno sign of the well.\n\nthere seem to be lights to your left and your right\n\nfrom one, the sounds of a [[town]]\nseem to echo,\n\nbut as you turn you hear a beauty,\nand see some glamour on the path\ndo you [[continue on]] that way?
everything he was not\n\nit was [[her]] idea
you spurn the forest's\ndark legs\n\nand stick to the cool grey\nof the cliffside -\n\nyou will see [[them]]\ncoming from here.\n\nand besides, you're so fast,\nyou might as well be\n[[uncatchable]]\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 1>>
self-contained,\nthe yellow and purple [[light]]\nthat suffuses this clearing\n\nshould've been obvious from\nfar away, but here it is\n\nsuddenly,\n\nwarping in the dark,\nlonely in the forest\nof living wood,\n\nit is the [[tree]]
a good choice,\nyou congratulate yourself.\n\nthe cave opens up suddenly into\na treasure trove.\n\npiles of raw gold glitter dully\nand polished silver\ncuts through the gloom..\n\nthis is where you will\nmine your inspiration,\n\nthis will make good [[art|END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
1.61619926 × 10^-35 metres\n\npretty much\nas small as you can get\n\n[[back|industry]]
the lights flash\nand wash you out,\nyour [[heart]] flutters\nand your will fails.\n\n'this wish will do me good'\n\n(wishful thinking, you're fucked really)\n\nit was the pain of your [[work]]\nthat was driving you to\nanything, something better\n\n(oh, that's wishful thinking too,\nbut at least you're busy)
but the heart is\nan [[immense]] work,\n\na replica of itself\nin your consciousness\n\n(my heart is)\n\natoms burning atoms,\nminiscule machines\nof absorbed iron\nand oxygen transfer\n\nhow could humans\nnot be bound [[together]]\neventually?
covered in the [[feathers of the day]]\nthe chickenshit in your nostrils\nfrom where you tripped\n\nthe breeze breaks into the oppressive building,\nthe lights come up,\nthere's at least\none gun trained on you\n\nbut mostly the men are bewildered\nat your face, seeing\naspect of the devil deep behind your eyes\nand the exultant breast\n\nthat you hold high,\n\nand they could never catch these chickens\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
(i am scared too.\ni worry more for other people\nthan myself, but in saying that\ni hold so tight to the handrails\nthat my hands hurt.)\n\ngo back to the [[well]]?
[[i can't tell this story]]
faith obscures\nyour concentration,\nthe heat-engines\nof your muscles move\n\nyou probably [[die]] anyway
you feel yourself drift\nback into space,\n\nback under the deep pink [[tongue]] of it,\n\nand slide into the [[exposed interiors]]
the unclean tang of night\nthe super-orbital\nof someone else's\nface,\nfar too close to yours\n\nthe immensity\nof trying to [[shrug this one off]]\n\nthe heat in the [[kitchen]]\nis suddenly oppressive
there is never nothing\n\nyour foot is okay, your\nhands enjoyed their break\nfrom toiling\nand 'progress'\n\n(don't worry, you'll be back on track\n\none day)\n\nyou find yourself in the 'wilderness'\nyou keep walking to the\n\n[[well]] in between the trees\n[[town]]'s lights visible in the darkness\n[[cave]] entrance that your bones can sense\n[[tree]] that seems to call for you
some bullshit task,\nprobably best to ask around\n[[town]] to see if anyone knows\nwhere to find them,\nor keep wandering the world,\n\ntrying to find them,\n\nbut that might be [[for nothing]]
heat obscures your\nvision,\nfaith lifts your\nmuscles,\n\nyou probably [[die]]
(that's me)\nSPECIAL CREDITS [[END]]:\n\nWritten By Ada Sombre Greig\n\nHigh Seas Exterior modeled by Australia\n\nWorld devoted to Alice\n\nExtra Thank You to\nPorpentine\nDragon Age\nNevada\nLydia\nMy own tragic sense of purpose\nExternalities etc.\n\n[[END]] again\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
you go to work, you operate,\n\nyour friends love you desperately,\n\nsometimes when you have them over\n\nyou make them a drink of coffee,\n\nusing your [[espresso machine]]
you feel like you've been waiting in the darkness [[forever]]\n\ncan he come for you?\n\ndo you want him to?\n\nhow much of him do you think your [[flesh can hold]]?
the sky reamed\ncream and blue\nbrought low\n\nby my tongue,\nthe naked stinging\ntang of air\n\non [[exposed interiors]],\n\n<<if $end eq 1>>\nyou have finished\nthe game\n<html>\n<a href="">explore mode??</a>\n</html>\n<<endif>>
you tumble, head over heels\ninto darkness,\nflinching every second,\nwaiting for the water to drown you\nin the [[blue]]\n\nyou fall [[forever]]\n\ndo you go back to the [[well]]?
the earth is brown\nmy hair is dun\n(up-do)\n\nto re-iterate\na [[burning heart]]\n\ninto the minds\nof watchers,\n\nit must not seem\nso hot to the touch\n\n(so they tell us,\nthis is [[the only way]])
you throw it across the room\n\nthis was probably a [[bad idea]]\n\neveryone in the restaurant\nsnaps their [[heads toward]] you
don't be coy, this shit is [[delicious]]
you paint your face with it,\nlines under your eyes\nto dull the shine\nof [[the sun]]\noff your own visage\n\ndo you [[wander between trees]]\nor [[hug the stone wall]]
these appliances\navail you nothing\n\nthe trees once shuddered\nabove you as you sheltered,\nand that will never fade\n\nbut there's a gorgeous [[espresso machine]]\n\nright here\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
so you spent\nas long as possible with her\n\nbranching out, 'giving' her parts\nof yourself\n\n(as if her carrying them wasn't generosity incarnate)\n\nshe was [[not a goddess]]\nbut she ever proved you [[wrong]]
sheltering in the roots of a sleeping tree,\nshuddering in the oaky\nbreath of it,\n\na living house\nto wait for the heart\nof the [[world]]\n\n[[to rise]]
as you step in,\n<<if $steps gt 5>>\nsomething annoys you horribly,\nspeaking in a strange [[tongue]] to your ankle\n<<endif>>\n\nthe people seem\nto begin to swivel in their seats\n[[menacingly]], but not\na single one looks your way\n\nthe [[barkeep]] gestures to\nyou
this is not to imply\nthere isn't a love\nin every square [[planck length]]\nof the world,\n\njust that it is busy -\n'[[business drowns]],' they say\n\n(i've heard at least one person\nsay that)
their eyes\nare trying to sell you\ntickets to the [[wolf-show]]\ndon't go\n\nstare straight on into their eyes,\norder [[eggs]] instead\n\nor go [[back|town]]
except in the way that your death in my mill will be a joke\n\nthe way the world grinds you\n\nthe sun to the west\n\nand the earth a lathe,\n\nevery protrusion\n\nworking your flesh away in atom thin layers\n\n(if you laugh, you deserve it,\nif you cry, you maybe don't)\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
the tongue of the shoe\nhas been working at your ankle for [[hours]]!!\n\nyou [[take it off]]
here, there is a time\nto wait, as\nthe dusk swings low over\nthe land,\nand the great hand\nof [[Martin]]\n[[ends]] this sentence
no-one is,\nand no-one ever could be\n\nbut for a moment,\nyou and her, poised in action,\nan act of [[worship]],\n\nthe [[prayer]] solvent
whispering ears\nconspiring in\nwindy furrows,\n\na [[yellow bleakness]],\nthe sun's reflection\nin starch, a soft\nrolling of\n\n[[far too many plants]]
bright butter\nand black-and-white pepper\nground finely\n\nbut still large enough chunks to\n[[bite your lip]],\n\nand fresh parsley\ncut fine and wilted in,\n\na meditation on\nthe very idea of 'plant'\n\nand toast perfectly browned,\nthe caramelisation of\nthe bread so balanced\n\ncarrying the fluffiness,\nthe not-too-wet-ness\nof the perfect beaten\n\n[[END]]\n\negg\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
almost a song,\nthe unclean runes\nthat drip across\n\nyour mind's surface\nare growing, roots\nand moisture and growing...\n\nit lifts its bulk ahead of you,\nand sings a high note,\na high twelve notes at once,\n\ndissonant and [[immense]]\n\nit is the [[tree]]
they bare their knives slowly\nbut the rapidity\nwith which their hearts begin to revolve\n\nbeneath their bony chests is worryingly\neasy to discern\n\nyou are probably dead\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
the tree beckons\nand all the other\ntrees step aside\n\nthe [[town]]\nis straight ahead\n\n"if you can enlist \nthe townsfolks' help,\nthis will be easy,"\n\nthe tree sings and sways
you woke in your own bed\n\nin the [[light]]\n\nto lift yourself, your own power\n\nyou had [[breakfast]]\n\nnot many [[memories]] came
i mean we're all dying\nin the sylvia\nplath sense of the word\n\nbut fuck, if you can't make\nit past this [[trap]]\n\ninto adulthood, then\nthere's no way\nyou'll live [[forever]]
it is good to\nnot forget the foundation,\nfor that would make it all\nhave been [[for nothing]]\n\nthis way, you can remember\nthat even though\nit was hard, with [[her]],\n\nthat she existed,\n\nthat that was a fact
it was not her idea,\nfor you to stay the night.\n\nit occured in a film\nthat you both watched [[together]],\n\nso it happened in real life\n\n(it's not funny, the way this happens.\n[[this is not a joke]])\n\nbut it happened, and you [[slept]]\ndeeply in the [[warmth]]
you stumble\nover shifting\nhissing roots,\n\nputting the brilliant flash\nof feathered light\nas far from your mind as possible\n\nand then you see it,\nrealising as it breaks into your [[vision]]\nthat it's what has been [[whispering]] all this time\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 1>>
they rustle\n\n(i'm so paranoid i think\neven corn is plotting)\n\nand line the world\n\npeople planted them,\nunder the [[warmth]],\nwalking in rows,\n\nthey are good people\nand bad people\n\nand this is a [[system of corn]]
her mouth is an [[orbit]]\nher hands wander like clouds\n\nthe rain is out of sync again,\nyou are remembering something\nthat shouldn't have happened\n\nbut her mouth is an [[orbit]]\n\nand you have something beneath\nyour tongue that stays there\nfor fucking [[WEEKS]]
it is the span\nof all,\n\nthe spanner that adjusts\n[[heaven]]'s levers,\n\nthe only way to [[change the world]],\n\nthe expanse of mind
it was a [[speech]] that inspired you\nno dull TED talk shit,\n\nno insipid Family (Guy) Friendly\nshit,\n\nthis was [[her]] [[burning heart]],\n\nher opposition of your apathy,\nyour 'simple situation'\nand your rationalisations\nof an eternity of inaction\n\n(god i could do with a coffee)
the earth is brown\nmy hair is dull\nfrom dirt,\n\nmy nails are eked out\ntoward my [[finger-stubs]]\n\ni feel lost here in this\n[[system of corn]]
there you can be only anything\n\nthere you can be held\n\nthe only way to build on the world\n\nis [[fields of grain]]\n\n(is this an [[industrialist lie]]?)
he tells you stories,\nsells you drinks\n\nwhispers of a [[cave]]\nin the woods with treasure to be found\n\nsays that you have arrived before\n[[them]] and you'll be fine\n\nsays that no, he hasn't seen her around anywhere near here,\nand you'll have to keep looking if you want to be reunited
emeraldine verdance,\n\n(the way i picture aspartame,\nin production,)\nthe wings of the world\nspread curving away from\nthe median line\nof the point at which\nthe sky begins\n\nthe slow beat of them\n\nlifts spirits,\nthe [[feathers of the day]]\n[[shadows flitting]]
a profane offering,\nyou say to yourself\n\nthis feels [[wrong]]\nlike bacteria\n\nbut you say it anyway\n\n(isn't it fucked up\nhow we keep saying to our[[selves]]...)
the [[task at hand]] swallows\nall outside things,\n\nthe bee vibration of the inner\ncity wobbles greyly and hotly\n\nand there are too many\n[[transactions unknown]]
they bay, they\nhound, they hall\nthe walkways\n\nwith teeth and wet tongue-steam\npink and glisten\nthroatslide\n\nto the stomach-pit\n\n[[END]]\n\nyou have been eaten\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
not the icy sword\nand flaming shield,\n\nnot the armour\nor the magic,\n\nnot the way\nyour stupid fantasy ever plays out,\n\nno woman in some hut,\n[[grateful]]\n\njust the unclean tang\nof a right justly\nopened,\n\nthe can opener down\nthe middle of the jagged edge,\nhands cut open, working it open\nfixing this [[world]]
a litany of stupid plotlines\nnothing like the day you hid\n\nnothing like the world\nthat shook you,\n\nno way to see the world but from\na helicopter asshole perspective,\n[[fields of grain]] and that moment\nsomeone gives you the 'proper meaningful [[speech]]'
they bounce dully across the surface\nand find no purchase\n\ndo you make extra effort?\ndo you let yourself fall?\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
[[crying|END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
\nthere is a [[restaurant]] here,\njust like the one you [[work]] at\n<<if $steps gt 5>>\nyou are so tired from walking\nmaybe a bite to eat\nwould fix that\n<<endif>>\n\nthere is a man standing in the street,\nwho stares ugly at you,\nhis face is nice\nbut he hates,\n\nand there is a shopfront\nthat you try not to even look\nat or the people inside\nmight think you think\nsomething bad,\nsomething anything about them.\n\nit would be best to keep your head down\nand find a bar to [[drink]] at,\nor to leave the town\nto [[wander between trees]]\nwere you will not bother anyone
it is difficult\n\nyou try not to let your [[mind wander]]\n\nand focus on the [[task at hand]]
the [[immense]] thing beckons\nyou closer\nand sings happily\n\n"there are twelve\nways to reveal all\nthe juices of Terra\nto yourself"\n\n"ask questions,\nreply quickly,\nbring me the [[Tokens]], and\nwe shall see if you are worthy"\n\ndo you\n\n[[accept the quest]]\n\nor [[run screaming]]\n\n
you fix yourself [[eggs]]\n\nthey spatter yellow across\nthe wall,\n(i was never very good at cooking eggs either)\n\nthey hiss in bottom of the black pan\nand you find yourself glaring at the rivulets\nin the cast iron\ndreaming of when someone\n\nonce did this for you,\nyou were happy to [[wash]]\nthe pan afterward\n\n[[she]] showed you how
it falls and tumbles\n\na fairy lights the clearing,\nall is white and green\nand gold\n\ni can [[magic away the pain of your journey]]\n\nor you can continue and [[see where it leads you]]
[[keep |keep walkingg]][[w|mind wander]][[alking|keep walkingg]]
covered in frills\n\nspinning gaily\n\nbreathing softly\n\nleaving no trace\n\nbut in the [[heart]]\n\nclad in the [[feathers of the day]]\n\ngreen, not a factory raiment\nbut a natural pigment\n\nblue, the creamy\nbaby skying [[blue]]
this path is rocky,\nbut unless you [[turn back|go east]]\nyou should be able to make it\n\nthe sky pulsates, the [[heart]]\nof the world is visible\nthrough the hair of the trees,\n\nthe trees don't bless your journey today\nbut they don't stomp you dead either.\n\neventually you come to a [[well]]
absorbing everything,\nsuspended by solar energy,\n\nfiring its atoms,\ndestroying and rebuilding\na billion tiny furnaces,\nan [[industry]] of helpless\n\nflailing nodules\nof [[warmth]]
you've had so many!\n\nand this litany\nis prefigured by the time you\nslept for\neasily over an hour\n\n(i'm bad at keeping time,\nso don't hold me to that)\n\ninside the great mouth of [[her]]
the salt from sweat tinges\nyour upper lip\n\nthe [[warmth]] is building\nin your armpits\n\nthere's anxiety about\nhow long this day will last\n\nhow much your [[flesh can hold]]\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 2>>
you stood in the cold for hours,\nholding the bolt-cutters,\nwaiting for her\n\nthe bolts didn't stop you\n\nno time stopped you.\n\nthe building was a fucking mess\nof trays and\nwire and feathers\n\nand inches of white shit\n\nthe birds flashed out into the night\n\nyou thought almost that you saw the heart\nof a great [[green bird]]\n\nit was worth waiting for\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
spewing black\nbrown bubbles\nfrom your coffee machine\n\nevery morning for weeks you have made yourself\na [[delicious beverage]]
on your fucking knees\n\nin between sky\nand never-stopping\nforest,\n\nopening the wire\nso weak things\n(no, this time they're [[not your own]])\ncan [[escape]]
and weeks and [[weeks and weeks]]
some people think\nthere's a problem if you can't pin your ideas down\n\n\nthe sun is glowing\noverhead, salt tinges your lips\n\n[[go east]]\n\n[[go west]]
the walls of the cave\nare undulating smooth stone,\nribbed with cracks\n\nthe air begins to\nchoke you,\nthere is no dust;\njust stillness that sits\nin your neck\n\nyou come to a crossroads\n\n[[left]] or [[right]]\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 1>>
it began, "it is [[the only way]]..."
the boot is unwrapped\ntoo slow, so quickly,\nwhipped away from you\n\nand your foot is free,\nbreathing. hot and pink\n[[exposed interiors]]\n\nand probably damaged.\nyou probe it for hurt.\nit seems fine, though...\nwas it all [[for nothing]]?
the night takes too long\n\nthe words falter,\n\nthe salt on your lips has dried\n\nall the taste is gone\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
the shackles aren't real\nthe [[heart]] of the world\n\ncan be brought into play,\ntoday, at no [[extra cost]]
these times call for\n'desperate' measures\n\nby which you can simply mean\n\n'doing the right thing again and again'\n\nit is difficult sometimes\n\n[[END]]\n\n<<set $end = 1>>
they are so fucking [[delicious]]
the alcohol brings [[memories]]\n\nthe taste is bitter,\n\ntomorrow 'when i am hungover,'\n\nyou vow, 'i will take especial delight in\nthe cure for my ailment, those most delicious [[eggs]]'\n\nor maybe before you get that wasted,\n\nyou wander into the [[restaurant]]\nto eat anything\nto absorb the coming wave of nauseating drunkenness
it took your entire\nlife to learn to disassociate\nso well, the warmth of it sometimes seems\nall your [[flesh can hold]]\n\nbut the [[heart]] hovers above the world\nand the [[heart]] holds its place within you\n\nand in the end, it was probably [[worth waiting for]]
this is a trek\nyou had to make alone\nself-sufficiency\n\n(lies)\n\nis the only sufficiency,\nproficiency\nis your watchword.\n\nso you walk for a long time,\nevasive, the heart of the\nworld beating up there [[still]]\n\nuntil you come to a [[cave]]\n\n<<set $steps = $steps + 1>>
you're not sure whether\nyou like him or not\n\nthere's always been something\nstrange,\n\nor off about him.\nmaybe you were too drunk,\n[[got too drunk]],\n[[were drunk]]
it burns to touch,\n\nit touches everything,\n\nat some point\n\n(i try to stay inside a lot, but\ni need to walk to [[work]], etc.)\n\nthere is no way to get there and back\nwithout incurring [[extra cost]]
a brilliantine fractal,\n\nmy glissoming.\n\nthe parasol spins,\n\nand i keep hoping\n\nthe green fronds will\n\n'catch me up'\n\nand i [[keep walking]]
the whorl of memory is a beast,\n\nit sucks you in\n\nthe [[night is gone]]
ripping through the window\ndiscarding unreality,\n\norange, yellow\nwhite tones\n\ntake spectral residence in your tiny room\n\nyour dreams are banished for this moment\n\nit is time\n\n[[to rise]]
you through the woods\nand find a stone well\nplaced as if for\nyou to find\n\n\nstaring deep into it,\nthe water looks so\n[[cool to drink]]\n\n\nare you [[scared of heights]]?\n\ndo you [[drop in a coin]]?\nor [[leave]]
so the next morning, yes,\nshe made you fucking eggs\n\nyou [[spit]] at this, remembering it later.\n\n(you didn't even offer to clean up.\n'thanks')\n\nyou remember the [[speech]] she gave you,\na gift.\n\nthe way she talked helped you\nlearn that the way you talked\n[[helped no-one]].
it was a boring film,\nshe didn't remember it\n\nyou remember [[every detail]]\nof every film,\n\nand 'forget' \n(you asshole)\nthat this is\na [[defence mechanism]],
thus to be anything,\n\nwe walk under sun sometimes\n\n(i bought a [[parasol]])\n\nbut mostly i wish i could walk\nas the [[trees walk]],\n[[forever]] in their shade
this way the stone beneath your feet\nlevels out, and your path becomes easier\n\nit is good you have played so many roleplaying games,\nyou expect traps in a place like this,\nand spot the [[defence mechanism]]\nbefore it kills you\n\nit will [[kill you]]\n\nunless you get [[around it]]