Magpie A2SDEXT

What is it?
Magpie is basically a Kang of the a2sd feature in CM5, the base of this is mostly the work of Chris Soyars @ChrisSoyars
@NameLessJedi has also been a key player in getting the more advanced features working in the CM6 builds
now here it is in CM7

I'll try to expand on the above at a later date


Current Limitations

* there is a workaround for moving paid apps
in terminal:

chmod 666 /data/app-private/yourapp.apk
pm install -r -e -l /data/app-private/yourapp.apk
The -r is reinstall, -e is install to sd-ext, -l is install as forward lock
for full usage listing of pm

I expect there are more than listed here

Source Code?

Contact and announcements
or the new fangled G+
+Firerat Meh, suspended search for me
but you may have to put up with drunken rants x_*

I've not been able to test all of these as I only have a G1
they _should_ work But I can't guarantee it
I can't even say these files won't cause a brick, soft or hard

so if you're brave, stupid or both here are the zips :D

NameSizeLast Modified
update-cm-7-20111030-Magpie-DS-signed.zip56.2 MB2011-10-31 02:55:17
update-cm-7-20111003-Magpie-DS-signed.zip56.9 MB2011-10-03 15:45:07
update-cm-7-20110926-Magpie-DS-signed.zip56.6 MB2011-09-26 13:21:47
update-cm-7-20110727-Magpie-DS-signed.zip55.7 MB2011-07-30 13:41:11
update-cm-7-20110713-Magpie-DS-signed.zip55.9 MB2011-07-16 19:56:24
update-cm-7-20110708-Magpie-DS-signed.zip56.2 MB2011-07-12 07:13:39
update-cm-7-20110621-Magpie-DS-signed.zip55.7 MB2011-06-25 19:52:14
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-DS-signed.zip57.0 MB2011-05-20 13:58:12
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-BravoC-signed.zip81.9 MB2011-05-20 20:02:51
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-Droid-signed.zip79.0 MB2011-05-20 15:51:36
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-Hero-signed.zip74.0 MB2011-05-20 16:56:59
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-Heroc-signed.zip61.0 MB2011-05-20 17:57:09
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-Desire-signed.zip82.3 MB2011-05-20 18:56:01
update-cm-7-20110520-Magpie-N1-signed.zip82.3 MB2011-05-20 22:33:52
update-cm-7-20110430-Magpie-DS-signed.zip57.0 MB2011-04-30 19:24:41
FR-CM7-110324-Magpie-DS-odex_S.zip59.0 MB2011-03-28 19:00:35
FR-CM7-110324-Magpie-DS_S.zip59.6 MB2011-03-28 19:00:37
update-cm-7-110328-Magpie-BravoC-signed.zip79.7 MB2011-03-28 11:26:12
update-cm-7-110328-Magpie-Desire-signed.zip80.1 MB2011-03-28 11:26:17
update-cm-7-110328-Magpie-Hero-signed.zip70.2 MB2011-03-28 11:26:20
update-cm-7-110328-Magpie-Heroc-signed.zip69.7 MB2011-03-28 11:26:15
update-cm-7-110328-Magpie-N1-signed.zip80.1 MB2011-03-28 11:26:21
FixMissingInstallLoc.sh221 bytes2011-03-28 13:33:05

No Preferred install location?

You set preferred install location in Settings -> Applications
if preferred install location option is not available run the script with :

sh /sdcard/

rename the file if you like ;)
Oh, it will popup asking for root if you are not already

for anyone interested the script is

if [ `busybox id -u` != "0" ];
        su -c "sh $0"
sqlite3 /data/data/ 'update system set value="1" where name="set_install_location";'


Magpie is featured in a few ROMs

The above are all squarely targeted at the G1/MT3G, and are well worth looking at.

If you are in the UK and are out of contract (or nearing end) checkout giffgaff
I switched end of Feb and saved £20 the first month